Chapter 150: The Frantic Video

Three days passed.

It was not a short or long time. However, in these three days, something big happened. On the web, there was mystical video being posted.

A video that showed a man fighting against dozens of soldiers and the act of the man being able to block bullets. The moment this video was uploaded to the internet, it caused a sensation. The number of views was so high that within a few hours, it had already reached a few million views.

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“F*ck! Who is this handsome guy? He is so awesome!”

“Expert. This person is definitely one of those martial artists that concealed themselves away from the world. Look at his moves and style, it is definitely a set of super powerful martial arts technique.”

“This is definitely CGI. He can even block bullets? This is too fake. He can even injure others? Aren’t they just shooting movie?”

A discussion was being carried out on the net by those who believed the video was real and also those who did not. In these three days, this mystical video had been spreading like wildfire on the internet and had led to countless people viewing it. So much so that even experts had started to judge the authenticity.

The experts questioned the validity of the video and also started to carry out scientific discussions to explain how that man had managed to block the bullets in the video. In short, the internet was flooded with news regarding this video.

And after this video had been posted on the internet, there was another person who had also posted another segment of it. This segment was recorded at the parking lot. Similarly, it was of that same man. And in this video, other than that man, there was also a group of people who wore police uniforms surrounding that man.

Mystically, in the video, there were also scenes of gunshots happening. Similarly, that man had used the same way to block the bullets. It was simply the same as the previous video.

“See! I have already said. This is real. This person is definitely a true martial artist.”

“Isn’t this also fake? How can he possibly use the same method twice? This is definitely just a show.”

“Can’t you tell? Only by doing a fake scene can it show two different kinds of scenario. That person definitely possesses real ability. That’s why he was able to display the same method twice because this was his technique.”

Both sides started to dispute again as their comments flooded the internet.

However, during the third day, the two videos and anything related to them had suddenly disappeared from the internet. Those who still had the video tried to upload it again, but were blocked by the service providers.

However, some people had managed to comprehend what was going on. On that video, the person who had taken a beating were the soldiers and the dozen soldiers had been utterly defeated by a person. Above all, there was one of them who had casually opened fire and also used threatening speech, “I will definitely make you pay a severe price for this.” Wasn’t this causing their country to lose face and also bringing shame upon them? Naturally, the country would have to block this video from spreading anymore.


Hong Family.

The first day the video had been posted, the Hong Family members had already watched it. At that time, Hong Guanlin was angered to the point of almost vomiting blood. In the video, it clearly showed that the whole incident had been caused by Hong Bing and after that, Hong Jun had brought a group of people to provoke Cheng Yu on his own accord. Wasn’t this slapping his own face?

Previously, when he was negotiating with Zhao Minglong, he had been bold and confident that it was Cheng Yu’s fault. Now, how was he going to show his face in front of Zhao Minglong anymore?

“You two b*st*rd grandsons. Kneel down! How am I going to explain this incident to my superiors?! Are you trying to let our Hong Family be consigned to eternal d*mnation?!” Hong Guanlin shouted at his two grandsons.

From the video, it could be said that Cheng Yu was totally innocent and it also showed that he had been very lenient to both his grandsons. From the moment Cheng Yu managed to block the bullet, Hong Guanlin was able to tell that Cheng Yu was not an ordinary person.

From his unperturbed expression, one could tell that he had already gave them a lot of leeway. Previously, before Hong Guanlin saw the video, he felt that Cheng Yu would at most be a little bit more powerful than an ordinary person. But now, there was a sense of fear developing in his heart. That’s right, it was fear. Because Cheng Yu was too calm to the point of he seemed like he was no longer a human.

From Cheng Yu’s eyes, Hong Guanlin was able to tell that Cheng Yu had never once thought of his grandsons as his match, but was actually disdaining them. It was the kind disdain that showed up when a stronger being looking at a weaker being.

With his formidable strength, if Cheng Yu were not to die, he would definitely come over to his Hong Family to take revenge. Hong Guanlin was not afraid of that, but he still had such a big family. His son and grandson still had their future ahead of them. However, the strength Cheng Yu had displayed caused him not to be able to think of it any longer.

“Grandpa…” Hong Bing and Hong Jun kneeled down as they were extremely afraid. They had never once seen their grandpa flaring up so much before.

“Both of you withdraw first,” When Hong Guanlin saw both his grandsons were trembling with fear, he felt disappointed. Compared to Cheng Yu, they were too terrible. Alone, Hong Guanlin sat down in his chair while his expression looked haggard. He felt that he had suddenly aged dozens of years.


Inside the Zhao Family Villa.

“Dad, Mom, come have a look. It’s cousin! Cousin is on the news,” Zhao Yunfang was inside her room surfing the net when she suddenly screamed.

“What?! Your cousin is on the news? What happened?!” For the past two days, they had not been able to locate Cheng Yu causing both of them to be extremely anxious. When they heard their daughter’s scream, they quickly ran over to her room.

They watched the whole video and were stupefied. They had never known that Cheng Yu possessed such skills.

“See! Cousin is so powerful that he can even block bullets. Cousin is really so secretive. He actually learnt such a good skill, but chose not to tell me about it!” Zhao Yunfang spoke with excitement before feeling pouty at Cheng Yu for not teaching her anything.

Zhao Minglong no longer had any idea how to describe the feelings he had in his heart. He only knew that this incident had gone beyond his imagination.

