Chapter 465: Yatesianna falls

Yatesianna defense line. The burning hot sunlight relentlessly baked the ground. The blades of grass which were originally green seemed to be lifeless and drooping. Even the air seemed to be on fire.

This blazing hot temperature was extremely rare, even in the history of the Blue Waves Continent. It had only happened twice or thrice in the very long history the Blue Waves Continent had. In the hottest time of the day, the temperature would reach more than 50 degrees. That was a temperature which exceeded the limit of endurance of many living creatures.

Instead of hiding from the heat, now, the flames of war raged everywhere in the several hundred li long Yatesianna defense line. The heaven shaking shouts were resounding everywhere and everything within sight was covered in blood.

Hell. This was a piece of hell which was on fire. Currently human life at the Yatesianna defense line was worth less than dirt. Along with the repeated assault and the repeated fierce battle, several million soldiers were entangled in battle. Under their feet, there was a carpet made from corpses. The corpses belonged to both camps and by this time, they had been trampled to mush.

Magic spells whistled through the air, and douqi flew everywhere. The front of both sides was repeatedly exploding with splendid luster. Blood mist filled the air and incomplete limbs filled the ground. This was the luster of death.

Ximen Wuhen wiped beads of sweat from her forehead. Her beautiful face was pale now. Although she had experienced many big and small battles with the army in the past few days, she had never experienced such a cruel and large scaled battle before. She had no time to think of anything else. She was terribly busy as she used her healing magic spells one after another on injured soldiers. However, there was only so much she could do. She would heal some of the soldiers while listening to the miserable wails of the others. Soldiers died one after another around her.

Finally, after casting a high-level healing magic spell. Ximen Wuhen was unable to endure it anymore. Her body swayed and she was about to fall to the ground. Her spirit power was practically exhausted and she wasn’t even able to see clearly anymore.

“Miss, you cannot continue any longer.” A soldier of the Blood Cavalry Regiment who had been following Ximen Wuhen as a bodyguard persuaded her to stop with a worried voice.

Ximen Wuhen nodded her head. She knew that she had already reached her limit.

“Priests, where are the priests? Quickly save our General!” All of a sudden, a loud voice came from the door of the medical military camp. Several vigorous soldiers who were covered in blood from head to toe rushed in. They were carrying a wounded person who was wearing the robe which signified that he was a thousand man captain. The soldiers were shouting noisily as they entered the camp.

With a single glance, everyone could tell that they were the soldiers from the Unparalleled Battalion. The suffocating and baleful aura they emitted caused everyone in the tent to be panic-stricken. The general who was severely wounded was a thousand man captain from the Unparalleled Battalion. He was a man full of valor and vigor. He killed countless enemies and was known as a brave man who was willing to risk his life for his comrades. Currently, three magic arrows were sticking out from his chest. The armor protecting his stomach was sliced off and his intestines were exposed in the air. He was in an extremely sorry state.

When someone was injured to such an extent, any priest who was not at the Master Magician realm would not be able to cure him. Originally, this medical military camp had three priests who had reached the Master Magician realm. However, two of them were already in the midst of meditation as their bodies were unable to hold out any longer. Currently, only Ximen Wuhen was left standing. However, her spirit power was already used up.

“Miss, quickly save the General!” Several soldiers of the Unparalleled Battalion looked at Ximen Wuhen as if they were looking at their savior. They immediately rushed over and knelt on the ground, begging her to save their captain.

Ximen Wuhen sighed softly. She had to save the people of the Unparalleled Battalion. Gritting her teeth, she raised her magic staff. She gathered the final bits of her spirit power and casted her final spell.

“Miss……” The bodyguard standing behind her opened his mouth. However, Ximen Wuhen had already begun to chant the incantation.

Only when the bodyguard called out, the soldiers noticed Ximen Wuhen’s pale face. Now, her forehead was already filled with sweat. When they saw that Ximen Wuhen was already exhausted but still trying to save their captain, they felt extremely grateful in their heart.

After a milky white light illuminated the injured thousand man captain, Ximen Wuhen instantly lost her consciousness. She fell backwards with a warm smile on her face. After experiencing so much, Ximen Wuhen realized that she was able to help Long Yi. She also felt appreciated when she was able to successfully save someone. Watching a soldier keep his life after her treatment, she felt a kind of satisfaction. It was a kind of satisfaction which was couldn’t express in words.

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Under the extremely hot sun, Beitang Yu wore a conspicuous commander-in-chief robe as she stood on a hillside near the battlefield. She had her hands behind her back as she looked at the battlefield which had been burning with the flames of war for quite some time. Although her expression was indifferent, her hands were slightly trembling as she held them behind her back. It was obvious that she was nervous about something.

“Right army, rush forward from the flank. Left army, reinforce the retreating path. Magician corps, fire your magic attacks into the battlefield, hold nothing back.” Beitang Yu mechanically ordered. The messenger beside her who was waiting for her order immediately waved the flag of command to relay her order.

When she saw the battle unfold below her, the corners of Beitang Yu’s mouth started twitching. This time, the number of casualties was too high. The third defense line of Yatesianna was really too strong.

Time flowed in the midst of this shouting and killing. The sun gradually sank into the horizon of the Hengduan Mountains. However, the battle showed no signs of stopping.

The many rounds of fighting tired out the soldiers. Frequently, when their companions in front were fighting desperately, the soldiers who had just been replaced would hurriedly chew on some mouthfuls of field rations. They would gulp down several mouthfuls of water and sleep while holding their weapons. The moment they woke up from their short nap, they would enter the formation to replace the soldiers in front.

