Chapter 149: Qi Deviation

Cheng Yu carried Yao Na as they fled several hundreds of meters away before vomiting another two mouthfuls of blood. Just now, when Cheng Yu was guiding Yao Na in cultivation, he was interrupted by those assassins, which caused both of them to enter a Qi Deviation state. Cheng Yu was still a little more fortunate as he had a high cultivation and it was just sufficient to suppress it.

However, because he had to handle several people, he had circulated his Qi, causing his body’s meridians to enter into a disordered state with his Qi and blood not being able to flow freely any longer. His Qi had then scattered all through his body and at any time, there was a danger of him dying suddenly.

Cheng Yu quickly took out two Reversal Pills as he consumed one and gave the other one to Yao Na. He placed some pressure on Yao Na’s neck, allowing her to swallow the pill.

Cheng Yu took out his flying sword once again as he carried Yao Na and flew towards the cliff. Even though they had consumed the Reversal Pill, Cheng Yu was soon about to lose control of the Qi in his body. The flying sword was swaying left and right in the sky as if it would fall down soon. Fortunately, the flying speed of the flying sword was fast. Five minutes later, Cheng Yu was already at the cliff. He descended down to ravine.

When he saw the reflection of the ravine, Cheng Yu could finally sigh in relief. However, he had already reached his limit. Just as there was about 20 meters from the ground, Cheng Yu and Yao Na dropped down with the flying sword. Luckily, Cheng Yu kept on protecting Yao Na as she fell on top of Cheng Yu when they touched the ground.

“BAM!” A flood dragon flew up from the pool. When she saw that the person was Cheng Yu, Shi Ji wanted to scold him. But when she saw that he was actually so gravely injured, she flew to his side.

“Spiritual Origin Fruit…” Cheng Yu’s vitality was very weak as he spoke to Shi Ji.

Shi Ji did not wish to give another to Cheng Yu, but she did not want Cheng Yu to die yet. Without a choice, she curled up her tail to a Spiritual Origin Fruit and sent it to the front of Cheng Yu’s mouth. After that, she stuffed it into Cheng Yu’s mouth forcefully.

“Save her…” Cheng Yu swallowed the Spiritual Origin Fruit and ordered weakly once again.

Shi Ji looked at the woman in Cheng Yu’s bosom. She had a very beautiful appearance, but her complexion was very pale with not a hint of rosiness. When Shi Ji saw Cheng Yu was hugging this woman so tightly, her impression of Cheng Yu turned a little better. At least he was still an affectionate and loyal man.

Shi Ji used her tail to curl Yao Na up and moved her away from Cheng Yu’s bosom. After that, she brought Yao Na under the Spiritual Origin Tree. She used the spiritual Qi from the Spiritual Origin Tree to suppress the chaotic spiritual Qi in Yao Na’s body.

Because when Cheng Yu was guiding Yao Na through her cultivation that time, Yao Na had consumed the Spiritual Origin Fruit and the spiritual Qi within the fruit had not been fully refined by Yao Na yet. Furthermore, the Spiritual Origin Fruit was an immortal fruit that focused on healing injuries, so naturally it would also contain some miraculous benefits.

Therefore, compared to Cheng Yu, Yao Na’s situation was a lot better. It was just that Yao Na was still a mortal. When Qi Deviation occurred, she would not be able to endure it so easily.

As for Cheng Yu, he was suffering in pain. Yao Na had Shi Ji to help her with her injuries and containing the spiritual Qi in her body. But Cheng Yu was only able to forcefully operate his cultivation method to suppress the Qi in his body. The two kinds of Qi resisted each other causing Cheng Yu to feel that his body was about to burst.


Hong Family Courtyard.

There was a row of dead corpses lying in front of them. Among the dead corpses, four of their bodies did not have any anomaly, but they had died. The others had a bullet hole in their foreheads.

Hong Bing and Hong Jun were nearly scared to death by this scene. All these people was sent out by their father. Every one of them were the elite of the elites, but they had actually been killed!

When they recalled the scene yesterday, they felt that they were fortunate that Cheng Yu was not too ruthless to them. Otherwise, the person lying here would be them. When they thought of this, they became scared. They decided resolutely that they would never offend Cheng Yu again.

Hong Fanghai’s complexion was also very ugly at the moment. This incident had been instigated by his father. His father had asked him to send a few of the elites of his team out. Now, among the 15 he sent out, only six were alive. This caused him to be at a loss of how he was going to report it to his superiors.

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Even though he was a Chief of Staff, there was still a commanding officer above him. Furthermore, during this time, the head of the division had been inspecting their military district. If this was to be known by the head, he would definitely get into big trouble.

“Speak. What exactly happened?!” When Hong Guanlin saw the situation, his complexion turned very ugly as he shouted angrily at the surviving men.

“Report! Chief, we also aren’t sure of what exactly happened. At that time, we were keeping watch on the ground floor. Not long after they managed to enter the room, gunshots were heard. After that, the target carried a woman and charged out from the window. That person was extremely powerful, he just used a move and knocked all of us down. When we tried to chase after him, he had already disappeared. We have no choice but to check the situation in the room. When we went in, they were already dead,” One of the men spoke of the scenario in detail.

Even they were also not able to comprehend what had happened. The target’s speed was too fast. From the moment he jumped out of the window and fell, not only was he fine, he even used a move and knocked all of them down. After that, he ran off so quickly. What’s more, there was still a woman in his bosom!

