Chapter 174: Regret to the Extreme


Run? Their speed wasn’t even one-tenth of the Flame Dragon King’s.

Hide? Looking around but to only see an endless of yellow sand, there was nowhere to hide.

They could not escape, could not hide, so they could only fight!

Qin Tian suddenly stopped and turned. His focus then locked onto the incoming Flame Dragon King as he charged towards it.

“Rank 2 berserk.”

“Emperor’s purgatory.”

“Godly dark art.”

3 skills were released. Under the influence of the ascension force, they quickly blend together; the overbearing power of darkness and the force of the purgatory merged, and adding the effect of the rank 2 berserk, they formed into what seemed like an extremely fast and sharp arrow.

At the ascension realm, cultivators would have 3 additional skills and superimposing power was one of them. The overbearing power seemed like it could crumble space.

“I’ll let you have the first taste of it!”

Qin Tian did not care whether it would have any effect. His mind was blank. A gigantic black pillar which emitted an aura of the king of hell came striking down, creating violent vibration in the air, making it seemed like the sky wasn’t able to withstand the power.

This kind of power, even an ascension realm cultivator would not be able to block.

The Flame Dragon King gave an eerie smirk. Its laughter was filled with arrogance and scorn. Seeing the gigantic black pillar coming down, it did not move but lifted its head. The raging flame was like it was fed with gasoline, it expanded and struck against the gigantic black pillar.

“Pā lā la, pā lā la…”

Golden flame carried the power to destroy everything.

Before even colliding with it, the power of darkness was already disintegrated. Without the power of darkness, the dark pillar’s power was greatly reduced. When the two power collided, the black pillar was instantly set ablaze.

The Flame Dragon King’s power was too strong. Just a random move was able to make Qin Tian helpless.

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“Insignificant human, go and die!”

The flame of the Flame Dragon King spread out and Qin Tian’s body was like it was burning. The burning smell caused him to choke. He was in extreme pain and his body was burning hot.

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In an instant, the surrounding was covered in a sea of fire.

In the sea of flames, Qin Tian’s body was already drenched wet but his mind kept on pondering…The Flame Dragon King’s power had already reached beyond the absolute realm and arrived at half saint realm. This kind of gigantic creature’s strength was powerful to the extreme. Even if Qin Tian was able to find its weakness, he still wouldn’t be its match.

The difference in strength was too great.


After breathing deeply, he managed to calm down. His body was beginning to emit black gas. Qin Tian tightly clenched his fists and power which could be seen with naked eyes caused the space to twist. Afterward, the darkness gas covered the sea of flame, causing the surrounding to be pitch black.

“Heaven Domain Enclosure!!!”

High-grade immortal tool created a lore space in which its defensive ability was extremely powerful.

In this void, Qin Tian was the master, the King.

The ‘Heaven Domain Enclosure’ a high-grade immortal tool which was from the Yang family ancestor. Its might was so huge that it was close to a half god grade tool’s level.

Qin Tian’s qigong was very thick and his ascension force was stronger than other ordinary ascension cultivators. He had far exceeded the Yang family ancestor from that time as the space of his Heaven Domain Enclosure was much more vast.

“Interesting, to even have a space tool.”

Within the darkness, the Flame Dragon King sized up the void with interest but there was not the slightest bit of fear.

Within the void, Qin Tian’s consciousness covered every corner. The Flame Dragon King’s every move and action were now completely within his grasp. However, there was still a faint worry in this heart. Could a high-grade immortal tool be able to restraint a half saint ranked gigantic creature?

No matter what, he just needs to kill!

The thick desire to kill unrestrainedly leaked out from his mind.

On the road of killing. there would be life and death as one risked their own life.

In a blink of an eye, Heaven Domain Enclosure was flooded with killing intent. The Flame Dragon King frowned and sneered, “Want to kill me with just you ascension realm strength? Stop indulging in fantasies.”

“I’ll let you see my power.”

“Endless Sea of Flames, burn everything. Erupt……”

The Flame Dragon King suddenly roared. The flame on its body was like water. Every drop that dripped down would turn into a sea of flames. In an instant, the void was filled with flame.

“In my world, how can I allow you to continue your impudence?”

“Extinguish for me!”

The void was filled with Qin Tian’s will. Along with his order, the void changed into an endless ocean with freezing and bone-piercing water.

The fire and the water were fighting against each other as the two forces collided with each other.

In this void, Qin Tian was the omnipotent God and there wasn’t anything he wasn’t or couldn’t be able to do.

