Chapter 158: How Did It Become Like This?

“Relax. Actually for this competition, regardless of any factors, the winner would still be you. Trust your brother. That was your brother’s hard earned money. Why would I give it to them?” Cheng Yu laughed as he tried to minimize the pressure they were facing.

10 minutes later, the Cheng sisters drove their BMW onto the racing route while Tian Sheng drove a Ferrari. The disparity between their cars was too huge!

When Tian Sheng saw that they were using their own BMW to compete against him, he immediately grew happy. He allowed them a three minute headstart, but seeing the huge disparity in their cars gave Tian Sheng a lot more confidence.

A lady, who was wearing an extra short skirt, raised the racing board and stood in front of the cars. The moment the horn was heard, the board dropped down and the Cheng sisters accelerated as they sped off. The audiences all cheered while watching the scene.

Looking at the time pass, the Cheng sisters’ car had long disappeared from their view and Tian Sheng also started getting nervous. The timer finally hit the three minute mark. Tian Sheng stepped on his accelerator and flew off as he started chasing the Cheng sisters. Everyone on Dragon Tiger Mountain were cheering as the race was finally underway.

“Young Master Yu, are you really not afraid that your sister will lose?” Looking at the mountain peak, Cheng Yu was still smiling indifferently as if he was not concerned about his $100 million, so Peng Fei went forward and asked curiously.

“I believe in my sisters,” Cheng Yu gave a nonchalant smile and did not elaborate. Peng Fei did not have a good impression of Cheng Yu, but he also did not have any malice. At least Cheng Yu would still come out on his own accord to protect his sisters. Everyone waited for about 40 minutes, until a bright light showed up far away. The originally quiet audience started to cheer again and the whole mountain peak started to boil.

“Look! That’s Tian Sheng’s Ferrari! Tian Sheng has won!” Someone in the audience was able to clearly spot the car that was speeding along the racing route.

“It’s real! Tian Sheng has won! This time he won big! $100 million!”

“Who is that person exactly? He was actually so stupid. He obviously knew that Tian Sheng is Dragon Tiger Mountain’s Racing King, yet he still dared to bet $100 million?”

“Yeah! Furthermore, he still asked his sister’s to go compete with him. Too shameless! But it’s still a pity! He lost $100 million just like that.”

Everyone was able to clearly tell that the incoming vehicle was Tian Sheng’s car. A lot of them started to criticize Cheng Yu.

“Young Master Cheng, it’s really Tian Sheng’s car,” Peng Fei was somewhat disappointed. In his heart, he still wished for the Cheng sisters to win. As Tian Sheng’s car was getting closer to the finishing line, the cheers were even louder. However, just as everyone thought that Tian Sheng would speed through the finish line, Tian Sheng’s car came to a sudden stop at around 50 meters from the end.

“What the…? Why did Tian Sheng stop?”

“Don’t tell me his car stalled?!”

“It wouldn’t be so coincidental, right? I think Tian Sheng is intentionally waiting for his competitor.”

Just as everyone was holding in their suspicion and curiosity, Tian Sheng got out of his car and walked to the hood. He opened up the hood and took a look before closing it. After that, he walked back into his car and started the engine. “VRROOOMMM!” But the car was still unable to advance forward.

“F*ck! What is going on here!” Tian Sheng sat in the driver’s seat and slapped his steering wheel while he spoke angrily.

“What is he doing? Could it be his car broke down at this time? Isn’t it too strange?”

“That’s right. Smoke is still coming from the exhaust. Could it be that his car has stalled?”

“It can’t be. This was a flat road. How could it stall?”

Tian Sheng got out from his car again and walked to the back of his car and took a look. After that, he lied down on the ground to see if anything was stuck there. But there was nothing! Unconvinced, he went into his car once again. The engine rumbled again, but the car was still unable to move. Tian Sheng was already covered in sweat. This time, he was really anxious. Originally, he thought that the $100 million was already in his hands, but now the finish line was in front of him, yet his car wouldn’t move. If this continued, regardless of how slow the two sisters drove, he would still lose. If he lost, he would need to pay them three times the principal! How could he possibly want that to happen!

A lot of the people who bet on Tian Sheng started to scold Tian Sheng, “Field Boy, what are you doing! Finish the race!”[1]

“I bet all my assets on you. If you lose, I will go and pour kerosene on your house!”

“What are you waiting for?! Drive!”

“Idiot! If you can’t drive, push it!”

No one knew if Tian Sheng was able to hear these people. But he called down his female companion as they went behind the car and started pushing it. However, the car was so big, how could the two of them possibly move it? After another 10 minutes, another bright light sped towards the finish line.

“Yay! We won! We won! Let’s go! Let’s go!” When they saw the Cheng sisters finally caught up, those people who had bet on them started to cheer.

“Damn it! Yes! I still thought that my $100,000 was gone. Never did I expect the tide would turn. If I knew this was going to happen, I should have bet all my assets.”

“Yeah man! I bet too little! Such a pity!”

“Young Master Cheng, they arrived. We won!” Peng Fei shouted happily.

“Sis! Look! We really won! Look at that idiot! His car broke down! Haha!” Cheng Xuan looked at Tian Sheng and his companion who were pushing the car as she immediately got excited.

At this moment, Cheng Qing was also very excited. Cheng Yu had already assured them that they would win before the race started, but when Tian Sheng sped past them, they became extremely anxious. Even though their brother already assured them, their hearts couldn’t help beating faster. Now that victory was in front of them, they became extremely excited.

