Chapter 160: Familiar Stranger

“What’s wrong, Xiao Qing?” The man sitting in front of the woman saw her suddenly acting like this, so he followed her gaze and looked. He saw nothing so he asked curiously.

“No…nothing. I am just feeling a little unwell. I need to go to the washroom,” Xiao Qing stood up as she told the man and left hurriedly.

Tang Xinping looked at the lady’s back and felt that something was very wrong, but he did not continue thinking about it. After much difficulty he was able to get his family’s consent to let Ye Qing become his fiancé. Even though he knew that Ye Qing was not in love with him, he believed that after interacting with him, she would definitely fall in love with him. Today, he was finally able to get her out for a date and this was already very fulfilling for him.

Ye Qing did not actually go to the women’s washroom, but stood outside of the men’s washroom. She looked at the men’s washroom and her expression was very nervous with her body shivering. Not long later, Cheng Yu came out from the washroom. Ye Qing tensed up, but when she saw Cheng Yu looked at her like he was looking at a stranger, she turn stiff.

When she saw how Cheng Yu just walked passed her, Ye Qing could no longer bear it as she turned around and grabbed Cheng Yu’s arm and said nervously, ”Cheng Yu.”

Cheng Yu was startled. He turned around and looked at the girl. The girl was very pretty and very tall. Cheng Yu asked puzzledly, ”You know me?”

Ye Qing grabbed onto Cheng Yu and dropped her hand down weakly. She felt her heart had been broken into pieces. It had already been two years. Ever since that incident, Cheng Yu had disappeared for two years. Now that he appeared, the first sentence he spoke was too hurtful. Cheng Yu saw the lady’s eyes turn red and start tearing. Ever since he reincarnated into this body, everyone who knew of the previous owner of this body hated him and always treated him as a playboy who would break ladies’ hearts.

This was the first time Cheng Yu had actually seen a girl crying for him. This scoundrel was really fortunate to actually have such a beautiful girl fall in love with him.

“You…do you really hate me that much? But that’s not what you told me last time,” The girl could no longer endure the sadness as tears started to fall from her eyes continuously.

“This…I’m sorry. Perhaps, I am acquainted with you in the past, but not long ago, I injured my head and forgot about everyone and everything I knew in the past. That includes my family members and you,” When Cheng Yu saw the girl was so sad, he did not wish to hurt her. This girl might have been the person the previous owner fell in love with as well.

“Is it really like that?” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, the girl’s eyes livened up as she asked excitedly.

“I did not lie to you.”

“I trust you. We can get to know each other once again. I am called Ye Qing,” Ye Qing smiled.

“Haha. Hello.”

“Where have you been for the past two years?” Ye Qing really wished to know why Cheng Yu disappeared for two years.

“I…went to Yunhai.”

“Yunhai? Then do you have a girlfriend right now?” Ye Qing asked with a nervous expression.

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“Er…yes.” Cheng Yu was able to tell that this girl was truly in love with the previous owner, but the current him was no longer the original Cheng Yu. Furthermore, he already had five women and he did not have any idea how he was going to wrangle them. Where would he have the mood to find an additional one?

“…” Ye Qing’s body shuddered. Even though deep down inside her heart, she already guessed this answer, she still couldn’t help but hope for it to not be true. But when the hope had been destroyed, she could no longer endure it as her tears started flowing once again.

“Ye Qing, what’s wrong? Did he bully you? Who are you? You actually dare to bully my fiancé?” Tang Xinping had been waiting for Ye Qing to return for quite sometime, but did not see her returning. He thought that perhaps Ye Qing had already left. Just as he got up, he saw Ye Qing crying at a corner. Immediately, he got furious and shouted at Cheng Yu.

“No! Cheng Yu! There’s nothing going on between us,” When Ye Qing heard Tang Xinping introduce himself as her fiancé, Ye Qing got anxious as she explained hurriedly.

“Ye Qing, you…” Tang Xinping was somewhat unable to understand what was happening. Why was Ye Qing not explaining the situation to him, but instead to the other guy. However, Tang Xinping was not willing to throw his temper at Ye Qing as he interrogated Cheng Yu, ”Speak. What’s the relationship between you and my fiancé?”

“Don’t misunderstand. We are only friends,” When Cheng Yu saw that Ye Qing already had a fiancé, he didn’t wish to destroy their current lifestyle even more.

“Really?” Tang Xinping looked into Cheng Yu’s eyes and then to Ye Qing. But when he saw Ye Qing’s hurt and dejected expression, he was not convinced that Ye Qing was only friends with Cheng Yu.

“Regardless of whether you believe it or not, it’s the truth,” Cheng Yu did not wish to be entangled with them any longer as he walked back into the restaurant.

“You stop there! Before I have fully understood what is happening, you can’t leave!” Cheng Yu had just walked for two steps and before being blocked by Tang Xinping.

“I said that we are just friends,” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly.

“Xiao Qing, is it really like this? Did he bully you? Tell me, I can help you to vent your anger,” Tang Xinping looked at Ye Qing and asked nervously.

“I…we…” Ye Qing looked at the Cheng Yu’s tall back and was feeling sad. She did not wish to lose Cheng Yu like this. Two years. She had been waiting two years. Now that Cheng Yu finally appeared in front of her, she did not wish to give him up. But Cheng Yu already has a girlfriend. Ye Qing no longer knew what she should do.

