Chapter 148: Night Attack

Not long after, the attendant returned with the car keys as she handed them over to Yao Na. Yao Na held onto the car keys for the Ferrari while feeling extremely anxious. This was a Ferrari! She had never once dreamt of being able to drive this type of car.

“Are we really buying it?” Yao Na confirmed with Cheng Yu first. This was simply a dream to her.

“Of course. Go ahead and test the car.”

“I am a little nervous. It’s been a long time since I have touched a car,” Yao Na said embarrassingly. Furthermore, ever since she graduated, she had never drove again. She was afraid to lose face for Cheng Yu.

“Haha! It’s fine. I can teach you,” Cheng Yu said as he picked up Yao Na’s hand and pushed the button. He opened the car door for Yao Na before he seated himself next to her. “VROOM!” The engine boomed as she left towards the testing track.

Ai Ling and Shen Hang looked at Yao Na driving the car away. They were shocked to the point of being dumbfounded.

“Can the cars here be test driven so casually?” Ai Ling asked curiously. She could no longer control her itch as since she could not afford it, she might as well give it a test drive to experience it.

“Of course not,” The attendant simply replied.

“Then why can he test drive the car?” Ai Ling asked curiously.

“Because he wants to buy this car.”

“How much is that car? Are you sure he can afford it?” From the start until now, Cheng Yu had never asked for the car price. Ai Ling and Shen Hang were also extremely curious about that. How much was this car?!

“$5.3 million,” The attendant replied excitedly. If this car was sold, the commission she would gain from it would definitely not be little.

“Hiss!” Ai Ling sucked in a breath of air. $5.3 million?! But Cheng Yu did not even bother to ask for the price and he had already decided to purchase it. Could it be that he was actually a rich man acting poor?!

“You know who that man is?” The attendant never once looked down on Cheng Yu as she served him and also did not suspect if Cheng Yu was able to afford the car. Therefore, Ai Ling asked subconsciously.

“Of course. Mr. Cheng is our VVIP. He has already bought a number of cars from us. He already spent several tens of millions here. How can I not know about him?” With regards to Cheng Yu, she always admired him. Every time he came, he would bring along a different lady. Furthermore, every time he bought a car, it would usually be a luxurious one. How could she not admire him?

These sentences caused Ai Ling to be stupefied. Originally, she still wanted to flaunt in front of others so as to make herself look awe-inspiring. She did not expect that the kid was a true rich man. She was embarrassed and astonished at the same time.

In the driving site, Cheng Yu taught Yao Na how to drive. Originally, Yao Na had already learnt how to drive, but she hadn’t driven for a long time, so she forgot about it. Now, she just needed a short recap before she would remember how to drive. Cheng Yu explained everything once to her before Yao Na was able to slowly drive the car. After driving for a while, Yao Na started to feel more and more enthusiastic. She felt that she liked this kind of feeling as she displayed an expression of excitement.

“Mr. Cheng, are you satisfied with the car?” When the duo drove the car back, the attendant smiled and asked.

“Not bad. Help me handle the purchasing procedures. Oh right, get me the red BMW 3 series that is displayed outside as well. There’s no need to test drive that one. Get someone to send these two cars straight to my villa. I will not be driving them back,” Cheng Yu took out a very ordinary looking gold card and passed it to the attendant.

Domineering! The way he bought a car was like buying groceries! He would pick those he likes only and could easily fork out a few million without even blinking his eyes.

“Mr. Cheng, you are truly someone who kept his true colors hidden very well!” When Shen Hang saw the attendant had taken the gold card and left excitedly to settle the payment, he smiled and flattered Cheng Yu.

“Haha! It’s nothing. It’s just that I have a rich father,” Cheng Yu did not wish to expose his identity. Not long later, Manager Zhang walked over hastily. He said passionately, ”Aiya! Mr. Cheng, why did you not come to my office to look for me when you came!”

“Haha! Manager Zhang is too courteous. I am just afraid to trouble Manager Zhang.”

“Mr. Cheng, what are you talking about! To please you is the most important aspect of my job. For you to visit my dealership several times is already a blessing to me. If you were to not even be served a cup of tea by me, it should be me being lacking manners. Let’s go and have tea together. Your attendant will need some time to handle the procedures.”

“Manager Zhang is too welcoming. Since Manager Zhang has spoken, I can only accept your offer then,” Seeing how passionate Manager Zhang was, Cheng Yu could not bear to reject him.

“Is this Mr. Cheng’s friend?” At this moment, Manager Zhang’s eyes landed on Shen Hang.

“Hello Manager Zhang. I am Shen Hang. We met each other at the Yunhai Motor show previously,” Shen Hong’s smile somewhat looked forced.

“Oh. So it’s Mr. Shen. Since Mr. Shen is also Mr. Cheng’s friend, you can also join us for the tea session.”

Manager Zhang might not be the boss, but to manage such a big dealership, he had seen lots of well-known public figures. Naturally, he would not remember such an insignificant person like Shen Hang. Let alone they had their first meeting at a motor show.

In the whole motor show, even if there weren’t hundreds, there would be dozens of people who greeted him. How could he possibly remember all of them? But since the other party was Cheng Yu’s friend, he would naturally have to give Shen Hang some face.

“Thank you, Manager Zhang,” At this very moment, Shen Hang wished to find a hole and hide himself there. Previously, he had told Cheng Yu that Manager Zhang was his friend. In the end, it was him who had used Cheng Yu’s name to form a friendly relation with Manager Zhang instead.

