Chapter 564 – Come Come Come

Due to Huan Qing Yans condition previously, Ji Mo Ya had not been in the mood to enjoy meals, but now that she has returned to normal and her cultivation greatly improving, the two of them wanted to enjoy a proper celebration.

Therefore, Huan Qing Yan went into her dimension to make spirit dishes.

Ji Mo Ya pushed away the window curtains to enjoy the scenery.

Mo Si, this flying carriage seems to be quite slow!

Outside, Mo Si replied as he steered the carriage, Young Master, you seem to be in a pretty good mood! Thats correct, this flying carriage is definitely unable to match up to the speed of the Flowing Cloud, but that carriage was thoroughly damaged while the new one is still under construction. The Auspicious Cloud bird is not easy to catch, and even if one was caught, it is not something that can be easily tamed, please wait a while longer Young Master.

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What type of carriage suits the Young Master? It goes without saying that only the luxurious Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage was enough to match up to that noble image.

Ji Mo Ya felt a twitch at his brows; an unclear sense of misfortune, as though someone had mentioned his name with a grudge?

Ji Mo Ya was not perturbed by it as he has countless enemies on Spirit Treasure Continent that held a grudge against him.

This grievance intent quickly dissipated.

He wondered who it was this time

Ji Mo Ya changed his sitting posture and adopted a relaxed pose, Have we made ample preparation for this trip to the Holy Court?

Please be assured Young Master, everything is in place. Mo Liu had set off for the place a few days ago.


At that moment, Huan Qing Yan suddenly appeared beside Ji Mo Ya, Young Master Ya, its time for a meal!

With a turn of her mind, a steaming pot appeared on the table in front of Ji Mo Ya.

It was a miniature pot with burning charcoal underneath it, its contents constantly boiling, and there were all sorts of spirit ingredients within the pot. An enticing fragrance that permeates the air within the carriage emitted from the mixture; even Mo Si who was outside could smell the fragrance and he salivated immediately.

Ji Mo Ya asked with interest, Whats this?

Not only were the spirit ingredients within the pot cooked, Huan Qing Yan had also taken out plates of raw spirit ingredients such as mushrooms, vegetables and meat slices, as well as various sauces and condiments.

She filled every inch of the table with plates.

The appetite of anyone who witnessed that display will be whetted.

Its hotpot! Just place the ingredient you want to eat inside and take it out to eat once it is cooked. Try this lamb meat!

Huan Qing Yan chose a piece of cooked lamb meat and placed it on Ji Mo Yas plate.

Ji Mo Ya was actually a vicious carnivore, vegetables rarely rouse his interest.

When a person reached Ji Mo Yas level of cultivation, they would not feel hunger even if they do not eat anything, the only reason they eat spirit dishes was because it could increase their speed of cultivation; and of course, it must be food that possess a rich amount of spirit energy. For spirit dishes to assist their cultivation effectively, the spirit dishes they eat must be more than ten thousand spirit energy points, if not, the boost would be extremely slow and ineffective.

However, food that exceeded the spirit energy value of ten thousand were rare and few, something that they could only hope for a chance encounter instead of obtaining.

The current Spirit Treasure Continent possesses a large variety of ordinary spirit food ingredients, there were many spirit dishes reaching hundreds of spirit energy points but those that exceeded a thousand spirit energy points were rare, and those exceeding ten thousand were exceptionally rare.

Most spirit dishes that possessed more than ten thousand spirit energy points would require rare spirit ingredient that was cooked by a Grandmaster Spirit Chef.

Rare spirit ingredients were hard to come by, and even rarer were Grandmaster Spirit Chefs.

Ji Mo Ya savored the lamb meat that Huan Qing Yan picked for him.

The lamb meat was sliced very thinly, on his tongue it felt indescribably softness and there were no stench to be found within the perfect texture.

Not bad! You have improved greatly.

In return, Huan Qing Yan was very happy to receive his praises, and continued to serve him

Suddenly, Ji Mo Ya asked, What about the spirit wine from a few days ago?

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