Chapter 163: Intimidation

During the night, the amount of people who attended the feast was not a lot. They were mainly from families that have good relations with the Cheng Family. Everyone was in a delightful mood and the only one present who was unhappy was Cheng Yu. He hated unnecessary social interaction, but he had no choice but to remain here. After all, all those who attended were his elders.

What was most boring was that he was pulled around by Cheng Ruilong and was introduced to every single one of them. This caused him to be unable to endure it any longer.

“Xiao Yu, you are really capable. Never have I expected you to really win,” At the dining table, Xu Ruosong was still amazed by Cheng Yu’s feat.

“Haha! I’m just lucky,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Bro, what does a military instructor do? Are you going there to teach those soldiers who are serving the nation?” Seated beside Cheng Yu, Cheng Xuan asked curiously.

Not many knew of the military unit Cheng Yu was going to be the instructor of. Therefore, when it came to public knowledge, they only mentioned that Cheng Yu had officially gotten the position of a military instructor. No one knew what rank he had obtained though.

“More or less?”

“Bro, when the time comes, wouldn’t the soldiers have to listen to you? Bro is so amazing!” Cheng Xuan said excitedly.

“Haha! Military instructor is not the same as a commanding officer. How can I be so radical?” Cheng Yu picked up a piece of chicken meat and put it into Cheng Xuan’s bowl while smiling.

“In any case, Brother is still awesome!”

The whole feast ended with a harmonious and cheerful atmosphere. After dinner, Cheng Ruilong called Cheng Yu into his study.

“Cheng Yu, now that our Cheng Family has stepped into the military world, I hope you will be able to do even better. That is to say, I want you to establish yourself in the military world,” Cheng Ruilong looked at his own grandson and said satisfactory.

“I know.”

“Oh right. Since you have already graduated from high school, there is no longer a need for you to return to Yunhai. In the future, just attend university here in the capital. This way, it will also be more convenient for you to do your job,” Cheng Ruilong gave the matter a thought and said.

“No way. I must return to Yunhai,” Whatever the case was, Cheng Yu would never agree to this. To him, Yunhai was his home.

“Now that everything has just started, why do you still want to go back to Yunhai?” Cheng Ruilong really could not comprehend Cheng Yu’s thought process. In the past, no matter what, Cheng Yu was not willing to go to Yunhai. But now, it was the total opposite. He really had no idea what was going on with his grandson.

“Now that the matter has come to an end, my teacher said before, Yunhai is my holy land. Only in Yunhai will I have more accomplishments in the future,” Cheng Yu knew that normal excuses would not be able to convince Cheng Ruilong. He could only use his non-existent master to con his grandpa.

“There is such a thing?” Cheng Ruilong frowned.

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“Yes. My teacher said it word for word. If it was not because I went to Yunhai, perhaps, I would still remain as the spoiled young master that I was in the past. If I was not the past spoiled young master, I wouldn’t have the destiny to meet my teacher and possess these abilities,” Regardless of whether it was in his previous world or current world, mortals would always blindly revere and respect cultivators.

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If he were to have said it himself, Cheng Yu knew his grandfather would not believe him. But if it was something said by a master from the outer world, It would definitely be true. Cheng Yu also noticed this. Hence, he had no choice, but to use the justification of his “teacher.”

“What you just said makes sense. Could Yunhai really be your holy ground? Since it’s like that, I will also not force you. You can arrange everything yourself then,” Cheng Ruilong gave it a thought before replying. After all, the transformation Cheng Yu went through was truly too immense. If it was not because he looked exactly like his grandson, Cheng Ruilong would really suspect if the person standing in front of him was his grandson.


Today was day Cheng Yu needed to report to the Capital Military Headquarters. Even though this unit was not under the jurisdiction of the Capital Military HQ, it was still under the support from the capital military for providing resources and space to train.

Arriving outside the military headquarters, Xu Zhongfu and some other people were already outside waiting for him.

“Grandpa Xu, I’m sorry that I’m late,” The other party was after all Cheng Yu’s elder. For him to have to wait for Cheng Yu outside every single time, regardless of how thick-skinned Cheng Yu was, he still felt embarrassed.

“Not late, not late. Come. Let me introduce to you someone. This person is the commander of Capital Military HQ, Luo Chengkun. Commanding Officer Luo, this is our martial arts military instructor for the new unit, Cheng Yu,” Xu Zhongfu pulled Cheng Yu over happily as he introduced them.

“Hello, Commanding officer Luo.”

“Hello, Military Instructor Cheng. Never expected you to be so young. It’s true that heroes come from the youth.”

“Xiao Yu, this is a certificate of appointment the higher-ups have given to you. Even though you were not a military personnel in the past, because of the situation’s pecularity, the higher-ups decided to confer you a military rank. Currently, your rank will be Major. Xiao Yu, this time you have really picked up a treasure. So young and you are already a Major. You are really the youngest one out there who has managed to attain this rank ever since the new Huaxia has been established,” Xu Zhongfu took out the certificate of appointment and passed it to Cheng Yu as he said excitedly.

“Thank you, Grandpa Xu,” Cheng Yu had no understanding of military ranks so he had no idea what it meant to be a major in the army.

Major is equivalent to a battalion commander. A battalion commander who was 18 years old. Cheng Yu was definitely the first to achieve this at such an age.

