Chapter 159: Long Lost Rear View

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The three of them went home happily. The house was already crowded with people. When Cheng Ruilong saw how Cheng Yu and his two sisters were so harmonious, he was very pleased.

For a family to continue to rise, their children and grandchildren would have to be harmonious. All the family members long knew that the two daughters and Cheng Yu were never in good relations. Now that they saw this harmonious scene, the elders were all very pleased. Entering the house, Cheng Yu finally met his father. What was unfortunate was that Cheng Yu was not able to recognize him. The man was around 40-years old and his appearance was very refined. Probably, when he was young, he was very good looking. However, because of working in the government sector for so long, there were traces of grandeur on his face causing him to look more charismatic.

“What’s wrong? Two years of in Yunhai, and you have forgotten how your father looks?” When he saw his son looking at him as if he was a stranger, Cheng Zhiguo frowned as he said discontentedly.

“What are you talking about? Our son is just tired after going out for a day,” Yang Sifeng patted her husband dissatisfiedly. After that, she went to Cheng Yu and said dotingly, ”Are you hungry? Mom will cook some supper for you.”

“Er…a little,” When Cheng Yu saw his mom looking at him affectionately, he could not bear to cause her to be disappointed and followed along with her. After that, he looked at Cheng Zhiguo again and said awkwardly, ”Dad, how are you?”

“Ok. Mom will go and make something for you to eat,” When Yang Sifeng heard Cheng Yu wished to have some supper, she replied happily.

“I heard from your grandpa that you want to join the military?” Cheng Zhiguo sat down on the chair and asked serenely.

Cheng Yu glimpsed at his Grandfather who was sitting at a side and nodded his head, ”Yes.”

“Since you have chosen it yourself, you must put in all your effort. I have also seen that video and heard from your grandpa. If all these are real, I wish you good luck and also hope that you will be able to help out our Cheng Family in prospering.”

The elders in the Cheng family had high expectations for Cheng Yu. After all, if the Cheng Family were to prosper future, it would also bring bigger benefits to their later generations.

“I know. I will,” Cheng Yu was someone who honored his words. Since he had already promised his grandfather, he would naturally put in his best effort into the selection process.


The next morning, Cheng Yu was pulled out of the house by his two sisters. The moment the two sisters stepped out of the house, they were incessantly asking about the $50 million from Cheng Yu.

“Bro, let me treat you to a big feast today,” Cheng Xuan pulled Cheng Yu’s left hand and said happily.

“Bro, I will buy new clothes for you today,” Cheng Qing pulled Cheng Yu’s right hand and also said excitedly.

“Che! Isn’t all that still my money?” When Cheng Yu saw how intimate his sisters were with him, Cheng Yu felt the warmth of familial love. It’s really great to have relatives! Cheng Yu also treasured those relatives who had the same bloodline as him. In this life, he decided to strive just for his loved ones. Even if this path was full of dangers and his life would perish at any moment, Cheng Yu would not cower as he wanted his loved ones to be able to live forever.

“No? I am using the money I have won!” Cheng Qing laughed.

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“Ha! If you never reminded me, I would have already forgotten about it. The $50,000 deposit was also paid by me. Shouldn’t the winnings be mine also?” Cheng Yu suddenly said.

“What?! That was obviously you paying on behalf of us. It’s you who decided to pay on behalf of us! Then naturally the winnings should be ours!” Cheng Xuan giggled as she explained to Cheng Yu.

“Fine. Even if it’s like that, are you just intending to treat me to a meal and buy me a set of clothes, that’s all? Aren’t my sisters too petty?”

“Bro, I am treating you to a big feast. A big feast you know. Not those that you can find in a normal restaurant,” Cheng Xuan pulled Cheng Yu and said exaggeratedly.

“Woah! What kind of big feast is that tremendous? It’s not like I have not eaten this kind of big feast before,” Cheng Yu said unconcernedly.

“French banquet. It’s very elegant, fashionable and high class. I am sincere enough, right?”

“French banquet? Manageable I guess. I like French caviar the most. I heard that the French almas caviar is the best caviar. Since you are so sincere, then you should treat me to that,” Cheng Yu laughed. Previously, Su Muyun, who was courting Han Xue, was also fooled by Cheng Yu as Cheng Yu ordered 500 grams of caviar. Recalling that distorted look, Cheng Yu still felt extremely fulfilled.

“Caviar? Bro, don’t take me as a fool. That thing is extremely expensive. Furthermore, you have also said that is the best caviar in France. Are you trying to make me poor after this meal?” Cheng Xuan had also never eaten caviar before. But she was not foolish.

“You see! You aren’t even willing to buy such food for me and you still dare to say you are sincere. I am giving you the both of you $50 million each and yet did you even see me blinking my eyes when I said that?”

“But you haven’t give it to us yet. How about giving it to us first and we will treat you to caviar?” The two sisters laughed and said.

“Fine. But isn’t your meal a bit too expensive? After giving you $50 million each, even caviar would look like small change to you. After eating a pile of caviar, the most it would cost would only be a few thousand dollars. And yet, to treat me to caviar, you want $100 million? Isn’t the disparity a bit too much?” Cheng Yu shook his head and analyzed.

