Chapter 87: Meteor Fall

In just a blink of an eye, it had already been 2 years since Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist entered the Cang Lan Sect.

In the outer sect, huge quantities of geniuses arrived at the Cang Lan Sect everyday to participate in the outer secr trials.

Thinking about it, Yunwu City’s genius contest was about to start soon.

But Li Fuchen couldn’t be bother to know which genius from Yunwu City would enter the Cang Lan Sect, nor was he interested which of the 4 major clans these geniuses would come from. He was engrossed in his own world.

On one of the Cang Lan mountain ranges, a group of horsemen were galloping on it.

On the horsebacks, except for a blue robed elder and the groups of youths, there were 3 other youths.

One of them was a pretty lass who wore red clothing and was looking about, filled with curiosity and excitement.

This red clothed young lass was actually Guan Mei.

She who was of the same age as Li Fuchen, had 1 star bone frame. Normally a 1 star bone frame had no chance of achieving top 5 in the genius contest.

But for every city, there would be times when it was filled with geniuses and times when it was not.

The genius contest which had Li Fuchen, was known as the cream of the crop for the past decade in Yunwu City.

There was Li Fuchen the unprecedented normal bone frame who broke all logic.

There were two, 3 star bone frames, Zhu Hongxiu and Yang Kai. Before their appearance, there was basically no other 3 star bone frames in the past contests.

What’s more, there was also Guan Xue who didn’t even participate in the genius contest, but was a prodigy who had a 4 star extraordinary bone frame.

For this year’s genius contest, there were only 3 qualifiers. The Guan Clan took 1st, Yang Clan took the other spot, and the last spot went to a young man named Zhu Xiaoming.

Zhu Xiaoming was Zhu Hongxiu’s cousin and was also this year’s only 2 star bone frame from Yunwu City.

The blue robed elder turned back to look at the three. He shook his head, as he knew that out of the three, only Zhu Xiaoming had slight chances to become an outer sect disciple, the others could only become odd job disciples.

Odd job disciples belonged to the lowest status tier in the Cang Lan Sect.

On average, out of every 100 odd job disciples, only 1 would have the hope to become an outer sect disciple.

The rest would have to slowly progress and wait until they breaking through to the Origin Realm and converted to inner sect odd job disciples.

Once inner sect odd job disciples raised their cultivation to a certain level, they could enter the Cang Lan army.

What the Cang Lan army is, is really just the Cang Lan Sect’s military forces. If there were any sect wars, the Cang Lan army would be the sect’s frontline.

Even though it is dangerous, but during life and death situations, martial artists would normally experience breakthroughs. There were cases of odd job disciples, where after joining the Cang Lan army, their cultivation constantly broke through and were promoted to an officer rank in the Cang Lan army.

In short, the road of an odd job disciple was long and tedious. Without any eventful encounter, your life would be spent as a nobody.

Most of the disciples couldn’t accept this kind of life and opted out to return to their clans.


All the commotion that happened in the outer sect, didn’t affect a single thing in the inner sect.

As time flew by…

Amidst a forest in the middle portion of the mountain.

An afterimage, just like a spirit was transversing among the trees. When ever the shadow was about to fall, it would deftly jump off the finger width branch with the tip of its toes.


There was a sudden burst of speed and Li Fuchen appeared on the ground surface instantaneously.

“Worthy to be called a light body technique. It took me four months just to cultivate Wind Shadow Steps to the third rank.”

Wind Shadow Steps had a total of six ranks.

First rank: Novice stage

Only allowed on

Second rank: Sub-completion stage

Third rank: Completion stage

Fourth rank: Sub-perfection stage

Fifth rank: Perfection stage

Sixth rank: Trance stage

As a mystic class, low-tier light body technique, Wind Shadow Steps was harder to master by a few folds when compared to mystic class, low-tier martial arts. Not only did one need to have the perception and also be able to grasp the essence of the technique, one also needed to open up the relative meridians.

