Chapter 44 – Preparing for Entrance Exams

Dad kept his promise and shortly after my second magic test, he took me along to go shopping~!

I decided to buy a standard sword with a good material. I didn’t try to pick anything quite bulky and strong like the sword I last wielded in Grabberton family, a sword that could go well with Grabberton’s style of emphasizing power. I made sure to pick one that I could use quite well even with my current child body and the one that I could still potentially use even after I grow up. At least, I should be able to use it until my coming-of-age ceremony.

I chose it based on its utility and prospect of use, although updating my weapon in the future is not out of question. Still, just in case… right?


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“Oh, Duke Hartmann’s daughter? Why don’t you pick a sword with magical attributes? Like the ones that could transform when you put some magic inside, or the ones that could function as a magic staff?”

The shop owner asked me right before I put the sword so that my dad could pay for it.


My expression went “???” since I never considered a sword with some kind of magical attributes! As I was from a pure swordsman family, I… I was used to quickly pick up a good sword.

「(゚ペ) was my expression.


“A sword that can also function as a magic staff seems good,” Dad voiced his opinion.

“A sword… that function as a magic staff at the same time?” I asked.

“Ah, Lyra. Remember the Fumitsuna girl’s swords? How it could form a giant sword? Those are the examples of swords with magical attributes. There are also swords that can replenish your mana like how most magic staffs are, and you can grab it while it’s in its sheath, chant some spells and use it like a magic staff. If you want to go melee, just unsheathe it and fight. I think that type of swords is widely used by sword mages,” Dad explained.


Sword… sword mages?!

My eyes shone at those words. I have heard of sword mages before… but I completely forgot that I could pursue that path with my current background!


“I recommend this newest product over here. The size and weight are compatible for you to use without any major difficulty. It’s quite sturdy and it has a magical jewel embedded inside its handle, giving the effect of mana replenishment. Its design is quite elegant for a lady to use, don’t you think? The sheath is elegant, as well! If you need a bigger and heavier sword in the future, you can upgrade it, but if you don’t, I think this one is good enough!”

The shopkeeper flaunted an elegant magic sword in front of my face.

Well, it’s not a false marketing as what he said was all true. My eyes were trained to measure the quality of a sword, and the material of this sword was indeed good and it was quite sturdy. I tried using the sword and…


“Dad, what do you think of this one?”

“It looks good on you, Lyra! I mean, if you feel like it’s good, and if you like it, then let’s buy that one.”

I took a good look at the sword once again before finally deciding…

“Alright, this one, then, Dad!”

I couldn’t keep my past self’s standard because I am not Reinst anymore. I am now Lyra, and I can do magic. I have to consider that.


After buying the sword, I brought it over during the next time I visited Capicastle so I could join Luca and Kiri’s training and sparring session~

My body flexibility was better because I secretly increased my exercise routine after the incident that left my body cramped all over. To make sure that I didn’t destroy my current body, I set some limits to my current training. I only trained some basic moves while trying to carefully develop my own style or adapt to the tutor’s instruction.

When my parents saw how quick I could grasp swordsmanship technique, I noticed their slightly surprised expressions that were quickly changed into thoughtful expressions. It was as if they were trying to think about where I got my aptitude in swordsmanship. At this rate, I was afraid to question their theory…


“Wow Lyra, I thought Altaire was only exaggerating. But your aptitude in swordsmanship was indeed something else. It was as if you had trained it before!” Mom praised me, but I got a hint that she questioned my aptitude.

My body tensed up upon hearing her last sentence.


“Lyra, don’t tell me that you have a crush on that Grabberton’s son? Sometimes, I feel like I saw some similarities between how you wielded the sword… Ah yeah, you observed him intently on your sixth birthday party. You don’t… right?” Dad asked.


Errr yeah, it’s quite hard to change the way you’re used to wielding your sword.

But what is this? My parents are so sharp!! I hope they don’t question me about Reinst…


Thankfully, they didn’t proceed to question me with anything, or else I would try to make up more lies… I wonder if I should arrange some stories as a precaution from now on?

I don’t want them to find out my connection to the Grabberton house, after all. Unless if I was born in a far, different era, then maybe I would consider telling them, as I have no connection whatsoever with any living people if my past self lived a long time ago.



I have less than one month left to diligently study and train myself before I have to take the Harmonia Academy’s entrance exams. Lucky that I have a big brother, I can use his books to study for the exams, to ensure I will enroll in the special class!

Since Luca and Kiri are also aiming for the special class, we end up studying together.

And Dad even went as far as training me how to answer in the entrance exams’ interview, I mean, the basic one such as introducing myself… He even gave me his blessing by sticking out a cross and prayed for me~! Dad is really pampering me.

I bet if I didn’t have my old self’s mentality, I would end up becoming a very spoiled girl.


Hmm, right.

I don’t know since when was it, but I think I’m used to living as Lyra, living in a modesty but in the midst of pampering like this.

So I guess…

[Achievement Unlocked~☆ Significant Progress on Moving On~]


Uh… Moving on seems more like a term used in romance… but it suits my situation too, I think.



