Chapter 21 – Never Marry a Man with Two Tintins


Bai Zhi would never have thought that with his hard-won Ice Snake, he still wouldn’t be able to escape from Bai Rui’s hands. Instead, he suffered more humiliation than he ever had before, making his resentment even deeper.

But he knew Bai Rui’s temper and that he must do as the other person said. He could only endure it. Bai Zhi took out pen and paper and coldly said: “What do you want me to write?’

Bai Rui said: “After I release you, immediately take your pet away from here and go back to the snowy mountain. Don’t send people to make trouble here or tell anyone I’m here.”

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to have feelings for this kind of awful place.” Bai Zhi swallowed the second sentence he wanted to say: Sure enough, a slut can only give birth to a lowly kind of person!

He set up a blood curse in accordance with Bai Rui’s instructions then threw the paper on the ground and said sullenly: “Can I go now?”

Bai Rui had been watching his movements carefully. His face expressionless, Bai Rui said: “Yes, leave right now.”

Bai Zhi’s face had already begun to swell up. He turned around with a sneer and said: “I’ll leave this time but next time it won’t be so easy. Also, tell that cheap slave named Cheng Nuo that sooner or later I’ll cut out his heart and drink his blood.”

In fact, Cheng Nuo hadn’t run away at all. He was currently hiding behind a wall and listening to their conversation. When he saw that Bai Rui had already finished speaking, he slowly leaned out and heard Bai Zhi’s vicious words. He couldn’t help but jump out to laugh and scold the other person: “Don’t take advantage of people who just feel sorry for you! You want to drink my blood? I’m not afraid of you! **** you, who’s a cheap slave?!”

He suddenly remembered something. Taking out the full storage bag, he shook it at Ba Zhi and smiled: “This thing is mine now. Little friend, when you are hungry on the road, remember not to eat grass, roots, or tree bark. Be careful of diarrhea.”

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Bai Zhi was so angry that he almost coughed up blood but he knew he couldn’t make a commotion in the slums anymore. Looking at the blood curse on the ground, he gritted his teeth then slowly walked away. When he had walked to the village entrance, a strange smile suddenly appeared on his lips.

How could he possibly endure this insult?

This rare young Ice Snake was given to him by his uncle. Because he wasn’t the one who captured it, the beast didn’t acknowledge him as its master. Therefore, he had to use magic to compel the Ice Snake to obey his orders. For this reason, the snake could only exert around 30% of its real strength.

The blood curse forced him to leave with his pet. If he were to lift the binding spell on the Ice Snake, it would no longer be his pet and whatever it did, he wouldn’t be violating the blood curse.

Bai Zhi bit his wrist, wiped his blood on the Ice Snake’s head and chanted to lift the spell. Then he threw the bracelet behind him with all his strength and quickly left without turning back

Although his uncle would scold him for discarding this Ice Snake, this creature will remember the face of the person who attacked him. It would be great if it were to swallow both Bai Rui and that little b***ard named Cheng Nuo. Ha, ha!  Although it was young, when the Ice Snake’s full power was unleashed, he didn’t believe that Bai Rui could defeat it!

The Ice Snake bracelet turned over and over in the air. When it fell to the ground it turned back into the Ice Snake. Its triangular eyes showed puzzlement for a moment. Finally, it realized that it was free again.

Having been bound for so many days had made this young Ice Snake feel extremely sullen. Its tail swung fiercely and knocked down a wall. It could hardly wait to vent the anger in its heart!

A resident of the slums carrying a bamboo pole on his shoulders rounded a corner. Before he could even cry out in surprise, the Ice Snake had already wrapped itself around him. The Ice Snake tightened its coils, releasing freezing cold. The man curled up then was broken into fragments. He was like a cracked ice cube. Pieces of the man littered the ground and even his blood was frozen into clumps of frozen red ice.


Meanwhile, Cheng Nuo was looking inside the interspatial storage bag with a smile. The food stored in it was enough for him and Liu Guang to live on for two or three months. It seemed that the meal he had prepared had not been wasted.

That young master Bai Zhi wasn’t the type who would cook for himself so there was a lot of dried meat and fruit in the storage bag that he could eat whenever there were no restaurants around.

Cheng Nuo looked up and smiled at Bai Rui. “There is a lot of food in this storage bag. I’ll tell you the exact amount later.”

Bai Rui sheathed his sword. His lips were faintly blue. He had been forcing himself not to reveal his weakness but, after all, he hadn’t recovered from his wounds yet. He had been exposed to the Ice Snake’s cold for too long and he wasn’t immune to the cold. He turned away and said, “No, you need to bandage your hands.”

“Then I will send it to you later, after all, you deserve the credit for this,” Cheng Nuo yelled after him. He lowered his head and examined his hand somewhat carelessly.

The wound on his hand didn’t hurt. He remembered that it seemed as though a layer of armor had formed on his hand when the ice had struck so the wound was very shallow…previously, Bai Rui said that Cheng Nuo had awakened his power. What kind of power was it? Could that be the reason for this?

Cheng Nuo ran after Bai Rui and said with a smile, “Bai Rui, what you said about awakening my power, did I just use it?… What’s wrong with you?”

