Chapter 154: Helpless Cheng Yu

“You scoundrel! You are becoming more and more unbridled.”

“Hehe. How is that? Why are you looking for me?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Your grandma is reminiscing about you every day and is asking you to come back to the capital to visit her,” Cheng Ruilong’s voice became a lot gentler. At this moment, he sounded like an elderly man that missed his grandson.

“I can’t return to the capital now. I still have a lot of things to do,” Cheng Yu was able to tell that the other party missed him and his heart went soft. Deep inside, Cheng Yu felt that he was not their family member and was afraid of seeing the relatives of this body because he did not know how he was going to face this family’s love.

“You are already on vacation. What is there for you to do? Aren’t you just fighting someone else?” The old man said ill-manneredly.

“I really have things to do!” Cheng Yu could not tell Cheng Ruilong that he was going to the Cultivation World.

“I have also heard from your mom saying that you do not wish to return to the capital. I know that you are still angry with me. I sent you over to Yunhai for your own good. You should also know during that time how much of a scoundrel you were,” The old man sighed.

“Grandpa, I am not angry with you. I really have things to do. At least for now, I have no intention of returning to the capital,” Cheng Yu only felt sympathy towards this old man. If it was anger, perhaps that would be how the short-lived ghost felt and that feeling was totally unrelated to him at all.

“Let’s not talk about this first. I want to ask you something important. Two days ago, I saw a video with you in it on the internet. Was the fight real? You really possess those kind of abilities right now?” Cheng Ruilong asked seriously.

“Er…it is real,” Even though Cheng Yu did not wish to admit it, with the video out, he had no choice but to admit it.

“Yesterday, Grandpa Xu talked to me. He told me that the country wishes to create a mysterious unit. But they have not picked out the military instructor yet. He thought of you highly and hopes you give it a try.”

“I am not going,” Cheng Yu was not interested in it at all. He was still thinking of ways to improve his strength. Where will he get the time to train those group of people?

“Do you know that this opportunity is very important to our family? If you were to be successfully recruited as the military instructor for this unit, it will play a part in bringing our family influence to greater heights.

“I am not interested,” Cheng Yu was a cultivator. His way of thinking was different from an ordinary person. What Cheng Yu wanted was strength not influence.

The so called influence Cheng Ruilong wanted was just some blind powers. As long as his strength increased, what did a unit of elites count as? No matter how powerful they were, they would all be defeated by a wave of his hand.

Take for example the Hong Family. Didn’t they have a bunch of soldiers? In front of commoners, they might look very imposing. But in Cheng Yu’s eyes, they were just another group of commoners.

“You…are you really trying to anger me to death? Could it be that you are not going to care about the Cheng Family as well?!” When Cheng Ruilong saw how stubborn Cheng Yu was, he became furious. The Cheng Family had always been the lion of the political sector. If Cheng Yu were to be able to establish himself in the military sector, it would be extremely beneficial for them.

“Grandpa, I really don’t wish to go. Furthermore, I am so young. How can I possibly be a military instructor? Wouldn’t I become a laughingstock for others?” When Cheng Yu saw that the old man had become angry, he could only use a softer tone.

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“You don’t have to care about this. As long as you really have the abilities shown in the video, I believe it would be easy for you to be recruited as their military instructor,” The old man said with conviction.

Cheng Yu started to regret. As expected, he should have just stayed low-key! If it was his own people who saw it, it would still be okay. But if the enemy knows about this, they might perhaps send out a Golden Core Realm expert or even Primordial Nascent Soul Realm to eliminate him. When the time comes, Cheng Yu will be completely helpless in front of them.

“But…I don’t want to go…” Cheng Yu thought it over carefully. Since he was in Yunhai, if he chose not to go, no one would be able to force him.

“You dare? If you do not return, I will take it as you don’t exist anymore. In the future, don’t even think of entering our Cheng Family house,” The old man had really gotten angry.

“…” Cheng Yu wished to say, ‘Actually, I am truly not your grandson.’ But he did not say it outloud as ever since he reincarnated into this body, his identity had already been fated and no one would be able to change it.

If Cheng Yu were to really fall out with his grandfather, Cheng Yu was not sure of how hurt his mother would be. Ultimately, Cheng Yu chose not to voice it out.

“I take it as you have agreed. I will tell Grandpa Xu that you have agreed,” Cheng Ruilong heard that Cheng Yu was silent and took it as his consent. After that, he hung up.

Since the other party had already hung up, Cheng Yu remained silent for a long time. He gave up thinking about it as he went into his pill refinement room.


The next day, it was already 9 am by the time Cheng Yu left his pill refinement room.

After showering. He was about to head out to have his breakfast, but he saw a military vehicle parked outside of his villa. The person who got off was not someone Cheng Yu was unfamiliar with. It was Hong Guanlin’s son, Hong Fanghai.

“Hello Mr. Cheng. I am Hong Fanghai. I am Hong Bing and Hong Jun’s father. I am very sorry for what happened. This is the remaining compensation as promised. I hope that after this incident has ended, Mr. Cheng would no longer have any resentment towards my sons,” The moment Hong Fanghai got off from the car, he said politely, causing the driver to be stunned by such a scene.

Who was Hong Fanghai? He was the current chief of staff for the military in Yunhai. The driver was stationed quite far away and did not manage to hear what they were talking about, but from the way the two acted, he was able to tell that Hong Fanghai was extremely polite to that young man. Could this man be even more powerful than chief of staff?