“It’s you! You are definetly bullying her!” When Tang Xinping saw Ye Qing was at a loss of words, he felt that there should be some intimate relationship between them in the past. Cheng Yu kept his silence and continue walking forward.

“AAAHHH!” Tang Xinping saw Cheng Yu was simply just walking away, so he could no longer tolerate it as he punched towards the back of Cheng Yu’s head.

“Noooo…” Ye Qing did not expect Tang Xinping to really make a move as she shouted anxiously.

“BAM!” Tang Xinping’s punch was stopped by Cheng Yu’s palm.

“I have said before, she and I are just friends. If you really love her, you should have faith in her and continue to live the kind of life that belongs to both of you,” Cheng Yu let go of Tang Xinping’s hand and went back into the restaurant.

“Cheng Yu…” Ye Qing cried as she shouted. She knew that Cheng Yu had already forgotten what happened between them in the past. She really wished to tell him about the things that happened in the past and also, that night. Cheng Yu did not stop and went into the restaurant.

“Xiao Qing, what exactly is going on? Who is he?” With the two of them left, Tang Xinping asked Ye Qing once again.

“He is someone I fell in love with,” After Ye Qing spoke, she left the restaurant immediately. Looking at Ye Qing leaving, Tang Xinping’s complexion turned very ugly. He then looked at Cheng Yu’s direction ferociously. After that, he left the restaurant as well.

“Bro, why have you been gone for so long? We still thought that you might have collapsed inside the toilet. If you did not return soon, we would already have called the police,” When they saw Cheng Yu had finally returned, the two sisters’ voiced their dissatisfaction.

“Haha! Without me here, you can still continue eating. The two of you are already wealthy. Are you still afraid that you would need to stay behind to wash the plates?”

“Aren’t we supposed to treat you to a big feast? Since you are not here, how can we possibly start eating?”

“Fine. It’s my fault. Here! This is for you,” Cheng Yu cut a piece of duck meat and stretched it to the front of Cheng Xuan’s mouth.

“Bro, I also want!” When Cheng Qing saw Cheng Yu feeding her sister, she started to act coquettishly.

“Sure, sure. This is for you,” Cheng Yu cut off another piece and stretched into Cheng Qing’s mouth, making the two sisters very satisfied.

“Bro, will you still be leaving after your return?” Even though the two sisters have only interacted with Cheng Yu for two days, they were already unwilling to part with their brother.

“Of course. And it will be very soon,” Cheng Yu had already calculated everything. To him, the Cultivation World is the most important thing to him right now. Therefore, once he had become the military instructor, he would quickly promote the soldiers’ strength. Only by doing so would he be able to leave as soon as possible.

“Why Bro, why? In any case, you have already graduated from high school. Isn’t university in the capital a lot better?” When she heard her brother had the intention of returning, Cheng Xuan asked.

“Haha! The two of you have never left the capital before. Don’t you know that there are a lot more fun places in the other provinces?”

“But over here, there’s Dad and Mom. And also Grandpa and Grandma!” Cheng Qing said.

“Haha! We can all move over to Yunhai as well!” Yunhai was Cheng Yu’s territory. In the future, Cheng Yu would get everyone to move to Yunhai.

“Bro, is Yunhai really so good? When I am choosing my university, I will choose one that is in Yunhai!”

“Whether Yunhai’s current university is good, I am not sure. But in the future, the university there will be a lot better than the capital,” Cheng Yu smiled.


Tang Xinping sat inside his house and had been gloomy for a very long time. When he remembered that Ye Qing had an affair with that kid before, his heart felt very uncomfortable. Ultimately, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Young Master Yuan?” Tang Xinping greeted very politely.

“Is something wrong?” The other party’s voice was very serene.

“I met someone today and I wish Young Master Yuan can help me to investigate his background,” Tang Xinping’s Father was only a department manager in one of the Land Resources’s departments.

In the capital, everywhere were high ranking officials. A department manager position was a position that was too mundane. Therefore, Tang Xinping was still quite smart as he chose to investigate Cheng Yu’s background first and see if he was someone from the upper echelon in the capital. If he was, than he would have no choice but to back off.

“Tell me.”

“That person is called Cheng Yu.”

“Cheng Yu? He has returned to the capital? You offended him?” Young Master Yuan voice was somewhat muffled.

“Young Master Yu, his origin is very strong?” Tang Xinping said surprisingly. Could that person really be from the upper echelon?

“I can only tell you that before his grandpa retired, his grandpa and my grandpa were in the same tier of power. If you have really offended him, good luck.”

“I think I still have not offended him yet,” Tang Xinping was astonished. The same tier as Young Master Yuan’s Grandfather? Wasn’t that a national level position?! When he remembered the tone Cheng Yu had used with him, Cheng Yu seemed to not be angry.

“It’s best that you did not offend him,” Young Master Yuan did not elaborate further as he hung up the phone.

Tang Xinping was at a loss of what to do. The other party’s origin was too strong. But if Ye Qing really suffered before in his hands, he couldn’t possibly just take it as nothing happened, right? That didn’t seem too manly to Tang Xinping.

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