“Could it be that Cheng Yu is really so formidable?” Hong Guanlin felt that it was too hard to imagine it. Cheng Yu was only a high school student and all these people were the elites of his unit. When he heard the report from these people, he was able to tell that the time taken for them to enter the room was not even more than three minutes.

In three minutes, nine of the elites had been slaughtered. This could be said that their elites were useless or it meant that Cheng Yu was too formidable to the point where they couldn’t even imagine.

“This incident must be kept secret temporarily. No one is allowed to leak it. Do you understand?!” This incident was too big. The moment someone knew of it, their Hong Family would definitely have to face a calamity.

As these people were all the elites of the unit, but they had been brought over to their Hong Family to settle a personal dispute for them, it would look really bad. Even if the higher-ups decided to close their eyes to this, with so many of them dead, even if the Hong Family had a bit of influence, they would not be able to hide this incident for long.

“Roger that, Chief!” The other men replied in unison. They naturally knew that they must definitely not leak this incident out as this was a grave matter! Whoever leaked it out would definitely cause them to lose their life. After they got someone to bring the corpses away, the courtyard was left with the Hong Family.

“It’s all your fault, you little rascal! He can provoke anyone, but he chose to provoke someone so powerful. If we don’t handle this incident well, our Hong Family is finished!” Returning to the house, Hong Guanlin scolded his two grandsons.

“Grandpa, we are sorry. We also did not expect that the situation would become like this,” Tonight, Hong Bing and Hong Jun had truly been frightened. Especially Hong Bing. This incident was instigated by him. When he saw the situation had turned for the worse, he kneeled down on the floor and cried.

“Dad, how are we going to handle this incident? If the head inspects the unit and realizes it was me bringing them away, I am afraid our Hong Family would really be finished,” Even though Hong Fanghai knew that this incident was caused by his son, he knew that this was not the time to push the blame on someone else, but to think of ideas to conceal this incident.

“If they ask about it, just say that you have sent them on a secret mission. After a period of time, you can just report saying that the mission was a failure and they lost their lives,” Hong Guanlin kept quiet while he thought of an excuse before replying.

“Alright. I understand,” Hong Fanghai felt that this was the only choice right now.

“Oh right. With regards to Cheng Yu’s identity, you must also send someone to investigate it clearly. I really want to see which part of him is truly so sacred,” Since they had already become enemies with Cheng Yu, he could only choose to have a better understanding of his enemy.

“Ok. I know.”


On this night, the Hong Family was not the only ones who were disturbed. Zhao Minglong was unable to sleep. Just now, he received news that someone reported that they heard gunshots coming from Cheng Yu’s villa. When they rushed to the scene, there was no one at home, but at the scene, there was a large blood stains.

As one can imagine, Zhao Minglong quickly went over to Cheng Yu’s villa. He was also very helpless. Why can’t Cheng Yu be living a peaceful life? Why must there be people always finding trouble with him?

It was not the right time to lament now, but to think of a way to see if Cheng Yu was safe right now. Cheng Meiyan also wished to tag along, but was rejected by Zhao Minglong. Since Cheng Yu was not around, it would be useless for her to head over as well.

Without a choice, Cheng Meiyan could only keep on calling Cheng Yu’s phone. However, she was unable to get through to Cheng Yu’s phone at all. This caused her to be extremely anxious.

This time, it was not Cheng Yu’s phone running out of battery, but because he was at the bottom of the abyss, there was no signal. Naturally, the call would not be able to get through.


Two days had passed, but no one had any news of Cheng Yu. This caused people to be extremely worried. Of course, those who were worried for him were those who were close to him.

The Hong Family had also gotten the news of Cheng Yu’s disappearance. When they heard the news, it was the best news they had gotten for the past few days.

“Could it be that Cheng Yu was not as formidable as what we imagined? And he was also injured severely that time?” Hong Guanlin sat down on his chair and curiously asked.

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“Grandpa, this might be very well possible. Those we sent out were elites! We had also lost so many of them. Even if Cheng Yu was very powerful, it was impossible for him to have escaped uninjured,” Hong Bing laughed.

At this very moment, Hong Bing wished for Cheng Yu to have died. Then all this would just come to an end. He would also no longer be afraid of someone coming over to find trouble with him. After all, the impression Cheng Yu had left on him was really too scary. It was to the point of him not being able to resist at all.

For these two days, even when he was going to sleep, he did not dare to switch off the lights. When he closed his eyes, he would see that nonchalant smiling face of Cheng Yu’s. But this kind of nonchalant smile caused him to feel that he had seen a devil.

“I feel that this incident is not that simple. He could kill nine elites within three minutes. His strength was definitely not something we can look down on. If it was said that he had died, even I would not believe it. I think he should be hiding somewhere to heal his injuries. Fanghai, send additional men to search for him. See if they are able to locate Cheng Yu. It would be best if while doing that, they can also secretly eliminate him as well,” Hong Guanlin said after much consideration.

As the saying goes, “the older you are, the wiser you become.” He was actually able to guess correctly! Hong Guanlin might have never met Cheng Yu, but he was able to tell from the strength Cheng Yu displayed that he was out of this world. Therefore, in his heart, he had a kind of premonition that Cheng Yu would definitely not die easily.

Hong Guanlin was not someone who would resign himself to his fate easily. He liked to be on the initiative. However, if he wished to kill Cheng Yu, it was something impossible.

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