Chapter 157: Gambling a Large Sum of Money

Chapter 157: Gambling a Large Sum of Money

“As a person, it’s better to stay low-key to live longer,” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly.

“Haha! Young Master Cheng is really wise. Is Young Master Cheng interested in playing a round?” Peng Fei smiled and asked.

“Today, I am only accompanying them. You guys go ahead.”

“Young Miss Cheng and Second Young Miss, do you want to race?” When Peng Fei saw Cheng Yu was not interested in gambling, he asked the Cheng Family sisters.

“We will take a look first. You can go ahead without us,” Even though Cheng Qing was obviously very excitedly, she still did not agree immediately.

“Two pretty ladies, are you interested in accompanying me for a race?” At this moment, a few more young men walked over. The person leading had dyed red hair.

“Who are you? For what reason should we accompany you?” Cheng Qing glimpsed at the man and asked disdainfully. She hated guys who looked overly eye catching.

“Pretty ladies, our boss is the famous racer king in this Dragon Tiger Mountain, Tian Sheng. For our boss to invite you is an honor!” One of the men behind the red hair guy said arrogantly.

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“Hmph! Just this small little mountain and he dares to call himself the racer king? Isn’t he afraid that he would become a laughingstock?” Cheng Xuan, who was beside Cheng Qing, mocked.

“Second Young Miss, this guy, Tian Sheng, is very influential in this Dragon Tiger Mountain. You ladies better be careful. Otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble,” Peng Fei spoke slowly to the Cheng Family sisters. Peng Fei was attending the same school as the Cheng Family sisters. He had long been interested in Cheng Xuan. Naturally, he did not wish for anything bad to happen to her.

“Haha! This pretty lady has such a strong personality. I like it. How about we have a race then?” Tian Sheng did not get angry, but instead he laughed at Cheng Xuan.

“Hmph! I am not going to compete with you. You are so familiar with the route. Do you take us as idiots?” Cheng Xuan was not someone who would be easily taken advantage of. She would never agree to something that she was not confident about.

“Since it’s like that, I can let you get a headstart for three minutes. This should be fair, right? Three minutes is not short at all,” Tian Sheng was very confident.

“Uh…” Cheng Xuan saw that Tian Sheng was so confident, so she wished to be able to shatter his confidence. Cheng Xuan turned to look at her sister. ”Sis, should we compete with him?”

“Three minutes of grace time is quite long and I can tell that this route is not that hard to race. Let’s have a race with him. I have long been unhappy about how cocky he is acting in front of us,” Cheng Qing looked at the route while replying.

“Alright. We agree with you. Let’s compete then,” After getting her sister’s opinion, Cheng Xuan accepted Tian Sheng’s challenge loudly.

“Haha! Straightforward! Let’s go and register then,” Tian Sheng saw that the sisters had agreed to his challenge, so he was extremely happy. It was as if he had already seen himself winning the race. Very quickly, he brought everyone to the registration counter.

“According to the Dragon Tiger Mountain competition rules, every participant will have to hand in a deposit of $50,000 that will also act as the bet. After winning the competition, not only can the winner take away the grand prize of $200,000, the winner will also get back their deposit,” When the registration lady saw the two of them had registered, she smiled while explaining.

“$50,000? We don’t have that much money,” When the sisters heard that they had to pay a deposit of $50,000, they were startled. Even though the Cheng Family was rich, they were very strict with the allowance given to their younger generation. Previously, Cheng Yu was able to spend the money he wished because he had a rich mother.

“No money? It’s fine. We can lend it to you. However, I must state this beforehand. What we lend, you must return to us 150% of the principal. After today, the interest would be the previous day’s principal and interest added together plus 20%,” When Tian Sheng heard the other party did not have any money, not only was he not disappointed, he was very happy instead.

Of course, with this kind of high earning loan opportunity, who wouldn’t be happy? Just by relying on this competition, Tian Sheng have would be able to earn money just by collecting interest.

