Chapter 156: Returning Home

Even though everyone introduced themselves to Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu was still able to tell that not everyone was happy that he had returned to the capital.

Let’s take the two cousins that just introduced themselves. They never once showed any delight, but rather a sulking countenance. His second uncle’s daughter was called Cheng Qing and his third uncle’s daughter was called Cheng Xuan. In both of their hearts, Cheng Yu was just an ignorant young master. Therefore, they naturally had no good impression of him. However, Cheng Yu didn’t mind it. He didn’t need to favor everyone he met.

“Grandma. I can see that your health has deteriorated. Let me give you a massage,” Cheng Yu was able to tell that his grandma’s body was very weak and there were lots of hidden illnesses within.

Even though Cheng Yu had not yet gotten used to this family, no matter what, all these people were his relatives. Naturally, Cheng Yu would not wish for anything to happen to them. Let alone the person was his grandma who always doted on him.

“Oh? My precious grandson has also started to learn how to dote on grandma? Good! It seems like all the love I spent on you in the past was not wasted!” Grandma said happily.

Cheng Yu pressed his hand on grandma’s shoulder. After that, he passed threads of Qi into her elderly body as he helped her recover from those hidden diseases.

His grandma felt that her body had turned warm and was extremely comfortable so she said, ”Xiao Yu, your massaging skill is not bad. I am very comfortable. I felt that my body’s vitality has returned and my mind suddenly became very refreshed. I no longer feel tired anymore!”

When everyone heard what his grandma said, all of them had no idea if what she said was real or fake. After all, the amount of love she had for her grandson could be seen by everyone. No one was sure if she was just trying to compliment him.

“Grandpa, let me massage you as well,” They were ordinary people. Once they reached a certain age, their body was bound to start developing issues. Since Cheng Yu was free right now, he might as well help treat them.

“Sure. I also want to try your massaging skills. I want to see if it was really as good as your grandma said,” Cheng Ruilong laughed as he replied.

After a while, Cheng Ruilong also kept on shouting very comfortable and caused everyone to be stupefied. They all looked at the two elderlies’ expressions and thought, “Cheng Yu’s massaging skills are really so incredible?” The reason they doubted Cheng Yu was because they knew full well how Cheng Yu was in the past. After massaging his grandparents, Cheng Yu took out a pill bottle and gave his elders each a Longevity Pill.

When they heard that this pill was able to prolong their lifespan by a dozen years, everyone immediately became suspicious. However, when they sniffed the pill’s fragrance, it caused them to immediately feel refreshed. This made them start to contemplate if what Cheng Yu said was real.

When Cheng Yu took out another pill bottle and said it was the Rejuvenation Pill, the women immediately became extremely happy. Even though the Rejuvenation Pill in Yunhai was very famous around its neighboring provinces, it was not that popular in the capital. However, a lot of people had heard of it before. After all, the advertisement Yang Ruoxue made was quite impactful. It was because of the product quantity that the Rejuvenation Pill was only available to its nearby provinces and there were very few in the capital.

“Xiao Yu, I know that the Rejuvenation Pill is very miraculous, but the one you have now seems to not have that immediate effect,” The person who spoke was his second aunt. At the time when Cheng Yu’s mother had came back from Yunhai, she had given everyone a shock. She actually looked a lot younger than before! Therefore, the Cheng Family women knew of the Rejuvenation Pill. After that, Cheng Yu’s mother also brought them a few Rejuvenation Pills, but those were just products that were produced by the Wanmei Group. Cheng Yu’s mother did not know how many more of these pills Cheng Yu possessed, so that’s why she didn’t tell them about it.

“This pill is different from the one that is being sold in the market. As long as you eat this, there will be an amazing effect. Take a look at my mom and you will understand,” Cheng Yu smiled.

“So it turns out that the one your mom ate was this pill. Then why didn’t your mom take a few from you for us as well? She is too much! I have eaten so many of them. Even though there were some effects, it was still too slow!” When they heard the pill Cheng Yu was giving them was the one his mother had consumed, the women started to become excited.

Previously, when they ate the Rejuvenation Pill that Yang Sifeng brought back, even though there were some effects, it was too slow. They felt puzzled about it, but they did not question it.

“Haha! You can’t blame it on my mother. Because at that point, I had just started refining them. Thus, I didn’t have a lot,” Even though Cheng Yu had no idea why his mother did not request more of these pills from him, he would not tear his mother’s reputation because of that.

At night, in Cheng Ruilong’s study.

“Xiao Yu, the selection test for the military instructor is very important to our Cheng Family. You must definitely seize it,” Cheng Ruilong said seriously to Cheng Yu.

“Grandpa, I really have some other things that I need to handle. I don’t have time to teach them,” It was only after much difficulty that Cheng Yu finally managed to wait for this long holiday to make a trip to the Cultivation World. If he were to become a military instructor, when would he have time to handle his own stuff? Wouldn’t it become extremely unfair for Cheng Yu?

“What’s more important than Cheng Family’s future?!” Cheng Ruilong was extremely unsatisfied with Cheng Yu’s attitude. At this point of time, Cheng Yu was still thinking of solving his own personal matters. In old man Cheng’s eyes, to enhance the future prospect of the Cheng Family was their utmost priority.

