Chapter 117- Farewell to the Dark Sky Brood

When KMega6KMegacharacter got back in the game, it was still dark outside, but since he was in a cave it was always dark. Only through his dragon4dragonspecies eyes could he clearly see it as a nicely lit room.

He and Astrid7Astridcharacter were in a well-decorated room surrounded by gold and gems while fully in the nude. Outside the room, however, was a gentle looking reptile face looking in on them.

KMega then started to stir and Astrid did so as well soon after.

“What do you want, Lazar?” (KMega)

Lazar rushed forward and stood in front of them with a basket of fresh fruit in his claws.

“I would like to join your brood!” (Lazar)

KMega was about to take a bite of a piece of fruit when Astrid gave Lazar a look that made him pause as well.

“Oh, no! I don’t presume to become a queen like KMega. I wish to join you on your journey. You see, I’m not strong enough as I am now to find a place here in my own brood. As I have proven, I’m barely strong enough to support myself and others. I have already discussed with my father about joining your brood.” (Lazar)

The two of them ate while he talked since neither of them have eaten since the feast almost ten days ago.

“He demanded that I get your blessing first.” (Lazar)


KMega looked at Astrid since she was technically the person to make that decision.

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“What exactly is your end goal?” (Astrid)

Lazar then brought out a magical contract for her to read.

“It is a formal trade agreement. I’m to help set up a gate in the land you dwell in and maintain it. While I’m away, I will learn about human culture and a little bit about the world.” (Lazar)

Astrid considered his proposition for a moment before questioning him.

“What is ‘your’ end goal?” (Astrid)

Lazar lowered his head at her tone.

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“I owe your mate my life. He also taught me survival techniques. Even though we dragons are an older race than humans, they have surpassed our survival methods through countless generations. I can definitely see humans hunting down dragons later on like they hunt wild animals. I wish to learn from them and try to prevent that.” (Lazar)

Astrid then closed her eyes and starting thinking.

She already knew first hand that humans had that potential and she understand Lazar’s fears.

“Very well, but we will not be held responsible for your actions if you cross the line. You must also take note that I hold a greater position among dragons, while my mate holds an even greater  position among humans.” (Astrid)

Lazar nodded since he was born between two humans after all.


After talking with Lazar, they had a meeting with Nierlar to discuss terms and other details.

What Nierlar wanted most from the trade was liquor and chefs. Raw meat is good for a dragon, but once you get older, just barbecuing the meat with your fire breath gets rather dull.

The older and more experienced dragons even cook their kills and give it to the younger ones in favor of wild fruits and such. As for wine, the dark sky brood doesn’t have any lesser kin under its command, but they do have trade partners. The cost of the wine when buying from them is a lot higher than Nierlar would like. This is why finding another source, even if it’s as short as a human lifetime and in small quantities, it would be enough for him. The rest of his brood agree with his stance as well as long as they get any wine at all.

This trade agreement will later bring dragons to Eastguard, causing a surge of half breeds during the next birthing cycle of the game.

This will also generate a lot of dragon related quests and change the whole region overall.

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