When Harmonia Academy announced the start of their enrollment process, my parents quickly submitted my application. A few days later, a package confirming my application arrived. The academy sent a few information about my entrance exams and gave my examinee card.


“See, Lyra? The mandatory tests for enrollment are only psych-test and interview. For those who want to enter the special class, there are basic knowledge test and combat test. For combat test, it’s up to you if you want to take one between magic test or physical combat test. It’s a bonus if you do well in both of them,” Mom explained the paper she’s holding to me.

“Lyra, you have read my books, right? Don’t underestimate the basic knowledge test!! I failed because I didn’t want to read any of the basic knowledge material!” Alt-nii shoved his books in front of me again, worrying that I might fail because of the same thing that caused his failure.

“Yes, yes, don’t worry!!” I gently shoved back those books because I wanted to see the documents we received.

“This is your schedule. Ah, the exams period is one week from Day 8 to Day 14 of Month 7. The results will be announced on Day 22. Then, you will enroll at the beginning of Month 8,” Mom showed me a paper detailing my schedule and my examinee number.


Hmm, I am going to attend the exams on Day 10, and my number is… 21.

I hope Luca and Kiri are taking the exams on the same day as me~!


“Alright, Mom will make sure to work hard so I can have a shift off during your exams period to accompany you. Well, the children’s guardians are gathered in other room during the children’s tests, though. Since Dad accompanied Altaire before, now it’s my turn, okay?” Mom winked at Dad.

Dad gave us a reluctant look. Seems like he wanted to accompany me. I wonder if I should let Dad…


“I wonder what will they tell to the children’s guardians? Cyan, you won’t be so cruel as to let me miss this chance to find out, right?”

Before I could say anything, Mom continued to press Dad.


…Right, Mom would obviously want to experience her child’s enrollment, too!

Mom, sorry for not thinking about that! I was wrong!!

I won’t let Dad rob her opportunity!!

Only allowed on

I won’t let Dad have his excuse to pester Mom to give me a younger sibling, under the pretense of he would let Mom accompany this younger sibling during their enrollment! It’s not like I hate having a younger sibling, but it’s just that… I heard giving birth was painful!

Therefore, I won’t let Dad bully Mom!

The bullied position should belong to Dad!!


“Yes, Dad, I wanna go with Mommyyyyy!!” I quickly announced my support towards Mom.

“…Alright, it’s fair for you to accompany Lyra as I have accompanied Altaire,” Dad then reluctantly agreed.



The next time I went to Capicastle, I quickly showed my examinee card that has both my schedule and my number to Luca and Kiri. I should bring this card for my exams.


But they answered me with silence.



What’s wrong with giving a better response?

The silent ensued for quite a while before I could hear Luca sighing.


“And I was sure that the three of us would be together when I saw Kiri’s examinee card,” he said.



“Lyra, Luca and I are having our exams on Day 8, Luca’s number 1, while I’m number 2. So, he said that you would surely get number 3,” Kiri showed his examinee card.

My face went [O_O]

This is… their special privileges?! Luca’s the crown prince, and Kiri is like his accompanying knight… so… so…

Right, of course!!

The academy arranged their tests to be done very early… I wonder if I don’t have that privilege as a duke’s daughter?

Oh well… wait a second, is it because my family is poor? Oops, no, no, no! Not poor, but not that rich!!


“Ah, I forgot that… while they might give us special privilege as royals, their policy towards nobles is [equality].”

Luca’s calm voice made me feel guilty that I was doubting the academy’s cleanliness. Well, they can give special privileges to the royals because of their strong connections, so… alright, everything is clear!!


“Oh, Luca, Kiri! Can you give me some clues as you will have the tests earlier?”

“Hmm, Lyra, are you dumb?” Luca quickly retorted to me.

But before I could get angry at him—

“Obviously they will change the test questions. The practical ones such as interview and combat test will be held just like any other interview and combat test.”


I talked without thinking. I wish I have the ability to turn back time to rephrase my question.


“I mean, who knows since it’s Harmonia Academy, they will have something special and different from other schools…,” I quickly added.

“I don’t think the entrance exams for Basic Level will deviate that much. Basic Level exams should be standardized,” Luca answered.

…well excuse me as my past self’s childhood memories are quite vague.

And excuse me for not knowing the education system.

Since you are the future king, no wonder you’re being taught about that.



Hmm, that means… I have no one to accompany me during the tests.

My mind quickly analyzes its significance. A robotic voice resounded within my mind (note: it’s just my imagination!)

[PRO: Lyra has to use this chance and associate with other children she doesn’t know.

CONTRA: Lyra has to use this chance and associate with other children she doesn’t know.]

…wait wait, my mind can’t decide whether it’s an advantage or disadvantage.



Uhm, whatever, Lyra! Remember you’re mentally older than most children, so you will be just fine! Don’t have a mental regression!

…oh but I was a loner back then…

How to socialize and befriend others???


Well… everything should be fine simply because I’ve experienced life twice… right?

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