Chapter 114- Grand Adventure Part 7: Terrar and KMega Rematch

If Terrar had paid any attention, he would have realized that the person he killed just now is the same one he killed right before becoming an officer of the Markwell Empire.

Also, if he had watched the Jork Fortress attack video that KMega6KMegacharacter posted, he would have learned from his mistakes. Terrar should have paid attention to a small streamer2streamerstory mechanic’s rise in popularity after he caused the destruction of an entire town when he stole a dragon4dragonspecies’s egg.

If anything, he should have recognized the armor that KMega wore since it’s the same one that he used during the Tournament of the Gods.

Terrar has been a large influence on KMega’s Sword Kingdom experience since day one. Without Terrar, he wouldn’t even have Astrid7Astridcharacter since in the original storyline she would have been raised by her mother into an elite mob. He also wouldn’t have found the bug and got to go to Eastguard’s capital where his main adventure questline began after he met Kieser and Yirk.

He also would have never met Weise, who gave him a place IRL and a job where he socializes with real people. If KMega wasn’t killed during a vulnerable moment after the demon bear fight, he would have become arrogant of his ability and too reliant on his immortal skill.

If it wasn’t for Terrar, he would have given up hope that Kieser was still alive in the empire after receiving a clue from the drake fang pendant during the tournament of the gods.

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Without Terrar, KMega would have probably given up on the game entirely.

Now that they’re face to face once again, but neither of them recognizing the other, KMega has changed yet again. He discovered that he was someone who would do anything for his friends; even die for them.


Terrar slowly walked forward, not afraid at all of the injured knight in front of him wielding just a great sword. He then pulled out his axes and poured the power of the Earth into them and his armor. Unlike in the Tournament of the Gods, he could use the full power of his magic swordsman class. However, there’s something he didn’t account for; KMega could use the same power as him. Shining bright fire glowed around his greatsword. With his class level at 150, his fire and holy sword skills were combined into a skill called [Shining Blaze Sword].

Adding in the awakened wind dragon ability, his speed drastically increased.

With the 150 level cap put on the tournament participants, Astrid had overexerted herself rather easily, but he was still max level and had monster stats.


To Terrar’s surprise, he was thrown backward as soon as his ax clanged against the great sword, even though he weighed a significant amount due to his armor and weapon strengthening.

However, KMega was injured as well after his stance broke, but Terrar was in an even worse state then he was. Since KMega is too much for him in his current state, he called for backup from the guild. KMega quickly regained his footing and started walking forward.

When Terrar started retreating back to his original position, he noticed an NPC retreating as well, making him realize that he couldn’t leave them as meat shields.

“F**king bots!” (Terrar)

This video will come to be known as one of KMega’s top five most watched videos of all time; ‘The Hero’s Last March’. Months after the tournament organizers made the video, KMega earned more coin than he ever did from all the subscriptions during the war between Eastguard and the Markwell Empire. The video was really popular because it depicts KMega rescuing his teammates before charging into an enemy base alone and injured and nearly capturing it all by himself before enemy reinforcements arrived.

After the clash with Terrar, KMega fell to his knees with his great sword stabbed into the ground. KMega then finally surpassed the damage threshold and died on the spot. The three remaining members of the enemy team were quickly overwhelmed soon after his death from the rescue party sent for KMega. When the tournament finally ended, the Green Corporation Gamer Support Program team got third place overall with six flags in their possession. The first place team had ten flags, second place had nine, and the other two had three and four respectively.

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