Chapter 161: Selection Begins!

The next day was a very important day for the Cheng Family. If Cheng Yu was able to become the military instructor of the new mysterious unit in Huaxia, then this would mark the start of the Cheng Family entering the military world. However, not many people knew of this. Today, only Cheng Ruilong and Cheng Yu went for the selection.

“Old Cheng, you are very punctual, huh? Just on time,” Cheng Yu and his grandfather arrived at the Capital’s military headquarters and saw Xu Zhongze and Xu Zhongfu walking over.

“Haha! Old Ze and Old Fu, this time, you must take care of my Xiao Yu,” Cheng Ruilong laughed. Even though Cheng Ruilong had been here before, he was not someone from the military world. Therefore, he was not able to enter the competition grounds. However, Xu Zhongze was also not able to enter as he had already retired.

“Naturally. However, I believe that Xiao Yu will be able to accomplish his goals easily,” Xu Zhongfu looked at Cheng Yu and smiled. Seeing how calm and composed Cheng Yu was, Xu Zhongfu was very appreciative of him.

“Big grandpa Xu and Second grandpa Xu,” Cheng Yu greeted the two old men.

“Good. Xiao Yu, it’s been two years since we last met and you have changed a lot. Not bad, you finally look like someone from the old Cheng Family now. Here. Let me introduce someone to you. This is my son, you can call him Uncle Xu and this is my grandson, Xu Ruosong,” Xu Zhongze introduced those around him to Cheng Yu and Cheng Yu greeted them as well.

“Xiao Yu, I heard that you are here this time to participate in the selection competition. I was really astonished. I truly do not believe that you are stronger than me. If you really are able to become my military instructor, I will definitely compare notes with you,” Xu Ruosong smiled and said to Cheng Yu.

Cheng Ruosong had been acquainted with Cheng Yu since young, but Xu Ruosong had entered the military since he was young. Therefore, the relationship between them also grew more distant since then. He also knew about Cheng Yu’s past deeds. It had only been two years, so he really did not believe Cheng Yu would change so much. Let alone his fighting power.

“Haha! There will be a chance,” Cheng Yu did not bother to elaborate.

“Alright, it’s about time. Let’s head in,” Xu Zhongfu looked at his watch and said. Among all of them here, only Xu Zhongfu and Cheng Yu were able to enter the competition grounds. The others would have to wait for them at the testing lounge.

Cheng Yu followed Xu Zhongfu and entered the competition grounds. There were very few inside because only the chairman of the Central Military Committee and the high ranking committee members would be able to enter. The remaining ones would be the contestants.

“Xiao Yu, the competition this time is to select the strongest military instructor among all of you. There are also some of them who are like you, experts, who were recruited by others. Therefore, you must definitely be extra careful,” Xu Zhongfu warned Cheng Yu.

“Ok. You can be at ease. It’s just a competition. I have never viewed those contestants as my equals,” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly. However, the tone he used was extremely domineering and not something everyone would be able to use.

“Ok. I believe in you,” Seeing how confident Cheng Yu was, Xu Zhongfu was also very happy. The Xu Family and the Cheng Family had always been on friendly terms. If Cheng Yu was able to seize the position, it was definitely beneficial for them as well.

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“Old Xu, this is the little boy from Old Cheng’s house?” At this moment, an old man and a middle-aged man walked over as they smiled at Cheng Yu.

“That’s right. Cheng Yu, this is the chairman of the Central Military Committee. You can just call him Grandpa Song,” Xu Zhongfu introduced them to Cheng Yu.

“Grandpa Song,” Cheng Yu greeted indifferently because Cheng Yu was able to feel that this surnamed Song was not as amiable as he seemed to be. As a cultivator, Cheng Yu’s six senses were very sensitive. He could easily feel the unfavourable vibe emitting from Song towards him.

“Good. I once expected the Cheng Family to have someone choosing to enter the military since they have always been pursuing the political side for generations,” These words may seem to be complimenting Cheng Yu, but it was actually showing his displeasure towards Cheng Ruilong for wanting to get a share of power in the military.

“As long as its for the country, it does not matter whether its the political side or the military side. It’s all the same,” Cheng Yu said calmly.

“Haha! Good! Well said! Young men are always filled with ambition. I wish you luck in being able to obtain a good result then,” Song Tianlin narrowed his eyes and looked at Cheng Yu as he smiled. After that, he brought the man beside him and left. That man turned around and looked at Cheng Yu. He smirked. It was quite obvious that he was trying to provoke Cheng Yu.

“The Song Family has always been on bad terms with both of our families. You must be careful of the man beside him. If I have not guessed wrongly, that man should be an expert he recruited. He must have definitely watched your video before. Probably, the person he found would not be any worse than you. Be extra cautious,” Xu Zhongfu said somewhat worriedly.

“Grandpa Xu, be at ease. That man is an expert, but not someone I would see as my equal. The military instructor selection this time, I will definitely win!” Cheng Yu looked at that man’s back curiously. Because Cheng Yu was able to tell that the man actually possessed a cultivation of Qi Training Realm late stage! He couldn’t help paying more attention to him.

Cheng Yu heard from the senior monk that there were a few sects that would move around in the Secular World. Could it be that man was from one of those sects?