“Hehe. Aren’t you our brother? As a brother, you must naturally dote on your sisters!” The two sisters pulled Cheng Yu as they ran towards the bank. As the saying goes, “It is always good to be rich.” If a commoner were to enter the bank and handle some procedures, it would usually take a day, but when you are rich, not only do you not need to queue, you will be able to wait inside a comfortable VIP lounge while drinking tea and having snacks. The procedures would also be done quickly. They always said that everyone is equal, but in reality, there is no such thing as equality. Probably, even after thousands of years, there was still no way to accomplish making everyone equal.

“Are you happy now?” Exiting the bank, Cheng Yu laughed while looking at the two sisters holding onto the gold card with excited expressions.

“Bro, you are too awesome! Never have we thought that we would have so much money,” Cheng Xuan was still finding it unbelievable that she now possessed $50 million in her bank, turning her into a wealthy woman.

“Then shouldn’t you treat me to a big feast now?”

“Of course! It’s already the afternoon. Bro, you can decide on where you wanna eat and we will head there,” With so much money, Cheng Xuan waved her hand and said open-mindedly.

“I am not familiar with the capital. You guys decide.”

“Bro. Stop joking with us. Is there any place that you aren’t familiar with here in the capital? In the past, you would mingle with different women. Which part of the capital have you not been to before,” Cheng Qing laughed.

“Er…I should not hide it from you. I had an accident when I was in Yunhai and my brain was injured then. Therefore, I forgot about a lot of things that happened in the past and also people I have met,” Cheng Yu said somewhat embarrassingly. He felt that this excuse was just too terrific. Whatever problem he was faced with, he could just use this excuse to solve it.

“Are you serious? What is this called? Amnesia?” Cheng Qing asked suspiciously.

“Of course! Did you not see that when grandpa brought me home, when he spoke to me, he would specially point out your identities to me?”

“Oh yeah! When grandpa did that, I still felt very strange about it, but now that you explained it, I finally know the reason why he did that. Bro, did you also change since then?” Cheng Xuan recalled to yesterday and asked.

“Probably,” Cheng Yu did not wish to elaborate on that.

“I prefer the brother now. I feel that this is a good thing for our Cheng Family. Let’s go and have a big feast,” Cheng Xuan pulled Cheng Yu’s hands and said.

In the past, Cheng Yu would only know how to flirt with other women daily and would never interact with his sisters at all. And the two sisters also hated Cheng Yu. As a result, both sides ignored each other. However, the current Cheng Yu was obviously very different from how he was in the past. The sisters felt that the current Cheng Yu was very sociable and they could feel the love Cheng Yu had for them. They liked the feeling of getting doted on by others. The trio came to a French restaurant. The environment inside was very classy and the ambience totally matched the romantic feels a French restaurant should have.

They found a window table and sat down. The two ladies then picked up the menu in excitement. The Cheng Family had been very strict on their children. Especially for the Cheng sisters as they were only young ladies that had not even graduated from high school.

Their lives could be said to be very well-off, but it was still far from achieving the degree of extravagance that some young masters had. It’s not that they have never been in a French restaurant, but that they had never been this excited before because they finally became wealthy people. Regardless, they were finally able to taste everything that they had never tasted before in the menu.

The French dishes were works of art. It emphasized on visuals, smell, taste and even touch. Therefore, French dishes were all very exquisite. Furthermore, the ingredients added to every dish varied causing the taste produced to be in huge disparity for each dish. This was the reason why the price of the dishes would often fluctuate as well.

The two ladies were not people who would indulge in pleasure. Even though they had turned wealthy, they did not order the most expensive dishes and chose the average dishes. Frankly speaking, Cheng Yu was not really fond of the French delicacies. Their dishes might look very appealing, but the portion was too little! Cheng Yu still felt that Chinese delicacies were much better.

Cheng Yu did not order the almas caviar. Cheng Yu knew that ordering the caviar was only meant to mess with others. When it came to eating, Cheng Yu was not so extravagant and senseless as he ordered some light delicacies.

“Bro, why did you not order the caviar?” When they saw the dishes Cheng Yu ordered were ordinary dishes, Cheng Xuan was baffled.

“You really think that I will order that? I just joked about it and tested to see if you were willing to part with your money,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Heehee! I knew bro is best! I am going to save this money and wait until I have graduated. Then, I will come out to society to open my own business,” Cheng Xuan smiled.

“Open your own business? What kind of business are you going to open?” Cheng Yu did not expect Cheng Xuan to have such a thought. If someone else were to suddenly have such a large sum of money, they would definitely enjoy themselves first.

“I am not that sure yet. Besides, it is still far from now,” Cheng Xuan replied.

“En. I will go to the toilet first,” Cheng Yu stood up and left the table.

At this moment, behind Cheng Yu’s table, a woman saw Cheng Yu’s. Her body shuddered as she stared closely at Cheng Yu’s silhouette.

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