Volume 3, Chapter 10: Innocent Visage, Indecent Princess

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After satisfying “Sylphy,” she returned to her room and I got out of bed and sat down at the desk.

Since I was told my Medea-nee that my idea was possible, I immediately wanted to get started on the design.

The King has demanded a dress suitable for a princess and Princess Lakshu wants a revealing, lewd dress.

Of course, I still plan on taking full advantage of the draping technique to make this dress and I’ll use the lace I bought from Karen.

I sketched out the best design I could think of on a piece of parchment.


The morning sun was just starting to shine in through the nearby window when I was finally satisfied. The design was drawn on out on several pieces of parchment. It’s not entirely finished but it’s good enough for my plan.

I’ll show it to Lakshu and see what she has to say before finalizing the design. I stretched out in my chair when I remembered I never even ate dinner.

I’m hungry…. I looked back at Claudia who was asleep on the couch. She had come in at some point overnight and watched me work before she fell asleep.

And she had brought me a meal.

“…thank you, Claudia.”

I covered her up with my coat and sat down on the couch next to her and picking up the tray of food she had brought for me.

After finishing my meal, I washed my face and fixed my appearance before heading out with Claudia to speak with Princess Lakshu.

As we were walking down the corridor, I spotted Prince Harold.

I pulled Claudia to the side and we each lowered our heads as we waited for him to pass, but he stopped in front of us.

“You, boy, raise your head.”

I listened to his demand and looked up into his eyes.

“Hmm, just as I thought, you’re the man that was with Rose.”

“Yes. My name is Yuzuki. I was invited here by Princess Lakshu.”

“Ah, Yuzuki. I’ve heard rumours about you.”


“I expected you to look different. I hear you made a certain…avant-garde dress. You also possess the SSS ranked skill To Be Loved To Death By Yanderes.”

“Y-You’ve heard that too….”

The royal family possesses enough power to make my life hell. I was starting to feel nervous when Harold smiled.

“You don’t need to be so worried. As long as you’re within these walls, your skills won’t have any effect on anyone. Besides, I’m already a yandere.”

“…oh, really?”

The head of a noble family shouldn’t be a yandere, and, of course, that rule applies to the royal family as well. Harold is the second prince. He’s quite close to the position of king….

“No need to make such a face. I may be a yandere but I haven’t given up on my future.”

“– sorry.”

I realized what I was thinking was clearly written on my face, so I quickly lowered my head.

“Don’t worry. Becoming a yandere isn’t the end of the world. You seem to be facing your own challenges with your skill, so I’m sure you can understand. You should keep what I said in mind.”

“Yes, I will.”

“Good. And…who might this beautiful woman be?”

“She is my patterner. I design the clothes and she gives them shape. She helped make the dress Rose wore.”

“My name is Claudia.”

Claudia bowed her head and quietly introduced herself.

“…I see. Your name is Claudia.”

There seemed to be some hidden meaning behind his words…. Maybe he knows someone named Claudia was wearing that revealing dress I made.

But Claudia is mine. Even if the crown prince of this country wants her, he can’t have her. As I was thinking this, a man accompanying the Prince whispered to him, “Your Highness, we need to be going….”

“ — Oh, it’s already that time? My apologies. I really wished to speak with you more, but I have business to attend to in town. I do wish to tell you that if the dress you make for Lakshu is good, I’d like to ask you to make an outfit for me as well.”

The Prince gave me a pat on my shoulder before walking down the hall. After he disappeared from view, Claudia and I continued on our way to visit Princess Lakshu.

We arrived at her private room and her maid guided us to a drawing room where Princess Lakshu was sitting at a table beside a window. She was bathed in the golden light of the morning sun. It reflected off her platinum blonde hair, making it seem as if she was radiating a brilliant light.

When she noticed me, a beautiful smile spread across her face.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Master.”

“…I’m very sorry for making you wait.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to her after she called me ‘master.’ She’s a princess but she’s giving me a title like that. Would she like it more if I acted like her master?

It may make things go easier but I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be doing it. But, before I could say anything, Lakshu said,

“It’s no problem. I got excited by the Master’s neglect play.”

When I looked closer at her, I could see her face was flushed. It seems like she’s been eagerly awaiting my return. There’s seriously something wrong with her….

I wasn’t doing any type of neglect play….

“Please, take a seat. Claudia, you may sit next to him.”

“Thank you.”

After receiving Lakshu’s permission, I sat in the chair opposite her.

“So, I’ve come to talk to you about the dress….”

“Are you making a revealing dress suitable for a perverted princess like me?”

“…yes, that’s my plan, but I have a favour to ask.”

“Yes, of course, you can mess me up while I’m wearing your dress. In fact, please do so.”

She hugged herself and a look of yearning floated across her face. The dress I’m picturing has a pure image to it, so imagining doing lewd stuff to her in a dress like that was almost overwhelming.

Honestly, I’d love to see the Princess wear a dress I made and to also do that type of stuff to her, but I’m also aware of Claudia and Rose’s feelings and don’t want to hurt them.

And no, I’m not just worried about them cutting ‘it’ off. I’d genuinely feel guilty. In other words, I bit my lip and said, “I don’t want something like that.”

By the way, Medea-nee and Sylphy are exceptions to this.

I started that type of relationship with Medea-nee before I ever met Claudia or Rose and it seems that they’ve both given permission to Sylphy to be with me.

So, I don’t have to feel guilty…or, rather, that’s what I wish to believe. In any case,

“Would it be possible for you to allow me to meet with the spirit located in the sanctuary?”

“Do you plan on taking up its challenge?”