It was also at this time, another red car stopped outside of Cheng Yu’s villa. The people who got out was a 60-year-old man and a 50-year-old man.

*Salute* “Good morning, Chief. Good morning, Commander Long,” Hong Guanlin saluted to them.

Cheng Yu did not know them, but Hong Fanghai knew who they were. The old man in front was the investigator who had been inspecting his unit, Huang Kaiming. He was a committee member of The Central Military Office. And the person behind him was the commanding officer for the military region in Yunhai, Long Xiangtian.

“Xiao Yu, your grandpa placed you here in Yunhai to punish you and yet you seem to have really enjoyed your life here, huh? You actually stayed in such a big house alone. No wonder you do not wish to return to the capital,” The old man looked at Cheng Yu and smiled.

When Hong Fanghai heard the chief’s words, he immediately got astonished. This old man actually knew Cheng Yu?! And from his tone, he seemed to be very familiar with Cheng Yu as well! Cheng Yu was from the capital?!

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“You know me?” Cheng Yu wrinkled his eyebrows. This old man seemed to be very familiar with his grandpa. Could it be that he was someone sent by his grandpa to bring him back to the capital? How could it be so fast?!

“You scoundrel. Have you turned muddle-headed after staying in Yunhai for so long to the point where you are forgetting me?” The old man scolded.

“This, this grandpa, I really do not recognize you. Sometime ago, someone hit my head causing me to forget a lot of things that happened in the past. Therefore, I hope you can pardon me for this,” Cheng Yu thought of an excuse and said.

“There is such a thing? Does your grandpa knows about this?” Huang Kaiming said surprisingly.

“I even got scolded by him yesterday night because of this,” Cheng Yu said awkwardly.

“Haha! So it’s like that. Then I will not blame you for that. I am Huang Kaiming, an old friend of your grandpa. You can just address me as Grandpa Huang.”

“En. Hello grandpa Huang,” Cheng Yu was feeling extremely gloomy right now. He was already thousands of years old and now he actually had to call someone junior his grandpa. This was too much!

“Since you have already talk to your grandpa on the phone yesterday, I believe you should know the reason why I am here today?”

“Grandpa Huang, can I not return home?”

“I don’t have any choice as well. The higher ups told me that I must definitely bring you back. Otherwise, there is no longer a need for me to return,” Huang Kaiming said helplessly. Yesterday night, the vice chairman of The Central Military Committee had given him a death order. He must definitely bring Cheng Yu to the capital.

“This…Grandpa Huang, aren’t you making things difficult for me? There are still a lot of things I need to do!” Cheng Yu knew that it was going to be very hard for him to escape from this.

“You little kid. You should be happy that you are returning to the capital. If this chance was given to others, they would definitely beg for it. What’s there in Yunhai that is more important than returning to the capital?” As the Central Military Committee member, Huang Kaiming definitely knew about the mysterious unit and the reason why they want to get Cheng Yu to the capital.

“…” Cheng Yu turned sullen. He was very gloomy. If he was done with the preparation for travelling to the Cultivation World, he would have already gone there. Would there be a need for him to be so long-winded with these people?

“Don’t be so dejected. If you really cannot meet the mark, wouldn’t you be able to return here after that?”

Cheng Yu’s eyes brightened up. That’s right! Once he was not able to defeat others, he would be able to return here! “Grandpa Huang, What you have just said is absolutely correct. Once I lose, I will come back!”

“Alright. Since you have decided, go and prepare yourself today. We will head back tomorrow. Come over. Let me introduce someone. This is the commanding officer for the military region in Yunhai, Commander Long. If you face any difficulty, you can just look for him. But I am afraid that there is nothing that you would look for him for. Commander Long, this is Cheng Yu,” Huang Kaiming introduced the guy behind him.

“Hello Mr. Cheng! I have watched your video. I never expected that that I would be able to meet you face to face. It’s true that young heroes are cultivated since childhood!” Commander Long said politely to Cheng Yu.

Commander Long had no idea what the identity of Cheng Yu was, but as a person who climbed to such a high position, he would be able get a vague understanding of him. After all, in the capital, there were only a few who were surnamed Cheng. Therefore, Commander Long would definitely be very polite to Cheng Yu.

“Haha! You are overpraising me,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“That’s right. Why is Staff Officer Hong here today? You are also acquainted with Xiao Yu?” Huang Kaiming looked at Hong Fanghai and asked.

“Er…I…Haha. Previously my son had gotten into a small conflict with Mr. Cheng. I am specially here to apologize to Mr. Cheng,” Hong Fanghai had long been dumbfounded by the scene in front of him. His son had really provoked someone he could not afford to provoke. Long Xiangtian was able to guess Cheng Yu’s identity, so naturally, Hong Fanghai was also able to. After all, their position in their sector was not low and they were able to know a lot of secrets that were concealed from the public.

“So it’s like that. Then we shall make a move first,” Huang Kaiming laughed and did not say much before returning with Long Xiangtian. And since Hong Fanghai had already settled the incident with Cheng Yu, naturally, he would head back as well.

When Cheng Yu saw that everyone left, he sighed helplessly. When he thought of having to return to the capital tomorrow, he could only choose to bid goodbye to everyone and inform them.

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