At such close range, Cheng Nuo noticed Bai Rui’s unusually pale face, and he suddenly realized something. He knew very well about the Ice Snake’s cold attack. Was Bai Rui suffering from that cold?

But before he could ask, Bai Rui suddenly turned pale, pulled him back and shouted, “Be careful!”

Cheng Nuo was stunned when he saw a protrusion in the ground. A silver-gray triangular snake head emerged from the ground. It was the Ice Snake!

“What’s going on?” he exclaimed in shock. This made no sense. How could Bai Zhi dare to violate the blood curse?

Bai Rui quickly took out his bow and shot seven or eight arrows to temporarily block the Ice Snake’s movements. He whispered: “You should run away, the farther the better. This is none of your business.”

How is it none of my business?! I, your father, will be the one to bring it down this time!

There were many stones here. Cheng Nuo clenched his teeth and looked around. He quickly lifted up a few big stones and threw them at the Ice Snake. He asked: “Can your arrows deal with it? What else can we do apart from running away?”

Bai Rui frowned at Cheng Nuo. When he first saw this person, he was quite meek. How come he was getting bolder and bolder now?

After all, Bai Rui was still young, his injuries have not healed, and the repeated attacks have made him consume too much of his physical strength. The Ice Snake was pressing them hard and the cold seemed to be much more powerful than before. They were shivering from the cold even though they were more than three feet away.

“We must leave here!” Cheng Nuo grabbed Bai Rui’s arm and said, “Lead it to that cliff!”

The cliff was hundreds of meters tall. Last time he fell down with Bai Rui but didn’t die. However, even if the Ice Snake doesn’t die, it will still be stunned. Moreover, that cliff is so high up and the Ice Snake doesn’t know the way so it might get lost in the mountain’s thick forest.

Bai Rui nodded slightly and followed Cheng Nuo.

Although the light arrows couldn’t injure the Ice Snake, they still hurt it. Thus, the beast firmly remembered these two people’s appearance. As it followed behind them, it left icy traces wherever it went. Even the grass and the leaves of the plants iced over.

Cao Tou saw the two people who were being chased by the silver-gray snake at an intersection. He was scared and shouted: “Cheng Nuo, what is that?”

Cheng Nuo ran and yelled: “Don’t come over, that thing is dangerous!”

Cao Tou’s face showed his fear. Why do these things always happen to brother Cheng Nuo? He should hurry and find Liu Guang!

The snake could slither very fast but Bai Rui was faster. Cheng Nuo, his arm in Bai Rui’s grip, was pulled along. He was almost out of breath, his lungs laboring hard.

Finally, they arrived at the hidden cliff. They were running at full speed and Cheng Nuo was watching the terrain closely but Bai Rui flung him up to his shoulder then jumped up a tree with Cheng Nuo.

Hanging upside down from Bai Rui’s shoulder, Cheng Nuo suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How come Bai Rui and Liu Guang were super strong like the gorillas from the Planet of the Apes? However, he didn’t have time to complain because the snake was following right behind them.

“Freeze. Don’t make a sound.” Bai Rui stuffed his sword into Cheng Nuo’s hands then created a pole with his light power. Jumping down from the tree, he ran to the other side and repeatedly banged on some rocks, making a lot of noise to attract the Ice Snake.

After the long chase, the snake was even more irritated. It sprang towards Bai Rui, trying to bit him, but Bai Rui jumped back very agilely. The snake only bit empty air.

As Bai Rui fell, the light pole hit a stone the size of a washbasin and made it fly up, hitting the Ice Snake in the middle of its head.

The Ice Snake’s neck shrank back and it was so enraged that its triangular red eyes almost seemed to spurt out fire. Now even more furious than before, it chased after Bai Rui. Cheng Nuo, hiding in the tree, was very frightened. He watched unblinkingly, holding the short sword tightly.

The terrain was very uneven, covered with large rocks and towering trees. Bai Rui’s body was very agile and the snake was close to the cliff but Bai Rui’s face was getting paler and paler. Cheng Nuo was extremely worried.

Bai Rui finally reached the edge of the cliff. Leaping up, he landed behind the ice snake. He used light energy to create two sticks and pushed the Ice Snake with his created weapons. After just a few seconds of contact with the Ice Snake, the light sticks froze. Bai Rui gritted his teeth and used his shoulders and arms to push the Ice Snake. The areas of his body that came into contact with it hurt as though countless knives were stabbing into his skin.

The Ice Snake had already been rushing towards the cliff. Inertia combined with Bai Rui’s push made it fall over the edge and they heard the sounds of it crashing its way down to the bottom of the cliff.

As soon as Bai Rui succeeded, Cheng Nuo hurriedly slid down the tree trunk since hee couldn’t jump down the tree like Bai Rui. He took a big stone and looked carefully down the cliff. The snake had disappeared. So he threw the stone down and said worriedly: “Is the snake going to come back up soon? What should we do if it does?”

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When he didn’t hear Bai Rui’s answer, Cheng Nuo hurriedly turned to look and saw Bai Rui suddenly fall down. His eyes were closed and his body seemed to be frozen. Cheng Nuo was shocked and rushed over to help Bai Rui. The bone-chilling cold coming from Bai Rui’s body made him shiver.

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