Chapter 86: Light Body Technique, Wind Shadow Steps

“I am left with 50,000 contribution points and that’s not enough to redeem a mystic class, high-tier body refinement technique. Even if I did have enough, I don’t have any resources to cultivate it.”

After becoming an inner sect disciple, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist began to plan what he had to do next.

It wasn’t impossible to cultivate a mystic class, high-tier body refinement technique, but it was impossible for now.

The mystic class, mid tier Interception Form required 75,000 points. A mystic class, high-tier body refinement technique would at least be 200,000 points, even after the 30% discount, it would still require 140,000 points.

(TL note: I changed Interception Form Dao to Interception Form)
This was just the small issue, the main issue was not having resources for cultivation.

A single yellow class, peak tier body tempering pill cost 10,000 points. In order to cultivate a mystic class, high tier body refinement technique to completion, that would require at least hundreds of pills, and that was millions of contribution points.

When talking about mystic class, high-tier martial arts manuals, it was inevitable to mention the treatment that 1st class inner sect disciples received.

In the Cang Lan Sect, only 1st class inner sect disciples, direct disciples, and inner sect elders were allowed to redeem mystic class, high-tier martial arts. A majority of the outer sect elders didn’t have the qualifications to do so, even if they had enough contribution points.

In fact, when Li Fuchen became a 1st class inner sect disciple, he had already succeeded.

Even Guan Hong, Guan Yan, Yang Lie, Yang Zhan, and Li Shanhe were all just 3rd class inner sect disciples. Their status in the sect was far inferior when compared to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen thought to himself, ‘Now that I am an Origin Realm martial artist, I should cultivate a light body technique.’

The lowest grade of body refinement techniques were yellow class, peak-tier, but the lowest grade of light body techniques were mystic class, low-tier.

Light body techniques had high restrictions on one’s qi. Those that weren’t at the Origin Realm yet, would never be able to fully utilize the light body technique, even if they had the best perception.

‘Other than that, I can also cultivate a mystic class, low-tier sword art.’

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Until now, Li Fuchen had cultivated a total of nine sword arts.

2 yellow class, low-tier – Crescent Sword Style and Tiger Fang Cross Slash.

2 yellow class, mid-tier – Clear Breeze Sword Style and Shao Shang Sword Style.

1 yellow class, high-tier – Red Jade Sword Style.

4 yellow class, peak-tier – Scarlet Fire Sword Style, Tri-part Sword Style, Dripping Sword Style, and Soaring Dragon Sword Style.

Even though sword arts depended on quality and not quantity. Li Fuchen believed that in order to achieve the peak of the sword dao, one needed to cultivate a vast array of sword arts.

There is saying, ‘To pluck all the advantages from everyone and everything.’ and with an vast array of sword arts, that would provide Li Fuchen a huge boost to his sword dao contents. When the day came, all these contents would form the base of Li Fuchen’s sword dao.

Had it not been due to his insufficient stamina, Li Fuchen would have cultivated dozens of yellow class sword arts all at one go.

After lunch, Li Fuchen headed to the inner sect martial arts hall to redeem a light body technique and a mystic class, low-tier sword art.

They were Wind Shadow Steps and the Meteor Sword Style.

Wind Shadow Steps, which had wind in its name was of the same foundation as the Cyclone Kick Style.

But the Cyclone Kick Style was all in all a kick art, and lacked involvement in regards to a light body effect.

Whereas for Wind Shadow Steps, it was a true light body technique. Once cultivated to a certain level, one could travel as fast as the wind or even faster.

As for the Meteor Sword Style, it was a sword art which put an emphasis on extreme speed and firepower.

It had only one sword move – Meteor Fall!

A name with such dominance and intimidation.

‘An inner sect disciple needs to complete at least one sect mission every year. But there is no hurry now, I can wait until the ninth or tenth month. Before that, I will cultivate both the Wind Shadow Steps and Meteor Sword Style first.’

No matter which sect mission it was, there would always be a risk of danger, but whether it would be a small risk or bigger risk, is to be determined. Even though Li Fuchen wasn’t an average first level Origin Realm martial artist, there would always be experts out there. Any stronger Origin Realm experts could easily send Li Fuchen to his death.

To boost one’s ability before taking on any mission, was a wise decision.

“Quickly, send him to the medical hall. Any later, and there will be no hope for survival.”

On the way back, Li Fuchen saw four inner sect disciples sprinting, one of them carried a young man whose face had turn black. It seems that he was poisoned or was injured by someone using poison arts.

“Isn’t this Qian shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple)? How did he get such serious injuries?”

“He must have met an underworld martial artist who cultivated a poison art.”

“Hai, every year, numerous inner sect disciples would die under the hands of these underworld martial artists. It is considered lucky to return alive.”

“I agree, in another month, I too need to complete a mission. I hope the mission goes smoothly without any accidents.”

On the sidewalk, many inner sect disciples would be pointing and gossiping.

“Seems like the sect mission is much more dangerous than I thought.”

Seeing this scene, it helped Li Fuchen gain new knowledge about sect missions.

But thinking about it, the sect didn’t need flowers that were grown in greenhouses, but needed massive trees that could protect the sect from storms. Without any setbacks, how can one quickly develop into a true martial artist?

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Back at his courtyard, Li Fuchen began cultivating the Wind Shadow Steps manual.

The Wind Shadow Steps is extremely mystical. According to the manual, once at sub-completion, one can have the body weight of an swallow. At completion, the cultivator would attain an extreme speed, and could travel like a spirit, emitting no presence or noise.

With his green soul spirit, Li Fuchen spent three days to attain the novice stage of the Wind Shadow Steps.

As his qi followed the Wind Shadow Steps qi circulation route, his body felt as though it lost dozens of kg. Even without wrapping his feet with qi, he would be able to stand on a branch the width of an arm without breaking it.

One month later, Wind Shadow Steps was at the sub-completion stage.

The current Li Fuchen could stand on a thin branch the size of finger and not break it.

“The light body technique is so miraculous.” Li Fuchen’s eyes shone with joy.

The light body technique was also a kind of technique that had its own unique method to circulate qi.

Everytime he used the light body technique, Li Fuchen felt as though he was released from all resistants. As though, he could rush out without a sound nor presence with a slight move.

But he could not move too fast for now. If his speed exceeded a certain limit, it would cause some noise to leak out.

“I wonder how it would feel when Wind Shadow Steps is at the completion stage.”

When one’s body turned light, it gave such a wonderful sensation.

Li Fuchen was able to stand on the water previously, due to him using qi.

Using qi to spread the force that is produced by one’s weight.  To step on a small lily pad or a floating platform.

But the light body technique is able to make one’s body weight become lighter. Currently, Li Fuchen is still unable stand on water, but once the Wind Shadow Steps was at an higher cultivation stage, standing on water would be an easy feat.

After all, it was already possible for him to stand on a finger width branch.

The only pity, is that, the circulation method of the light body technique was unique. Thus, it is unable to concurrently activate at the same time as the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

But that was just a small problem.

His whole body was filled with Scarlet Fire qi and even if he didn’t circulated the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, he could still utilize 80% of its firepower.

In fact, it wasn’t just light body techniques, some formidable martial arts had their own qi circulation method too.

Qi circulation methods had differences too.

A cultivation technique’s qi circulation was for absorbing the heaven and earth energy and the refinement of qi.

Light body techniques’ and martial arts’ qi circulation were a kind of qi utilization.

Which is why, cultivation techniques were call inner arts. Light body techniques called light arts, and for palm arts, fist arts, kick arts, and sword arts, they were called martial arts.

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