Chapter 82: Shocking News

After progressing to the Origin Realm, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist needed to first report to the outer sect grand hall.

The grand hall was the outer sect’s most important place and was overseen by outer sect grand elder, Xiao Changfeng. But normally, Xiao Changfeng would not be around.

Today the person in-charge of the grand hall was the outer sect’s no.3 elder, Elder Song.

“Elder Song.” Li Fuchen bowed and greeted with respect.

Elder Song looked to be roughly 60 years old and he had grown a full bread. He raised his head and was about to speak.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

“Li Fuchen, have you progressed to the Origin Realm?” Elder Song queried.

Li Fuchen replied, “Elder Song, my visit today is to apply for the inner sect disciple promotion.”

“Miracle. This is a miracle that I have never seen or heard before. Which normal bone frame disciple has ever broken through so quickly!”

Elder Song’s emotions were stirred, progressing to the Origin Realm with such speed meant that Li Fuchen’s potential was much better than expected.

He originally thought that Li Fuchen would only progress to the Origin Realm at the age of 17 or 18. And if that were to happen, his value would decrease and would never be able to match up to the prodigies.

Afterall, normal bone frame martial artists were generally at the Earth Realm at best. But within the Cang Lan Sect, there were at least 8000 Earth Realm experts.

An Earth Realm martial artist, no matter the strength would never be able to compete with a Heaven Dipper Realm expert.

And all these prodigies, were expected to be at least of the Heaven Realm if there weren’t any accidents.

Elite prodigies like Yu Wen Tian had the possibility to attain the Reincarnation Realm.

A single Reincarnation Realm expert was of the same value as thousands of Earth Realm martial artists. And it is exactly because of them that the Cang Lan Sect could maintain its dominance.

Without those Reincarnation Realm experts, the Cang Lan Sect would have been destroyed by other clans at anytime.

“Li Fuchen, great job. Breaking through to the Origin Realm at the age of 16. Continue to work hard, perhaps you may have the chance to progress to the Heaven Realm.”

Elder Song had high hopes for Li Fuchen. Other than his bone frame, Li Fuchen’s performance until now had been far superior than the elite prodigy Yu Wen Tian. He was almost like the second coming of Sword Maniac.

No… Just from the results of the Tower of Tribulations, Sword Maniac perhaps is still slightly inferior.

“This is the token for inner sect preparation disciples. Take it to the inner sect grand hall and someone will guide you.” Elder Song presented a piece of copper plate to Li Fuchen.

“My thanks to Elder Song, Fuchen will not disappoint you.”

Using both hands to receive the copper plate, Li Fuchen then turned and left the outer sect grand hall.

“It would have been much easier for this child, had he possess a 2 star or even a 1 star bone frame.”

Elder Song gave a sigh and thought, ‘What a pity.’


The inner sect domain was right behind the outer sect domain. It was nearer to the core of the Cang Lan Sect and had a richer, denser heaven and earth energy than at the borders.

Other than that, the environment and scenery of the inner sect looked ten times more gorgeous than that of the outer sect.

Along the way, Li Fuchen passed by a white jaded footpath, pavilions, grand halls, and beautiful mountain peaks. Each and everyone of these sceneries were breathtaking. And when compared with the outside world, it was as though comparing a wooden hut to a grand castle.

‘Is this where I would stay from now?’

Li Fuchen took his time to enjoy the landscape and was in no hurry at all to reach the inner sect grand hall.

“That Yu Wen Tian is truly a prodigy that is on par with Dominion Sword shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple). Only at the second level of Origin Realm, yet already defeating the third level Chen Chong shixiong.”

“I admit that Yu Wen Tian’s talent is great. But on the same cultivation realm, he is not as great as Li Fuchen.”

“Li Fuchen indeed has a knack for combat. But a pity that with his bone frame, he would at least need another year or 2 to breakthrough to the Origin Realm. By then Yu Wen Tian would probably be fourth level of Origin Realm. How can they be compared?”

“That’s right. Yu Wen Tian is an all rounder while Li Fuchen is only good at perception. What’s more, the Origin Realm and Qi Realm are totally different. It isn’t a guarantee that Li Fuchen would continue to excel when at the Origin Realm.”