Endless sea water poured into the blaze but it did not extinguish. On the contrary, the seawater was rapidly turned to steam. After some time, Qin Tian frowned, “Since water isn’t able to extinguish you, Lao Zhi still got something else.”

The wind started picking up speed. Yellow sands were swept and carried along the wind. The thick blanket of sands which could hide the sky and cover the earth was launched at the blaze. However, it was directly reduced to dust then disappeared.


“The mysterious flame of the firmament isn’t something an ignorant junior like your could extinguish!”

“Whatever tricks you still have, don’t hold back!”

The Flame Dragon King’s words were filled with arrogance. In its eyes, Qin Tian was really too weak, to the extent that it felt it was quite funny.

It was like a child fighting against a giant.

The feeling of not being able to overcome rank gaps made Qin Tian felt distraught and anxiety. The more he felt this way, the happier the Flame Dragon King felt as it laughed madly.

However, Qin Tian suddenly sneered.

His sneer contained hints of his confidence in his scheme. The Flame Dragon King trembled as it faintly felt danger. Looking at Qin Tian’s smiled, the Flame Dragon felt extremely annoyed.

Presently, flames were burning in the ocean within the void.

Within the space, Luo Yue suddenly appeared beside Qin Tian

Luo Yue’s appearance wasn’t surprising, but what was weird was that he was carrying a dead body in his arms. The dead body was very dazzlingly beautiful like it was actually a living person.

Hong Yue, Dark Ocean Saint, had the Heart of the Ocean heart which her body had inherited.

The Flame Dragon King finally felt real danger.

It suddenly became very violent. The Ocean Heart which it had been finding for many years had suddenly appeared before him. Seeing it, the fear that came from the bottom of his heart attacked its mental state, causing it to sink into madness as its savage nature came out. It roared, “Mysterious Flame Burns the Heaven, destroy everything!”

“Flame Dragon King, it’s too late.”

Luo Yue smiled then threw out Hong Yue’s dead body. However, he inwardly thought solemnly, “Princess Hong Yue, I’m sorry.”

When Qin Tian brought up that he wanted to find the mysterious flame, Luo Yue already felt that this time there would surely be dangers, so he secretly took along the dead body of Hong Yue.

Others do not know but he knew it very well. Though the mysterious flame was fearsome, the only thing in the dark ocean that could restrain it was the power of the ocean heart. Qin Tian was the tribe’s benefactor, so Luo Yue could not allow him to just die like this. Luo Yue believed that Princess Hong Yue in the heaven would forgive him.

When Hong Yue’s body was thrown out, the ocean heart within the body suddenly shined brightly.

The light was as radiant as the shine of a diamond. The light carried a chill which instantly extinguished the flames. The mysterious flame was extinguished in a flash.

The Flame Dragon King was anxious. It rushed out of the void with everything it got.

However, why would Qin Tian so easily let it escape?

Boundless qigong was exuded out. The ascension force was also released and expanded out. The Flame Dragon King’s flame qi was suppressed by the ocean heart so its current strength was not even one-tenth of his original. Hence it would still take some time for it to break through the Heaven Domain Enclosure.

The Heaven Domain Enclosure was a high-grade immortal tool and it was almost at the level of a half step god tool. Under the influence of the ascension force, it released an even stronger power.

The Flame Dragon King frantically retaliated. The ocean heart was its bane. When the water of the ocean heart was poured into the 10 000 miles of flame which could obliterate everything, it was instantly utterly suppressed.

After a few ten thousands of waiting, a disciple, Luo Hou, was finally attracted to jump into the mysterious flame.

Using the mysterious flame’s power, a mysterious flame heart was created to allow Luo Hou’s strength to reach rank 9 of the universe realm. He was then able to instantly massacre the dark ocean tribe as he searched for the inheritor of the ocean heart.

However, in the end, he still wasn’t able to that person.

It wanted to create 10 000 demon armies to rule over the whole Tian Yuan Continent. Afterward, he would quickly massacre every human being. At that time, he would be invincible.

It did not expect its plan was ruined by n insignificant human at the ascension realm.

The feeling of unwillingness and flowed out from the bottom of its heart. It turned its head and looked at Qin Tian. Its gaze changed and killing intent which could reach the heaven was exuded. The hellish mysterious flame turned into a lance and was ruthlessly launched towards QIn Tian.

At the same time, the ocean heart was releasing an extremely strong chill.

It was as if the whole dark ocean water was contained within the Heaven Domain Enclosure. Even Qin Tian, the master of this space, could feel the chill attacking his body. His body slightly trembled when he saw the incoming mysterious flame lance. He was shocked.

Luo Yue was also stunned. He wanted to rush out but was stopped by Qin Tian.

