Chapter 77: Outer Sect Top Disciple (Part 2)

Bang, boom!

The two were trying to murder each other with their bare fists, it looked much more violent than a sword fight.

Each fist landed without fail.


Both the swords pierced onto the stage, but it didn’t stop their frenzied brawl.

‘Impossible, I have a physical strength of 10,000 kg. How could I not be oppressing him.’

As the fight dragged on, Yu Wen Tian got angsty and nearly turned mad.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was casually utilizing his ability to the fullest.

Yu Wen Tian was similar to Li Fuchen in terms of physical strength, cultivation technique, and also combat ability.


Li Fuchen’s eyes grew brighter, it has been a long time since he fought with his best. Oppressing his opponents was satisfying too, but he couldn’t fight to his heart’s content like now.

It is lonely to stand at the peak.

Only by meeting a rival, can a true expert demonstrate his worth.


The stage of this tournament was built with the hardest granite available, but under the abuse of these two, the stage began to break apart. Rocks the size of a fist started to fly all over the place by qi force.

“Are these two still human?”

“Even demonic beasts aren’t as violent as them.”

“They are like demons.”

The spectators all held their breath and had their eyes glued to the fight without blinking.

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“Thunderbolt Kick Style!”

Yu Wen Tian was more all-rounded than Li Fuchen in terms of the variety martial arts learnt. With the peak-tier, yellow class kick style executed, a meter long crack was left on the stage.

“Storm Flash.”

With the Cyclone Kick Style executed by Li Fuchen, it simply wasn’t a normal mid-tier, yellow class kick arts anymore. It was like it was blended into his bloodstream and became a part of Li Fuchen.

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Shoo shoo…

Li Fuchen’s body figure altered in variations, leaving behind a trail of afterimages.

Just as Yu Wen Tian’s eyes ached from all the concentration…

Li Fuchen attacked!

A huge black shadow of the kicks shrouded Yu Wen Tian.

Even if Yu Wen Tian was well versed in both offense and defense, he wasn’t able to block this attack which Li Fuchen exploited from his moment of weakness. In just a few blinks of the eye, he was sent flying after taking on 3 or 4 kicks.


Yu Wen Tian had some good luck. As he was on route to land, he chanced upon the steel sword. Drawing the steel sword from the ground, Yu Wen Tian took a deep breath and landed on the ground like a 500 kg metal jack.

“Take my blade!”

With the steel sword in his hands, Yu Wen Tian’s overall ability increased by twofold, a radiant sword light unveiled upon Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen retreated with urgency, and during his retreat, he constantly kicked rocks at Yu Wen Tian.

“Li Fuchen, do you only know how to escape?”

Yu Wen Tian couldn’t help but give a comment after slicing apart rock after rock and with these obstacles, he couldn’t catch up to Li Fuchen.

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen arrived at the side of the other steel sword.


Drawing the steel sword, Li Fuchen said, “Escape? You overestimate yourself.”

“If I do not defeat you today, I will not rest!”

With a roar, Yu Wen Tian steel sword was coated with a pale golden qi and transformed into a huge pale golden mist sword. He then used his full strength to cleave at Li Fuchen.

“I’m afraid you do not have that ability.”

Li Fuchen didn’t give in, he clenched tightly onto his pale red mist sword and met Yu Wen Tian head on.


This time it was a steel sword and not a wooden sword, which was why the sword didn’t shatter.

But this time, the colliding forces of the steel swords were even more stunning. When the pale gold and red mist exploded, it temporarily covered half the stage.

On the stage, some of the finely crushed rocks floated and was shot out.

“How much more immense could their qi be?!”

The outer sect disciples who sat in the back rows were stupefied.

‘A 5 star bone frame surely lives up to its name.”

Li Fuchen admired in his heart, while the will to battle intensified in his eyes.

Even after 300 exchanges between the two, the fight remained even.

But everyone could see that Li Fuchen held a slight advantage.

Yu Wen Tian’s sword skills were dominant but lacked the quick witted factor.