There were a total of 10 participants. They were separated into five groups. The first round would eliminate half of them. What they were looking for in this competition was not for fame or prizes, but becoming the strongest person among them. Therefore, only the strongest one who survived through this would be crowned the champion.

Cheng Yu was in group three. Just nice, he was positioned in the middle. Soon, the first group started competing and both of them were picked out from the military regions.

The competition, other than Cheng Yu and that man, were all the number one instructors from the eight different regions. Naturally, these instructors had all taught martial arts. In the military, not only would they learn how to wrestle, there was also lots of other subjects. Especially when it comes to special units, they would need to learn a lot more subjects. Some of them included reconnaissance, high tech military weapons, espionage, martial arts and etc.

It can be said that this kind of unit has always been on the frontline or behind enemy lines. Their objectives would usually be to accomplish the hardest missions set by the country, but they are also required to make it back alive.

The battle between them was truly spectacular. Of course, this was said from a normal human being’s perspective. In front of Cheng Yu, it was something that did not even pose a threat to him. Their strength was almost equal. After fighting for half a day, both sides were not able to knock the other down. Cheng Yu became very gloomy. Such a boring competition and it needed so long just for a single match? This was pure nonsense!

After exhausting their bodies, one of them was no longer able to persevere any longer as he got kicked to the ground, concluding the competition.

Cheng Yu wished to tell them to all come at him at the same time, but he knew that he can’t do so. Displaying an unrivalled might was not necessarily a good thing. Especially when all those sitting here and viewing the competition were the higher ups of the military. As the saying goes, “One cannot be afraid of losing, but will have to be extra cautious of being backstabbed.”

If Cheng Yu were to really cause everyone to resent him, it was definitely not beneficial to him. Even though Cheng Yu was not afraid of them, he was still not able to anticipate what those people who hate him might do. To Cheng Yu, promoting one’s strength to allow his loved ones to acquire everlasting life was the most important thing. Not obtaining miserly benefits by fighting with this group of mortals.

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After waiting for another half day, it was finally Cheng Yu’s turn. He really wished to compete against the expert the Song had recruited. But the chances of it happening was very unlikely.

Cheng Yu’s opponent possessed a masculine body and it seemed as if it contained an explosive power. The other party looked at Cheng Yu with disdain. After all, those who managed to make it to the selection rounds were all notorious figures in the military region. And yet, Cheng Yu this kind of fine tender meat, who seemed to be very young was definitely not favored during this kind of situation. Cheng Yu’s opponent thought that this might be due to sheer luck that he was able to meet such an easy opponent. He was prepared to knock out Cheng Yu with a single punch, so as to increase his awe-aspiring manner and make his future opponents more fearful of him.

They both did not speak and fought immediately. What he expected did not happen. When he punched, it was blocked by Cheng Yu. That man tried to withdraw his hand, but to his astonishment, he realised that he couldn’t withdraw it. When he saw Cheng Yu’s nonchalant smile, he felt that it was his misconception and tried to withdraw his hand again, but was still unable to. Therefore, he turned his body and lifted up his right leg to do a tornado kick at Cheng Yu’s head.

Cheng Yu used his hand to block and exerted a little more strength as he threw him off his balance. That man was caught of guard and fell straight to the ground. However, Cheng Yu did not use any of his Qi. This was more than enough to handle mortals.

The man climbed back up and was unable to comprehend how Cheng Yu blocked his punch and kick so easily. Once again, he struck at Cheng Yu with his fastest speed. However, no matter how he tried to strike, he was unable to get through his defense.

When he saw his opponent was already perspiring and gasping for breath, Cheng Yu spoke tranquilly, ”You can’t win against me. Just admit defeat.”

“Impossible. I will not admit defeat!” Even though he was already tired, the man did not believe Cheng Yu was so unrivalled. He must look for the gap in Cheng Yu’s defense.

“Since it’s like that, I will no longer be polite,” Cheng Yu exerted a little more strength and grabbed the man’s hand and swung it down. He gave that man’s stomach a kick. That man flew out immediately.

That man wished to climb back up, but it was too painful. Without a choice, he admitted defeat. Xu Zhongfu and Huang Kaiming were extremely joyful. After all, they were rooting for Cheng Yu.

Only Song Tianlin was looking at Cheng Yu with anger. The Cheng and Xu Families relations were very firm. This was something everyone knew about. Song Tianlin did not wish for the Cheng Family to gain power in the military as well. If both sides were to join up, it would not be beneficial for their Song Family.

However, Song Tianlin had faith in the person he recruited. When the country suggested developing a mysterious unit, he had already started to hunt for talents. He used a lot of his network before managing to find this person. Furthermore, the origin of this person was not small as he was an expert from the Shushan Sect.

Even though he had no idea why Cheng Ruilong’s grandson had such a huge transformation after two years, he believed that just a Cheng Yu would never be a match for this ancient sect expert.

It was known that the person he recruited had been practicing martial arts since he was young. Now that it had already been over 30 years, no matter how formidable Cheng Yu was, he was definetly weaker. It was impossible for him to possess the profound martial arts his talent had.

For the military instructor selection this time, his Song Family must definitely attain the spot!

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