Chapter 172: Creating an Ultimate Army


The red light shined and there was a sudden explosion.

The rest of the demonic knights were crushed to death and they turned into puffs of black dust that scattered among the yellow sands which had been swirled up by the wind.

Qin Tian returned to his original form. He spat then arrogantly said, “Pēi, shameless.”

Seeing the spatial ring falling not far away, his eyes shined as he excitedly ran up to it like he had become parvenu.

After picking up the spatial ring, his consciousness entered it. Afterward, he could not help but grin as this kind of feeling is really wonderful, “The feeling of bliss.”

“Luo Feng, come out quickly.”

Qin Tian called out to Luo Feng who was still hiding behind the rock.

Luo Feng popped out his head. Seeing that all of the demonic knights had disappeared, he looked around but did not found any, he finally relaxed. He then eagerly ran up to Qin Tian and asked happily, “Big brother Qin, where are the demonic knights?”

Previously when he was hiding behind the rock, he heard a world-shaking sound. He was frightened to the point that he dared not looked over the rock. He didn’t even have the courage to sneak a peek as he was worried that he would be found. This clearly shows the deterrent force of the demonic knights.

“They had left.”

“I anyhow use a move and they were already scared witless.”

Qin Tian let out a spate of nonsense, bringing his position up. However, he was laughing non-stop in his heart. Seeing Luo Feng, Qin Tian decided to not tell him of the fact where the demonic knights died by his hands, saving him from having nightmares.

“Alright, the thing that I had promised you, I can now fulfill it.” Qin Tian took out 2 cores then said, “Look carefully.”

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Qin Tian took a core and threw it into his mouth. He then slowly allow the qi to enter his dantian. Afterward, a warm energy slowly flowed out of his dantian, causing his face to be a bit rosy. His body lightly shook and the core was swallowed into his body.

“Do you see it?” Qin Tian asked.

Luo Feng was dumbstruck while staring at Qin Tian. He felt it was inconceivable. With its angular shape, wouldn’t those that had swallowed it had their throat lacerate and their intestine rip apart? Who would dare to swallow it?

“Big brother Qin, about this, I still think it’s better for me to forget it.” Luo Feng became timid as he took half a step back.

“Why aren’t you trusting me?”

“I have already swallowed it, why do I need to lie to you?”

Qin Tian had a kind of feeling like hating iron for not becoming a steel. However, he changed his expression and coldly stare at Luo Feng then said, “With this kind of attitude, you still want to become stronger? You don’t even have this little guts, how do you become stronger? How did Luo Shi tribe have you, this kind of coward?”

“Big brother Qin, you…”

Luo Feng’s face turned red and he wasn’t able to refute a single word.

“Could it be that I have said something wrong? Luo Shi tribe is fighters that had experienced bloody battles and they have a courageous and brave heart. You don’t even try, do you deserve to be a fighter of Luo Shi tribe?” Qin Tian roared again.


“If you have the ability, swallow it.”

“If you don’t have the ability, then don’t talk about becoming stronger. Disgusting.”

Qin Tian coldly looked at Luo Feng as he expressed his disdain. However, he secretly thought, “Lao Zi don’t believe that this would not incite the fury in your heart.”

Looking at the core in Qin Tian’s hand, Luo Feng frowned and his breathing quickened. Under the influence of anger, he took the core then stuffed it into his mouth. He did not ponder over it anymore and straight away swallow it.

“Haha…” Qin Tian laughed. He heavily patted Luo Feng’s shoulder and said, “Later you will know that I did not lie to you.”

Qin Tian’s expression changed too quickly and Luo Feng wasn’t able to adjust to it. However, his gaze suddenly contained shock as his eyes widened. Heat was constantly emitted from his skin and for a moment, Luo Feng’s body turned red.

Qin Tian was shocked, “Isn’t this reaction a bit too much?”

Seeing Luo Feng was in pain, Qin Tian sensed through his law of aura and found that Luo Feng’s aura was going through a tremendous change. It was extremely fierce and the core was being absorbed madly… “Ah…”

Luo Feng roared to the sky like an out of control wild horse. He punched out both his fist with his full strength at a huge rock.


The rock which weighs around 5000 kg was instantly cracked. Numerous pieces of rock flew out.

“Isn’t this strength a bit too shocking?” Qin Tian was startled.

After releasing the power, Luo Feng’s body aura finally calmed down. Luo Feng looked at both his hand and his smile widened. He turned and ran to QIn Tian before kneeling down, “Thank you!”

