Chapter 153: Cheng Yu Accepts a Disciple

“How much compensation do you want?” Hong Guanlin asked with resentment. Facing Cheng Yu’s formidable strength, he had no options except compromise.

“Originally, I wanted $50 million. But since you wish to kill me, I changed my mind and demand $100 million. If there is even a cent less, I will not leave here today. You can choose to call someone to help you and perhaps, I may not be able to get the money today, but in the future, you can only dream of having a peaceful life in your Hong Family,” Cheng Yu finally spoke ruthlessly.

If Cheng Yu did not have any abilities, he would have been lying dead on the floor. Cheng Yu had to let them experience the consequences of not keeping their promises.

“You…you…you…this is daylight robbery! How are we going to fork out $100 million for you?!” Hong Guanlin was infuriated by Cheng Yu. He started to regret giving the order to shoot.

However, they really were unable to take out $100 million. Hong Guanlin had a few daughters who owned their own business, but if they were to withdraw $100 million, their companies would face financial issues right away.

“This is not my problem. You can only blame it on yourself for not keeping your promises. Supposedly, your grandson and I no longer have conflict and I have also chosen to be extremely lenient towards them. And yet, your Hong Family have provoked my baseline again and again. Furthermore, you almost caused the death of my woman. You should be glad that my woman didn’t die. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be asking for compensation today but YOUR LIFE!” Cheng Yu spoke with extremely serenity. But when the Hong Family heard it, they felt chilliness in the words; the kind of chilliness that originated from the underworld.

“We are truly unable to bring out so much money. I can only give you $30 million first. As for the remaining $70 million, I will get someone to send it to you,” Hong Guanlin had to compromise. Otherwise, he was genuinely afraid that Cheng Yu would play him to death. He quickly sent someone to bring his ATM card over.

“Ok. I shall trust you once more. If you fail to keep your promise again, your Hong Family will be become the same as this obelisk,” Cheng Yu kept the ATM card in his pocket. After that, he caressed the red obelisk causing it to vibrate. Soon after, he swaggered out of the Hong Family.

Everyone failed to understand what Cheng Yu meant, so they went up to stroke the obelisk. After touching it a few times, cracks started to appear in the obelisk. The cracks spread very quickly and covered the whole obelisk.

“Not good. The obelisk is going to split open. Quickly run away!” One of them shouted as everyone started to run in different directions.

“BOOM!” The whole obelisk broke into pieces. Furthermore, it was not split open, but was broken into small fragments instead.

When everyone saw this, they were frightened to the point of their faces turning extremely white. Even Hong Guanlin had been frightened terribly. What kind of person had he offended?! Such a big obelisk, even if you used a big hammer to hammer it, no one knew how long you would need before it would break open. But Cheng Yu had only caressed the top and this stone had actually broken into pieces! If he were to caress someone else’s head, wouldn’t it mean that the skull would also be broken into fragments?!

“All of you listen up! In the future, nobody should provoke Cheng Yu. If you have provoked him, don’t ever return here!” Hong Guanlin’s complexion was pale and his voice was muffled. ”Fanghai, you are to personally send the money over tomorrow.”


Exiting out of the Hong Family, Cheng Yu drove straight to Wu Chang’s house.

“Young Master Yu, you are here,” Wu Chang said respectfully while at the entrance.

If those who knew of Wu Chang were to see him being so respectful to such a young man, they would definitely suspect if there is something wrong with their eyes. After all, Wu Chang was one of the bosses of the Blood Wolf Gang. Within the range of the Blood Wolf Gang’s territory, no one would dare to not give him face.

However, the respect Wu Chang had for this person in front of him was from the bottom of his heart. Among the Qin Canghai group, he was the one who understood Cheng Yu most. At that time when Cheng Yu ascended Mount Wutai, the scene of Cheng Yu subduing thousands of ghosts was still vivid in Wu Chang’s mind.

He always believed that if he were to follow Cheng Yu, he would be able to learn these kind of mystical and miraculous abilities.