Qin Tian was extremely clear how powerful the mysterious flame lance was. With Luo Yue’s strength, he would be helpless against it.

“Heaven Domain Enclosure, listen to my command!”

Qin Tian shouted and the Heaven Domain Enclosure abruptly twisted. Within the world of darkness, powerful qi was released by Qin Tian, forming a huge qi shield.

Due to it being an emergency, a thick barrier was raised in the void.

The Heaven Domain Enclosure’s strength wasn’t due to it being able to change the environment to attack, but its powerful barrier.

That time, Yang family old ancestor wanted to use it to resist against Yun Man’s Baishi Zhili, but in the end, he failed.

Against Baishi Zhili, even god tools would not be able to resist it.

Currently, the Flame Dragon King’s strength was being suppressed. Hence the mysterious flame lance would naturally not have power equal to Baishi Zhili. Qin Tian had the confidence to block it.

His consciousness rushed into the sky and to every corner. Even the mysterious flame lance’s trajectory and speed were very clear. Facing the huge sinister force, Qin Tian bellowed and the qi shield became even thicker.

The godly dark art was unleashed and darkness force started devouring madly.

Meanwhile, the power of the Heart of the Ocean had completely erupted. The flames on the Fiery Dragon were flickering.


Qin Tian was almost unable to take the attack of the Mysterious Flame Lance and he trembled.

Within his Dantian, fluctuations were unceasing. Heaven Domain Enclosure requires just too much Qigong to sustain. The cores in his Dantian were unable to replenish as fast as the consumption. If this carries on, the Heaven Domain Enclosure would not be able to last for long.

Block the Mysterious Flame Lance.

Qin Tian smiled sinisterly and a spear condensed from ascension force appeared on his hand.

“Qin Tian……”

Luo Yue shouted, feeling anxious.


The Flame Dragon King was done in. The majestic aura of Heart of the Ocean made it lose its ability to fight back. Now, in just a few minutes, it would undoubtedly die.

However, Qin Tian would not let go of an opportunity to kill the BOSS.

A half-saint realm BOSS. Killing it would probably provide enough experience for him to raise a realm.

If not for the large dispiracy in strength, Qin Tian would have rushed in and killed the Flame Dragon King already.

“BOSS ah BOSS…….”

Qin Tian’s eyes shone with greed, feeling very excellent. No one could be calm and collected facing a powerful BOSS, especially one with a bit of hp left.

“Bastard, Laozi shall not die yet.”

The Flame Dragon King roared. It used the remaining of its strength to turn into a flaming dragon and charged towards Qin Tian, wanting to bite him.

“Flame dragon? Haha…..”

“Why does it seem like dragonfly?”

The fiery dragon was not even a tenth of its previous size. The flame aura it emitted was weak too.

Still, Qin Tian did not dare to be careless, since it is afterall in the half-saint realm.

In his Dantian, the azure dragon cried out and a black image of it is formed outside of Qin Tian.

The azure dragon was not huge, but it contains a boundless amount of formless energy. After his break through to the ascension realm, his Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture became more powerful.

Without wasting time, Qin Tian shot out many thrusts at the Flame Dragon King.


“Die for Laozi……”

Qin Tian howled in elation as his long spear danced about the head of the Flame Dragon King.

The Flame Dragon King turned back into its original form. It was at death’s door. It’s furious glare on Qin Tian and its feeling of unwillingness made him laugh.

One step at a time, he walked towards it. It was at this moment that he was exhilarated.

“Flame Dragon King, die.”

“You’ve lived long enough.”

Qin Tian coldly stated and the spear on his hand dissipated. Raising his right hand , he slammed down mercilessly……


Flame Dragon King, dead!

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing Flame Dragon King. Gains 5,000,000 experience points, 500,000 Qigong value, 100,000 survival value……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for level upping, currently in rank three ascension realm……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for gaining ‘Heart of Fiery Dragon’……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for gaining 10 drops of ‘mysterious flame’……”

“No more?”

Qin Tian frowned. He stared at the Flame Dragon King that laid by his side inconceivably. Moments later, there was still no prompts by the system. “Can’t you show more promise? You’re a half-saint realm creature! There’s not even a precious tool, just how had you live your life? Serve you right to die, such a poor bastard……”

For a half-saint BOSS to only give him a Heart of Fiery Dragon, while even the experience was not bountiful. Angrily, Qin Tian glared at the corpse and scolded.

After dealing with it for half a day, other than task item, there was only a Heart of Fiery Dragon.

Qin Tian did not even have the will to die.

“Grandpa system, you’re joking with me right?”

“Laozi is heartbroken……”

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