Chapter 85: Inner Sect Trials (Part 3)

Steel Winged Bird, Class 2 low-tier, aerial demonic beast.

The wings of the Steel Winged Bird were extremely tough and was able to slash at its enemies during its high-speed gliding. As such, it was given the name of Steel Winged Bird.

This Steel Winged Bird was very cunning, it didn’t attack Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist immediately.

It first showcased its prowess by diving from the sky and using its pair of wings to draw two lines of slashes on the surface of the stage.

“What strength!”

The other preparation disciples were staring with their mouth agape.

Ground based demonic beasts normally uses their claws to scratch or fangs to bite, but the Steel Winged Bird can actually use its wings to slash, talons to scratch, and beak to attack too. How can anyone actually fight against it?

“Li Fuchen, I wonder how will you kill it.”

The green robed elder, Elder Qiu focused his eyes on Li Fuchen.

The others were only required to injure Class 2 low-tier demonic beasts, but Li Fuchen was different. He was the outer sect’s no.1 disciple and if he cannot even slay a Class 2 low-tier demonic beast, then it would be too disappointing.

Even though to slay a Steel Winged Bird was much more difficult than slaying other Class 2 low-tier demonic beasts.


The voice of the Steel Winged Bird was oddly sharp, as though the sound of two steel pieces clashing together.


With a fan of its wings, violent winds were produced. The Steel Winged Bird left an afterimage and dived from the sky, heading towards Li Fuchen.

Its speed was close to breaking the sound barrier, many could only see the afterimage of the Steel Winged Bird. This kind of speed was already beyond the limits of a first level Origin Realm martial artist, it would prove difficult to even dodge the attack.

Like a dark cloud hovering over, the Steel Winged Bird’s enormous shadow covered Li Fuchen in an instant.

“Could he have been scared silly?”

One of the inner sect disciple noticed Li Fuchen staying still, and couldn’t help but assumed.

“So what if he is the outer sect’s no.1 disciple? Without any experience in killing, he would still lack that certain factor.”

“To lose so miserably, Elder Qiu would be very disappointed.”

A trace of disappointment was indeed on the face of Elder Qiu, as Li Fuchen already missed the best chance for avoiding the attack.

Normally, the best course of action would be to dodge, brandish, and kill in one blow.

That is what a swordsman should do.


But right at this moment, a red crescent shaped mist suddenly erupted from the back of the Steel Winged Bird.

The Steel Winged Bird’s enormous body was torn apart from within as blood gushed out like a fountain, creating a rain of blood.

Yellow class, low-tier sword art, Crescent Sword Style.

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As the blood rain poured down, Li Fuchen acted as though he did a casual feat and took priority to sheathe his sword first.

As the blood rain came within a meter radius from his body, it was instantly vaporized and turned into blood mist.

Even though yellow class, low-tier sword arts lacked firepower, but it was made up with a lightning fast execution speed.

What’s more, with the combat ability of Li Fuchen, even if he didn’t use any sword arts, he would still be able to slay the Steel Winged Bird in one slash.

“So calm and dominant.”

“Did I see wrongly!? He killed the Steel Winged Bird in a single sword move?”

“Hey Liu Wei, can you kill a Steel Winged Bird in one sword move?”

“Stop joking, of course I can’t do it. I am just at the second level of the Origin Realm.”

“In the Cang Lan Sect, my guess is that 90% of the disciples who are at the second level of the Origin Realm cannot achieve this feat. Even those at the third level of Origin Realm would find it difficult.”

The inner sect disciples all took in a deep breath of cold air.

“Is he still human?”

The other preparation disciples were all shivering, it was the kind of uncontrollable shivering caused by the unreal scene that was unfolded in front if their eyes.

“Good, very good. The outer sect’s no.1 title is right where it should be.”

Elder Qi’s pupil shrank before suddenly giving a loud laugh.

“This child is going to have a great future. It would seem to be a good choice to nurture him.”

The ten inner sect deacons were of the Earth Realm and with their eyes, they could see that Li Fuchen’s combat ability was truly earth shaking and was inferior to none.

Due to Li Fuchen’s outstanding performance, the rest of the trial became bland and boring.

Finally, after all three trials, there were only 45 disciples left. A total of 52 were eliminated.

These 52 disciples would only be able to participate in the inner sect trials, two months later. After their third try, they would lose their chance to be promoted and would be demoted as an inner sect deacon apprentice.

In the underground pit, fire was used to illuminate within. But outside of the pit, it was already deep into the night. Elder Qiu allowed the 45 who passed to return first, before gathering back at the inner sect grand hall in the morning.


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The next morning…

Li Fuchen was once again back at the inner sect grand hall.

The green robed Elder Qiu said to the 45 who had gathered, “First, I will announce those that are 3rd class inner sect disciples. You will receive your inner sect token, robes, sword, and also keys to where you will be staying. Come forth once I read your name.”

Inner sect disciples were also graded into 3 classes. 3rd class being the worst and 1st class being the best.

As the names were called, those that heard their names weren’t all happy but didn’t dare to display any unsatisfied expressions. They all obediently received their respective belongings.

After the 3rd class were the 2nd class inner sect disciples.

With everyone called upon, the only one left was Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen, 1st class inner sect disciple.”

Elder Qiu spoke with a pleased expression.

A 1st class inner sect disciple was much more superior than a 1st class outer sect disciple.

As a 1st class outer sect disciple, one would only receive the rights to an individual courtyard and also the chance to redeem any sect items worth 1000 gold per month.

But a 1st class inner sect disciple had much more benefits. Other than the individual courtyard, any redemption of sect items were given at a 30% discount. One must know that only prodigies were given 50% discount and 5 star prodigies were given 70% discounts.

“In fact with your performance, you are worthy for the prodigy title. But you should also know that the sect gives more priority to the bone frame. At least before the Earth Realm.”

Elder Qiu felt it was a pity, he was prepared to promote Li Fuchen to become an inner sect prodigy, but was rejected by the others.

“Elder Qiu, Fuchen is satisfied with this. I am grateful for the care of Elder Qiu.”

Li Fuchen was already happy with this result of a 30% discount when redeeming items. It meant that for every 10,000 points required, he would only need to pay 7000 points. For every 100,000 points would meant he could save 30,000 points and that was a large amount of savings.

“Good, neither proud nor impatient, neither servile not overbearing. I have high expectations of you.”

Elder Qiu admired the actions and mindset shown by Li Fuchen.

Inner sect disciples wore a pale green robe, their given sword were yellow class, peak-tier black iron swords. Just this sword alone would be worth a few thousand gold coins in the outside world.

Within the sect there was a smithing hall and every year, they would smith vast quantities of weapons. Some of them were kept for the sect’s uses, some were sold to the outside world.

If the sect didn’t have their own smithing hall, it would cost them a few million gold coins just to purchase swords for the inner sect disciples.

After receiving his inner sect disciple items, Li Fuchen was guided by an inner sect deacon apprentice to where he was going to stay.

It was still a courtyard, but this courtyard was on one of the mountain peaks within the inner sect region.

Li Fuchen took a quick glance and estimated that this mountain peak had roughly a few dozen courtyards.

‘What a huge difference in treatment. How many more surprises can the sect give!”

Even the normally calm Li Fuchen couldn’t help but become fascinated.

Staying at a courtyard like this, not only provided a serene environment, there were also tons of places to cultivate and one could easily find another place outside of the courtyard to practice one’s martial arts.

Just like before, Li Fuchen got a few odd job disciples to clean up the courtyard before moving in.

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