Chapter 83: Inner Sect Trials (Part 1)

=Inner Sect=

Fang Liehai and Qing Shaoyu who both had feuds with Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist were stunned when they heard the news.

Had Li Fuchen only advanced to the Origin Realm a few years later, they would have been able to trample on Li Fuchen however they liked.

It didn’t matter if his perception went against the heavens. As long as one did not keep up with one’s cultivation level, everything was just in name.

But who knew Li Fuchen would progress so quickly. Now even if they wanted revenge, it would prove to be difficult.

Almost with no possibility.

When the rest of the prodigies heard the news, they each had their respective reactions. Yu Wen Tian’s eyes were filled with battle intent, Zhao Mingyue’s eyes were of intrigue and interest, and Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister’s eyes were emotionless and no one would know what she was thinking about.

As for Guan Xue, she bit onto her lips and looked despondent.

Three days later…

Li Fuchen once again arrived at the inner sect grand hall.

Inside the grand hall, there were close to 100 inner sect preparation disciples. Li Fuchen was familiar with a bunch of them.

Of the 30,000 outer sect disciples, roughly a thousand would advance to the Origin Realm, which was around 100 a month.

In order to reserve manpower and resources, the inner sect trials were only carried out once a month. It wasn’t carried out once a disciple broke through.

“A total of 97. Since everyone is here, follow me to the Thousand Violent River.”

A green robed inner sect elder sized everyone up while speaking.

The party that headed towards the Thousand Violent River was rather competent. Other than the 97 preparation disciples and the 1 hosting inner sect elder, there were 10 inner sect deacons and 97 inner sect deacon apprentices too.

The Thousand Violent River was rather far away. If they were to proceed by foot, they would need a few days time.

Outside the inner sect grand hall was a group of 5 meter tall giant cranes descending from the sky. For a moment, the gust of wind caused the disciples to shut their eyes due to the wind pressure.

Li Fuchen who had an amazing physique, had his eyes open even with the violent gust of wind.

He noticed that these giant cranes were actually class 1 spirit beasts.

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The spirit energy in their body was roughly of the same as a class 1 demonic beast.

With a few people in each group, each group then climbed onto the back of the giant cranes.


The giant cranes levitated vertically and brought the party into the sky.

“So fast!”

The biting cold wind came head on and felt as strong as steel knives.

It was at this moment, that a person’s ability could be estimated.

Some of the preparation disciples couldn’t help but sit in meditation to reduce the wind resistance. There were some who forcefully stood up but each had emitted a colourful qi to repel the wind.

There were only a few who could stand still like the mountain, as though their feets were rooted.

Especially Li Fuchen who stood crossed armed with an expression as though he was still standing on the ground.

“No wonder he is the outer sect’s no.1 disciple.” The other preparation disciples were filled with admiration.

As time passed, except for Li Fuchen, the rest of the preparation disciples couldn’t stand it anymore.

Withstanding the violent winds expended a vast amount of qi. With the qi in their body drastically being lowered, they had no other choice but to sit and meditate.

Seeing that the rest had seated, Li Fuchen didn’t want to be overly prominent and slowly took a seat on the giant crane’s back.

Looking at the green robed inner sect elder who looked elegantly, everyone revealed looks of envy.

Every martial realm had their own speciality.

Qi Training Realm, attraction of qi.

Origin Returning Realm, manifestation of qi.

Earth Shattering Realm, control and release of qi.

Heaven Dipper Realm, traversing with qi.

The Cang Lan inner sect elders were all Heaven Realm experts.

As the name suggested, Heaven Realm experts were able to traverse through the skies and the land, they possessed remarkable abilities and had absolute martial prowess.

Had any of the clans produced a Heaven Realm martial artist, the clan would immediately be named as one of the Cang Lan regions’ aristocratic clans.

Fang Liehai’s Fang Clan and Yu Wen Tian’s Yu Wen Clan were both aristocratic clans.

Of course, the clans that the inner sect elders belonged to, were also aristocratic clans.

