Chapter 565 – Hides Her Face

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His voice was clear, but his eyes was giving an ambiguous intent.

Huan Qing Yan was currently munching on food when Ji Mo Ya suddenly inquired, it quickly reminded her of what transpired after she introduced her freshly brewed spirit wine

Her cheeks instantly turned red while she nearly choked on her food, with tears in her alluring eyes she glared at him, Young Master Ya, arent we enjoying a meal now? Why are you bringing that up?

Ji Mo Ya curled his lips as he teased, What did I bring up? How could good food go without spirit wine? Where have your thoughts wondered to?

You! faced with Ji Mo Yas shamelessness, Huan Qing Yan could only remain speechless.

Her man god was starting to develop a habit of teasing her.

Unwilling to admit defeat, she immediately brought out a flask of spirit wine, however, she did not hand it to Ji Mo Ya but went past him and open the window beside him

Brother Mo Si, you have worked hard driving the carriage, this flask of spirit wine is for you, please do not refuse!

Mo Sis soul was already hooked by the fragrance of the spirit dishes coming inside the carriage and was swallowing the saliva that was flowing out of his mouth. When he saw the wine flask, he had a great urge to take it, he really wanted to take it

However, when he saw that bitter look on his Young Master, he did not dare to take it!

So, with a serious face he said, Thank you for your kind offer Young Mistress, it is not safe to drink and drive, I appreciate your kindness.

Who knew that Huan Qing Yan would immediately stuffed it into his hands and gave him a smile, No need to be polite, you guys have worked hard. Young Master Ya had received your fullhearted protection and efforts in the past, I want to give you guys my thanks.

Look, look at that! What perfect and beautiful words!

Mo Si was touched, he wondered how his Young Master was able to find such a perfect Young Mistress. However, Mo Si felt that he would disappoint his Young Master, as the intention of working for the Young Mistress welled up in his heart.

Mo Si suppressed his itching heart and took a glance at Ji Mo Ya; Ji Mo Ya was looking at him with a vague smile

When suddenly, a large hand grabbed Huan Qing Yan before the window was closed with the curtains pulled.

Mo Sis deadly earnest expression that he had held up with great effort had immediately collapsed; great, since he has offended his Young Master now, he might as well just focus on enjoying this spirit wine!

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Huan Qing Yan complained to Ji Mo Ya after being pulled in, Young Master Ya, how could you treat your subordinates so poorly, do you know whats human rights?

Ji Mo Ya did not reply, he placed her on his thighs and charmed her with his starry eyes, and then sealed her lips with his, Since you are not giving this Young Master spirit wine to drink, then I will just drink you then…”

Huan Qing Yan spoke in bits and pieces, Hey, what are you doing ahnn…”

This rascal not only started using his move, his hands took action too.

He habitually slid his hands into her clothes and caressed her waist.

Within a few seconds, a panting Huan Qing Yan said, I give, I will give you spirit wine…”

Ji Mo Ya was exceptionally satisfied, not only was his sneak attack successful, he also got the spirit wine he wanted.

The Little One had been tormented by him for three days already, with her current physique, she should be at her limit. It was best that he restrained himself for the next few days and let her recover properly, he can always have her at a later .

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Having dealt with Huan Qing Yan, she was released, and they rearranged their messy clothes before they resumed eating.

During the meal, Huan Qing Yan constantly threw glares at Ji Mo Ya while in her heart she complained, Mr. Ya, arent you ashamed for doing such things in the midst of a meal? Where are your manners!

Where was that mysophobia of yours?

Have you fed it to the dogs!?

At the same time, her heart felt an exceptional sweetness; the man god was showing how much he loves her so blatantly so embarrassing *hides her face*

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