Chapter 173: Flame Dragon King


Dark ocean’s mysterious flame, named ‘holy flame’ by the ocean tribe.

However, only a few of the ocean tribe had seen it before. As for where it was located, hardly any knew.

There was a rumor saying that the holy flame is located deep beneath the seabed. It is a baleful fire, flowing about under the dark ocean territory like lava.

Another rumor would be that the holy flame is a baleful fire, demonic creatures like the demonic knights are created from it.

These two rumors circulated for thousands of years, never been verified before.

Qin Tian dared to confirm one point, which was that the mysterious flame was not simply a ‘flame’. There must be something else. Luo Hou becoming strong can’t only be because of a core of the mysterious flame, but something within it.

Luo Yue knew the location of the holy flame.

Of the few which survived, only the patriarch of the Luo Shi tribe knew.

Thousands of years ago, the Luo Shi tribe guarded the mysterious flame. At that time, Luo Yue accidentally found out about the location, changing his life forever.

The only reason why Luo Yue would accept Qin Tian’s request was because he wanted to kill. Being treated as a commoner, the anger of being suppressed for many years had finally erupted.

At that moment when he made a decision to leave, killing intent was being emitted. Not able to kill Luo Hou? Then kill some demonic knights at the very least. After all, anger needed an outlet to be released at. Otherwise, he would turn crazy leaving just like this.

Night, clouds covered the sky.

Two black shadows crawled along the seabed, silent and hidden from sight.

At the bottom of a mountain range, it was bright like day. Demonic knights were patrolling. Qin Tian knew that this night, a huge fight would break out.
[TLN: In case you’re wondering, it is a mountain in the ocean.]

Amongst them was an enormous open area with an altar right in the middle. Around it was carvings, glowing with blood red light.

Hot air emerged from the altar like it was breathed out by a huge demonic creature. Immediately, the hot air was absorbed by a black cauldron.

The black cauldron vibrated. In less than half a minute, a twin blade demonic creature climbed out and hit the ground with a flop. Its skeleton then grew rapidly and its twin blade became harder. It went directly from rank 0 to rank 5 demonic monster.

All these happened in a few short minutes. Such a speed was simply inconceivable.

After being properly grown, two demonic knights came forward and threw a core at it. The twin blade demonic creature swallowed and it became a rank six demonic monster.

Creating demons?

Using the baleful force to rapidly create demonic creatures?

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“F**k, what are they planning to do?” Qin Tian thought, “It can’t be that they want to create a large-scale counterattack right?”

If this carries on, the entire Tianyuan continent would not be able to fight against them.

A rank six demonic monster is very powerful, comparable to a rank nine spirit refining realm cultivator. Such a huge army of demonic monsters would pretty much be able to sweep across the entire continent.

The demon tribe wants revenge?

“So what about revenge. It doesn’t have much of relation to me anyways.”

Qin Tian turned his head and saw Luo Yue in extreme anger. “Brother Luo……”

Luo Yue darted towards them like lightning striking down to earth.

He could not endure the demon tribe any longer.

The ocean tribe hated those of the demon tribe the most. No matter how much Luo Hou changed, he is someone of the ocean tribe. Luo Yue could still accept it if he went against because he wanted power. However, Luo Yue could not accept the fact that the demon tribe is controlling their dark ocean territory.

The ingrained hatred towards the demon tribe could not be suppressed.

Qin Tian frowned and sighed, “If I knew this would occur, I won’t have gotten you to lead the way.”

Without a choice, Qin Tian activated his Qigong and ascension force was released. He stared at the valley filled with demonic monsters and laughed sinisterly, “I’ll just practice with you all then.”

Black flame aura spread out and the Sky Piercing Lightning art was used……


Rays of light struck the valley, devastating it. Demonic monsters within a circumference of a thousand feet turned into dust.

The attack was so powerful that those monsters felt fear. However, that feeling flashed through their hearts before vanishing. Qin Tian felt refreshed from that kill and released another Heaven Submissive Lightning.

Again, the valley trembled.

As for Luo Yue, his eyes were bloodshot. Wielding a crimson trident, corpse piled up around him.

The rapid increase of experience points seemingly made Qin Tian neglect his surroundings, and did not notice the changes occurring at the altar.

“Shua, shua , shua ……”

Footsteps could be heard from deep within the valley. There was a pair of blood red eyes, looking like two red lanterns hung in the air. It gave off a ruthless kind of feeling.

It’s body was as big as a hill and it held a hammer as if it was a tank.

Before it appeared in Qin Tian’s line of sight, he had already sensed a strong pressure acting against his mind.

Peak rank nine demonic monster!

Qin Tian’s heart tightened. Previously, he managed to kill the rank nine monster only because it was gravely injured, else killing it would not be so simple.

“Rank 2 berserk.”

“Emperor Purgatory.”

The dragon elephant force guarded his mind. Under the 8 times attributes increase, Qin Tian’s aura became denser.

The rank nine demonic monster’s appearance was like light in their darkest moments. The other demonic monsters in the valley roared.

Qin Tian’s heart sank, what he feared was about to happen.

“Shua, shua, shua……”

More footsteps could be heard.

“Shua, shua, shua……”

Another rank nine demonic monster……

Hundreds of rank nine demonic monsters walked out from deep within the valley.

“Well, this is terrible.” Qin Tian turned and stared at Luo Yue who was also stunned. “Brother Luo, hold them down for a while, I’ll go and harvest some mysterious flame.”


Luo Yue turned around, only to see that Qin Tian was gone and mumbled, “How do I hold them down?”

The strength of a group of rank nine demonic monsters was just too great, just the pressure they release make one uneasy. If Luo Yue was weaker, he would already be kneeling down.


