Chapter 115- Grand Adventure: Adams and Brian

There was a clear difference between effort with talent and effort with desire. Effort with talent signified naturally gifted individuals who with training, had honed that talent into fine skills. Although there were no game-like cheats that would allow a novice to surpass an expert IRL, effort with desire usually fell short against the former category that effortlessly surpassed them because, despite their great drive, they lacked ability. They had to put in twice the effort for half the results. This was why the rich and powerful focused on genetics over drive in individuals. This was why KMega6KMegacharacter had been ignored and mistreated by his parents as a child while his brother nearly drowned in all their attention and love. However, it was only because they sought to keep the ‘problem child’ out of the spotlight as much as possible that he was even allowed to enjoy video games5video gamestheme in the first place. Luckily, he discovered he had a talent for them had trained for years.


Adams sat atop a cot in a jail cell while staring through the bars at Brian in his own cell. Modern holding cells were normally not individualized, but because of the two’s popularity, they were held separately. They watched a small screen that aired the tournament they were supposed to be participating in. Scraps and cuts covering his face, Adams gingerly held his broken arm wrapped in a sling. Brian held a swollen eye that would later blacken.

“He’s good.” (Brian)

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Adam had to agree. “ He’s obviously built for soloing raids by specializing in fire and holy magic with wind magic to support his mains. His stats are higher than an average average pro player and that’s not even mentioning his skills. If he could use his legendary items or if there was no level cap…” (Adams)

Brian agreed with the assessment. KMega was a talented gamer, having trained for over half his life. “To think that he has a dragon4dragonspecies as a wife on top of it.” (Adams)

Glancing at his broken arm, Adam remembered the vice Astrid7Astridcharacter held him in the day before. He knew from previous gaming experience that one of the most dangerous things to do was interrupt courting dragons. It was safer to insult the king of the most powerful nation than to do that. Everyone in the house knew about this and including what happened between Winter and KMega as well, KMega’s allies alone made him a dangerous opponent. Losing his virginity twice in one day was not something anyone could do.


After KMega left the pod, he went backstage with Astrid to the participant room. They quickly climbed into the bed and began cuddling. Nevertheless, KMega quickly fell asleep because he was exhausted from the strenuous mental activity and lack of sleep from the night before. The knock on the door failed to even disturb him, but Astrid carefully got up and answered it. One of the event staff patiently waited. “Kevin got a call…” (stagehand)


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It took about an hour to leave the exhibition and another half an hour to arrive at the police station. The deputy on duty quickly released Adams and Brian from their cells while saying, “Your bail’s been paid.”

Then the four went to a steakhouse for dinner because it was already after nine. Astrid just sat down to watch the other three as KMega ordered the most expensive dishes. Without being told, Adams knew he would be paying. They silently ate their meals. When KMega set his knife and fork down, he looked at Brian. “Let’s go home.” (KMega)

Those words surprised the duo because they had thought that he would ask what had  happened. “You’re not curious?” (Adams)

KMega stood and dug into his pocket to leave the tip. The food had been delicious, a far cry from the days he had survived off cheap nutrition packs. “I am not your father. I am not your employer. I am your friend, and if I had been there, three of us would have been in cells.” (KMega)

Once again Adams and Brian were stunned. Adams’s hand went for his pocket but then remembered his coins were being held by the police as part of his bail, so KMega ended up paying for the meal as well. His carefully saved money was disappearing left and right.

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