“Yes. Some things have happened and I wish to lower my bad status.”

“I see. You seem to be well informed…. Well, if you can make a dress that meets my specifications I can grant you permission to enter.”

“…is that really okay?”

I wasn’t expecting her to give me permission so easily.

“Yes. The spirit that resides in the sanctuary is a follower of the Goddess. An ordinary person would never be able to harm the spirit in any way, so there’s no need to worry about the safety of the spirit. Of course, that’s not to say that just anyone can meet with the spirit, but…it should be fine for you to enter, Master.”

“Really? That’s great.”

“That is, of course, only if you make the dress I want.”

“Yes, I know. That’s why I’ve brought a design for you to look at.”

I quickly told her my idea behind the design and showed her the sketch. There was a spark of interest in her eyes…but that quickly faded into disappointment.

“…this truly is a wonderful design and it makes my heart race, but…I believe I asked you to make me a revealing dress suited for a perverted princess.”

Princess Lakshu was disappointed. My dress design seems to be too tame for her.

“Do you think the King would be satisfied with this dress?”

“I believe it would work…. You’re not planning on fulfilling my father’s request and ignoring mine are you? It makes me excited but I don’t like that dress.”

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That makes her excited….

Is she imagining something like,

“You want to wear a revealing dress? You’re ten years too early to wear something like that! A pure princess like you should start with a simple dress like this and only show your true, lewd self to me!”

And then she’d say,

“No way~ Master wants me to act pure and innocent in public…. Ah~, but hiding my true personality does excite me.”

I was starting to think she may even be satisfied with an innocent dress at this point.

However, I think I’ll try something else.

Since I can’t afford to make the King my enemy, I have to be able to satisfy both of their demands.

Still, I do want to prioritize making a dress that the person who will wear it will like.

“Rest assured, I will make a dress that you’ll like.”

“…and you’re saying that’s this design here?”

“Yes, please, take a look at this.”

I showed her another sketch I had made that was focused on the body of the dress.

“Is that…a magic circle that invokes magical protection?”

Princess Lakshu muttered to herself as her eyes traced the lines of the magic circle.

“It’s embroidered on certain parts of the lining. This makes parts of the dress appear to be covered to others but you’ll actually be showing a lot of skin.”

There will be quite a lot of embroidering to do and I was unable to finish all of them, but I completed this section to show to Lakshu.

Princess Lakshu looked over the sketch with a look of amazement on her face.

“Is that really true?”

“Yes, it is. If you’d like, I can show you an example at a later time.”

“Who else knows how to do this?”

“At the moment, only me. I plan on teaching rose and Claudia later…. Do you like it?”

If she’s still not satisfied my plan will be ruined.

But…I could tell just by looking at her that she was pleased. Her face was flushed, she had her arms wrapped around her body, and her eyes were wet.

“Master, this will make it possible to grant me my request?”


I nodded and Princess Lakshu started panting heavily. I’m guessing she’s imagining standing in a crowd of people wearing the dress she requested.

“Haa~…n~. Is this really possible~?”

“Yes, it is.”

“~~~~…. Just like I thought, Master, you really are the best.”

She let out a hot sigh. I felt like her pupils had actually become hearts.

“I’m glad that you seem to like it. Did you have any other requests? I think the King would forgive me if I shortened the skirt a little….”

“No, I don’t need anything else. This is perfect.”

“Good, I think so too.”

If I make this dress, the Princess will be making her debut as a lewd princess disguised as an innocent one.

“So, what will you need?”

“First off, I’d like you to give me a list of everything you want in the dress. We’ll also need to make your dress form, so we’ll need to measure all of your body —”

“– please, feel free.”

Lakshu’s heart eyes looked straight at me. In response, I said, “Yeah, Claudia can take care of that.”

“Master, won’t you be measuring me?”

“…I’m sorry but no.”

In order to make the dress form, I’d have to learn all of Lakshu’s measurements…. And if it goes anything like how it went with Rose, we’d end up doing more than measuring….

Ow! Claudia’s digging her nails into my arm. This girl’s intuition is just too good.

“Princess Lakshu, may I speak?”

“Of course. After all, Claudia, you are my senior.”

I planned on releasing Claudia from her slave contract, but, even now, the slave contract remains in her status. So, I can’t really deny that Claudia is Lakshu’s senior. Although, I don’t remember ever making Lakshu my slave. I chose not to say anything as I thought it would be more trouble than it’s worth.

Now that I think about it, the royal family is doing little to hide the fact that Lakshu is a yandere, nor are they against her doing this and that with me.

But they don’t want her to act like an M in public.

Obviously, yanderes are a common problem in this world, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t be ashamed of that.

Even if she doesn’t deny it, the people surrounding her try to hide it at all costs.

I quietly listened to Lakshu and Claudia talk.

After they finished their discussion, Claudia and Lakshu’s maid were ready to measure the Princess. I got out of my seat and decided to wait outside until they were finished.

Her measurements were taken successfully. They have a craftsman that can make the dress form, so it seems our work is finished for now.

“Then, I’ll write down everything I want.”

“All right. I won’t be able to start work until the dress form is complete. Feel free to take the time you need to think of everything you want.”

By the way, it seems I won’t be able to take the dress form made to Lakshu’s measurements out of the castle. Princess Lakshu didn’t seem to mind, but I received a warning from her maid.

So we had to remain within the castle until the dress was completed.

I did consider this possibility, so I brought many essential tools with me and also informed Wells’ Clothing Shop that I’d be away for some time.

I thought I’d have some time to relax until the dress form was completed, but Princess Lakshu told me that we’d face the spirits test tomorrow.

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