Luo Yue sighed and took a quick glance at the rank nine demonic monsters. Strength erupted from within him and he darted forward. His body seems as if it was ten times bigger.

The eruption of his strength made the low ranking demonic monsters near him growl as if they were afraid.


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Luo Yue cried out as he charged towards the rank nine demonic monsters.


Qin Tian brought his speed to his limits and flashed across the crowd of demonic monsters.

The altar was right in front of his eyes, but a black figure blocked him before he could reach.

Demonic knight.

However, this demonic knight was completely different from those he killed during the day. His baleful force was a hundred times greater.

“Blasphemy! Only by using your blood can your sin be cleaned.”

Below him, is huge mount roared and charged towards Qin Tian.

“Mao Mao……”

“Battle mode!”

“Wu Ao……”

As Mao Mao charged towards the demonic knight, it leaped and cuddled up, becoming like a hammer.

The demonic knights roared and attacked.


The collision caused the valley to tremble.

“Little demon, Ensure Mao Mao’s safety .”


Qin Tian said inwardly. The Demon Baby replied excitedly although he actually wanted to exit and attack. He wanted to try out the power of his 1st revolution realm.

With Mao Mao’s current strength, facing off with that demonic knight, it would definitely be able to last for a while. Moreover, with Demon Baby secretly protecting, Qin Tian was more assured.

With tens of thousands of demonic monsters, along with more than a hundred reaching rank nine, Qin Tian would not dare to stay for long no matter how big his guts were.

He needed to harvest some mysterious flame before leaving.

And who knows when the peak universe realm Luo Hou would appear.

Qin Tian felt his mind being attacked by an intense heat when he stepped onto the altar, and his dragon elephant force guarded him.

The azure dragon cried out and the colossus elephant trampled forth in his Dantian. The formless energy that suppressed evil erupted. His ascension force rushed out madly.

“Break for me!”

Qin Tian punched heavily at the altar filled with carvings.


The altar cracked and rays of light shot out from within. The valley seemed to be trembling.

Qin Tian shouted again, “Break for Laozi!”


Small pieces of the altar turned into dust. The trembling seemed to have worsened.

Qin Tian did not think much about that. All he thought about was that Luo Yue and Mao Mao would not be able to last too long.

The demonic monsters were enraged.

From within the valley, more rank nine demonic monsters came out. Luo Yue was surrounded by perils, how could he even hold down hundreds of rank nine demonic monsters?

“Qin Tian, I can still hold on……”

Luo Yue dodged a strike and shouted to Qin Tian who was on the altar.


Then, a heavy blow landed on Luo Yue’s back, making him spit out blood.

He landed on the ground. Immediately, he got up and thrust his trident, “Laozi will kill you……”

“Break, break, break……”

Qin Tian was anxious. He punched the altar as fast as he could, and the number of rays of light shot out multiplied, brightening the entire valley.

Soon, the destruction of the altar of halfway completed. Seeing the fiery red flame, Qin Tian shouted inwardly, “Mysterious flame!”

“How could the flame move? Why does it seem like a snake?”

“Not right!”

Qin Tian was shocked. Bringing his speed to his limits, he jumped and rushed off.


Inside the altar, the cry of a dragon was heard. A king’s aura covered the entire valley.

Right after that, the tens of thousands of demonic monsters got onto their stomach and worshiped.

Even those rank nine demonic monsters laid on the ground willingly with a face of reverence. Mao Mao could not help but do so too, it struggled but could do nothing.

Pressure, an overwhelming pressure.

When the cry vanished, the valley was silent.

“Brother Luo, be careful.”

Before the storm was calmness.


A huge fiery dragon rushed out and spun around among the clouds.

“Mysterious Flame Dragon King”

“Otherworldly creature, status unknown……”

Qin Tian’s heart sank. The system was actually unable to analyze the fiery dragon’s status, only prompting that it is an ‘Otherworldly creature.’ Could it be that the demon tribe’s saint realm demon drew down from the firmament was not a mysterious flame, but an almighty Dragon King!

“F**k me, could it be that tens of thousands of years ago, the flames that lasted for tens of years were spurred by it?”

“What mysterious flame ah?”

“It’s a f**king fiery dragon!”

Qin Tian finally understood that everyone was tricked for tens of thousands of years.

A creature from another world. An extreme being. Even if Qin Tian was in the absolute realm, he would probably not be a match too.

Immediately, he desired to escape.

“Brother Luo, run……”

Meanwhile, he kept Mao Mao back into his spatial ring and sprang out of the valley.

Luo Yue, knowing what happened, ran with no hesitation.

Such a creature wasn’t someone they could deal with.

As for the task, Qin Tian had already given up. He can’t help but want to drag the Fierce Sun Pillar master here and let him see what the task truly was about.

Dragon, aura of a king, extremely prideful.

With Qin Tian’s and Luo Yue’s speed, how could they surpass a Dragon King that can transverse a thousand Li with a thought?

Seeing the both of them running, the Flame Dragon King showed an expression of deep anger. It stared at Qin Tian. That was the human that disrupted his sleep. It roared and turned into a cloud of flames, chasing them.

How fast was the speed of that Flame Dragon King?

Even with eight more legs, Qin Tian’s speed would be of no match.

In less than half a breath’s time, Qin Tian felt a burning sensation at his back like it was being roasted. He really wanted to give the Fierce Sun Palace master a few slaps on the face, who can complete such a difficult task?

He cursed himself and showed a face in agony.

Though unable to escape, Qin Tian was not willing to just die. As the result, he cursed, “F**k your ancestors!”

“I’ll stake it all!”

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