Li Fuchen who reached the third rank of Wind Shadow Steps in just four months, was actually an astounding progress.

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On average, inner sect disciples required at least 1 or 2 years before reaching the second rank of any mystic class, low-tier light body technique.

In order to attain the third rank, an inner sect disciples would at least take 5 years.

With Wind Shadow Steps withdrawn and the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique revolving, Li Fuchen’s right hand was as though coated with a layer of flammable liquid, providing fuel for the blazing scarlet fire qi.


With a palm strike on the thick tree…

Hitting it squarely in the middle of the tree, it bursted into flames.

In these four months, Li Fuchen naturally didn’t just improved Wind Shadow Steps.

His main cultivation technique, the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique surprisingly went up to the tenth rank.

If the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique had maintained the pace of progress like during the Qi Realm, Li Fuchen would have required at least one year before reaching the tenth rank.

But the now cannot be compared with the before.

During the Qi Realm, it was much more difficult to cultivate the mystic class, mid-tier Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, due to the restrictions on Li Fuchen’s perception.

But once at the Origin Realm, Li Fuchen’s foundation had met the minimum requirement to cultivate the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

As the level of one’s cultivation realm increased, it would help to boost the efficiency of the cultivation.

But of course, during the later stages of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, it would get much tougher to cultivate too. Both factors would advance concurrently.

Losing all sense of time, Li Fuchen was deeply engrossed in his state of cultivation. He couldn’t be bothered with anything else.

He wasn’t intending to go earn contribution points just yet.

Earning contribution points would definitely waste some of his stamina and time. The constant struggle would deteriorate his cultivation condition too.

He had already decided that before the first sect mission, he would do nothing but cultivate.


Day by day…

Li Fuchen’s overall ability increased bit by bit.

“Such a terrifying sword art.”

Three steps aways was a penetrated piece of giant raw iron ore, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but raise his brows.

He didn’t even use an ounce of his physical strength but just purely coated qi onto the black iron sword.

This mystic class, low-tier Meteor Sword Style was much harder to cultivate and also much stronger than he imagined.

There was only one sword move for this sword art and it was called, Meteor Fall.

As the sword was brandished, not only was its speed blinding, it had this uncomparable ability to penetrate.

Even though the raw iron ore is only a yellow class, low-tier ore, its toughness was at least twice that of any ordinary stones and rocks.

An Origin Realm martial artist is able to smash raw iron ore, and is also able to use a sword to open up a pit. But to penetrate such a thick piece raw iron ore isn’t such an easy feat.

This sword art is made to deal with body refinement techniques. With the execution of the sword move, no matter how strong your physical defenses were, it would still pierce through it.

Li Fuchen estimated that even his own Interception Form wasn’t able to block Meteor Fall.

Of course, this sword move, Meteor Fall wasn’t able to kill him in one blow, it would at most injure him.




The black iron sword in the hands of Li Fuchen was just like a radiant shooting star, piercing through the raw iron ore.

A day later, the 2 meter tall raw iron ore collapsed into hundreds of pieces after getting punctured like a honeycomb.

From the corner of his courtyard, Li Fuchen shifted to yet another 2 meter tall raw iron ore.

Raw iron ores were worth 1 point per kilogram. This 2 meter tall iron ore was around 10,000 kg, and that would mean it was 10,000 points.

As a 1st class inner sect disciple, Li Fuchen is able to borrow raw iron ores from the resource hall and was only required to return it afterwards.

It wasn’t important whether was it still intact, as long as the overall weight remained the same.

As the raw iron ores would ultimately have to enter the furnace.

Other 1st class inner sect disciples like Li Fuchen would also borrow raw iron ores for practicing, as normal granites were too fragile for them.

Some of the higher leveled 1st class inner sect disciples would even borrow yellow class, high-tier ores for training.

This was the privilege of a 1st class inner sect disciple, that 2nd class inner sect disciples would never get to have.

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