Chapter 22 – Never Marry a Man with Two Tintins


Bai Rui’s body was no different from an ice cube. The cold made Cheng Nuo bare his teeth and he almost couldn’t lift Bai Rui from the ground. He called out to Bai Rui twice but there was no response. There was a layer of ice on his eyelashes and eyebrows as though he had just come out of a freezer.

Cheng Nuo placed a trembling finger below his nose. Although Bai Rui’s breathing was weak, Cheng Nuo felt a little relieved.

He didn’t know that Bai Rui had been restraining the cold before, which is is why when it broke out, it was exceptionally fierce.

Cheng Nuo wanted to take him back to give him a hot bath, but after less than a minute, he couldn’t stand it. He had to stop, take off his clothes, and wrap them firmly around Bai Rui.

This child was very patient. His fists were tightly clenched and he never made any sound.

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Cheng Nuo gritted his teeth and took Bai Rui into his arms. Rubbing his body to try to chase away the cold and pain, he started cursing to relieve his emotions: “You ****ing Chang Chun! You ****ing Bai Zhi! Go to ****! If I, your father ever see you bad children again, watch out! You ****ing *****ers! Hmph…”

Therefore, when the worried Liu Guang, who had tracked their path through the forest, found his future wife, he saw that he was holding that Bai kid with his upper body bare while using his hands to touch the other person, his face red with anger. Liu Guang’s face blushed red. How can this female be so shameless!

Liu Guang rushed up to kick Bai Rui to the side. His eyes wide, he was ready to scold someone when he saw that something was wrong. Cheng Nuo’s face was white.

Cheng Nuo was overjoyed when he saw Liu Guang. Sniffing, Cheng Nuo’s body trembled as he said: “Xiao Guang, the snake fell off the cliff…”

Liu Guang snorted then silently took off his clothes, wrapping them around Cheng Nuo. His eyes nervously darted around and his ears turned red as he squatted down and took Cheng Nuo in his arms.

Cheng Nuo quickly tried to push him away: “I’m cold… don’t, you’ll freeze.”

Liu Guang gnashed his teeth. Putting his head on Cheng Nuo’s shoulders, he wrapped his arms around Cheng Nuo’s waist tightly.

He really was like a little stove. Cheng Nuo relaxed and he stopped shivering quite soon.

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“Now take Bai Rui down the mountain. He’s suffering from severe hypothermia.” Cheng Nuo pushed Liu Guang away and stood up. He carefully put the clothes back on Liu Guang, smoothing his collar like the usually did.

When Liu Guang saw the wounds on Cheng Nuo’s hands, his face became colder. He applied medicine on Cheng Nuo’s injuries then rudely tore the clothes off Bai Rui, throwing them back to Cheng Nuo. He looked around and cut off branches as thick as a baby’s wrist with the machete that he was carrying. Bundling the branches together with some rattan, he firmly tied Bai Rui to the branches.

Cheng Nuo was confused at first but when he understood what Liu Guang was doing, he had to admire the boy’s intelligence. Now he wouldn’t have to touch Bai Rui directly. He hurriedly said: “He’s very cold. Will you be okay carrying him like that?”

Liu Guang glared at him and ground from between his gnashing teeth: “Never mind that! Last time I told you that you’re not allowed to undress in front of others, you shameless female!”

He threw Bai Rui on his shoulder like a bundle of wheat then, ignoring Cheng Nuo, he strode forward. If one didn’t look closely, one might even think that Liu Guang was carrying a bundle of firewood.

Cheng Nuo’s mouth twitched. ****! **** this world’s weird setting!

In Liu Guang’s eyes, he was a woman, argh! How could he make Liu Guang, this violent child, understand that he is a brother rather than a sister?

He hurriedly ran over to him: “Bai Rui is too cold. We can take turns carrying him.”

“No!” Liu Guang lifted his chin and couldn’t help but pout. His lower lip stuck so far out that one could have hitched a donkey to it. Narrowing his eyes, he glared sideways at Cheng Nuo: “You can’t talk to this Bai kid again! No more sneaking food for him!”