“Now do you believe?” Qin Tian chuckled. Regarding Luo Feng absorption capability, he was very shocked. He then took out another 10 rank 5 cores and passed to Luo Feng, “Your body’s physique, you yourself should know the best. Regarding these 10 cores, you should already know how to use them.”

“Thank you.” Luo Feng gratefully accepted them.

Previously, the might of those fists were definitely not weaker than a rank 6 fighter. In other words, in a few seconds, he was able to raise his rank twice.

This was really inconceivable.

The core actually contained such power. No wonder Luo Huo would be able to become so powerful.

A core was able to help Luo Feng raise his rank by two. When Qin Tian thought of Luo Shi tribe’s 100 fighters, his blood boiled as he suddenly had the idea of creating an ultimate army.

The valiant Luo Shi tribe’s physique is very strong, and their auras were much stronger than ordinary people. After swallowing a core, their ability to absorb it was also several times stronger. If all of them were to swallow a core…

An ultimate army ah!

Qin Tian was happy and he did not further ponder over it as sooner or later, he would have to leave the dark ocean territory. If he was able to help a little, he would. No matter what, the tribe had saved him once.

The two returned to the tribe and were then immediately brought to Luo Yue’s tent.

The tent was crowded, full of the tribe’s elders or powerful fighters. Seeing Qin Tian enter, they stood up and welcomed him with a smile.

In their minds, Qin Tian was the tribe’s saviour and should be respected.

“Brother Qin, you’ve came.” Luo Yue cupped his hands together and laughed. Afterwards, he got someone to bring in a chair, “Please sit.”

“Brother Luo, it would be better if I squat.”

Qin Tian felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere in the tent. It was as if Luo Yue was going to make a huge decision, and it seems to be related to him. “Could it be that he wants me to remain in the tribe?”

If every hunt had Qin Tian guarding the exit, getting 50000 cores would be extremely simple.

The number of ocean monsters in the dark ocean is uncountable. As long as Qin Tian was with them, not to mention 50000 cores, even 100,000 cores would not be of a problem.

Qin Tian kitted his brows. True, this place would allow him to level up like mad, but Tianji sect’s inner court competition was starting soon. No matter what happens, he must return. Otherwise, the plan to kill Long Xiaotian would have to change.

Qin Tian sat down in trepidation. The gaze of the others made him feel that his conjecture had hit the mark.

“Brother Qin.” Luo Yue cleared his throat and sighed, “Brother Qin, I hope you can lead us out of this place.”

“E?” Qin Tian was taken aback and questioned, “All of you want to leave?”

“Indeed, we’ve decided to leave the dark ocean territory.”

Luo Yue only made this decision because he had no choice. No one were willing to leave their homeland, but they would only be heading towards destruction by not leaving

The meaning behind that demonic knight’s words were just too obvious.

For his Luo Shi tribe, Luo Yue made a painful decision. They need to leave and return with Princess Ziyue in the future to retake what was theirs.

His decision brought a smile to Qin Tian’s face. “Brother Luo, I’ll definitely bring you all out of here. However, there’s something I need to make clear of first.”

Qin Tian stood up. “Luo Feng, enter.”

Luo Feng entered solemnly and went to the middle.

Qin Tian walked forward and circled around Luo Feng before casting his gaze onto Luo Yue, “Brother Luo, with your capabilities, it shouldn’t be so hard to see Luo Feng’s current rank right?”

Luo Yue was shocked at the sight, “Rank 6 fighter.”

“Rank 6 fighter?”

“How could it be? He was only a rank 4 fighter yesterday. Rising his strength by 2 ranks in a night? Impossible.”


The others started discussing among one another. Qin Tian laughed at the sight and took out a core, “Do any of you know what this is?”

“Who doesn’t know? It’s a core ah.” A young fighter replied.

Qin Tian stared at him and asked, “Your words are indeed accurate. Let me ask you again, do you know about its uses?”


“Is there anyone who knows?” Qin Tian shouted.

None replied.

“Luo Feng, swallow it.”

Qin Tian did not bother explaining and directly had Luo Feng swallow it.

Luo Feng took the core and placed it in s mouth.


No one dared to look. Swallowing such a hard core, death is gareenteed.

A few minutes later, Luo Feng’s face turned red and his body was as if he was burning. He body gave out white smoke, filled with great power. All those in the tent had a pretty good amount of power and were completely clear about what was happening.


Extremely great power.

They stared at Luo Feng in a daze, looking at him like they were seeing a freak.