Even Ai Ling who was chattering non-stop no longer had face to continue speaking. She still wished to continue mocking Yao Na, but never expected that the situation would turn to this. Cheng Yu did not do or say anything. But the impact was more powerful than thousands of words as the awkward outcome had been deeply engraved into their hearts.

Cheng Yu stayed at Manager Zhang’s office for a tea session and chatted with him. After Xiao Yan finished handling the procedures, Cheng Yu brought Yao Na and left immediately.

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When they saw the car Cheng Yu was driving was a Lamborghini, Ai Ling and Shen Hang felt their heart being ruthlessly pierced through by a knife.


Ai Ling’s appearance was just a small episode. Cheng Yu and Yao Na did not even seem to be bothered by it as their expressions had been very indifferent throughout the incident. Since they were both free, they spent the afternoon strolling around the shopping mall. It was only at night that they had dinner before returning to Cheng Yu’s villa.

The moment Yao Na walked into the villa, she was astonished. She did not have much of understanding of Cheng Yu’s background. She only knew that in Yunhai, his guardian was his aunt and uncle. However, she did not know that Cheng Yu’s uncle was actually Yunhai’s Mayor.

Before the national exam when Cheng Yu disappeared, Yao Na had gone over to his aunt’s house to inquire about Cheng Yu’s whereabouts. However, that time, she returned without any results.

“You live here alone?” The villa might look very beautiful, but when Yao Na entered, she felt that it was a bit too quiet. Inside the villa, none of the lights were switched on, causing Yao Na to ask curiously.

“En. My parents aren’t in Yunhai.”

“Then…wouldn’t you…” When she think of them being alone here tonight, Yao Na couldn’t help feeling extremely anxious. She liked Cheng Yu, but was not prepared to do those sort of things with him yet.

“Relax. Before you have attained Foundation Establishment Realm, I will not do anything to you,” Cheng Yu was speechless. All the women he brought here would ask the exact same question. Could it be that his personality was that bad? Cheng Yu became very gloomy…

When Yao Na heard Cheng Yu’s words, she sighed in relief. However, she was still extremely anxious. When she was tutoring Cheng Yu, the house also had just the two of them, but at least it was at school. But here, the distance between each villa was quite far. If Cheng Yu really wished to do that kind of thing with her, she would not be able to escape from it!

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Besides, when she understood Cheng Yu’s meaning of wait until she had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm before he would do those sort of things with her, Yao Na blushed. However, as it was the night, Cheng Yu did not pay any attention. Entering the villa, when Yao Na saw how luxurious the interior looked, her expression was the same as Lin Yuhan’s, astonished. Both of their families were not that well-off. Naturally they had never seen such a luxurious mansion before.

It was the same as yesterday night. Cheng Yu waited for Yao Na to shower before teaching her how to cultivate. Of course, when Cheng Yu saw the exquisite figure of hers, it caused him to be aroused.

Compared to the unripe Lin Yuhan, Yao Na gave off a seductive vibe. The comparison was very obvious. After all, Yao Na was a lot more mature than Lin Yuhan. Luckily, Cheng Yu was able to control himself well, otherwise, he might have already pushed her down.

After they entered a state of cultivation, they basically cut off all connection with the outside world. It could also be said that they had entered the ethereal realm. It was around 12 am when a group of people appeared outside of Cheng Yu’s villa. All of them had a gun on hand while wearing dark clothes. However, from the way they nimbly entered Cheng Yu’s villa, you could tell that they were definitely not ordinary.

One of the people leading went past the courtyard of the villa and arrived at the side of the villa. On the top floor, the lights were still on making them believe that there should be people in that room. They looked at the room at the side that was not lit up. After that, they took out a rope and threw it up. The anchor hooked onto the second floor window ledge.

The leading person climbed up first and opened the window. After that, he somersaulted into that room. One after another, the eight of them entered into the room as well. As for the others, they kept a look out downstairs to prevent their target from escaping.

The leading person opened up the room door. After that, all of them rushed into the room that had its light on. Arriving outside of the room, the few of them made some hand signals. Soon after, the person in front kicked open the door.

“Don’t move…put your hands up!” The group of people took out their guns and shouted as they rushed in and encircled Yao Na and Cheng Yu.

“Puuhhh! Puuhhh!” Cheng Yu and Yao Na vomited a mouthful of blood at the same time. Cheng Yu appeared to still be ok as he had the cultivation level of a Foundation Establishment Realm Late Stage. But Yao Na collapsed immediately. Cheng Yu quickly went forward and pressed two pressure points on Yao Na’s chest.

“D*mn it!” Cheng Yu shouted angrily. He sent a palm strike out. Four of them were hit by the Qi of the strike and crashed straight into the wall as they immediately vomited a large volume of blood.

“BANG! BANG! BANG!” Every one of them were stupefied by the scene occurring in front of them. They had long forgotten about the orders from the higher ups to not open fire. However, because the change was too quick, when they saw four of their comrades had been hurt, they opened fire.

Cheng Yu swiped his right hand and received all the bullets in his hand. After that, he threw it back at the group of people, causing the bullets to land on their bodies. After that, Cheng Yu carried Yao Na and dashed out from the window. The moment he landed on the floor, he knocked down those who were stationed at the ground floor. After that, he flew out of the villa and disappeared into the dark night very quickly…

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