Chapter 475: Where have I seen you before?

Women were like this. After hearing someone take the lead, none of them would be afraid. Moreover, Long Yi was here alone. There were seven or eight women who were currently in the store. They clearly had the numerical advantage which increased their courage.

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These seven or eight noble Madams and Misses around Long Yi and Liuli were well maintained noble women. They were also quite endowed. Otherwise, Long Yi would already have fled in defeat.

“Lord son-in-law, take a look. What kind of underwear suits my figure?” A lady with a fiery figure daringly threw out her chest and swayed left and right. Looking at the size of her mountains, at least two hands would be required to grab onto them. According to the measurements of his previous world, they were no less than an F-cup. When Long Yi looked at her waist, he could see that they were slender. Long Yi immediately became doubtful. How could her meatballs be so big? Could it be that the breast kneading skill her husband had was comparable to his?

Long Yi looked at this flirtatious lady and smiled. Picking up a set of fiery red, translucent lingerie without hesitation, he said with a smile, “Since this Madame has such a good figure, it would be best to wear this set of teasing model lingerie. This kind of low-open style lingerie is not something everyone can wear. Only a lady with a good figure like Madame can achieve the unity of person and clothing. With just its sheer material it is made out of, Madame would be able to give off a flirtatious feeling. As long as your opponent is a man, his soul will fly far away.”

The eyes of this lady immediately shone and she flirtatiously covered her mouth. With a bright smile hidden behind her hands, she said, “Since Lord son-in-law told me that this is a good pair, I’ll take it.”

“Madame Yu, I see that Lord son-in-law has chosen such a good set of underwear for you. Shouldn’t you thank Lord son-in-law?” Another lady chuckled and said.

“Yes, how about Madame Yu put on this set of underwear to let Lord son-in-law feast his eyes?” Yet another lady added. This flirtatious lady immediately blushed when she heard what was said. Although she was shy, her seductive eyes were always glued onto Long Yi. It was clear that as long as Long Yi gave her the slightest hint, she would become his bed plaything immediately.

Long Yi secretly sighed in his heart. It was not like he didn’t know about the licentious darkness behind the high society. It was just that he was not accustomed to this. It was fine for him to make jokes and take some cheap advantage of the women with words. He was not stupid enough to truly engage with improper s*xual relationships with these women.

The unscrupulous seduction by the women in the store made the little mermaid beside Long Yi unhappy. Women were born with a jealous nature and Liuli was no exception.

“Humph……” Liuli’s inaudible snort caused the bodies of the women who were in the store to tremble. Their faces turned pale instantly and their hearts shook.

The several women who were in the store stared at each other in blank dismay. They bowed courteously towards Long Yi before they left the store. They seemed to be fleeing from the store when they left as they ran without caring about their image.

Although Liuli wasn’t able to use her Mermaid Clan specific spells after transforming her fishtail into human legs, her strong spirit power wasn’t something ordinary people could stand up to.

Long Yi was happy in his heart. He patted Liuli’s little butt with a smile and comforted her, “I don’t even like them, you don’t need to worry.”

Liuli’s beautiful face instantly flushed red and she pouted her lips. She stared at Long Yi before rolling her eyes at him. All of her actions had a feminine charm behind it. After losing her purity, a woman would show different charms.

Currently, Dongfang Kexin was wearing a snow-white priest robe and she carried a little girl in her arms. She was being pulled in and out of shops on both sides of the street by Nalan Rumeng. Looking at them, they looked like they were getting along just fine. It was as though the issue between them the day before didn’t happen.

“Big sister Kexin, do you think this looks good?” Inside Phoenix Jewelry Store which was located directly opposite Beauty Shop, Nalan Rumeng held an exquisitely made head ornament and asked Dongfang Kexin who was outside the shop.

“Of course it looks good! However, it looks like it was made for mature woman. It doesn’t suit you at all.” Dongfang Kexin told Nalan Rumeng the truth. Since she had already promised Long Yi to take care of Nalan Rumeng and Niur the day before, she decided to keep her promise. Along the way, Nalan Rumeng had been mocking her. However, Dongfang Kexin managed to endure her insults and ridicule for unknown reasons. Finally, Nalan Rumeng seemed to have vented enough and she suddenly became dejected. In the end, she told Dongfang Kexin about her feeling towards Long Yi. When Dongfang Kexin heard Nalan Rumeng’s story, a sympathetic feeling appeared in her heart. In the end, both of them became closer which led to the current scene. Nalan Rumeng dragged Dongfang Kexin out early in the morning in order to go window shopping.

“I know. However, brother-in-law still looks at me like I’m a little kid. Is it because I am too childish?” Nalan Rumeng asked as she felt aggrieved in her heart. Although her bosom was far smaller than her big sister, if they were to compare bust sizes, Nalan Rumeng at least had a little bit. She was angry that Long Yi completely ignored them and treated her like a child.

“That is natural, he doesn’t like artificial girls.” Dongfang Kexin subconsciously said.

Nalan Rumeng looked up at Dongfang Kexin in amazement and snorted, “You are still saying you don’t like my brother-in-law? I’m sure that it’s my brother-in-law that doesn’t like you… You feeling seems very artificial. You clearly like him but you keep saying that you don’t!”

