Chapter 170: The Innocent Gu Xing Hao


His silent inquiry causes a change in the Gu family members’ expressions.

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Although Zhuang Nai Nai can be dim-witted sometimes, this time, she recognizes this gesture as his way of elevating her status.

The way he looks at her implies that eating here is entirely up to her.  If she does not want to eat here, Gu De Shou will not be able to do anything to her.

A kind of warmth flits through her heart; this gesture is really sweet.


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Even though she does not want to eat with these people, she has no other choice but to.  Her mother is in Gu De Shou’s hands.

She nods at Si Zheng Ting.

Only then does Si Zheng Ting make a move to enter the villa.

She follows him in and starts looking around.

This villa felt so luxurious to her, back when she first saw it.  It felt like heaven.   But now that she has lived in the Si manor, this house suddenly feels small and the furnitures no longer seem as luxurious.

The difference between the two houses is big.

Afterwards, Li Yu Feng and Gu Xing Shan does not dare to say anything.  Gu Xing Hao, on the other hand, is casual and laid-back.  He looks at Si Zheng Ting with eyes full of reverence and keeps making small talks throughout dinner.

Gu De Shou occasionally interjects with some small remarks, making the guests feel at home.

When Zhuang Nai Nai goes to wash her hands later, she overhears Gu De Shou pulling Gu Xing Hao aside.

Gu De Shou praises his son, “I always thought you were socially-stunned, but your performance today is unexpectedly good!”

Gu Xing Hao raises his chin proudly, “I told you I have my own capabilities, dad!”

Gu De Shou laughs, “Hahaha, not bad.  After dinner, invite Mr. Si to the garden.”

Gu Xing Hao is a little surprised at that instruction, “What are we going to do in the garden?  Although our garden is not bad, it will be nothing compared to the one in Mr. Si’s home.  He will not enjoy himself there.”

Gu De Shou’s temples suddenly throb, “Just do as I told you to!”

Gu Xing Hao frowns, “I think it is better if I invite him upstairs and show him my video games!  I think he will appreciate that more!”

Gu De Shou: …………..

He originally thought this son of his has grown up and could now be brought to meet people, but he turns out to be just the same.

“No matter what, you have to bring Mr. Si to the garden!”

“But why?  Let me tell you this, dad—“

“Shut up!  If you don’t invite him to the garden, you will not get pocket money for half a year!”

Gu Xing Hao is anxious now, “Dad…..”


Gu Xing Hao reluctantly nods.

Zhuang Nai Nai helplessly shakes her head as she watch the pair walk away.

Although she has not known them for long, she has gotten the impression that Gu De Shou is a slimy old fox while Li Yu Feng is a haughty peacock, forever talking to people in a condescending way.  Gu Xing Shan is that immature white lotus who is forever scheming.

The only one salvageable in this family, is Gu Xing Hao, who is also her enemy.

Although he is not very smart, he is not treacherous or sneaky.

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