Chapter 162: Most Formidable Man On Earth

The fourth match was where the foreign aid from the Shushan Sect went up. His name was Zhang Zhichu. His moves were a lot more ruthless than Cheng Yu’s. Within a few moves, his opponent had already collapsed on the ground. Even though these contestants were all very powerful and had extremely strong bodies, when competing against a Qi Training Realm expert, the disparity was just too big.

If they graded the competitors according to the cultivation grades, this group of soldiers would most likely be at the Body Strengthening Realm. Their build was quite spectacular, but the opponent was not someone who was a stage away from them, but a full realm! Naturally, there was no chance of victory for these soldiers. In this competition, as long as you lost a match, you would be eliminated.

After the five matches, only two of them did not receive any injuries. They were Cheng Yu and Zhang Zhichu. As for the other three, even though they had won, they were all covered in injuries because they were all equal in terms of abilities.

“I think that there is no longer a need to wait for tomorrow. We can just end this selection today. Among the five who have won, only two of them still possess the ability to fight. As for the other three, even though they can still fight, their chances of winning is close to none. How do you think we should arrange the next competition then?” Song Tianlin looked at the situation on stage before asking for the audience’s opinion.

“How about this, I believe all of us here already have a general idea of how the remaining contestants will fair. Cheng Yu and Zhang Zhichu’s strength is definitely a level higher compared to the rest. How about getting them to fight each other to determine a winner?” One of the committee member spoke.

“Even though I also agree to this method, this would hurt the other competitors’ hearts. I don’t find this solution to be appropriate.”

“How about Cheng Yu would fight against Zhang Zhichu first while the other three of the competitors would rest. After their battle has ended, the other three would fight against the winner. This way, even if they lost, they would accept it wholeheartedly.”

“Sure. Let’s do it this way then.”

Cheng Yu had been hoping for such a situation to happen. They should have just settled everything today. Why bother making the event two days long? Wasn’t this a waste of time?

They both stood on top of the stage and neither made a move.

“Which sect’s disciple are you?” Finally, it was Zhang Zhichu who chose to speak first. Even though he was unable to see through Cheng Yu’s cultivation level, he still felt that Cheng Yu was not stronger than him.

Furthermore, in the Secular World, for Cheng Yu to possess such abilities, he believed that there was definitely a sect supporting Cheng Yu. So, it was not surprising for Zhang Zhichu wanting to know his opponent’s origins.

“Don’t you think you should be the one reporting your sect first?” Cheng Yu spoke calmly. He also wished to know which sect he came from.

“Shushan Sect, Zhang Zhichu.”

“Limitless Palace, Cheng Yu,” Cheng Yu gave it a thought and felt that it would be better to get Limitless Palace involved in this as well. In any case, the Limitless Palace had already been the scapegoat of his deeds. He might as well use this scapegoat to it’s fullest potential. Perhaps, he might even be able to intimidate the other sects to prevent them from finding him trouble everyday.

“What?! Limitless Palace?! How is that possible! Didn’t the Limitless Palace separate itself from the world already?” Zhang Zhichu asked in astonishment.

Although Zhang Zhichu was the secular Shushan Sect’s disciple and did not have a in-depth understanding of the Cultivation World, it did not mean that he was completely clueless. Limitless Palace was one of the top echelons in the Cultivation World. Even though it hardly made an appearance, it was still known to every cultivator.

“You guys can enter the Secular World, and we can’t?” Cheng Yu replied disapprovingly.

“This…” Zhang Zhichu was speechless. He felt that this news was too shocking. A Limitless Palace member had entered the Secular World! He must definitely report this back to his sect!

“Let’s stop all this small talk. Others are still waiting for our match. Do you want to fight? If you don’t want to, just admit defeat then,” Cheng Yu said impatiently.

“Hmph! Although you are someone from Limitless Palace, I will not admit defeat. This military instructor position, I am definitely seizing it!” Zhang Zhichu returned to his battle state of mind.

The moment they started fighting, the fight scene immediately became very distinctive.

“Expert! These are real experts!” Originally, the audiences thought that these kinds of battles would only be seen in those wuxia movies. Never once had they expected to witness it with their own eyes. This was too shocking. When the audience saw them fighting, they were all dumbstruck. This included all the competitors as well. The intensity of the fight had really got their blood racing!

“It turns out that they have never once used their full strength. To be able to compete against this kind of expert is really our honor,” The competitor who lost to Cheng Yu just now said with a shocked expression.

“This is really an eye opener! I am envious of those cadets now. If only we were able to learn from this kind of expert, it would be so beneficial to us,” One of the competitors said enviously.

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“That’s right. How about we go and discuss it with Chief? Tell him that we will not return to our respective regions as instructors, but instead become members of the mysterious unit?” One of the competitor’s eyes brightened up as he suggested to everyone.

“Sure! Let’s do that!” Soldiers always worshipped the strong. Let alone this kind of awesome powerful expert.

“You are very strong. But if you wish to defeat me, it would not be so easy,” After exchanging a hundred moves, Zhang Zhichu was clearly in a disadvantageous position. However, he still did not feel that Cheng Yu would be able to triumph.

“Haha! Really? It would be better for you to use all your strength. Otherwise, you will not have the chance,” Cheng Yu said with a nonchalant smile.

“Fine. Then I shall let you experience my true strength!” Zhang Zhichu also knew that if he were to not expose more of his strength, it would be impossible for him to prevail over his opponent. Zhang Zhichu started to circulate the Qi in his body and punched out, making the punch seem extremely powerful.

