Chapter 66 – Pride 2

The concept of infinity mirrors is a widely known phenomenon, the idea behind it is that within two parallel mirrors are a series of smaller reflections of themselves that seem to go to infinity. This idea is used artistically for attractions, and various other appliances, such as conceptualizing intellectual thought.

After experiencing life inside a simulation when people were incubated in Vortex Containers, a good percentage of people ended up questioning reality, ‘Is this truly real life? What if this reality that they live in is yet another simulation in a different reality? What if other people are watching my every move?.’

The people who pondered on this line of thought were divided into two categories, intellectuals who were just curious with the meaning of life, and people who are in self-denial due to the dissatisfaction to their current circumstances.

Fortunately, there are numerous amount of counseling services to ensure that these people don’t cause any trouble in society, in fact, most people would instead just make most of the reality they are currently experiencing regardless if it was real or fake.

So why do people doubt themselves in the first place? That’s because sentient life forms are curious creatures that are incited to think in particular ways when they experience circumstances.

Which is why the viewers who are watching a televised broadcast of the battle inside the Colosseum are confused. The crowd sat on their seats watching a group of spectators inside of a Colosseum in the battle cheering gleefully.

It was a strange sight to see spectators spectate other spectators who were watching the action unfold before them. The crowd knew that they were fakes created by the system, however, many of them thought, ‘What if we are also being watched?’ they shook their heads at the frightening thought, and this fact was indeed true as other viewers were watching the battle through different live streams channel, and those viewers also thought the same. In a way, this was kind of an infinity mirror loop.

However, when there was activity on the virtual battle arena that Luon had made, all of the complex thoughts were blown away by a vigorously cheering crowd who started to chant “Fight, Fight, Fight.”

It all started with the fake bystanders. However, once the fire was lit it was able to coat the whole forest if it was flamed, everyone chanted the words and unknown to Luon, he had unintentionally hyped the crowd.

Standing in front of the group of orcs, wearing a mask for style points, Luon said to them, “Welcome Challengers! Step right up and enter the ring to win amazing prizes!”

The largest orc whose name was Kadashu stopped his fellow orcs with a wave of his hand, he said to Luon, “Pah, foolish human, what prizes can you even bring out that may possibly interest us. Just shut up and fall from my axe.”

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Luon smiled as he said, “Calm down there fella, there’s something I have that may interest you, and that’s the Crypt of Heroes if your team wins the tournament fair and square we will promptly surrender to your team with everyone watching this battle act as our witness. And on top of that everyone in this solar system may be watching this battle, so you guys have a good chance to reveal your might to the world. Or are you… afraid of losing?”

“Afraid?! Who’s afraid of who? I feel like your hiding something which is why I didn’t agree in the first place, you humans are so tricky,” said the huge orc.

“Hmmm. Well, I guess I’ll let your remark slide for now, how about I explain the content for this challenge first?” Luon shrugged.

The large orc did not agree nor did he deny the challenge, instead he turned to face his fellow brethren to ask for their opinions on the matter only to find their eyes shining brightly when they heard the word challenge. He gave off a little sigh as he turned back towards Luon and said, “Alright, human, we’ll follow your trickery, for now, however, if I find anything odd then I’ll have your head right away!”

Unfazed by the aggressive reply from the Kadashu, Luon said, “The rules are simple, I’ll pick a total of 10 monsters for your team to battle against, and your job is battle each one in a one versus one match until all 10 is defeated or your team is wiped.”

“Stupid human, do you honestly think that you could summon something that could be stronger than an orc with only a few minutes of resources?! How dare you underestimate our might,” said Kadashu.

Orcs are strong, stronger than humans without the addition of external forces. Before space travel was introduced to fantasy based solar systems, the orcs were commonly known as the most powerful, honorable, mighty green warriors within the barren lands.

Long ago as humans and other sentient beings slowly gained intelligence, they began to conquer one another for better resources such as land, food and for their own satisfaction. Armed with sticks and stones humans enslaved numerous races such as dwarves, elves, and fishmen.

Although they were well accomplished since ancient times, when the humans first encountered the orc race did things change, they had truly met their maker.

Humans who had yet to mature while living a nomadic lifestyle had their numbers dropped drastically due to the orcs. They foolishly continued to expand outwards and stepped to the barren lands of the orcs.