“En. Since I am here, let me go and greet sister-in-law first,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Dear, who is it?” At this moment, a middle-aged woman came out of the room. The woman’s appearance was quite pretty and quite compatible with Wu Chang.

“Xiao Li, let me introduce to you someone. This is Young Master Yu. Young Master Yu, this is my wife, Sun Li,” Wu Chang smiled.

“Hello sister-in-law! I did not bring any gifts for this visit. This is a Rejuvenation Pill. Please consider this as my gift for you for our first meeting,” Cheng Yu took out a Rejuvenation Pill and gave it to Sun Li.

“Rejuvenation Pill? Is this the Rejuvenation Pill that the Wanmei Group is producing?” When Sun Li saw that Cheng Yu had only taken out a pill, she immediately started looking down on him. However, she did not display it because Wu Chang had long told her about how formidable Cheng Yu was.

“Haha! Of course not! The Rejuvenation Pill that the Wanmei Group is producing is filtered by me. The pill I gave you is something that would allow you to look 10 years younger immediately. It’s not something that can be compared with the pill from Wanmei Group,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Really? So you are saying that you are Wanmei Group’s Boss? But I heard that their boss was a woman?” Sun Li said surprisingly.

“Haha! More or less, I guess,” Cheng Yu almost forgot that he was the real chairman of the Wanmei Group.

“Mom, I am hungry,” A 5-year-old little girl walked out from her room.

“Xin’er, quickly come over and greet Uncle Cheng,” Wu Chang beckoned his daughter over.

“Hello, Uncle Cheng,” Wu Xin’er spoke with extreme cuteness to Cheng Yu.

“Haha! Very obedient! However, I feel that you are addressing me too weirld. My sister is also around her age, but she is calling me uncle…” Cheng Yu pulled Xiao Xin’er and laughed.

“Eehhhh?” Cheng Yu was caressing Xiao Xin’er’s shoulder when he suddenly turned her around and took a good look at her. Cheng Yu was somewhat surprised.

“What’s wrong, Young Master Yu? Is there a problem with my daughter?” When Wu Chang saw Cheng Yu acting like this, he thought that there was some problems with his daughter. Previously, the senior monk had once said that Cheng Yu was someone who had achieved immortality before. That sort of person was someone who was unrivalled around the world.

“Nothing. Old…Big Brother Wu, your daughter’s bone marrow is excellent. Are you willing to let her become my disciple?” Originally, Cheng Yu wanted to address Wu Chang as Lao San[1] as that was how Cheng Yu had always addressed him in the nightclub. But now that they were in front of Wu Chang’s wife, no matter what, Cheng Yu still had to give some face to him.

“Young Master Yu, I think you should stick to addressing me as Lao San. If you are willing to accept my daughter as your disciple, I will be more than happy to let her. How can I not be willing? Xin’er, quickly kneel down and address Teacher!” Wu Chang said excitedly.

“Teacher!” Xiao Xin’er could not understand why her father was so happy. However, she still obediently kneeled down on the floor and shouted teacher.

“Good! Good! This is truly too good!” The Blood Wolf Gang had so many people, but none of them had the natural endowments to cultivate. Even the women Cheng Yu liked did not have it. Cheng Yu have never once expected that Wu Chang’s daughter would actually possess the natural endowment to cultivate. When he thought of Keke he at home, he knew that in the future, both of them can accompany each other.

“Come. Take this as a gift for accepting you as my disciple. Remember, you must always wear it on you,” Cheng Yu took out a top quality jadeite from his storage ring. After that, he engraved a law into it. Ultimately, the law flashed before disappearing into the jadeite. Afterwards, Cheng Yu put it on Xiao Xin’er’s neck.

This piece of jadeite was called the Spiritual Phoenix Jade and Cheng Yu had gotten it from Fang Wenxuan’s bag. This was a piece of Spiritual Jade. It was able to absorb all kinds of spiritual Qi and also possessed the benefits of nourishing one’s body. Just now, Cheng Yu imprint a protection array into the jadeite. In the future, if there was someone who wished to harm Wu Xin’er, it would trigger the protection array.