Cheng Nuo had been suffering and unhappy over what had happened, but how come when Liu Guang came, he couldn’t help but laugh? “I know. Let’s go back and I’ll cook something delicious for you. I definitely won’t give any to Bai Rui.” It seemed that Liu Guang knew that what he sent to Bai Rui.

Listening to the tone of those words that sounded as though he was coaxing a child, Liu Guang angrily kicked a stone. It would be better to grow up soon. His future wife always treats him like a child.
While the two of them spoke, their footsteps didn’t slow down and soon they arrived at their home.

Cheng Nuo quickly wrapped a quilt around Bai Rui and urged Liu Guang to boil water, pulling out a big poplar wood tub.

Liu Guang almost kicked down the stove in his fury. Was Cheng Nuo planning to bathe this Bai Rui kid? Of course, he couldn’t allow his future wife to bathe him…

But how could Liu Guang give Bai Rui a bath?

After the water was boiled, Liu Guang came in with a bucket and poured it into the bathtub. He went back and forth several times while Cheng Nuo had tucked in Bai Rui into the quilt several times, massaging his limbs. Liu Guang was so angry that he pushed Cheng Nuo out and shut the door. “I’ll wash him. You can leave!”

Cheng Nuo said from behind the door: “Alright, then you must properly take care of him. Pay attention to his hands and feet.”

“I know!” Liu Guang said impatiently. “Now, tell me what is going on here. Where did that strange snake come from?”

From behind the door, Cheng Nuo began to think about what had happened, starting from the time he first saw Bai Zhi. Now that he was recalling those events, he thought that it was really thrilling to be chased by that Ice Snake.

Liu Guang sneered. He walked over slowly, pulled the quilt off then lifted Bai Rui into the bathtub. Listening to Cheng Nuo’s words, it seemed like the trouble this time was related to Bai Rui. He’d always thought that this boy’s background was too mysterious, which is not a good thing!

This time the ice snake injured seven or eight people in the slums. That kid surnamed Bai most likely won’t be able to stay here so Liu Guang can remain patient for a little longer.

With this in mind, Liu Guang perfunctorily stripped off Bai Rui’s wet clothes and crudely pressed his head down into the water. Anyway, isn’t this Bai kid cold? Let him warm up from top to bottom. Silently humming a little tune in his heart, he took his time in grabbing Bai Rui’s hair and lifting him out of the water. He repeated this process a few more times.

Bai Rui was lucky that someone had been there to relieve his body’s coldness. He seemed to feel that someone was massaging his limbs for him. That person seemed to have no hostility towards him and inexplicably made him feel at ease, as though that person was someone trustworthy, so he fell into a deep sleep. But now, the pain and intense hostility he felt from the person touching him made him wake up.

The hand pressing down on his head was very strong and the strange, nearly pitch black environment prompted him to immediately begin to condense the light element in his hand, and then to move quickly.

Cheng Nuo was just narrating how he and Bai Rui were chased by the Ice Snake when he heard a loud noise inside. There was the sound of splashing water bursting out then shouting and the sounds of a fight. Cheng Nuo was shocked and hurried rushed to open the door, only to be rendered speechless by the sight in from of him.

The entire floor was covered in water and the two troublesome children were glaring at each other. All of Liu Guang’s clothes, including his headband, was soaked through. Bai Rui was holding a knife made of the light element in his hand. Despite this cool pose, because of his small, bare body he looked somewhat comical. In the middle of these two people was a wooden bathtub that had been cut into several pieces.

Bai Rui’s face was red from the heat of the water. He seemed to be alright.

Cheng Nuo turned his gaze to the ground and couldn’t help but sigh and say in a distressed tone of voice: “My polar wood bathtub… why did you two brats start fighting?!”

Liu Guang wiped the water off his face with his hands and said angrily: “Who knows why that crazy kid surnamed Bai did it? Since you’re already awake, leave here!”