When the Cheng sisters’ car passed the finish line, the whole mountain peak was in uproar. Only those who lost were scolding. But regardless of how gloomy they were, they were not as gloomy as Tian Sheng. He was already at the finish line, yet someone else finished before him.

“Damn it! What kind of ghost have I offended!” Tian Sheng kicked his Ferrari and scolded. His complexion was very ugly.

“Bro, we won! We really won!” The Cheng sisters walked over to Cheng Yu excitedly as they spoke.

“Haha! I said before that you guys would win,” Cheng Yu laughed. Cheng Yu was not really interested in making money, but he was still quite happy about it.

“How is it? Time for my compensation?” Cheng Yu looked at the ashen Tian Sheng and laughed.

“Hmph!” Tian Sheng’s complexion turned even uglier when he heard Cheng Yu’s words. However, he still signalled the impartial lady to hand over the money. That lady handed over the two cards Cheng Yu had given her and also took out another card as she said, ”There is $300 million on it. You can verify it.”

Cheng Yu did not trust these people, so he verified it. Sure enough, there was $300 million. The Cheng sisters also went forward to received the $200,000 grand prize and also another $150,000 for their bet. They were extremely happy at the moment.

“Time to return home,” $100 million become $400 million. Cheng Yu was in ecstasy as he said to his sisters.

“Wait a moment. You people are from the Cheng family?” Even though he had seen the name registered in the form was Cheng Xuan, Tian Sheng still asked to verify.

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“Correct,” Cheng Yu felt that there was nothing for him to hide and besides, the other party could easily find it out.

“You are the Cheng Family’s Young Master?” Tian Sheng asked once more. The Cheng Family in the capital was a big family and almost no one didn’t know about them. However, it had been two years since Cheng Yu had appeared in the capital. Naturally, there were very few people who were able to recognise him. Furthermore, in the past, Cheng Yu was an extreme tyrant. No one really put him in their eyes at all.

“That’s right.”

“I want to know if today’s incident was your fault?” The sudden stop of his vehicle was too outrageous to Tian Sheng. He believed that no one would have seen such a thing before and would also not believe him if he were to tell anyone. Tian Sheng felt that today’s incident was definitely related to Cheng Yu because only Cheng Yu had confidence of winning against him.

“If you feel that it’s me, then it’s me,” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly and no longer bothered about him as he went straight into the BMW’s backseat.

“You…” Tian Sheng wished to make him stay, but he did not have any evidence and also did not wish to soil the reputation of Dragon Tiger Mountain. He still had to rely on this place to earn money. Even though he lost $300 million today, as long as his reputation did not receive any harm, he would still be able to win the money back. When he saw the BMW disappearing from his view, Tian Sheng’s eyes flashed traces of ruthlessness.


“Bro, what is going on today? Was the incident caused by you?” Cheng Xuan sat beside Cheng Yu and asked curiously. Even though she won a large sum of money from today’s competition and was feeling extremely delighted, she was still very curious.

“Hehe! I said before, I would not casually give someone else my hard earned money,” Cheng Yu did not elaborate further.

“Bro! Share it with us please! Why did Tian Sheng’s car suddenly stop moving?” Cheng Xuan pulled Cheng Yu’s hand and swayed as she begged. She was too curious. Even Cheng Qing who was driving was also very curious. When he felt his hand brushing Cheng Xuan’s chest, Cheng Yu was feeling very comfortable. However, this person was his sister. Cheng Yu did not dare to have any dirty thoughts.

“This is a secret,” Cheng Yu smiled and said.

“Bro! Just tell me! I guarantee that I will not leak it,” At this moment, they forgot that they disliked him. After today’s incident, the grudge they had for Cheng Yu disappeared. They felt that the cousin that returned home this time went through a thorough transformation and had become extremely mysterious. Yesterday, he took out a bottle of miraculous pills, and today, he was able to hand over $100 million like small change. What’s more was that incident with Tian Sheng’s car. They started to become very curious about their cousin.

“I have said, this is a secret,” Cheng Yu still did not elaborate.

“Hmph!” Cheng Xuan was evidently very discontented with Cheng Yu’s answer. She turned her head away to show her dissatisfaction.

“Angry?” Cheng Yu poked Cheng Xuan’s forehead as he laughed.


“I will give each of you $50 million tomorrow. Are both of you still going to continue being angry with me?”

“Really! Bro! This is what you said yourself!” When they heard Cheng Yu say that he was going to give them $50 million each, they immediately became excited.

Even though they had an allowance, they never received this much allowance. Today, they managed to win $350,000 and that was already a lot to them. But when they heard Cheng Yu was going to give them $50 million each, how could they not be happy?

“Of course! Why would your brother lie to you? Besides, for me to be able to win today was also thanks to your effort.”

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“Bro! You are too awesome!” Cheng Xuan hugged Cheng Yu’s arm and gave him a peck as she said excitedly.

“No longer angry?” When Cheng Yu saw his sisters still throwing tantrums, he felt that they were very interesting.

“Bro, then you should also explain to us. What exactly happened during the race,” Cheng Xuan’s face reddened as she acted coquettishly.

“I will tell you that in the future as now isn’t the right time. Thus, you should stop asking about it,” Cheng Yu decided not to tell them for the time being.

“Alright. Then in the future, brother must definitely explain to us,” When they heard what their brother said, even though they were somewhat disappointed, they still agreed to it.

Besides, Cheng Yu promised to give them $50 million each. They felt that their brother really changed. They believed that there should not be many brothers who were this generous in this world. This was too magnanimous!

[1] – TL/ED Note – Tian means field, and the literal translation would have been “Guy who sells mud,” but the editor chose to use Field Guy to make it easier as an insulting nickname.

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