Beitang Yu looked at the dim sky where the various colored magic spells looked even more splendid. She gritted her teeth and thought to herself, “Isn’t it successful yet? The soldiers cannot endure this for much longer. If this keeps up, one careless move on our part and we’ll lose the game.”

On the other side, the commander of the Yatesianna defense line, General Qina, was also on tenterhooks. Beitang Yu had always been deceitful and flexible when using her forces. However, this time, she ordered for all her forces to charge towards the third defense line like a boorish fellow. Although the Proud Moon Empire had heavy casualties, the loss of the allied army was even heavier. As long as they could persist for two more days, he dared to guarantee that the allied army of the two empires would retreat in failure. However, as the commander of the Yatesianna defense line, General Qina was no fool. He could feel that something fishy was going on here. It was just that no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to think of anything.

“General Qina, this time, Beitang Yu probably don’t have any plans. That woman Beitang Yu is truly anxious. Now, because of the great political change in the Nalan Empire, the morale of the soldiers from the Nalan Empire is very unstable. She probably felt as though there was no time left. As such, she ordered all of her military force to attack the defense line without a care for tactics.” An advisor under General Qina said. These past few days, they had been discussing Beitang Yu’s plot. However, they never reached an agreement and no one knew what the reason behind Beitang Yu’s actions was.


“This subordinate also agrees. In this current situation, we can only block if the soldiers come. We’ll submerge the earth if the water comes. The moment the attacks fail, our Proud Moon Empire’s crisis will end.” Another advisor said.

General Qina nodded his head. Although his heart was laden with misgivings, he had no other options. He could only cross the bridge when he gets there.


More than 10 meters deep under the right side of the Yatesianna defense line, a group of thin and small kobolds from the Kobold Clan had wretched appearances. They had long ears on their head and they were digging a tunnel at full speed. Originally, according to their speed, they should have long dug through the entire defense line. However, they discovered that the entire underground base of the Yatesianna defense line was made up of incomparably hard rocks.

“Fellows, it’s almost dug through! Let’s speed up, don’t hold up the Fire God Emissary’s important plans.” The young patriarch of the Kobold Clan called out loudly. He still wore precious ornaments when digging and his clansmen were still wearing worn-out, simple clothing.

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Outside the tunnel, Nangong Nu was anxiously watching the night sky. These kobolds were digging really slowly… If they failed to breach the Yatesianna defense line by tonight, they had to wait until the night of the next day to continue digging. Not to mention whether Beitang Yu could hold on at the main battlefield anymore, just the loss of his brothers would increase greatly.

Although he was impatient, Nangong Nu was no longer that rash and careless impulsive child. Now he already had the physiological quality and thinking abilities a General should have. He was as calm as still water in a pond and the look in his eyes was deep. That immature fine beard which surrounded his mouth formed a strong contrast with the deep look in his eyes.

“Reporting to the General, we are through! That layer of rock has been dug through and the patriarch of the Kobold Clan said that we can reach the back of the Yatesianna defense line in half an hour.” A soldier covered with mud reported excitedly. The soldier was covered in mud from head to toe as he had been helping the kobolds.

Nangong Yu’s black pupils shone with excitement. However, it was replaced with killing intent before lone. Tonight, he would bury all the commanders and soldiers from the Proud Moon Empire. Anyone who was camping in the defense line would be used as a tribute for his fallen brothers.

The night got deeper, but the ferocious attack didn’t ease up at all. Beitang Yu had been standing in the same position for a day and night straight. She had tightly clasped her hand behind her back and her pupils reflect the magnificent radiance in front of her.

All of a sudden, streaks of light illuminated the dark sky as if a meteor shower occurred.

Success! Beitang Yu’s eyes glittered and she ordered loudly, “All troops in the fronts, press forward. Left army to the northeast direction, right army to the northwest direction. As for the mid-army, continue to attack.”

When Beitang Yi gave the order, Yatesianna defense line was already in chaos. Due to Beitang Yu’s savage tactic to focus her attack on the middle path, the great majority of the Proud Moon Empire’s troops were called to the middle path. The northeast and northwest were almost completely defenseless.

A red cloud strangely appeared from the rear of the Yatesianna defense line. The muffled sound of horses stomping the ground was followed up with an earthquake. The soldiers of the Proud Moon Empire who had returned to the rear in order to rest thought that the cavalry was sent by their empire. As such, they didn’t pay much attention to the cavalry. In a split second, the fiery red, mighty torrent which was led by Nangong Yu, appeared in front of them. Along with spears flashing with pallid light, thousands of people were skewered. They were then stepped on by the horses into a meat pulp.

“Enemy attack, enemy attack……” There were shouts everywhere. However, the rear of the Yatesianna defense line was already in chaos. Flames burned everywhere at the campsite. The camp was plunged further into chaos by the blood cavalry.

General Qina came out of his tent looking confused. When he saw the bloody torrent behind him, he felt as though he plunged into a pool of ice-cold water. He had never thought that the other party would dig through the Yatesianna defense line as he knew that the underground base was built with solid rocks. Those rocks were as hard as iron and it would be way harder to dig through compared to soil. He was relying on the hard rocks to stop any attempts to dig under the Yatesianna defense line. However, his confidence was turned into despair. It was too late for him to do anything now…

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