These few inner sect disciples were discussing aloud while still unaware that Li Fuchen was walking towards them.

Just as Li Fuchen walked past them, one of the inner sect disciples took a glance at Li Fuchen and froze.

“Hey, why did you stop walking?”

The rest of them stop in their tracks after realizing that he didn’t keep up.

That disciple then pointed at the back of Li Fuchen, “It’s Li Fuchen.”

“Li Fuchen? It can’t be! Why is he here at the inner sect region?”

“Could it be?”

“Impossible! How could he have progressed to the Origin Realm so quickly?”

“Hurry, let’s follow up and see.”

The inner sect disciples got curious and followed behind Li Fuchen.

Realizing that there were people following him, Li Fuchen just laughed and didn’t bother.

Very quickly, Li Fuchen arrived at the inner sect grand hall.

Eyeing Li Fuchen entering the inner sect grand hall, the stalkers stood dumbstruck and looked at each other in disbelief.

“He really advanced to the Origin Realm.” One of them said while taking a gulp of saliva.

“This is big news! Come on, let’s go spread the news. This year’s most shocking news would be this!”

=Inner Sect Grand Hall=

The hosting elder took the copper token from Li Fuchen then nodded his head, “This indeed is an inner sect preparation disciple token. For the next few days, stay at the outer sect first. Three days later, come back again for the inner sect disciple trials. After passing the trials, you would then become an official inner sect disciple. If you do not pass the trials, you can retry in two months. After three tries and you still do not pass, then you would be relegated as an inner sect deacon apprentice.”

It wasn’t a guarantee for you to become an inner sect disciple after breaking through to the Origin Realm.

The Cang Lan Sect chose their inner sect disciples very strictly.

But strict was a general term only.

On average the passing probability for the inner sect trials were at 50%.

And there was still a second and third attempt.

If you could not pass with the three attempts, it meant that you weren’t suitable for the sect. And being relegated to an inner sect deacon apprentice was the natural course of decision.

Leaving the inner sect grand hall, Li Fuchen returned to his own courtyard.

What Li Fuchen didn’t know was that the news of him breaking through the Origin Realm was spreading like a wildfire.

Until a certain point where even those that didn’t know him, got to know him.

“I just slapped my own face! A few months ago, we were discussing that Li Fuchen would still need a few years before progressing. Who knew it would be this quick!”

“We aren’t to be blamed. Li Fuchen’s progression is an illogical event.”

“Not only is it illogical, it has smashed all common sense. I suspect if he really has normal bone frame.”

“No matter what, he is now at the Origin Realm and that is an unchangeable fact.”

“Now the inner sect will start to get busy. Leading at the front are Blossom Sword, Chen Fanghua shijie7jieelder or big sister, and Dominion Sword shixiong. Chasing from behind are Yu Wen Tian and Li Fuchen. Who knows what the inner sect will turn into.”

Be it the inner sect or outer sect, Li Fuchen’s name became the hot topic of everyone during these three days.


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In the outer sect…

Guan Peng and Shen Tu Jue were shocked beyond anything.

Yang Kai had the same reaction.

In the odd job disciples region…

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Li Yunhai was still trying his best to cultivate. But once he received this piece of news, his face went blank and seemed to have lost all his fighting spirit.

He didn’t know what he was fighting for any longer.

He suffered untold hardships just to get this odd job disciple status. He thought that once he entered the sect, he would very quickly surpass Li Fuchen.

But soon after, he got news of Li Fuchen gaining fame in the outer sect.

And soon after that, Li Fuchen became a notable person in the outer sect.

Afterwards, Li Fuchen got the outer sect no.1 disciple title.

But Li Yunhai never once considered giving up. He thought that, with Li Fuchen’s normal bone frame, he would only breakthrough to the Origin Realm at the age of 18, and that he still had the chance to catch up to Li Fuchen.

“Why is this happening?” Li Yunhai muttered to himself.

Li Fuchen was already an inner sect disciple, but he is still struggling as an odd job disciple. He couldn’t handle the fact that his ideals and reality were too far apart.

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