Chapter 464: Seeing Mist Fairy again

Nalan Rumeng gritted her teeth and her beautiful face reddened. Right now, she looked quite attractive. Her appearance resembled a honey peach that was beginning to ripen.

“I can’t let others see me, however, I’ll let brother-in-law take a look.” The eyes of Nalan Rumeng shone and she whispered in a mosquito-like voice.

“Why would I do that……” Long Yi just wanted to prove that he was a man of honor. However, Nalan Rumeng was faster than him and she stepped forward to press her finger against Long Yi’s lips before he could finish his sentence. Now, in the midst of her shyness, she had an unfathomable expression on her face.

“Brother-in-law doesn’t need to say anything… Rumeng believes in you. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if brother-in-law looks at me…” Nalan Rumeng said in a barely audible voice. Her beautiful face flushed even redder.

“Ah, what did you say?” Long Yi cupped his ears with his hands and he pretended to be confused. With his hearing ability, he clearly heard everything Nalan Rumeng said.

“No… It’s nothing. Brother-in-law, quickly set up the barrier! I can’t hold it anymore.” Nalan Rumeng stamped her foot and pouted.

Long Yi smiled and waved his huge hand. He instantly opened up a barrier on the back of the Light God statue. After which, Long Yi acted like a gentleman. He turned his head to another side and he stared at the ant-like people who were praying in the square. He sighed with emotion.

Before long, Long Yi heard the sound of water flowing coming from the side. A trace of an evil smile crept up his face. Blaspheming the Light God, this bird man, was truly comfortable.

After waiting for a long time, Long Yi was shocked that Nalan Rumeng wasn’t done yet. That sound of water had already stopped long ago. However, that little girl wasn’t getting up to wear her pants…

“Brother-in-law, you……” Nalan Rumeng’s small voice sounded out from the side. This time, Long Yi was unable to hear what she was trying to say.

“What’s wrong? Speak clearly so I can hear you.” Long Yi was somewhat surprised. Could it be that this little girl had some sort of unmentionable disease?

“Do… Do you have a napkin?” Nalan Rumeng’s small face was already emitting smoke. After she was done, she realized that she didn’t have any napkins.

Long Yi suddenly saw the light. Retrieving a napkin from his space ring, he took a few steps backwards. With a flip of his hand, he passed the napkin to Nalan Rumeng. In his heart, he shook his head. Women were really troublesome creatures. After urinating, that had to wipe it… They were completely different from men. Men just needed to grab onto their little brother and swing it around a few times. Everything would be settled after a few swings.

Before long, the sound of clothes rustling sounded out. Nalan Rumeng had a red face as she wore her clothes neatly.

Long Yi turned back and his gaze rested on the water stains on the back of the Light God statue. When she saw what Long Yi did, Nalan Rumeng grumbled in a flirty manner as she stamped her foot. She didn’t allow Long Yi to look again. However, she didn’t dare to look at Long Yi in the eye.

“Well, time is almost up. We should get back.” Long Yi thought about the time and realized that it was about time for the coronation. He grabbed Nalan Rumeng with his hand and flew downwards. However, he failed to notice the indistinct glimmer on the statue.

The two of them slowly descended into the small courtyard and they saw Dongfang Kexin walking out from the hall. She wore a holy and pure priest robe and she had a complex expression on her face.

Dongfang Kexin looked at Long Yi and Nalan Rumeng for quite some time. She opened her small mouth in order to say something, however, nothing came out of her mouth in the end. She eventually gave them a cold snort and brushed past the both of them.

When Nalan Rumeng stared at Dongfang Kexin’s back, she made a funny face. However, Dongfang Kexin turned back all of a sudden and Nalan Rumeng was so shocked that she stuck out her tongue.

Dongfang Kexin looked at Long Yi with a complicated gaze. She did her utmost to stop that slight crack in her heart from extending. However, she had no control over that. She was confused and indecisive. Her belief and unbreakable perseverance had started to weaken because of what Long Yi said. What was righteousness? What was evilness? What was the difference between them?

Dongfang Kexin thought so much about it that she got a headache. The necromancer whom she had thought to be evil before didn’t appear evil after Long Yi offered an explanation. The most difficult part for Dongfang Kexin to accept was that she couldn’t find a way to refute him. She didn’t understand why Long Yi had such a big influence on her. If someone else had offered an explanation instead of Long Yi, she would have simply ignored their words. However, when Long Yi was the one talking to her, her heart fell apart. The faith in her heart was unexpectedly not able to stabilize her state of mind. No matter how she thought about it, she was really confused.

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Long Yi was stunned. Dongfang Kexin seemed to be showing signs of recovery. The tricks Charles pulled on her seemed to be falling apart. Otherwise, her usual ice-cold and indifferent expression would not change at all. She had a complicated expression on her face right now when she looked at Long Yi.

“So rude! You’re putting on airs even though your cousin is standing in front of you…” At that time, Nalan Rumeng whispered to herself at the side.

“Cousin?” Dongfang Kexin suddenly trembled and she kept muttering to herself. The word ‘cousin’ kept popping up in her heart and an inexplicable feeling appeared from deep within her heart. Every time she uttered this word in her heart, she got agitated. For an unknown reason, she felt like crying.

Dongfang Kexin opened her mouth and she wanted to call out to her cousin, Long Yi. However, the priests from the Light Church started singing a light heart cleansing incantation appeared from the other hall. Dongfang Kexin was immediately affected. Her eyes which had tears in them dried up all of a sudden. Her expression reverted back to her usual indifferent one.  Shortly afterwards, she turned around and quickly walked towards the hall.

“Girl, let’s go. I’m pretty sure the last ritual is about to begin.” Long Yi said and held onto Nalan Rumeng’s tiny hand. He followed Dongfang Kexin and walked towards the hall.

Numerous priests were singing with their eyes closed. Milky white light was floating around their body and they looked solemn and dignified. As for Light Pope Charles, he was floating in midair. Tiny specks of white light floated towards Nalan Ruyue who was also singing with her eyes closed.

Looking all around, Long Yi caught sight of a graceful and beautiful figure in one corner. She was none other than the mysterious and unpredictable Mist Fairy. She was wearing a noble purple gown and her bosom appeared as though they wanted to tear open her clothing and pop out in front of everyone. However, the indifferent expression on her face remained the same.

It seemed as though she felt Long Yi’s gaze on her. Turning her head slowly, Mist Fairy’s beautiful eyes shone and the corners of the sexy mouth curled upwards. Her smile was so beautiful that it could turn any living creature upside down. When Long Yi saw the smile on her face, his soul nearly escaped his body.

When Mist Fairy saw Long Yi’s appearance, she retracted her smile. An ice-cold aura made a surprise attack on him. This cheeky fellow was still the same. He just needed some sunlight and he would glitter.

Long Yi grinned and he blocked the ice-cold aura coming from Mist Fairy. However, a shred of doubt appeared in his heart all of a sudden. Mist Fairy’s smile was too familiar. Long Yi knew that he had seen it once before.

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When Long Yi was busy racking his brains, the rituals were done. The Light Pope picked up a magnificent and exquisite imperial crown and Nalan Ruyue was kneeling on a praying mat in front of him. She was patiently waiting for the holy coronation.

“Mighty Light God, with your holy light power as the witness, now, the Nalan Empire’s throne will be passed on to your devout Light Saintess, Nalan Ruyue. Forever…… forever……” Charles placed the imperial crown on Nalan Ruyue’s head and he continued his speech. The moment the speech ended, the birth of the first empress in the history of the Blue Waves Continent would be done.

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