Chapter 81: Origin Returned Qi

“Now in the outer sect, among all the notable people, only Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist has yet to breakthrough. I wonder how long he will take to advance to the Origin Realm.”

“If he doesn’t breakthrough at 16, it means he would only breakthrough at 17 or 18.”

“I think 17 or 18 is not possible either. This first obstacle isn’t considered much for a 3 star bone frame. But for a normal bone frame, it is considered their bane.”

“Compared to Yu Wen Tian shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple), Li Fuchen would only be a shooting star. Have you heard? Yu Wen Tian shixiong has already advanced to the second level of the Origin Realm.”

“I’ve heard it. Tsk tsk, using only 5 months to progress from first level to the second level of the Origin Realm. This talent can only be found in 1 in 10,000.”

As the time slowly shifted, everyone began to undermine Li Fuchen.

Especially once they knew about the shocking news of Yu Wen Tian progressing to the second level of the Origin Realm. They never put Yu Wen Tian and Li Fuchen on the same page again.

Li Fuchen’s perception may exceed Yu Wen Tian’s, but on the path of the martial arts, not only is perception important, but cultivation talent was too.

Perhaps when Li Fuchen breaks through to the Origin Realm, Yu Wen Tian would have already been fifth level of the Origin Realm. What else was there to be compared with?

Back at the Cang Lan Sect…

Li Fuchen exchanged all his treasure fish for contribution points and immediately headed back to the Tower of Tribulations.

Since he had already taken the outer sect no.1 disciple spot as well as rank 1 at the Tower of Tribulations. There was no reason to hold back any longer.

Why not let himself stand out even more?

If you want to achieve something, go all out so that no one will ever surpass you, if not you can give up right now.

Six ticks.

A heaven defying result.

Except Li Fuchen, Sword Maniac’s seven ticks was the first in the last decade.

Li Fuchen’s six ticks would be the first in the last century.

Sword Maniac’s perception may have been the same as Li Fuchen’s, but his willpower wasn’t as strong as Li Fuchen’s, who could cultivate the mid-tier, mystic class body refinement technique to the completion rank in such a short period of time.

Body refinement techniques wasn’t just cultivating with resources.

Everything including physical strength reached a limit, it required an extreme amount of willpower to control the sudden burst in body strength.

If one didn’t have enough willpower, the light consequences were to have one’s qi and blood circulation impaired. The serious ones would die from the violent burst of energy.

But most of the people wouldn’t meet with this situation. As it was rare to progress at such a pace like Li Fuchen’s.

If one took his/her time to cultivate, their physical strength could be slowly increased to the upper levels.

The prerequisites were to have perception and resources.


“Li Fuchen would perhaps become the strongest outer sect disciple ever!”

The results of six ticks was enough to numb the senses of the spectators.

There was no mercy in this result. How will the future disciples ever surpass it.

After exiting the Tower of Tribulations, Li Fuchen went into a cultivation retreat.

The process of breaking through to the Origin Realm was a long and tedious journey.

During the Qi Realm, the martial artist’s qi would simply be gathered at the dantian.

(TL note: Dantian is the point two inches below the navel where the qi resides)

But at the Origin Realm, the qi gathered at the dantian would turn into a whirlpool.

With the existence of the whirlpool, it would allow the martial artist to easily absorb the heaven and earth energy, as well as have more control of one’s qi.

Inhale! Exhale!

Inhale! Exhale!

In the darken room, with every breath Li Fuchen took, a glow of red lit up and extinguished at the dantian.

When the martial artist’s cultivation reached the peak of the Qi Realm, the volume of qi within the body would stop increasing. Even if one consumed more qi pills, it would only be a waste as the extra qi would dissipate into energy and become part of the heaven and earth.

But every individuals volume of qi was different.

Those with better bone frames had a vast amount of qi.

Those with higher ranks in cultivation techniques had vast amounts of qi too.

Thus, with the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique at the ninth rank, Li Fuchen’s inner qi amount wasn’t inferior to most people. He estimated it to be on par with a three star bone frame.

And the amount of qi one had, would decide the amount of time required to breakthrough.

People with more qi, would be like having a river of qi in their body and forming a whirlpool would become simple.

People with lesser qi, would be like a small stream of qi and to form that into a whirlpool would prove to be difficult.

As Li Fuchen revolved his Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, a rampant and surging qi filled up each and every one of his meridians. With the constant circulations, all the qi would end up at the dantian. When the qi try to converge at the same time, it would cause a whirlpool effect.

First revolution.

Second revolution.


Unknowingly, a night had passed, Li Fuchen’s body was bright red like molten. His clothes had long disintegrated and dropped as ashes on the floor.

Closing his eyes, Li Fuchen’s consciousness gathered at his meridians and dantian.

The originally empty dantian, had a sudden surge of pale red qi gushing inward. As though a released dam, the waters crashed together.

Gradually, a whirlpool began to form.

But this whirlpool was still weak and could collapse at anytime.

Li Fuchen needed to carefully strengthen the whirlpool and could not make any careless or reckless mistakes.

2 hours went by, it was now noon time.

The whirlpool in Li Fuchen’s dantian got bigger and bigger. From the size of a thumb to the size of an egg, until the size of a fist now.

Finally the whirlpool was formed.

The originally pale red qi whirlpool had turned red, like a flaming tornado blazing with heat.

At this moment, a huge amount of heaven and earth energy flowed inwards to Li Fuchen’s body.

Li Fuchen could continue to cultivate now.

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First level of the Origin Realm, achieved!

‘Is this the first level of the Origin Realm?’

Li Fuchen gradually let out a breath of air. His eyes were gleaming with joy, there wasn’t a speck of exhaustion.

Right when he breakthrough to the Origin Realm, he felt his body turn empty and was in need of a large amount of qi.

This was mainly due to the fact that the previously gathered qi had all been used to create the whirlpool and that left no qi remaining in his body.

With a flip of his palm, a pill appeared.

This was a high-tier, yellow class qi pill which was used to replenish one’s qi. It was worth 1000 contribution points.

Swallowing the pill, Li Fuchen revolved his Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique and refined the pill’s medicinal effects.

Very quickly, Li Fuchen’s body felt as though it was filled to the brim with qi and gave off an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

As the refinement of the pill was complete, the emptiness disappeared.

Standing up, Li Fuchen’s body shook a little and red qi started to appear from his body. The dense red qi coated his entire body.

In this instance, Li Fuchen was as though a ‘Flaming Man’.

Qi Manifestation.

And it was the manifestation of qi throughout the whole body.

This meant that Li Fuchen could use qi to defend his whole body. Even if the physical defense was weak, regular Qi Realm martial artists wouldn’t be able to deal any damage.

With a confident smile on his face, Li Fuchen’s right hand formed a claw, with a stretch and pull.


The door which was a few meters away suddenly got pulled open, inviting the blinding sunlight in.

Walking out of the house, Li Fuchen stood in front of a huge monolith the height of a human.


With a casual palm strike on the monolith, it got blown into smithereens with shards flying everywhere. This power was much stronger than when he was in the Qi Realm.

‘As expected of the Origin Realm, such concentrated qi.’ Li Fuchen marvelled at his new found strength.

With the same amount of qi utilized, the force from an Origin Realm expert was at least double the force of when he was in the Qi Realm.

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If the qi of a Qi Realm martial artist is considered loose sand, then the qi of an Origin Realm martial artist can be considered as compacted soil which produced a much higher attack force.

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