Bai Rui’s eyes swiftly swept around and he guessed the situation. Unexpectedly, these two people had brought him back to their house and had used hot water to bathe him. He felt slightly apologetic in his heart but when he found that he didn’t have a stitch of clothing on, his face turned hot and he was barely able to maintain his calm tone of voice: “What about my clothes?”

Cheng Nuo’s eyes moved up from the planks on the floor and when he accidentally caught a glimpse of Bai Rui’s “little birds” his eyes started twitching. Although it was the second time he saw two “birds,” the shock he felt wasn’t small.

****! In this ****ing world, even if the little kids look cute, I still don’t dare to look at them! Aaahhh!

Bai Rui was embarrassed by Cheng Nuo’s gaze that seemed to be questioning the nature of reality. Uneasy with the situation, his legs shrank back. Then, with a stiff face, he repeated his question: “My clothes?”

Liu Guang had just been caught off guard by Bai Rui’s assault and was in a hurry because he was furious that his future wife had looked at Bai Rui’s naked body. He saw the focus of Cheng Nuo’s gaze suddenly and quickly pushed Cheng Nuo out. He snorted angrily and said: “You… go out, who told you to go back in! Bai, your clothes are on the ground. Put them on and leave immediately!”

The lifeless Cheng Nuo was pushed outside the door. He thought of something and quickly shouted: “There are clean clothes in the cupboard by the bed. Xiao Guang, you can get one for Bai Rui.”

He has to wash his eyes out right away or he might become blind!

Bai Rui looked at his clothes that had been messily wadded into a ball and thrown on the floor. Right now they were covered in mud. He looked at Liu Guang calmly: “I’ll borrow some clothes first.”

Liu Guang snorted, picked one of this clothes, and threw it to Bai Rui. His clothes were laundered by Cheng Nuo using soap from the market so they were very clean. Now it would be easier to give this to that Bai kid.

Bai Rui caught the clothes and said: “Thank you. I’ll return it later.”

When Liu Guang took out the clothes, Bai Rui’s eyes quickly swept over the house. He never noticed other people’s furnishing but now he saw that the people who lived here had arranged the layout of the room very carefully. The narrow bed was neatly arranged and had two thin pillows on it.

Do these two people usually sleep together? Bai Rui was very surprised and faintly felt some uncomfortable, weird emotion.

“You don’t have to thank me,” Liu Guang said, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “Anyway, I don’t have the heart to save people. I’m not interested in your origins. Don’t involve Cheng Nuo in the future. This kind of thing, I don’t want to see it happen again.”

Under the clothes, Bai Rui clenched his fists then quickly loosened them. As he put the clothes on, he said calmly, “Tell him not to be nosy in the future.”

He quickly dressed and strode outside.

Liu Guang was furious and struck the wall with his fist. Dust rained down from the ceiling so, with a guilty conscience, he rushed to pat the bed and wipe the table clean with his sleeves twice. This was because if Cheng Nuo saw it, he would start nagging.

Cheng Nuo was sitting in the yard looking at the food in the interspatial storage bag. With these, Liu Guang doesn’t have to go out in the next two months! Every time Liu Guang goes hunting, he always feels distressed and guilty. He is an adult but he has to rely on a child to support him.

He was thinking about making a few healthy dishes to strengthen Liu Guang and the injured Bai Rui when he saw Bai Rui walking past him as though he didn’t see him. He hurried forward and said, “Bai Rui, is your injury not completely healed yet? Stay for dinner. That snake might be back in the near future. We must think about what to do about it.”

Liu Guang only said a few words to taunt him and Bai Rui had remained very calm, but when had ever been so ridiculed? He looked up at Cheng Nuo coldly: “No need! You can give it to him to eat!”

Cheng Nuo’s face showed his shock at this unimaginable turn of events. How could he possibly have seen an angry look on the face of Bai Rui, a precocious child with facial paralysis? This new development is not normal!

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