“Xiao Yu, today is the first day for you to assume the post. Other than conferring you the certificate of appointment, it was also to introduce you to other military instructors and your squad,” Xu Zhongfu led Cheng Yu into yesterday’s competition grounds.

On the way there, Xu Zhongfu introduced Cheng Yu to some relevant information regarding this unit. Currently, the name given to this unit was “Dragon God Unit.” There were a total of 40 members and an additional eight military instructors in charge of them. The eight military instructors were all talented people who stood at the apex of the military. Among the included was a famous chief military instructor.

The moment Cheng Yu arrived, all the members already stood there orderly. As for the few people who were standing at the side, they were probably the military instructors Xu Zhongfu had told him about. Xu Zhongfu brought Cheng Yu around and introduced them to him. What got Cheng Yu extremely interested was that among the eight military instructor, three of them were woman and the chief military instructor was one of the three. After Xu Zhongfu left, only the Dragon God Squad remained.

“First, let me introduce myself. I am your chief military instructor, Liu Yan. Your future training programs are all handled by me. If there is any problem regarding that, you can always come to me. Next, I will get the other military instructors to introduce themselves,” Liu Yan stood in front of the squad and said loudly.

Looking at Liu Yan, who was dressed in the military uniform, it was hard for Cheng Yu to actually imagine how a woman can actually turn the military uniform into something so attractive. Following that, each and every military instructor introduced themselves. As for the other two ladies, one was called Xu Qing while the other was Yang Ziming. They were the military instructors from the technology and intelligence field respectively.

Among the military instructor team, the most unwelcome person was Cheng Yu. Firstly, Cheng Yu was too young. He would inevitably be belittled by others. Perhaps, he might have even managed to get into this squad through relations. On the other hand, Cheng Yu was a martial arts military instructor. Which military instructor was not an expert in their respective field? They were all talented. Naturally, they would not be fond of Cheng Yu, a violent punk.

Of course, there was something more important: Cheng Yu never stopped looking at the women in their team. He kept on taking a glance at either their chests or their butts. His virtue was too lacking! The male military instructors expressed their enmity at him and the female instructors expressed their hatred.

However, Cheng Yu was obviously ignoring them as he became the last military instructor to go up on stage. Looking at the 40 members below, his way of thinking was very simple. That was to turn them into stronger humans.

“I’m Cheng Yu, your martial arts instructor. To be my student is very simple. By listening to me, you will become stronger. If you are not willing to listen, you will also become stronger because that was the task given to me by chief. All of you only need to remember one thing. That is to not make me angry,” Cheng Yu finished his speech and walked down.

When the other military instructors saw how arrogant Cheng Yu was, they showed their disapprovement. Even though they didn’t know any martial arts, they were no longer new in the military. They naturally knew that there were a lot of hidden dragons hiding among the soldiers.

As for the squad, they were all the elite among the elites picked out from the eight big military regions. No one knew how strong they truly were. None of them believed that Cheng Yu, a young man, would be able to increase any of their strengths since all of them had gone through all kinds of hellish training before.

They might not know anything about martial arts, but they do know principal. The more powerful a man was, the harder it would be for him to increase his strength. From their opinion, all these soldiers’ potential had already been trained to their highest potential. Even though there was still room for improvement, they still believed that it would not differ much from now.

In contrast, among all the military instructors, only Cheng Yu had piqued their interest. All these people were genuine soldiers. They didn’t have much time to delve into all sorts of advanced technology. The only thing they would be able to accomplish was to promote their own strength.

Therefore, to a soldier, only martial power was able to attract their interest. However, Cheng Yu was truly too young. Which of them present was not a well-known figure in the military? Now that they had to learn from such a young man, they felt that it was quite hard for them to accept this reality.

“Instructor Cheng, can you exhibit some of your strength to us?” When they saw Cheng Yu was walking down the stage, one of the members spoke loudly.

“How do you guys want me to exhibit it?” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly.

When they saw those members provoking Cheng Yu, the instructors also became very happy. They really wished to see Cheng Yu suffer.

“We might not be the most powerful in all the military regions, but we have been through tough times. If you are able to defeat all of us, all of us will obey you,” One of the men spoke.

“Sure. All of you are hand-picked from the country as its finest soldiers. I will not make things difficult for you. I will stand here, all of you can come at me together. If I move a single step, that will be my loss,” Since Cheng Yu had to intimidate them, then he would have to be a little more ferocious to convince them thoroughly. The more obedient they were, the earlier Cheng Yu could leave.

“You…” When all of them heard Cheng Yu’s words, a majority of them were very discontented. They felt that Cheng Yu was too arrogant. He was simply looking down on them!

They liked martial power, but that did not mean they were fools. For Cheng Yu to become their martial instructor showed that he definitely possessed formidable abilities. They also recognized that perhaps, only a single person might not be a match for him.

But Cheng Yu had actually called all of them to come at him together! Furthermore, as long as he moved a step, it would be his loss! This was humiliating them completely!

Those instructors were also startled. They had no idea if Cheng Yu really had the ability or if he was just pure stupid. A single person fighting over 40 of the finest soldiers. Furthermore, he was not gonna move? How was this even possible? This was totally impossible! They knew that it was impossible, but they also wished to see what was going to happen in the following competition.

Cheng Yu walked to their front and stood upright as he said, ”If you feel that you guys have been humiliated, then use your own strength to prove me wrong! All of you can start now!”

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