Chapter 563 – In Your Lifetime

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Nan Gong Bei Cheng was slightly startled, he also started to wonder if the patriarch and others had noticed that he had assisted Huan Qing Yan secretly.

Ji Mo Ya must have seen him and that was why he remained unharmed.

However, these were no longer important. With the way things had turned out, they must focus and planed for their future.

Patriarch, I…”

Nan Gong Ming pushed the token into Nan Gong Bei Mings hands, Take it and properly lead our clan from now on, it does not matter even if our clan is to drop out of the Eight Great Clans. Just make sure the Nan Gong Clan continues, that it continues to be passed down…”

When he reached this point, Nan Gong Ming suddenly turned extremely weak.


The engagement between the Lin familys lass, will be annulled as of now. The Lin family could be considered as finished as well; Ji Mo Ya will not let the Lin family off since they are involved. Ji Mo Ya is someone that is being nurtured to be the next patriarch of the Ji Mo Clan; although he is seemingly gentle and polite on the surface, he handled things ruthlessly and possessed many methods. From what this old man gathered, he had also nurtured his own personal forces secretly without relying on his clan, just that alone is enough to handle a family like the Lins.

That was him trying to settle his last wishes; Nan Gong Bei Ming and the others were sorrowful, yet they must continue to listen.

Nan Gong Mind coughed a mouthful of blood as he spoke in an ancient voice that was filled with unwillingness, Bei Cheng! It is only because of the long-term survival of the clan that you must maintain a relationship with Ji Mo Ya. However! He is the killer that murdered your clan members, the person who killed your father You must exact revenge in your lifetime! I want you to promise me, promise me in front of all our ancestors that you would do it.


Nan Gong Bei Cheng felt a great pressure on him that made him unable to breath.

He was always a wanton and unrestrained person that did things by following his emotions.

This was the first time that he felt such a devastating pressure that felt as though he would be devoured.

Yet, he had no choice but to shoulder this burden.

His mother passed away when he young, now his father had also died while the burden of holding up this clan was placed in his hands.

He must now live on for the sake of his clan.

With much difficulty, he squeezed out the words, I promise.

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Nan Gong Ming was gratified, a strange flush of red appeared on his face as he looked up into the heavens.

This old man has made a great mistake that resulted in devastating losses, I have sinned and should be punished! However, this old man did it for the sake of the family, this old man is not wrong!

As he spoke, his seven orifices bled before he took his last breath in front of the eyes of everyone

That great sorrow in his words affected everyone.

At this moment, the entire Nan Gong Clan has reached a unity that has never occurred before in the family, that thick hatred of revenge for their clan has banded them together with their new young patriarch; for their clan, they were willing to sacrifice their lives, their everything!


When Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya left the Gnome Kingdom, they were returned to the exact spot within the jungle where they had fallen.

As Dorna had temporary closed the spell formation, they were able to leave by riding the flying magic equipment and did not need to slowly climb through the mountains and forest like when they first journeyed into it.

However, instead of the luxurious looking Flowing Cloud Carriage that Huan Qing Yan was used to, this time they were using the ancient looking flying carriage instead.

Within the carriage, Ji Mo Ya was alone, he was fiddling with the small bowl within his hand. Huan Qing Yan had gone into the dimension to make some spirit dishes.

It had been a long time since the two of them could sit down and properly enjoy a meal together.

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