Chapter 147: Buying a Car

Yao Na saw that they were so enthusiastic about it, but she still did not wish to follow them. On the contrary, Cheng Yu was fine with it. He also wished to see what tactics they would use to mess around with Yao Na and him. Thus, he nodded his head towards Yao Na.

When Ai Ling saw that they agreed, she quickly went up and pulled Yao Na’s hands as if she was afraid that Yao Na would run away. If others were to see Ai Ling acting so intimately, they would really think that the two of them were best pals who had not seen each other for many years. Even though Yao Na was not used to it, she still felt that it was inappropriate to reject her. So, she let Ai Ling pull her along.

While walking, Ai Ling would keep on talking to Yao Na about her luxurious lifestyle in recent years. It seemed like her world only revolved around luxury.

“That’s right. Yao Na, what kind of price tag are you looking at? Aish! Nowadays, the procedures for buying a car is troublesome. If the price is too low, you will not have the face to drive it. But if the price is too high, especially as Shen Hang and I are people with status in the company, people would think that we are embezzling money,” When Ai Ling saw that Yao Na did not speak a single sentence, she changed the topic back to buying a car.

“We are just only looking around,” Yao Na said nonchalantly.

“Yao Na, I actually feel that you should just buy a cheap car since you are a teacher. If you drive a luxurious car, you will be criticized by others behind your back. You see, there are a lot of female teachers that drive Mini Coopers or QQs. Besides, teachers don’t earn a lot. I think it’s very suitable for you to buy this kind of car. What do you think?” The way Ai Ling spoke seemed to be weighing the options out for Yao Na, but behind her words, she was actually mocking Yao Na for not having money.

As for Cheng Yu who was standing at a side, Ai Ling had long ignored him. Even though he was quite handsome and young, the clothes he wore were just ordinary. Just by a look, you could tell that he was not rich. Therefore, she believed that it was Yao Na buying her own car.

“Shen Hang, what do you think of this car? Regardless of whether it was a male or female, I find it suitable for both genders,” Suddenly, Ai Ling saw a red BMW 3 series sedan in front. Immediately, she was somewhat pleasantly surprised. The BMW 3 series was actually a very beautiful car. If a woman drove it, she would look elegant and classy in it while if it was a man, it would be imposing.

“Miss, how much is this car?” Shen Hang looked at the BMW and his heart bulged. When he saw Ai Ling was so happy and there were also other women around, he did not wish to lose his dignity.

“Mister, this BMW 3 series is the latest model that is equipped with 8th gear tech. The whole interior was done with fashion in mind. Our current selling price is $380,000.”

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$380,000? Shen Hang was stunned. He was a CEO, but his company was just a small firm. His annual salary was only about $500,000. In addition, the place they lived was a top grade district. Adding on to their daily expenses, in a year, it would already cost up to $200,000. To buy a $380,000 car was a little too luxurious at the moment for Shen Hang as he was unable to support it.

“En. It is not bad and the price is also very reasonable. However, there are still so many cars around here, so let’s continue looking at the other cars first,” Shen Hang smiled. He felt that the words he just said were very reasonable and also did not cause him to lose any face.

However, Ai Ling was somewhat disappointed. She wanted to show off in front of Yao Na, but she did not expect Shen Hang to not cooperate with her. However, she also had no other choice. After all, she was not the one forking out the money. After walking for a few steps, Ai Ling pointed at a red Audi A6 and said, ”Shen Hang, what do you think about this then? I feel that it’s quite suitable for us.”

“Miss, this Audi A6 is a 2014 model and it focuses on coziness. It is very suitable for people like you, successful public figures. It will not cause others to feel too bombastic, but instead makes you look very humble,” Shen Hang did not even say anything as the attendant spoke out.

To the attendants, they all possessed nimble minds. She was able to tell that Ai Ling was purposely showing off in front of Cheng Yu and Yao Na, but apparently Shen Hang felt that it was somewhat a too expensive.

At this moment, she knew that it is about time she made a move. She vaguely reminded Ai Ling duo of their status as it would enlarge their egos in front of others.

Furthermore, with Cheng Yu and Yao Na around, they would definitely not back down. If they were willing to buy it, it would be for the best. Even if they were not willing, it would also be fine to the attendant.

“How much does this car cost?” Even Shen Hang was somewhat affected. He felt that Audi should be a lot cheaper than BMW. He should be able to afford it.

“This car’s price is almost the same as the BMW. $375,000. Of course, if you are willing to buy it, I can give you the best price, $370,000,” The attendant’s smile was very sweet. However, Shen Hang’s mouth twitched when he heard the price.

“Your mother! Like that, I might as well buy the BMW?!” However, Shen Hang did not say it out loud. Consequently, he walked around the Audi. From time to time, he would nod his head to make it appear as if he was very happy with it.

“I am very satisfied with the car,” After walking a few rounds around the Audi, Shen Hang praised.

“Then, let’s buy this,” When Ai Ling saw that Shen Hang was also very satisfied with the car, she was happy.

“Aren’t you afraid that our boss would make life difficult for us? It’s not like you aren’t familiar with our boss’s attitude,” Shen Hong looked at Ai Ling and scolded.

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“What does buying this have to do with our boss?” Ai Ling said confusedly.

“Think about it. Our boss always bear grudges towards people better than him. His car is only an Audi A5. If we buy this Audi A6, aren’t we giving him a slap in his face?” Shen Hang said the script he had thought of while viewing the Audi just now. He felt that his excuse was just pure fantastic!

“This…” Ai Ling was at a loss of what to do. Their boss was truly someone who was very narrow-minded.

“Then what kind of car should we buy?” Ai Ling still wanted to continue flaunting in front of Yao Na, but now she no longer had this idea.

