Chapter 118- Home Sweet Home

The journey back home took over a full IRL week. Because KMega6KMegacharacter merely slept upon logging out, Astrid7Astridcharacter carried him on her back. Exactly fifty days after leaving the dragon4dragonspecies brood’s lair, they arrived back in Eastguard at midday. The three of them skipped any stops but still leisurely rested on occasion, unlike how Astrid had rushed to return to KMega’s side in less than a month. Lazear was thrilled by the adventure. In the jungle, he had never seen things like plains or oceans. For the first time now, he saw the wondrous topographic features of the world when they paused, or rather Astrid forced them to rest and admire the scenery. These were actually firsts for her as well because she had not paid attention while rushing to KMega before. Still fifty days of travel was a good time considering the restraints of their task. When they landed outside the fortress city of Jork, the populous went on high alert. A mix of lower-rank soldiers and paladins warily appeared before them. Because KMega was in his new, second draconian form, he really could not blame them for their hostility. Transforming back to normal, he equipped his one-handed sword and shield. His pupils had a tinge of remnant dragon fierceness that mirrored that of his draconic form, allowing some of the soldiers to recognize who he was. “Commander KMega!? The Commander has returned!!!” (soldier)

The soldiers instantly saluted, but one young paladin pointed out, “That demonic appearance is unnatural. Do not let your guards down!” (young Paladin)

The other paladins kept their guards up, so KMega felt insulted. “I’ve returned from a trip to master my draconian blood, and this whelp questions me!” (KMega)

KMega stepped forward and drew his sword.


[The god of war looks upon your actions. You are his favorite mortal.]


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A holy energy permeated his sword like a river off of a waterfall. The paladins kneeled to the might of their god pulsating in front of them. “M-my apologies, noble Commander. I-I, this humble servant of the gods, will immediately signal your return to the people.” (Paladin)

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KMega sighed as he returned his sword to its sheath. “I commend you for performing your duties, young paladin. The demons are said to be tricky and deceivious. Never let your guard down till you are certain of the truth.” (KMega)


Naturally the captains and Yirk met KMega. Although he did not appear much stronger and wore the same armor as when he had left, they all were happy that he had returned. Over a dozen demon attacks had followed Astrid’s departure. While none were as severe as the wolves in terms of number of losses, even a bull that turned could charge and kill dozens before they brought it down. Death was nothing novel to a dragon, so Astrid did not mind, but it weighed on KMega. He wondered how many lives could have been saved had he been there, just like a mother dragon wondering how many of her children she could have saved. In the end, KMega let it go. He knew that he had to go train and grow stronger. The few lost were far fewer than those he would later save.


Because Jork was the main installation for training soldiers in Eastguard, it also naturally had the country’s most promising magicians. With their help, a mountain appeared near Astrid’s mother’s grave. Lazar could have done it himself, but he wanted to be spared every little bit of energy in preparation for turning the newly-made mountain into a dragon’s lair, one that would be the most renowned through the human territories.

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