Wu Chang and his wife were stupefied. Wu Chang was still fine as he had witnessed Cheng Yu’s mystical methods before. But Sun Li really thought of Cheng Yu as a god now. Even though she had no idea how Cheng Yu did it, she knew that this was definitely something good.

“Xin’er, thank your Teacher faster!” Sun Li spoke to her daughter hurriedly.

“Thank you, Teacher!” Xiao Xin’er was infatuated by the scene just now. Her face was filled with curiosity.

“Lao San, two years later, I will let your daughter and my sister, Keke, cultivate together,” Cheng Yu said.

“Thank you Young Master Yu. For you to become my daughter’s teacher was my daughter’s blessing,” Wu Chang said happily. Cheng Yu was so powerful. If he were to let his daughter learn those immortal laws, she would definitely become someone unrivalled.

“I looked for you today to ask for your help in handling some matters. Do you have time?” Cheng Yu felt that this trip was extremely worth it. He had unexpectedly accepted a disciple with great potential.

“Yes, yes, yes. How about having a meal here first, Young Master Yu? I will get Xiao Li to make some home-cooked dishes,” Wu Chang said politely.

“Alright. Since it’s already noon, I will have to trouble sister-in-law.”

“No problem. I will go and make it right away,” After experiencing Cheng Yu’s true abilities, Sun Li had also become extremely polite to Cheng Yu.


After coming out of Wu Chang’s house, Cheng Yu left his car and boarded Wu Chang’s car. He asked Wu Chang to bring him to a craft shop and made six purple wind chimes. The purple wind chime was made with a strip of small wind chime and lots of little bells hanging around it, turning it into a purple-gold bracelet.

Actually, the only ones who were able to use this purple-gold bracelet was Yang Ruoxue, Han Xue, Yao Na and Lin Yuhan. Because they cultivated the “Art of Heart Confusion” and only Lan Ya was cultivating the “Art of Thousand Illusion Charm.”

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But why did Cheng Yu make six purple-gold bracelets? That’s because Cheng Yu felt that there would be more women he loved in the future. Therefore, he made an additional two. However, he must not let those women know such a thing. Otherwise, it would bring him big troubles.

Lastly, Cheng Yu gave Lan Ya a call and asked her to prepare a large amount of medical herbs. After that, he asked Wu Chang to send people over to bring them back.

Cheng Yu started to visit all four woman and gave them their bracelets. However, all four of them started complaining when Cheng Yu visited them, asking him why he did not look for them after so long. After much difficulty did Cheng Yu manage to free himself from all four women.

Cheng Yu felt that he had almost settled everything he needed to in Yunhai and was prepared to enter the Cultivation World. Now, he needed to refine a large amount of pills. Regardless of it being used for self-protection or for transactions, he would still need to refine all sorts of pills.

However, what Cheng Yu felt regretful was that he had wanted to refine some high level pills, but when he inquired about it with Lan Ya, he found out that there were lots of medical herbs that did not exist in the Secular World.

Without a choice, Cheng Yu could only refine more Soul Strengthening Pills and Qi Gathering Pills to rapidly recover after engaging in combat. Just as Cheng Yu was about to start his refinement, he received a call from a strange number. Cheng Yu contemplated for a while before picking up the call.

“Hello, is this Xiao Yu?”

“Yes. Who’s this?” Cheng Yu was somewhat puzzled as the other party’s voice sounded like an old man.

“Little brat, It’s me!” The other party spoke furiously.

“You did not say who you are! How am I supposed to know who you are?!” Cheng Yu said ill-manneredly.

“Cheng Ruilong!” The other party had practically shouted out.

“Do not know him!” Cheng Yu said unconcernedly. Cheng Yu had never heard of such name before.

“I am your grandfather! You little brat! Are you trying to anger me to death?!” Cheng Ruilong roared once again.

“Ah? My grandfather? Huh? It’s grandpa! Haha!” Cheng Yu laughed as he spoke. No wonder the other party’s surname was also Cheng. It turned out that the person was his grandfather. However, the current him truly had no idea who this person was.

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[1] – TL Note – Lao San means Old Third. Wu Chang is the third brother of the Qin Canghai trio.

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