Whereas Li Fuchen’s sword skills weren’t just sharp, but was as though he was born to wield the sword.

Yu Wen Tian was still limited by sword moves, but Li Fuchen had long surpassed the limits of the sword moves and started to improvise.

This was the difference in perceptive sense.

“Wildfire Spark.”

Exchange number 398, Li Fuchen suddenly executed the signature move of the Scarlet Fire Sword Style.

With the brandish of his sword, the pale red sword light was as though a spark. Upon hitting Yu Wen Tian’s sword, it suddenly ignited into a wildfire, violently blazing.

Boom boom boom…

Charred holes appeared on the clothes of Yu Wen Tian as he was forced to retreat.

“This is the time!”

Li Fuchen’s eye shone bright, the sword drew a trajectory from left to right, drawing a perfect arc. The pale red sword light was like a waning moon, illuminating the stage.

Low-tier, yellow class sword art – Crescent Sword Style


Yu Wen Tian’s steel sword was ejected from his hands, and flew off the stage.

Do not underestimate a low-tier, yellow class sword art. When experts were fighting, with the appropriate opportunity, low-tier sword arts are able to cut down the execution time required and instantly take the enemy by surprise.


Yu Wen Tian became dazed for a moment, then growled in a soft voice.

“I won fair and square, how was it despicable?” Seeing that his opponent lost his sword, like a tiger without its fangs, Li Fuchen didn’t attack but replied in a calm manner.

Yu Wen Tian said, “With a sword in my hand, you would have never defeated me.”

“I’m sorry that your sword was knocked loose by me. With another sword, I would send your sword flying again. You, will never be my match.”

“Whatever you say.” Yu Wen Tian walked off the stage with a darkened face.

“He actually won? Is there any logic for this?”

Guan Peng was dumbfounded.

Guan Hong and Guan Yan were dumbfounded too.

In fact, there were so many that were dumbstruck, Shang Guan Hong, Fang Liehai, Qing Shaoyu. Each and everyone of them didn’t want to accept this result.

“He actually won it all.”

In this moment, Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister felt as though she was dreaming.

Everything seemed so unrealistic.

When she first saw Li Fuchen, she didn’t even pay any attention to him and treated like an outer sect disciple with some slight ability.

It was only after a short moment, that even Yu Wen Tian lost.

“Forget it, after entering the Origin Realm, the situation should change for the better.”

Wu Qingmei didn’t want to overthink all this nonsensical issues.

“Intriguing.” Zhao Mingyue developed some interest in Li Fuchen.

On the podium, various inner sect elders were in a heated discussion.

“This tournament’s talent isn’t bad at all. The overall ability would be right next to Sword Maniac’s group.”

“Yes, Yu Wen Tian would be on the same level as Sword Tiger, while Li Fuchen’s perception for the sword arts is of the same level as Sword Maniac.”

“Dominion Sword from the previous tournament was outstanding too. But he was the only one who stood out.”

“We shall see! If after he enters the inner sect and remains as exceptional, it wouldn’t be a problem to grant him an inner sect prodigy title.”

“This is a good suggestion. Let’s observe him first.


The whole arena was in a state of unrest. A shadow suddenly flashed onto the stage, that figure, was Xiao Changfeng.

He then started to announce the rankings of the top 10 outer sect disciples and also their respective rewards.

There were two types of rewards, contribution points and the qualification to redeem a mystic class martial arts.

Li Fuchen who placed first, was rewarded with 100,000 contribution points.

100,000 contribution points was an amount that would take an outer sect elder six to seven years to amass. But outer sect elders earned contribution points from their position. In the Cang Lan Sect, an outer sect elder belonged to a sixth class position and was awarded at least 15,000 contribution points. With these points, they could concentrate on sect affairs without any distractions.

As such, the grand yet simple outer sect disciple tournament ended. Li Fuchen became famous and his name would be remembered by many. Not long later, his name would be carved onto the outer sect mountain wall and become part of the Cang Lan Sect’s history.

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