Cheng Yu did not dodge, but also punched out. The punches collided with each other. “Bang!” Zhang Zhichu’s leg dragged on the ground as he was repelled. It was only around 10 meters later before he managed to stabilize himself.

When he saw Cheng Yu was still standing at his original spot and seemed indifferent about what just happened, Zhang Zhichu was shocked, ”This is impossible! You are only a Qi Training Realm late stage expert. How can you have such formidable Qi?!”

Those with lower cultivation levels would not be able to see through those who had a higher cultivation level than them. If Cheng Yu did not release the vigor of a Foundation Establishment Realm expert, no matter how Zhang Zhichu saw it, he would still feel that Cheng Yu was only a Qi Training Realm expert.

“Do you really think that you are unrivalled in the Qi Training Realm? There is nothing impossible in this world,” Cheng Yu did not reveal himself as he said indifferently.

“Hmph! Even so, I will not admit defeat,” Even though Cheng Yu was very powerful, it was not to the point of making Zhang Zhichu cower.

Qi Training Realm middle stage would be able to use Qi to protect one’s internal organs and at the late stage, one would be able to use Qi to protect the whole body. But if one wished to use Qi to injure someone, it was still not possible yet.

Zhang Zhichu might not be able to manifest Qi to injure someone, but he was still able to cover his palm and this kind of attack was not one that just anyone would be able to endure. This time, Zhang Zhichu circulated all his Qi and focus it onto his palm causing a faint radiance to appear.

Zhang Zhichu had already used all his might, but the disparity between them was just too big. Even if Cheng Yu did not manifest any of his Foundation Establishment Qi, he would still be able to counterattack this attack.

Their palms collided once again. But this time, Zhang Zhichu did not drag his feet on the ground as he was sent flying off the stage.

“Plop!” Zhang Zhichu fell to the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood. He used his hand to wipe off the blood from the corner of his mouth, “I lost.”

To cultivators, a mouthful of blood was nothing. Besides, Cheng Yu did not overdo it as he only reflected the Qi at Zhang Zhichu.

“You should have said it long ago.”

“I wish to know if you have already reached the Foundation Establishment Realm?” The strength Cheng Yu showed made him feel it was not something attainable in the Qi Training Realm. He also did not believe that a Qi Training Realm cultivator would possess that deep and profound Qi.

“Perhaps,” Cheng Yu did not wish to reveal his power.

Outside of the competition grounds, everyone had been stupefied by Cheng Yu’s palm strike. A palm strike was actually able to send someone flying so far! Furthermore, they were also able to tell that the palm Zhang Zhichu used was also not simple.

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But the strength Cheng Yu had showcased was even more astonishing. Because Cheng Yu was too unmoved. From the start to end, he looked too calm! This was a genuine expert!

At the evaluation committee panel, Xu Zhongfu and Huang Kaiming were already in a celebratory mood. Cheng Yu was too unrivalled. Even though they were also astonished, they were more excited. After all, Cheng Yu was in the same faction as them.

Only Song Tianlin and the other committee members who were close with him had ugly complexions. But they had no choice! The competition this time was fair and open. Furthermore, the other party’s strength was too strong.

“Alright. The candidate for the military instructor has been selected. It will be Cheng Yu. I shall now declare that the competition has officially come to an end,” Song Tianlin had the urge to gnash his teeth. After announcing the end of the competition, he led his faction and left.

When they saw Cheng Yu was victorious, the other competitors also joined the cheering. Cheng Yu’s strength had thoroughly subdued all of them. They were all feeling extremely happy inside as this was the most brilliant match they had ever seen since birth. Cheng Yu was also the most powerful man they met.

“Haha! Xiao Yu, good job. You did well!” Xu Zhongfu, Huang Kaiming and some other committee members came over to congratulate Cheng Yu.

Even though not all the committee members were in the same faction as Cheng Yu, these people would also prefer not to offend anyone randomly. Let alone Cheng Yu who was not someone ordinary. Let’s not talk about Cheng Yu’s strength, just his background alone would make them want to be on good terms with him to increase their future prospects.

Following Xu Zhongfu’s lead, Cheng Yu arrived at the resting lounge. Cheng Ruilong had long been unable to sit still as he quickly went forward and asked, ”How was it? Did you manage to get the position?”

“Haha! Old Cheng, this time I must really congratulate you. Cheng Yu did not disappoint you as he dominated the competition!” Xu Zhongfu smiled and exclaimed.

“Really? Good! Too good! Xiao Yu, you did a great job and have contributed a great merit to the Cheng Family!” After hearing the results, Cheng Ruilong was drowned in happiness. Even though a unit military instructor did not hold much power, it was still a job that held significant importance. Besides, this was not an ordinary unit.

The secretive nature had also influenced the importance of the job. Furthermore, this marked the first step for the Cheng Family in the military world. From Cheng Yu’s age and strength, it was easy to determine that he will definitely have more awe-inspiring achievements in the future. At least, the starting point was very high. As long as Cheng Yu was able to teach his subordinates well, it would bring him great merits for his job.

“Old Cheng. It’s time for you to treat us,” Xu Zhongze laughed and said.

“Sure, sure. Today, I will hold a feast at my house. I welcome everyone over,” It had been a long time since Cheng Ruilong was this happy. Now that his only grandson had such a good start, his spirit overflowed as he said happily.

“Sure! It’s rare for Old Cheng to treat. We will definitely be there tonight!” Everyone replied happily.

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