Chapter 116: The Timing is Just Right

“Head Zhang, ah!” Wu Ao Ran is rather lean and wore a traditional Chinese silk vest that is very bright and eye-catching. He has a horse face, small eyes, a dragon tattoo on his body, and his smile made people feel gloomy.

Wu Ao Ran stepped forward with his hands cupped behind his back.

The waiters cleared a path for him immediately.

Their gazes immediately changed like they had seen their idol.

In truth, Wu Ao Ran could be counted as a dirty gang leader. His frame didn’t give it away, but he was strong with rather unorthodox martial arts, making it even harder to guard against him.


Listening to the report from his followers, it made him look really domineering.

Zhang Wen Long knew that he needed to prepare a better bribe when he called Wu Ao Ran over. If he didn’t produce at least 10k, he was just looking for trouble. What he was most aggravated about was that the people he raised were no match for Su Ke2Su KeMain Character, filling him with such fury his teeth ached. He wanted to vent his anger!

Zhang Wen Long pointed at Su Ke behind Xiao Xian Ren’s groups’ protective shield and hatefully said, “Brother Ao Ran, this brat knows martial arts! Please teach him a lesson!”

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Xiao Xian Ren was struck dumb. He had mustered up his courage just now, but when Wu Ao Ran showed up, it slowly started trickling away. The people in front of him were definitely part of the underground. They could take the KTV staff, but these people had no qualms about killing others.

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“En!” Wu Ao Ran then turned and glanced at Su Ke who was leaning against the wall.

After taking him in, he turned to look at Xiao Xian Ren and the six other male students.

He then shook his head and looked back at Zhang Wen Long since they didn’t interest him at all.

“Head Zhang, these people?”

“He he, Brother Ao Ran needn’t trouble himself. You just need to beat them up and leave the rest to me!” Zhang Wen Long completely disregarding their abilities.

However, if Wu Ao Ran only broke their legs, the amount of effort would double.


“Hmph!” Wu Ao Ran naturally knew what Zhang Wen Long was going for, but he didn’t expose him. He then cracked all the bones in his neck before stretching out his fingers and shaking his wrists “Okay! Since I haven’t gone to the gym yet today, let’s treat this as a warm-up!”

He then took a step forward, causing Xiao Xian Ren to scream in response while waving around the broken beer bottle in his hand,


However, this was the act of a tired beast. After shouting,  they retreated half a step.

When Wu Ao Ran appeared, Su Ke’s entire body tensed up. The person in front of him was filled with baleful air, clearly affecting his mental state. After going through Military Boxing (Expert) and Jeet Kune Do (Beginner), this was an instinctive reaction.


After going through a short rest period, his breathing had started to calm down.

His muscles then burst with energy as he took a deep breath and lightly patted Xiao Xian Ren’s shoulder. “Let me go!”

Xiao Xian Ren unconsciously turned around at his voice before seeing Su Ke suddenly rush forward like a gust of wind blowing past him.

Before he could even react, Su Ke was already attacking Wu Ao Ran.

Jeet Kune Do actually has 3 punches and 7 kicks. Su Ke’s left leg slid forward and his right hand naturally recovered, like a sword waiting for its opportunity to strike, but his fist didn’t move. He then raised his right leg and aimed straight for Wu Ao Ran’s knees.

The change was lightning quick; so the first punch was actually a feint.

Wu Ao Ran didn’t expect Su Ke to attack so quickly, so he was rather stunned. Su Ke’s leg that was filled with explosive power was already only 5cm away from his knee, so he quickly shifted one foot back and spun his body 90 degrees, dodging the attack.


Even though one of his legs was in midair, he didn’t move it back.

Instead, he paused before swiping his foot across to attack Wu Ao Ran between his legs.

The current situation was rather dangerous.

Su Ke couldn’t be bothered if his move was ruthless or not.

His attack was full of all of his energy. If it hit, it wouldn’t just be the pain that’s unbearable, but Wu Ao Ran would probably have become a chicken without eggs.(1)

However, after going through just one bout with Su Ke, Wu Ao Ran had sharpened his mental state.

His eyes flashed and he shaped his right hand like a knife as he chopped towards Su Ke’s legs.

“Bang!” It sounded like two rocks hitting each other. Su Ke felt his calf break under Wu Ao Ran’s palm. He had lost badly, so quickly retreated.


In one move, Su Ke’s heart was chilled. Looks like his Jeet Kune Do (Beginner) skill wasn’t able to compete with Wu Ao Ran. The pain from his calf bone was a continuous reminder that Wu Ao Ran was hard to deal with.

When Wu Ao Ran saw Su Ke retreat, he didn’t chase after him. Instead, he rubbed his right hand and cracked his knuckles. His eyes lifted up slightly, like a snake in the grass staring at its prey. He then laughed loudly, “Interesting, interesting!”

He swiped his tongue across his bottom lip before speaking with a mischievous grin, “I want that leg!”

“F*ck!” Su Ke was furious after hearing what Wu Ao Ran had said, but he couldn’t do anything. “If I was able to get Jeet Kune Do (Expert) reward, let’s see if you can still be so arrogant!”

He resisted the pain in his leg as he got ready to meet his counterattack.


Wu Ao Ran shook his right hand lightly.

Even though Su Ke was much better than normal people, it was nothing to him.

His lips curved into a smile before he shot forward.

At this time, a disharmonious voice suddenly rang out.

“Wu Ao Ran, you’re so impressive!”

Wu Ao Ran immediately stopped and looked around for the voice. Unknowingly, a person suddenly appeared at the entrance to the stairs. He had a burly body, thick eyebrows, a military green uniform, yellow trousers, and black combat boots.

“Oi, who do you take me for? You think any kind of wind can blow down this fierce grandpa?”

Wu Ao Ran’s face looked slightly sluggish before he immediately smiled, his eyes becoming a straight line.


“I heard that someone was trying to blow down Sister Fei Hong’s brother, so I came over here to take a look. I had to wait until he was injured or it would look bad. Not many people can afford that!”

Ma Meng kept walking forward as he spoke with a deep voice and continuously stared at Wu Ao Ran before finally reaching Su Ke’s side.


  1. Actually means dead loss or “the chicken has flown the coop and the eggs are broken”. I thought this was funnier.


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