Chapter 117: More People?

Zhang Wen Long was full of anger as he thought about the current situation.

He was waiting for Wu Ao Ran to beat up Su Ke2Su KeMain Character so he could vent his hatred and for this brat to know that this grandpa’s bones can’t be broken without consequences!

However, some man that also knew Wu Ao Ran suddenly swaggered in dressed like a soldier of the US Marine corp.

Only then did Zhang Wen Long bite down on his words with eyes full of rage.


Zhang Wen Long glared hatefully at the newcomer as he swaggered past him and stood in front of Wu Ao Ran and his group.

“Grandpa Meng? Sister Fei Hong?”

After hearing their knees, a sudden light bulb flashed inside his head and he nearly crashed onto his knees.

“This is Liu Fei Hong’s brother, Ma Meng?”

Zhang Wen Long’s heart starting beating faster and he soon forgot the pain in his ribs.

There was now only one thought on his mind; they were doomed since he chose to kick an iron plate!


Who is Liu Fei Hong? She’s one of many underground bosses that rule Lang Fang city, but she also has a reputation for eating people! To him, even the boss of Wu Ao Ran could only be her equal at most. Ma Meng was even better; his skills aren’t ordinary, and apparently he fought with Wu Ao Ran before and won.

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he got. Even though he had some money, he could only admit defeat when faced with real opponents. Since the number 1 hitter for Liu Fei Hong has arrived, it looks like this situation is unsalvageable.


When Ma Meng appeared, Su Ke let out a relieved breath and called out to him, “Brother Meng!”

Even though Liu Fei Hong wasn’t here and Ma Meng came alone, Su Ke felt like they could now reverse the situation.

“En!” Ma Meng nodded at Su Ke expressionlessly before looking past him at Xiao Xian Ren and co. He then turned to glance at the waiters that were lying on the ground unconscious before noticing Su Ke’s clenched and slightly trembling fists.

It was so slight that if someone didn’t focus and pay attention you wouldn’t notice.

There was also thick black blood on the knuckle area of his hand and faint bruises on his arms, probably caused by the stainless steel pipe on the ground.


Ma Meng’s mouth lifted into a rare smile before he reached out to pat Su Ke’s shoulder while looking at the three collapsed waiters in front of him, “Is this your doing?”

Su Ke’s short hair shone under the light and sweat dripped down his pale, battle exhausted face.

Even though Xiao Xian Ren’s group were all tall men that held broken beer bottles, it looked like they didn’t partake in the battle.

As soon as Ma Meng appeared, Su Ke’s eyes immediately brightened like he had taken some medicine. He then shrugged weakly before answering with a strained smile on his face, “I was forced to act!”


“He he, you’ve grown up brat!” Ma Meng already knew Su Ke’s skill when he first him; it was sloppy and average, but that’s normal. However, Su Ke now had Jeet Kune Do (Beginner) under his repertoire, which makes a very big difference for his fighting capabilities.

Ma Meng didn’t care for an explanation as he said, “If you’re fine, then let’s go!”

When he saw that there was some bruises on Su Ke’s arms, but he seemed rather fine in general, he wanted to leave quickly.

Wu Ao Ran, who was standing to the side and watching their interaction this whole time, rubbed his beard before finally speaking, “Hey! Grandpa Meng, I’m sorry to interrupt!”

His mouth was so dry he wet his lips as soon as he finished speaking.


After confirming that he attracted Ma Meng’s attention, Wu Ao Ran continued, “Grandpa Meng, even though this brat is Liu Fei Hong’s younger brother, he cannot escape the law. Even the gods are guilty if they commit a crime! See!?” After saying the last part, he pointed at the unconscious waiters on the floor. Since a long time has passed since they fell, at least one of them should have woken up by now, so he was confused.

“Do you see now, Head Zhang!? Those 3 brats were all beaten up by that boy! To see what his stomach has become? Do you see all this blood? I think this one’s nose is broken! Tch!”

Wu Ao Ran said, as he shook his head as if he was in pain from seeing Su Ke’s cruel acts.


“Wei! Brother Ao Ran, those are all superficial wounds, hehe. Grandpa Mean, nice to meet you!” Zhang Wen Long bitterly knew that both sides were people he couldn’t afford to offend.

He could only act innocent to avoid it. If he attracted the ire of Liu Fei Hong because of this incident, it’s like roasting himself inside a fire.

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Crazy women, especially the head of a black organization, would gladly take his life because of his previous deeds.

He then quickly turned to Ma Meng and smiled.

Wu Ao Ran was still immersed in the act he was portraying, so he never expected for Zhang Wen Long to break first. This enraged him even more as he pointed and shouted at him,

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“D*mn! Zhang Wen Long, what the f*ck are you saying!?”


“He!” Ma Meng laughed. This kind of guilt-ridden joke was really funny to him.

After seeing that Wu Ao Ran’s face was the color of pig’s liver, and Zhang Wen Long’s face was full of smiles, he started feeling contempt as he said, “Let’s go!”

“I f*cking dare you to go!” Wu Ao Ran was like a wild dog who had its tail stepped on as he suddenly became violent.

He then touched his beard and his face turned black, “Ma Meng, you can go for today, but the rest of them have to stay!”

Xiao Xian Ren felt like they were in a gangster film where the situation is like a roller coaster. They first came to help Su Ke, but since it was going so well in their eyes, they relaxed.

Who knew that the situation would change so quickly and the person called Wu Ao Ran wouldn’t let them go, resulting in a hostile atmosphere.


“Are you able to stop me?” Ma Meng asked seriously, and with no expression on his face.

“My four brothers behind me would like to try!”

Wu Ao Ran made it clear that he wasn’t Ma Meng’s opponent.

However, he had come out with 4 brothers.

If fought 5v1, they would come out beaten and bruised, but they definitely wouldn’t lose.

Ma Meng was also not in a hurry to leave.

He then calmly and leisurely looked at Su Ke and saw that the brat was ready at any time.

His whole body was tense and compressed like a spring on it’s peak.

“More people?”


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