After lending $50,000, the principal would become $75,000 in the same day. The next day, just the 20% interest would already be $15,000. Adding in the principal, it would become $90,000. This was simply robbery.

“The interest rate is so high! You might as well rob! We are not competing anymore,” When Cheng Xuan heard the interest rate was so high, she immediately became unwilling.

“Pretty ladies, it doesn’t work this way. These are the rules of the Dragon Tiger Mountain. After you have registered for the competition, you cannot withdraw,” Tian Sheng smiled. He felt that this matter was going according to his plans.

“What are you trying to say?! If we are not going to compete, are you going to force us to?!” When Cheng Qing heard that they were unable to cancel the competition, she grew anxious.

“Two misses, it was all written clearly in the registration booklet. If you cancel the competition, we will take it by default that you lost and you will have to fork out the $50,000 deposit,” Tian Sheng swayed the registration in front of them and said.

“Hmph! Sis, let’s ignore him. Let’s go,” Cheng Xuan could only pull her sister back with her.

“Wish to leave? Without handing out the $50,000, no one is allowed to leave,” Tian Sheng raised his hand and his subordinates immediately trapped Cheng Yu and his cousins.

“What are you trying to do?!” The Cheng sisters could no longer remain calm as they yelled anxiously.

“What am I trying to do? I have said that if you don’t hand over the $50,000, don’t even think about leaving here. However, since you sisters are so pretty, as long as both of you accompany me for a night, I can write off the debt. How about it?” Tian Sheng finally said his main objective for pestering the two sisters. He was feeling complacent in his heart.

“Brother Sheng, how about letting them off? We will definitely bring the money over tomorrow,” When Peng Fei heard that Tian Sheng wanted the two sisters to stay behind, he had also gotten anxious. He had been interested in Cheng Xuan for very long. He was not willing to allow someone else to take her away.

“SLAP!” Tian Sheng slapped Peng Fei’s face and said very fiercely, ”Who do you think you are? You actually dare to negotiate with me. If they are unable to hand out the $50,000, they can only hope to leave here.”

After Peng Fei was slapped, he collapsed to the ground. His whole mouth was covered in blood and he no longer dared to speak.

“I will give you the $50,000,” It was at this moment, Cheng Yu, who had been standing at the side and watching the show, finally spoke.

Everyone was startled, especially the Cheng sisters. They immediately got angry, ”Bro! Why did you not tell us earlier that you have the money? Only now you are willing to take it out!”

Cheng Yu did not say anything and took out $50,000 from his storage ring. Everyone was startled once again. No one expected him to bring along $50,000.

Tian Sheng took the $50,000 and took a look at it. Sure enough, all of it was real. Inevitably, there was some disappointment deep in his heart. He looked at Cheng Yu and said, ”You are their brother?”


“You are keep your calm very well. I, Tian Sheng, is someone who keeps my promises. Since you have paid the $50,000, you guys can leave,” Even though Tian Sheng was not willing, he still chose to let them off. Otherwise, in the future, no one would dare to compete here anymore.

“Wait. Since we have already paid the $50,000, do you really think we are just gonna walk off? No matter what, we will still compete,” Cheng Yu did not have any intention of leaving, but he wanted to continue the competition.

However, the Cheng sisters started to get anxious again. This group of people were obviously up to something bad and the two sisters really wished to return home now. This place was too frightening for them.

“You still wish to continue the competition?”

“Of course. Could it be you don’t dare to?” Cheng Yu laughed indifferently.

“Who says I don’t dare to? However, let’s be clear. On the registration form, the person who registered was your sister. So she will have to be the one who competes. If you wish to compete, we will have to sign another registration form. Of course, you will still need to pay another $50,000,” Tian Sheng gently “reminded” Cheng Yu.

“No problem. My sister will compete with you. However, what are the odds?” Cheng Yu asked nonchalantly.

