Chapter 113- Grand Adventure: The Tournament Part 6

KMega6KMegacharacter rode down the wavy road on the back of a generic and not special horse that the tournament automatically spawned. However, when it came to a stop, the ten other horses KMega brought along as cavalry stopped as well. He then gave a signal to hold and defend this position before giving one of the NPC’s his horse’s reins.

After dismounting, he walked forward with a flag that had the number 1 on it.

Even he would be unwilling to risk their hard-earned flag for a friend.

He then slowly walked across the bridge where the NPC’s attacked the nearby base from.

KMega soon saw another player and Asgaber tied up next to them.

“Here’s how this will work; you will go to the middle of the bridge and set the flag down before returning to your side. I will then release the girl and she can go with you.” (Terrar)

KMega gave a thumbs up instead of verbally responding.

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He held the flag in his right hand, while his left was empty. If someone started watching the tournament at this moment, it would look rather comical seeing a knight in full armor without any weapons or a shield walking forward like he was going to hug the world.

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However, the mood was anything but comical as KMega slowly did as he was instructed to.

Terrar, true to his word, signaled for Asgaber to start moving after seeing KMega walk forward. She walked forward slowly while assessing the situation even though she was still bound and gagged. Once Asgaber was next to the flag, all hell broke loose.


Asgaber immediately kicked the flag upwards before kicking it towards KMega and dashing forward. The ambush that Terrar set up killed the cavalry and horses with a rain of arrows, but KMega didn’t come out unscathed, as he was hit with a few. This didn’t stop him from grabbing the flag at his feet and rushing towards Asgaber though. She was mildly surprised by his actions and the brute strength he used to break her binds.

He then handed her the flag.

“You’re the PvP pro here, so go on ahead. I’m too slow.” (KMega)

Asgaber was about to argue, but he swiftly grabbed hold of her and covered her body as much as possible while several more arrows struck his back.

“I’m not built for PvP. Once I’m killed, you will lose Astrid7Astridcharacter as well. She isn’t very useful right now because she overexerted herself earlier.” (KMega)

KMega then grabbed Asgaber by the arm and jumped onto the edge of the bridge before flinging her into the woods with the flag. He then turned towards Terrar with blood in his eyes and grabbed his noble’s great sword from storage before walking across the bridge.

A line of angry NPC’s led by Terrar quickly greeted him.

Terrar yelled a single word as he decided that it was a bonus to kill the enemy teams only tank,.

“Attack!” (Terrar)

He rushed forward with the other NPC’s to overwhelm the knight with numbers, but he soon realized that none of them had moved.

[The NPC’s are terrified. Their levels are too low to resist.]


[Intimidation (U)


When performing bold actions against weaker opponents, you will stun them into hesitation.

If you strike enough fear into your opponents without an escape route, the enemy will use unfocused and desperate attacks on you.


Hero Title Bonus- Enemies that are half your level or less will be unable to act against you until you complete your first attack. Enemies that are three quarters your level or less will either flee or attack out of desperation. Enemies that are equal or near equal (within 5% your total level) will hesitate unless they have at least three quarters the amount of fame or renown you have.


Race Title Bonus- If you’re intimidating a lesser creature up to dragon4dragonspeciess of equal rank, any beast that recognizes you as an enemy or a predator will cower in fear unless they match your fame, renown, or level.]

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