But above the aristocratic clans were the noble clans.

Noble clans required a long history and had to have a certain number of Heaven Realm experts. Even among the Cang Lan region, there were only a few noble clans.

Everyone of them had great authority within the Cang Lan Sect.

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The giant crane was extremely fast. At noon time, the group arrived at an area with a magnificent view.

Looking from high above, hundreds of white streams flowed straight down, like white dragons diving into the sea, producing a thunderous echo.

As one got nearer, the sound got louder,and gradually the white streams were revealed to everyone.

Hundreds of waterfalls, the shortest was only dozens of feet long. A longer waterfall would be around 50 or 60 feet and the longest one would be around 100 feet long, just like an intimidating jade dragon emitting an grand aura.

At the bottom of the waterfalls was a large river. The river had treacherous currents and countless whirlpools. It gives off an dangerous feeling like it had an immeasurable depth.

The giant cranes spiraled to a landing right at an empty space in front of the Thousand Violent River.

With a wave of the green robed inner sect elder’s hand, an astounding scene happened.

On the Thousand Violent River, an ice path which contained limitless cold qi was created and stretched all the way to the waterfalls.

“Follow me.”

The green robed inner sect elder took the lead on the ice path.

“How much icy qi must one have in order to create this path of ice meant for people to walk on?!” The preparation disciples were gasping in surprise.

“Get on it, what are you dilly dallying for.” An inner sect deacon instructed.

Hearing as so, the preparation disciples began to walk on the ice path.

Walking on the ice path, Li Fuchen noticed that the ice path didn’t even sway one bit and there was roughly 200 people walking on it.

Out of curiosity, Li Fuchen activated his qi and permeated it into the ice underneath his foot.

2 meters.

The ice path was 2 meters thick, which explains why it could withstand the weight of so many people walking.

Without much effort, the crowd arrived at the foot of the waterfalls.

Hundreds of waterfalls, each one had a dozens of rocks underneath it. Under the constant pressure from the waterfalls, these rocks had become smooth and slippery, like gigantic cobblestones stacked up.

The green robed elder turned around and spoke, “Stand under a 30 foot waterfall and withstand it for 15 minutes. If you can withstand, you move on to the next phase. If you can’t, you are eliminated. Come back again in two months.”

Hearing the instructions, the preparation disciples all took a gulp of saliva. 30 foot meant the waterfall was as tall as 100 meter. How much force would be produced with the vast amount of water falling from above.

What’s more, is with the smooth surface of the giant rocks, it wasn’t hard to imagine the increased difficulty to stand on it.

“Alright, rely on your own strength to stand on the giant rocks. If after 15 minutes you are still not up there, then there is no need to continue.”

“Each of you will take responsibility for one preparation disciple, time for them. The ten of you supervise them.”

As he finished giving his instructions to the 97 inner sect preparation disciples, the green robed elder then turned to give orders to the 10 inner sect deacons.


The inner sect deacons and deacon apprentices, receive the orders with a kung fu bow.

The speed of the 30 foot waterfalls were extremely fast, and due to the special opening of the waterfalls, the force of the currents were concentrated.

The 97 inner sect preparation disciples began their attempts to ascend the giant rocks.

But the situation didn’t seem hopeful.

It was much harder than imagined to stand on the giant rock.

The person beside Li Fuchen, tried to go near the giant rock, but was unfortunately blasted away by the majestic water currents.

“I advise all of you to pay more attention. To a certain level, to stand on the rock may perhaps be harder than to withstand for 15 minutes.” An inner sect deacon apprentice gave a tip.
Li Fuchen nodded in agreement. From what he saw, to stand on the rock may prove to be difficult, since during the process, you will not be in control of your center of gravity.

Even after everyone put in their full efforts, those that could stand atop the rock in a single attempt remained at just a handful.

Li Fuchen didn’t wait any longer and began to revolve his Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique. Red scarlet fire qi came from within his body to form a layer like a fire cloak.

As the others were watching, Li Fuchen stomped on the ice path and leapt towards the waterfall.

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