“Me and her: 1:3.”

“So if my sister wins, the $50,000 will become $150,000?”


“Good. I want to increase the bet on my sister. I am not sure if there are any limits? I am just afraid you will not be able to compensate me when the time comes,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Increasing the bet? We don’t have any limits. As long as you bet, we will definitely compensate you. How much more do you intend to bet?” Tian Sheng could not comprehend what Cheng Yu was trying to do by asking him so many questions. However, he did not seem too bothered, but in contrast, he was very elated. He was extremely confident in himself and Cheng Yu increasing the bet was like donating money to him. How could Tian Sheng not be happy?

“Since you have the money to pay, I will increase the bet by $100 million. If we win, you will have to pay me $300 million. Are you sure you have that much money?” Currently, Cheng Yu also had no idea how much money he had on hand right now, but he did not wish to touch that money. In any case, in his storage ring, there was the $100 million the Hong Family had just given him. Besides, Cheng Yu was very confident that he would win.

“How…how…how much? 1…1…100 million?” Not only Tian Sheng, even those who were watching the show were dumbfounded. 100 million? What kind of concept was that?! This man really had that much money?!

At this moment, the Cheng sisters were also stupefied. They were not able to comprehend how Cheng Yu had so much money. Furthermore, he seemed like he was not afraid to lose. He must know that they were the ones competing. They did not even have any confidence in themselves, yet Cheng Yu was so confident. The sisters could really not make heads or tails of the situation anymore.

“Correct, $100 million,” Cheng Yu said tranquilly as if $100 million was just pocket change. Surrounding them, there were lots of pretty and seductive ladies. All of them were looking at Cheng Yu as if they just spotted a gold mine. Their saliva had already started dripping out.

“You really have that much money?” Tian Sheng was unconvinced. After all, it was $100 million and not a few thousand dollars.

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“There is a total of $100 million here. You can verify it first,” Cheng Yu took out the two cards and passed them to Tian Sheng.

Tian Sheng took the cards skeptically and handed it over to the woman in front of a computer. When the woman saw the amount of zero’s displayed on the screen, she was stunned. There was really $100 million!

“Alright. I accept,” After getting the woman’s reply, Tian Sheng became excited. He believed that with his skill, he would definitely be able to win this $100 million.

“Bro, why did you take out so much money to gamble? You are being too casual about this gamble!” When the two sisters saw Cheng Yu really had that much money, they became worried.

“You can be at ease. I believe that the two of you will be able to win. When the time comes, your brother, me will give you a portion of the winnings,” Cheng Yu said unconcernedly.

“Let’s get down to it. 10 minutes later, the competition will start. You can choose any car here or can choose to use your own car. When the time comes, don’t find excuses like my car is better than yours,” Tian Sheng laughed.

The Cheng Family sisters were obviously very nervous. If it was only $50,000, they would not have been that nervous. But now, the bet increased to $100 million. If they lost, they had no idea what they were supposed to do even though it was not their money.

“The two of you should stop worrying about this and that. I would not bet with them so stupidly. Since I have taken the money out, naturally I have the confidence that the two of you will win. You don’t need to have any pressure about this and need not try to overtake him constantly. You just need to focus on ensuring your own safety. That will do. No matter how fast he is, just drive like how you drove me here. No matter how slowly you go, it’s fine,” Cheng Yu did not wish for his sisters to meet any mishap. Therefore, he attached the utmost importance to their safety. In any case, no matter how badly they raced, the end result would still be the same.

“Can we really drive slowly?” Cheng Xuan asked puzzledly.

“That’s right. The only thing you have to pay attention to is your safety. Of course, you mustn’t be too slow. Don’t forget, we still need to get home to sleep. No matter how slow you are, you can’t drive throughout the night, right?”

“Then wouldn’t we definitely lose?” When they heard what Cheng Yu said, they were confused. Wasn’t Cheng Yu asking them to lose?

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