“My master told me to wait until my cultivation reached a bottleneck, then I will need to go and look for him. Now, my cultivation has reached a bottleneck. Therefore, I must definitely go and look for him,” Cheng Yu could no longer find excuses to escape from this. Therefore, without any choice, he could only pull his non-existent master into this.

“This is easy. Tell me where your teacher is. I will get someone to bring him over. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?” When Cheng Ruilong heard him, he replied unconcernedly.

“My master is someone from the outer world and no ordinary person can meet him. Even if you found the location he resides in, you will not be able to see him. Even if you have met him, you will not be able to convince him to come over. I can only make a trip myself,” Since Cheng Yu already started to lie, he might as well lie until he escapes from this difficult situation.

“Really?” Cheng Ruilong stared at Cheng Yu’s eyes closely and wished to see if Cheng Yu was lying to him. However, Cheng Ruilong was going to be disappointed. Who was Cheng Yu? Even if Cheng Yu was lying, Cheng Ruilong would never be able to tell from his eyes.

“Of course. What I learnt was martial cultivation and not some terrible martial arts those bodyguards learn. Therefore, to break through a bottleneck is very important to me,” When Cheng Yu realized this lie was working, he tried to lie his way out.

“This…can you seize the military instructor position before returning? Since your teacher was able to use such a short span of time to turn you into someone so powerful, you can also do the same to those in the mysterious unit, right?” Cheng Ruilong thought of an idea that would satisfy both sides.

“…” Cheng Yu turned gloomy. He could turn those elites into strong people in a short period of time. But Cheng Yu did not wish to help people who did not belong to him to promote their strength.

Even if he became their military instructor and these people would be counted as his subordinates, their values were still different. They belonged to the country.

Just like the Blood Wolf Gang. Even though their quality was a lot worse than these soldiers, Cheng Yu was still willing to fork out pills to use on them because they were people who belonged to Cheng Yu and were directly under his control.

Furthermore, these pills were his secrets. If the country ever found out that he possessed such miraculous medicine, wouldn’t Cheng Yu need to prepare these pills for all the soldiers in the country?! Cheng Yu would definitely not do this kind of thing.

However, if he were to not promote their strength in a short period of time, Cheng Yu would not have the time to head over to the Cultivation World. Cheng Yu was truly trapped between a rock and a hard place.

“Xiao Yu, increasing our Cheng Family’s influence may not seem important to you, but to us, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If it was in the past before you possessed these abilities, I would not have forced you. But now that you have the strength to do so, how can I possibly let this chance fly from my hands?” When Cheng Ruilong saw Cheng Yu was still hesitating, he spoke his sincere and earnest wishes to Cheng Yu.

“In the capital, even though we may seem to be at peace, that’s because all of us hold equal power. No one wishes for their family to weaken and everyone is always trying to get more benefits for their family. Once someone becomes stronger, they would suppress other influences and would kick us out. Therefore, you must do this for the sake of our family,” Cheng Ruilong had to explain his main objective for getting Cheng Yu to become the military instructor.

“Fine. I promise you. I will seize this military instructor position,” Cheng Yu said. After all, he was someone from the Cheng Family. For the Cheng Family to grow stronger, it would also be beneficial for him.

This kind of influence was not really important to Cheng Yu. But since he decided to live in the Secular World, privilege also played a part in terms of strength. He couldn’t possibly just beat the person down when he had gotten in trouble, right? Of course, to beat a person down was the most direct method. Because, the previous Cheng Yu had always lived in that kind of world. Stronger power was more feasible than a stronger influence.

“Good, good, good. Truly deserve to be called my, Cheng Ruilong’s, good grandson. I believe you will definitely be able to seize that position,” After getting Cheng Yu’s promise, Cheng Ruilong became extremely happy.

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The military had already notified Cheng Yu that the selection process would begin in two days. As Cheng Yu was very bored these two days, he could only choose to follow his two cousins out for a stroll. However, these two cousins didn’t seem willing to respond to him. However, since their grandfather had spoken, even though they were unwilling, they had no choice but to bring Cheng Yu along.

“Brother, you must not tell grandpa about the place we are going tonight,” The two female cousins sat behind the passenger seat and said to Cheng Yu.

“Ok,” Cheng Yu was not senseless. He replied nonchalantly as he stared out of the car. Just by looking at the night scenery, Cheng Yu was able to tell that the capital was definitely flourishing better than Yunhai.

Not long after, they exited the city and headed to the outskirts. Cheng Yu was very curious, but he did not ask anything.

When they arrived at the top of a mountain, Cheng Yu suddenly felt that he had entered another dimension. The lightning here was radiant and the skies were filled with rumbling. Furthermore, the place was crowded with sports cars. Everyone there was cheering and the scene looked very magnificent.

“Yo? Isn’t this the miss and second miss of the Cheng Family? So you guys are free today and have also come to race a round? Huh? You even brought a little follower? He looks quite handsome,” When he saw Cheng Qing and Cheng Xuan came, a young man went forward and spoke eccentrically.

Cheng Yu had already disappeared from the capital for two years. Also, he had never been to this sort of place. This young man would naturally not recognize Cheng Yu.

“What nonsense are you talking about? This is my brother,” Cheng Qing said unhappily.

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“Oh? So it’s Young Master Cheng. Hello, Young Master Cheng. I am Peng Fei. Young Master Cheng is becoming more and more low-key. I have not heard any news about you for the past two years,” The young man laughed.

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