Nalan Rumeng had a childish nature. She would always voice out her true thoughts. However, she didn’t notice that Dongfang Kexin’s face paled the moment she finished her sentence. The crack at the bottom of her heart expanded a little bit. After experiencing the effects of self-hypnosis for a long time, Dongfang Kexin couldn’t understand her own heart. Did she like him or not? Although this was just a question with two answers, Dongfang Kexin found it extremely difficult to answer this question.

These past few days, Dongfang Kexin frequently dreamt of things. Even when she was meditating, she was unable to enter the deeper realm. The foolish events of the past were always spinning around in her head.

I like him. In her dreams, a voice often shouted deep in her heart.

You don’t like him, you hate him. Every time the voice appeared, another voice would suppress her heart. The voice of hate would cover up her true feelings.

Sometimes, Dongfang Kexin believed that she had schizophrenia. There seemed to be two souls inside her body and they seemed to be fighting with each other. Maybe that was the reason she felt so much pain that she felt like her head was splitting.

“Father, I want my father!” Niur appeared as if she felt something and she suddenly began to struggle violently.

Dongfang Kexin’s spirit was fluctuating violently at this moment. As a result, Niur managed to struggle out of Dongfang Kexin’s embrace. When Dongfang Kexin and Nalan Rumeng saw this, they became so frightened that their soul nearly flew out of their bodies.


However, even though she fell to the ground, Niur appeared as though nothing happened. She stood up and stumbled towards the Beauty Shop on the other side of the road.

Dongfang Kexin and Nalan Rumeng followed closely and entered Beauty Shop. In front of their eyes, they saw that Niur rushed into Long Yi’s open arms and she appeared as though she was a young swallow returning to its nest.

“Father, father!” Niur happily rubbed her head against Long Yi’s bosom. It was as though she was expressing her happiness to be in Long Yi’s arms again.

Come to think of it, the father and daughter relationship between Niur and Long Yi was also the result of a peculiar fate. He remembered that when he saw Niur for the first time in the Illusory Forest, she looked very ugly. In the Illusory Forest, Niur and that specter were cooperating with tacit understanding. They changed that place into a death domain with dense ghostly qi. Long Yi even had a big fight with her.

However, no one knew why, but Niur had unusual faith and was intimate towards him. At that time, as Long Yi frequently avoided her, her small spirit should have felt wronged. She should be heart broken, yet she never bore grudges towards Long Yi.

Later, Shui Ruoyan and other girls jokingly made Niur call him father. After a few days, Long Yi had a son called Big Head. At that time, he didn’t know that Niur was a female dragon. Even Niur’s biological mother wasn’t sure of her gender. That was because of her appearance back then.

Who would have thought that, in Lightning God Forbidden Area, Niur would merge with the dark side of Little Three’s soul and turn into a small plump dragon. Only then did Long Yi discover that Niur, whom he had been calling his son, was in fact his daughter. The next time they met each other, Little Niur had unexpectedly transformed into a humanoid form. She became a cute little girl. Although her form had changed, Niur’s yearning towards Long Yi seemed to be branded in her innermost soul.

Long Yi carried Niur in his arms and he suddenly thought about the pas. However, he was dumbfounded when he saw Dongfang Kexin and Nalan Rumeng enter Beauty Shop together. He had entrusted Nalan Rumeng and Niur to Dongfang Kexin yesterday. He only asked her to take care of them yesterday… Why were they still together?

“Young Master, is this your daughter?” Liuli was very surprised to see Niur. She had never heard of Long Yi talking about his child. However, she managed to feel a familiar dragon aura coming from Niur. It was probably because she fought against that wicked dragon, Lugexiya. After fighting against Lugexiya, Liuli became sensitive to dragon aura. However, she didn’t dare to be sure as she knew that dragons could only transform into humanoid form after reaching adulthood.

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“Yes, she is my daughter Niur. Isn’t she very beautiful?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Little Niur raised her head and curiously looked at Liuli. All of a sudden, Niur fixed her gaze onto Liuli’s legs. Liuli became extremely frightened that she jumped. Could it be that this little fellow could see through her? Fortunately, Niur retracted her gaze after looking at her curiously for a little while. Niur then used her plump little hand to rub on Long Yi’s stubble. She uttered the words which were all too familiar to Long Yi. It was the words which would come out of her mouth hundreds of times in a day, “Father, hungry……”

At that time, Nalan Rumeng ran over after sizing up Liuli for a long time. She appeared as though she was trying her best to think of something. As for Dongfang Kexin, after she saw Long Yi, she wanted to leave the store. However, she discovered that her legs wouldn’t move.

“Kexin, thank you for taking care of these two girls for me. Wait a minute, we will have lunch together.” Long Yi said to Dongfang Kexin with a smile.

Dongfang Kexin was flustered in her heart. She realized that her mouth wasn’t working as well as there were no words coming out of it. In the end, she simply moved her gaze towards Liuli who was extremely attractive.

Although she was wearing clothes made for a man, it still couldn’t cover her peerless beauty. A sour feeling suddenly swelled up in her heart. A feeling of jealousy almost drowned her. She wanted to avoid all the complicated feeling appearing inside her, however, she realized that she wasn’t able to keep her feelings under control.

“Big sister, where have I seen you before?” Nalan Rumeng curiously asked Liuli.

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