“How about this. Since Miss Yao has not chosen her car yet, why not accompany her first?” When Shen Hang saw that Ai Ling had finally calmed down, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Furthermore, he should look at the kind of car Yao Na would pick, this way, there would no longer be a need for him to be passive as he could also set a price range for the car he wished to buy. In his opinion, a teacher would not be able to buy any good cars. When the time comes, he would just need to buy something that was better than her by a grade. It would not only cause her not to feel extremely embarrassed, it can also imprint a good impression of himself to Yao Na.

Yao Na looked at Cheng Yu and was prepared to let Cheng Yu make the decision.

“Let’s go. There’s no good cars here. We will take a look at the cars in the inner hall,” Cheng Yu smiled at Yao Na gently as he pulled her hand and went towards the inner hall.

When Ai Ling and Shen Hang heard that Cheng Yu wanted to go to the inner hall, they were stunned. Soon after, they were delighted. They had overheard that the inner hall was filled with luxurious cars. Everything inside would at least cost a million.

Formerly, they had also wished to take a look at those luxurious cars, but they were afraid of losing their face. Now that there was someone leading them over, not only had it granted them their wish, they were still able to watch a good show there. They firmly believed that Yao Na would not have the money to buy that sort of car.

The attendant leading Cheng Yu immediately became delighted. She quickly went forward to lead them around. She knew about how imposing and rich Cheng Yu was. Just now, when she saw Ai Ling and Shen Hang flaunting their wealth in front of Cheng Yu, she did not bother to expose them. This kind of thing would offend others, so the attendant would definitely not do it.

In the inner hall, the cars displayed were on a totally different level from the showroom. Not only were the exterior, quality or brand better, there was nothing comparable to it.

Last time, when Cheng Yu brought Zhao Yunfang here to buy a car, that little lass had chosen a Ferrari 458. That car was quite beautiful. Cheng Yu also liked the slick and sly contours of a Ferrari. Furthermore, the majority of the parts were painted red. It was very suitable for ladies. As for the other models, there were not many that fit his criteria. He liked Lamborghinis, but he felt that it was not very fitting for a woman.

He had come here twice. Naturally, he knew where the cars were placed. Therefore, he pulled Yao Na’s hand as he led her to the Ferrari section. Ai Ling and Shen Hang followed behind. When they saw so many beautiful sports cars, they were envious. However, they were embarrassed to ask about the price.

“How do you feel about this car? Do you like it?” Cheng Yu pulled Yao Na to the front of a Ferrari.

“…” Not only was Yao Na shocked, even Ai Ling and Shen Hang who were following behind were shocked as well. They had no idea how much this car costed, but just by the Ferrari brand, without a few millions, it was impossible for them to buy it.

“Cough! Mr. Cheng, this is a Ferrari. It’s not those hundred thousand dollars cars you see outside,” Shen Hang coughed as he reminded Cheng Yu out of goodwill. He did not believe that Cheng Yu would really be able to buy this Ferrari.

A person would be able to represent their social status with the car they drove. For example, if you only had a few hundred thousand dollars with you, would you spend it all on a car? To be able to buy that kind of car, even if he did not have $100 million, he would at least have $10 million.

“Do you like it? If you like it, let’s buy it,” Cheng Yu ignored Shen Hang and asked Yao Na.

“Li…like. However, this car is too expensive. Let’s buy the one outside,” Even though Yao Na did not have the money to buy this sort of car, she still knew that Ferrari was not a cheap brand and was also not something an ordinary car can be compared with.

“It’s fine. Nothing else matters as long as you likes it,” When Cheng Yu saw Yao Na liked it, he decided to take this car then.

“But only two people can sit in it. It’s too inconvenient. I can’t drive out with my mom and dad with this,” Even though this car was beautiful, it was not practical. If her family wished to go out for a stroll, one of them would have to sit on the roof then.

“It’s fine. We can just buy two cars then. You can drive this when you are alone and we will just get another car with four seats. Isn’t the problem solved this way?” Cheng Yu found Yao Na’s words a bit funny but still reasonable. It was the same for Cheng Yu’s Lamborghini. Sometimes, he would love to bring an additional person along, but he could not. If it was not because of this, he would not have bought an additional BMW X6.

Cheng Yu had said it very lightly, but Ai Ling and Shen Hang were speechless. Is this two person having talking insane?! This car was not even from their family. They say they wanted it and they would be able to purchase it? You think this is a toy?! Only a few hundred bucks and you can bring it back home?

But that was not what the attendant thought. When she heard Cheng Yu was going to buy two cars, she was excited to the point of jumping up and screaming. As for the attendant who was attending to Ai Ling and Shen Hang, she became depressed. If she knew Cheng Yu was coming, she would not have went forward to receive Ai Ling and Shen Hang.

In this shop, who did not know how rich and overbearing Cheng Yu was? Previously, when he came to buy a car, he spent millions of dollars. From the commission they gained from that, it was sufficient for them to live luxuriously for a few months.

“This is too wasteful. We should just head outside and buy an ordinary sedan. That will do,” Yao Na had never once squandered before and did not have the money to do so. Naturally, she would feel that all this was too extravagant for her.

“It’s fine. As long as you like it. This is worth more than spending millions of dollars. Miss, let her test out the car.”

“Sure. I will go and get the car keys,” When the attendant heard that Yao Na had only wanted an ordinary car, she was more anxious than anyone else. But when Cheng Yu had decided to get the Ferrari instead, she quickly went to get the car keys happily.

“She really went to take it?” When Ai Ling saw the attendant had just agreed so recklessly to get the key, she did not dare to believe this was real. As she knew that this kind of car was not something that could be test driven by anyone.

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