However, Zhao Minglong recalled something. It turned out that the reason Cheng Yu had gotten into conflict with the Hong Family was because of this incident. And yesterday, Hong Guanlin had said that he will use other means to settle this incident. Could it be that Cheng Yu’s disappearance was due to the Hong Family?

Zhao Minglong quickly took out his phone and called a number and requested a person to investigated the movements of the Hong Family for the past two days.


Cheng Family Courtyard.

“Good! HAHA! He really deserves to be called my, Cheng Ruilong’s, grandson! Good!” After watching the video, Cheng Ruilong said happily as he laughed.

Even though he had no idea how this b*st*rd grandson suddenly became so powerful, he did not care as what mattered most to him was that his grandson had finally grown up. This deserved to be more important compared to other issues.

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“Old man, it has already been two years since I have seen my good grandson. Now, it’s already their holiday, so go and ask someone to fetch him. He must have definitely suffered while being in Yunhai alone,” When they saw their grandson’s video, Cheng Yu’s grandma was not happy, but was instead worried and also longed for her grandson.

After a person grows old, what they want most is for their grandchildren to be able to accompany them by their side. Her only grandson had already left their house for more than two years and they had not seen him since. How could the old grandma not think of her grandson then?

“Old hag, what do you know?! If it was not for me sending that b*st*rd to Yunhai, it would be uncertain of how many more troubles he would have caused for me in the capital. Look at your precious grandson now. Isn’t he a lot stronger than when he was in the capital?” The previous Cheng Yu was a pure and genuine second generation rich young master. Every day, he would be arrogant and incompetent. The moment he got into a fight, the first thing he would do is find helpers. He was never as awe-inspiring as now. A person picking a fight with dozen soldiers, yet he managed to win with ease. Was there anything more delightful than this? At this moment, Cheng Ruilong’s phone rang.

“Hello? Who’s this?” Cheng Ruilong picked up the phone and asked.

“Old Cheng, it’s me, Old Xu. Did you watch the news? There’s a video and the person seems like your grandson,” A vigorous voice sounded through the phone.

“Haha! Old Xu, I have seen the news. That is my family’s little brat. Everyday causing troubles wherever he goes,” Cheng Ruilong seemed like he was scolding Cheng Yu, but he was actually extremely pleased with Cheng Yu.

“Old Cheng, your house’s little Cheng seems to possess some skills. He actually managed to conceal it so deeply. At that time when he was in the capital, I never saw him being so awe-inspiring before!”

“Haha! That’s because I was scared that he would turn the capital upside down!” Cheng Ruilong laughed. Even though he was very curious how his grandson suddenly possessed such skills, he would still not expose him.

“Old Cheng, since your house’s little kid is so skillful, can I discuss something with you?” Old Xu laughed.

“What is it? Speak your mind,” Actually, Cheng Ruilong could guess what Old Xu wanted to talk to him about.

Old Xu’s name was Xu Zhongze and he had been good pals with Cheng Ruilong for over dozens of years. Before he had retired, he was the Central Military Committee chairman. That position was a top notch position in Huaxia. Even though he had already retired, the Xu Family was still a military family in capital. There were countless offspring from the Xu Family that held positions in the military.

“I heard from my brother not long ago that the country was going to establish a mysterious division. They were now selecting all talents from different military regions. As for the military instructor for this unit, they had not yet picked one out. Therefore, I wish to ask to let your family’s little kid go and give it a try,” Xu Zhongze talked about his main objective for calling Cheng Ruilong.

Xu Zhongze had also unintentionally seen the news concerning Cheng Yu. Furthermore, his brother Xu Zhongfu had spoken with him about the recruitment as well. Xu Zhongfu was the Central Military Committee’s vice chairman, so naturally he would know about this as well. Besides, Xu Zhongze, who was the previous chairman of the Central Military Committee, had a good understanding of each and every military region. If he was able to find an optimal military instructor candidate, that would be the best he could ever ask for.

Furthermore, he had also heard about this incident from his son. It just so happened that he had watched the video of Cheng Yu. Immediately, Xu Zhongze recalled the mysterious unit was picking out a perfect candidate for a military instructor.

However, he was unable to confirm if that person in the video was truly the Cheng Family’s little kid. But since he looked so similar, he decided to give Cheng Ruilong a call to confirm this. If it was true, he would ask Cheng Yu to give it a try.

“I don’t think this is good. That kid is too young. If he became a military instructor, it would be too inappropriate,” Cheng Ruilong was also somewhat excited, but he knew that Cheng Yu was still too young. This kind of mysterious division would be the elites of the elites being recruited and was definitely not something an ordinary soldier could be in.

It had also been two years since he had met his grandson. Just by relying on the video, Cheng Ruilong was not confident that Cheng Yu would be able to get this position.

If those mad soldiers were to accidentally injure his grandson, what was he going to do? In his Cheng Family’s third generation, Cheng Yu was the only male. He did not wish for Cheng Yu to participate in this risky venture.

Of course, if Cheng Yu really did have this mysterious ability and managed to become the military instructor of this mysterious division, it would be for the best. Judging from the specialty of this unit, Cheng Ruilong knew that this sort of unit’s rank would definitely be a lot higher than the ordinary units.

If he was able to use this division, then the position of the Cheng Family in the capital would be even more secured.

“What’s wrong with that? We are also not going to allow him to become a military instructor right away. I am just asking for him to give it a shot. Furthermore, didn’t that kid just finish his national exam? It has been a long time since we met him, so asking him to come over and visit us old men is not too excessive, right?” Xu Zhongze laughed as he replied. After he had watched the video, he truly wished to meet Cheng Yu.

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