Half a minute later, Luo Feng’s aura calmed down and his strength rose. With one look, Luo Yue could see that.

Finally, he understood why Luo Hou was gathering so many cores.

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They had been fools for so many years.

If not for Qin Tian’s appearance, the Luo Shi tribe would perhaps never know about the greatness of cores. A great number of them realised too.

At this instant, cries of anger could be heard.

“Luo Hou that bastard, so it was due to cores which made him so powerful.”

“No wonder the demonic knights are becoming more and more powerful.”

“How did none of us find out for so many years in the first place?”


“Quiet, quiet!”

Luo Yue looked at Qin Tian then said, “Since everyone already understood that swallowing cores would increase our strength, what are you all waiting for?”

“Everyone, wait first.” Qin Tian suddenly cut Luo Yue’s words, “There’s something I have to tell everyone, I had already killed those 18 demonic knights.”


“Haha……Very good!” Luo Kuang happily jumped up.

The crowd was also happy.

“Very good, I had long dislike them.”

“You did well.”

Luo Yue’s body slightly moved and his body’s hot blood began to boil. His aura was released from his body and it immediately filled the tent. Qin Tian had done what he would never dare to do. Also, now they had decided to leave, there’s no need for him to be scruple.

“Big brother Luo, there’s something I want to discuss with you alone.”

The crowd immediately got up and walked out of the tent and only Luo Yue and Qin Tian were left.

“There is a matter which I need your help with.” Qin Tian directly said. There were two purposes for why he had come here, which could also be said as two missions. The mission which Zi Yue’s City Leader had given him was almost completed. He just had to hand the person to her. The other mission was to find the dark ocean mysterious flame.

This was a mission from the Tianji Sect’s achievement hall and it was issued by the Fierce Sun Pillar’s Pillar Master.

From what Qin Tian knew, out of 8 pillars, Fierce Sun Pillar is Tianji Sect’s only tool refining pillar. They might be wanting to forge a peerless tool so they require the mysterious flame.

If he was to complete this mission, the Fierce Sun Pillar’s Pillar Master would surely remember him. He currently did not have any influence and backing in the Tianji Sect so he might not be able to survive in the future.

Also, there was still Yang Han whose hatred of him was deep into his bones, and the powerful Violent Sky faction.

Though Qin Tian was fearless, if he was able to find an asylum, there would be lesser troubles. With his current strength, whether it was the force of the Fierce Sun Pillar or the Violent Sky faction, they could easily kill him. Hence, he must establish his own force.

This force would be the cornerstone for him to take Tianji Sect’s Patriarch seat.

Luo Yue’s face turned serious, “As long as I can help, I will.”

“I need to harvest some mysterious flame and would like someone to lead the way.”

As he is already at the Jibei ocean, there was no reason for him not to find. He kept feeling that the ‘mysterious flame’ wasn’t simple. Luo Hou swallowed a core of the mysterious flame and became extremely powerful, so does that not mean hidden in that mysterious flame from the firmament is a great power?

“Holy flame?”

Luo Yue was first in a daze before laughing, “No problem, but you must help me out too.”

“Since swallowing cores could raise our strength, I would like you to help out the tribe’s fighters. Help them become superb fighters, so that they can protect the young and old as we leave. As for the cores……” Luo Yue stared at Qin Tian, smiling.

By killing the demonic knights, the cores would naturally be in Qin Tian’s hands.

Luo Yue understood this, but it was too embarrassing to say. Afterall, Qin Tian was the tribe’s saviour. Without him, the 20000 cores would not be possible to get.

“Fine then, 10 cores per person, I can’t afford more.” Qin Tian had already prepared himself. Also, he wanted to know how far the Luo Shi tribe would be strengthened with their physique. Personally creating a powerful group, what kind of scene would it be? Qin Tian was looking forward. “10 cores is enough, your bodies would not be able to withstand too much no matter how strong they are.

“Good, a promise is a promise.” Luo Yue laughed. “Luo Hou will receive news of the death of his demonic knight emissaries soon, we don’t have much time.”

“Arrange for the tribe’s young and old and leave the training of the fighters to me.” Qin Tian knew the situation was urgent. Peak universe realm was not someone he could fight against.

Qin Tian was no match for Luo Hou’s incarnation. He had experienced the power of the Evil Demon’s incarnation, Luo Hou’s incarnation was definitely stronger.

“When would Brother Luo will bring me to harvest some mysterious flame?” Qin Tian asked.


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