Chapter 84: Inner Sect Trials (Part 2)

Once the water current met with the scarlet fire qi, a large amount of water was immediately vapourised.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was just like a red sharp knife, forcefully splitting the waterfall apart as he easily stood on top the smooth rock.

“No wonder he is the outer sect’s no.1 disciple. Too easy.”

“We used all our ability but still can’t get up. He just simply ascended the rock. The more we compare ourselves to him, the more we feel inferior.”

“He really is one of the strongest outer sect disciples ever. How can we ever compete with him.”

The crowd was filled with admiration and also helplessness.

The waterfall poured down and smashed onto Li Fuchen.

“This force is at least 10,000 kg.”

Li Fuchen took on the brunt of the water torrent.

Do not underestimate the water current’s force.

The force of this waterfall was never ending. A person may easily lift a 10,000 kg rock, but it didn’t mean he can withstand the weight forever.

But for Li Fuchen, 10,000 kg of force wasn’t considered much. Even if he didn’t revolve his qi, he would still be able to withstand this force with ease.

As the time ticked by…

Under the 30 foot waterfalls were bright glows of light.

With every glow, it meant an inner sect preparation disciple was standing there.

Other than them, there were still 7 or 8 preparation disciples that still had yet to ascend the rock and were starting to get angst.


One of the disciples standing under the waterfall suddenly turned white and spat out a mouthful of blood, at the same time, he was sent flying by the waterfall.

Just at this moment, an inner sect deacon apprentice who was taking the time for him, flashed out to catch him.

Every few minutes, one of the preparation disciples would lose their hold and vomit blood due to the extreme forces of the waterfall.

15 minutes had passed. There was only 80 remaining.

Out of the 97, 17 had been eliminated.

The second trial would also be carried out at the Thousand Violent River. This time it would be on how well the disciples could utilize their qi.

The preparation disciples would have to rely on themselves to cross the Thousand Violent River.

The Thousand Violent River has countless whirlpools and turbulences in it. To use one’s qi just to stand on the surface of the river would already be a test of skill. To cross the river would prove to be the ultimate test.

“Everyone… Begin!”

The green robed elder raised his hand high, before vigorously swinging it down.

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Splash, splish, splash…

80 inner sect preparation disciples, each stepped on the river, trying to sprint across.


A scream was heard as one of the disciples got carelessly sucked into the whirlpool.

At the crucial moment, an inner sect deacon jumped in to pull the disciple out.

With scarlet fire qi wrapping his legs, Li Fuchen sped like a comet. Every step of his, covered a distance of a dozen meters, without much effort at all, he left everyone behind.

The green robed inner sect elder was nodding with approval. The Thousand Violent River had countless whirlpools, it was rare to see someone easily crossing it without practicing the light body technique. Those that could, would either be a prodigy, if not extremely talented.

He didn’t bother about the quality of the bone frame but instead what he saw right now.

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With the second trial ending, 72 preparation disciples were left.

The third trial was a test of one’s ability.

The venue was at the Cang Lan Sect’s Demonic Beast Breeding Grounds.

Riding on the giant cranes, the group hurried back.

As they arrived at the demonic beasts breeding grounds, it was already evening time.

The demonic beasts breeding grounds was within a huge pit and on all sides of the pit were small caverns with a metal gate. Every now and then, screeching demonic beasts roars can be heard.

At the middle of the pit was a stage for fights. On it were blood stains that emitted a killing intent.

“Your opponents are Class 2 low-tier demonic beasts. Those that can injure the beasts within an incense time, pass the trials.”

The green robed elder announced the requirements for passing.

“Injure a Class 2 low-tier demonic beast?”

Even if everyone knew the content of the trial, but to experience the killing intent at the breeding grounds gave everyone goosebumps.

“First to go, Chen Xiaotian.”

Chen Xiaotian was 20 this year, he cultivated the Purple Qi Technique to the eighth rank and was never notable within the outer sect.

He nervously came to the stage and raised his head to scan his surroundings.


On the second level of the pit walls, a metal gate opened for the dark and unpredictable cavern.

Soon enough, a black scaled demonic canine emerged.

Class 2 low-tier demonic beast – Black Scale Dog


The Black Scale Dog let out a terrifying cry. It was sharp and clear, like a small child shouting.

Even with a yellow class high-tier sword in his hands, Chen Xiaotian couldn’t help but shudder. This was his first time seeing a Class 2 low-tier demonic beast and it was much more frightening than he imagined.

“Hehe, take a guess. How long do you think this shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) will last?”

“My guess is 10 breaths.”

“You overestimate him. I think not more than 5 breaths.”

At the demonic beasts breeding grounds were numerous inner sect disciples here to hone their combat ability.

Looking at the cowardly outward display of Chen Xiaotian, some of the inner sect disciples began to laugh.

It seemed like the Black Scale Dog sensed the nervous vibes of Chen Xiaotian. It leapt from the cavern and as it landed, it bowed low and suddenly dashed at Chen Xiaotian in an arc from the right.

Chen Xiaotian was already nervous, but seeing that the Black Scale Dog attacked from the side instead of the front. He froze and became stiffer.


The sword was disarmed from Chen Xiaotian’s hand. Seeing that he was about to be slayed by the Black Scale Dog, an inner sect deacon interfered and force the Black Scale Dog away with his qi.

“Chen Xiaotian, eliminated.”

The inner sect deacon announced the results with a frown.

The green robed elder furrowed his brows and thought, ‘His mentality is of the worst type, this kind of disciple basically has no prospect.’

One by one, the preparation disciples headed up the stage. Basically, out of every 10 disciples, 2 or 3 would fail the trial.
Class 2 low-tier demonic beasts were nimble and had the protection of demonic qi. It wasn’t an easy task to leave any damage on the beast.

“Next, Li Fuchen.”

The inner sect deacon took a deep breath before saying Li Fuchen’s name.

Hearing his name, everyone’s attention fell onto Li Fuchen, including the indifferent green robed inner sect elder.

“So he is the outer sect’s no.1 disciple, Li Fuchen?”

“Because of him, Elder Qi personally hosted the inner sect trials. Normally inner sect elders wouldn’t even bother about these trials, it was always the inner sect deacons handling it.”

“Let’s see then! In the fight against a Class 2 low-tier demonic beast, we will be able to see if he is just for show or if he has true ability.”

“That’s right. Real demonic beasts can’t be compared with those energy beasts in the Tower of Tribulations. Energy beasts do not possess the aggressiveness and killer instincts of a real demonic beast.”

These inner sect disciples all heard about the rumors of Li Fuchen. But rumors would always be rumors, seeing is believing and before seeing the real thing, they didn’t believe those dramatic legends about Li Fuchen.

Standing on the stage, Li Fuchen lifted his head.

A gate opened on the 2nd level of the pit walls.


A dark shadow flew out and circled the sky without a need to land.

It was a metallic grey bird with giant claws and a wingspan of 3 meters.

“This is too exaggerating, they’re actually testing him with an aerial demonic beast!”

“It seems like the intention of Elder Qiu.”

“Now that’s a suspense! Although an aerial demonic beast’s attack strength is about the same as a land based demonic beast. The speed of an aerial demonic beast is totally uncomparable!”

“If he doesn’t pass the trials, this outer sect no.1 disciple will become the laughing stock of the century.”

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