With strength beyond their own, humans were subdued, and the orcs set the other races free. Grateful for their assistance the other races pledged their loyalty to the orc race, however, their gesture was rejected by the overlord of the orc race, Hashmu.

Instead, his actions had garnered some hatred from the other races as he had also let the human race off for their sins. As the other races had conflicting views due to this action, they petitioned against Hashmu’s choice and requested to exterminate the human race which causes him to reply, “Hahaha, you people are foolish beings. Weak and helpless you struggle against one another on these plentiful lands. We orcs do not care about such foolish thoughts. With strength, we can get what we want. With strength, we can do what we want. With strength, we can make others listen to our words if you want me to listen, prove it to me with your strength.”

With those words Hashmu left the green lands uninhibited to return to barren fields once again, it was said that the harsh conditions of the barren lands tempered the orcs ruthlessness, taught them how to respect life, and Hashmu and his predecessors had taught the honorable way of the orc.

Without the intervention of the orc race, the human race was once again bathed in war which later settled down many years ahead. With rivalry their ability to develop technology grew, and the next time they had made contact with the orcs again they presented a well-refined axe in honor of Hashmu’s leniency.

Without a doubt, the average, orc warrior compared to the average human soldier, was superior by several folds. A regular human citizen’s combat level ranged from 1 to the mid 30’s, while the soldiers and veterans were around 50s to 60s. Orcs, on the other hand, were about 5 more levels than the average human.

Luon didn’t underestimate Kadashu or the other orcs strength, he had fully accounted for this.

Not replying to Kadashu’s query, Luon merely clapped his hands as a caged entrance opened up revealed a monster behind its doors. A slime measuring over 3 meters in height appeared in front of the group of orcs causing them to prepare their battle stances.

Luon who saw this replied, “This is your first opponent, the Gorging Slime, choose amongst yourselves who is going to face it first. Or are you going against your word when you agreed to the setting that I made? To think that you’re unable to beat a slime… how pathetic.”

“That’s it. Pathetic? Weak? I’ll show you who’s boss around here,” replied one of the orcs who angrily began to battle against the slime. Seeing that one of their members had volunteered themselves, the other orcs were saddened and went to the bystander’s space waiting for the outcome. However, minutes passed, and there were no signs of the battle ending, the orc hacked away at the slime with his axe only to frown at the sight of his opponent out-regenerating the damage he had dealt.

Luon who was watching all of this sat on a podium above the stage not worried at all about the result of the battle. He knew that the orc race who had a meager amount of talent in regards to magic would find it difficult to battle against the slime. Luon looked at the amount of time that had passed and thought to himself, ‘It should be about…’

Before he could finish his thought, he received a message on his BMPU, reading it over he stood up from the podium and faced towards the crowd of orcs who were cheering their comrade on, except for one of them.

Kadashu who was eagerly watching the battle had a maddened expression on his face, just now he had received word from the shaman the base is under attack. The sneaky Luon had sent his forces through a different path to eliminate the shaman and their Crypt of Heroes. Fortunately, they had yet to lose as the shaman was smart of enough to build some defenses after his soldiers foolishly dove into their opponent’s dungeon.

Crushing his seat with his hands, he bellowed, “ORCS! My brothers! This is a trap! The shaman is under attack, let’s go save him at once. ”

Adhering to his command the orcs grouped up and began to retreat from where they came from. Luon realizing the change in the situation smiled as he pressed a switch which caused the path the orcs were on to collapse downwards.

Falling from a height of over half a kilometer the orcs appeared unharmed in an unknown region within the dungeon. They were too occupied with retreating to realize that the normal route they were walking on before was a giant pitfall trap.

Kadashu yelled upwards at Luon who gazed at him above and said, “YOU! Once I get out of here, I’ll get you for this!”

Luon ignored his threats and curses as he sealed the opening with the press of the switch.

“It’s time to regroup with the others and deal with the shaman, it would probably take about half an hour before those dumb orcs figure out how to get out of there,” muttered Luon as he left the dungeon.

30 minutes was a rough estimate of how long it would take for an average person to exit the trap. However, Luon had overestimated the orcs capabilities. At this moment, the orcs that he had trapped were stupidly stumbling around the labyrinth that Luon had spent the whole night making, it was complicated, and required several steps to get out.

Luon had made a miniature labyrinth had indefinitely sealed the fates of the stupid yet strong orcs.

However, when he arrived at the opponents base, it was his turn to be surprised.

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