Chapter 166: Teaching Martial Arts

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For the whole meal, Cheng Yu really enjoyed himself because after a few sentences, Xu Qing had been absent-minded for the whole meal. This was the exactly the result he wanted. After the meal, the only ones who remained were Cheng Yu and Ye Qing. They stood at the main street. Ye Qing coiled her arms around Cheng Yu’s arms and was obviously very happy. Cheng Yu was very helpless in this and allowed her to wrap her arms around him.

Cheng Yu was very considerate to her during the meal. The relationship between them had clearly improved. Now that her worry had lessened, she grew brazen.

“Why don’t I just send you back?” Cheng Yu looked at Ye Qing and asked. He felt that he really had nothing to talk about with Ye Qing when he was together with her.

“But it’s still so early. I don’t want want to go home yet,” When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, Ye Qing’s lively mood immediately vanished. She felt that Cheng Yu was still not willing to accept her.

“This…I also know. This kind of thing, you should at least give me some time to think about it clearly.”

“But you are supposed to be my boyfriend!”

“Wasn’t that ages ago?!”

“Then why were you so thoughtful towards me when we were having our meal just now?” Ye Qing was in grief.

“Er…I was just trying to console you,” Cheng Yu said gloomily. If he knew this would happen, he wouldn’t have done so.

“You already did those sort of things with me! Furthermore, I had also gone through abortion for you! In the end, you went missing for two years! Now that you have returned, you told me that you no longer recognize me. I hate you to death!” Ye Qing’s eyes started to overflow with tears again as she bellowed in rage at Cheng Yu. After that, she ran off in grief.

Ye Qing’s voice was very loud. The pedestrians around them immediately widened their eyes and looked at Cheng Yu with despise.

“What the hell? He had already done those kinds of thing with her, but still acts as if he was suffering from injustice?!”

“What a pity! Such a pretty young lady has been defiled by such an inhuman beast.”

“Aish! The youngster nowadays are extremely casual when it comes to relationships. The public morals are really degenerating each passing day!”

Seeing everyone was gesticulating at him, Cheng Yu got even more gloomy and left quickly.


“Bro, you are really capable. You only returned for a few days and there was already a pretty girl coming to our house to look for you,” The moment Cheng Yu entered, he saw Cheng Xuan was holding onto a garden hoe as she ridiculed him.

“What are you doing?” Cheng Yu ignore her mockery and saw Cheng Qing and Cheng Xuan were digging for something.

“Planting flowers! This is something Grandpa’s friend sent over specially. Grandpa asked us to plant them,” Cheng Xuan was digging very happily as if she liked this kind of job.

“What kind of flower is this? It’s so weird. I seem to have seen it somewhere before?” Cheng Yu looked at the three identical stumps of flowers and was baffled.

There are three type of colors on the flower. White, Purple and Blood Red. Each of these colors took ⅓ of the flower. Even though this flower looked very strange, Cheng Yu felt a sense of familiarity. It was as if he had seen it somewhere before, but he was unable to recall it momentarily.

“You’ve seen it before? How is that possible? This is grandpa’s old friend’s newly cultivated breed. How can you have possibly seen it before?” Cheng Qing asked disapprovingly. She had completely thought that Cheng Yu was just talking nonsense.

“New breed?” Cheng Yu was truly stunned. This was actually something that had been breeded not long ago? However for Cheng Yu to say that he had seen it before, it certainly meant that he had seen it before in his previous world. However, Cheng Yu would not elaborate on that as it would definitely expose his hidden secret. Since he was not able to recall it in such a short time, Cheng Yu did not bother to delve too deep into it. If it was fated, he would remember what kind of flower this was.


Even though the Dragon Soul Unit needed to train in a lot of topics and had also been allocated a lot of different instructors, the most important thing for them was to increase their current strength. Therefore, in their whole training schedule, most of the time had been allocated to Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu took the training schedule. He did not feel discontented just because his schedule was way more than others. As a cultivator, what mattered most to him was his own strength. Therefore, for them to allocate the majority of the time to him, he felt that this might not necessarily be a bad thing. The technology in this world was certainly the most formidable one he had ever witnessed. But no matter how formidable the technology was, it was just a tool. Most advanced weapons, in front of absolute strength, were only temporary gains of strength.

Just take the guns for example. We don’t deny that there are still lots of other stronger weapons that would be able to injure the current Cheng Yu. But it was impossible to carry these stronger weapons around as one wishes.

When you meet a formidable enemy, even if you have an extremely strong weapon, if you are to not able to bring it out in time, what’s the use of it? But Cheng Yu relied on his own body’s strength to burst out the same explosiveness as those large scale weapons. Wasn’t this more formidable than advanced weapons?

Hence, it made sense to allocate so much time to increase their individual strengths. Now that they had allocated the majority of the time to him, Cheng Yu would just have to increase their strength as soon as possible to accomplish his duty as an instructor and also to be able to leave this place earlier.

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“Today marks the first day you guys will be learning from me. Since all of you have been in the military for so long, you should have already built a good foundation. I am going to teach you how you are going to use this foundation to increase your current strength,” Cheng Yu stood in front of the squad while speaking.

His tone was very dull, but in front of these soldiers, it made all of them extremely excited because they had all experienced Cheng Yu’s strength before. Now that they heard Cheng Yu was going to increase their strength very quickly, they were extremely looking forward to it.

“My method is very simple. I don’t need all of you to run around. If running can turn you into an expert, there would no longer be any mortals,” As a cultivator, if they had just started cultivating, they would need to spend a long period of time strengthening their body to improve their constitution.

But the moment their body strengthening reached a certain heights, the effect would start to be negligible. When the 40 of them heard it, they were happy. So many years of running, even though it had already been a habit to them, none of them liked to run everyday.

“First, I am going to give all of you something and you must not divulge it. If all of you are able to accomplish this, I will turn all of you even stronger. If anyone of you are to divulge it without my permission, in the future, I will no longer provide any of these resources to you. Do you understand?” Cheng Yu looked at the 40 of them and said solemnly.

“Understood!” Everyone of them replied in unison. To a soldier, confidentiality was the norm. When they heard how serious Cheng Yu was, they were able to tell that it was naturally something extremely beneficial to them.

“Good! Since it’s like that, I will not speak any longer. These are the pills I have prepared for all of you. Each person gets one. It is used to strengthen your body. This is a lot better than running around the track for years,” Cheng Yu said and took out a bottle of Body Strengthening Pills as he gave everyone one.

Cheng Yu did not teach them the method to absorb the medical properties quickly and allowed them to absorb it freely. Even though it was a little slower, the result was still the same. It was impossible for Cheng Yu to nurture everyone into cultivators. He only needed them to be a bit stronger than average humans.

“Instructor, you must be joking. Just this pill is able to make us even stronger than training for several years?” One of them asked while holding onto the pill. It was very obvious he did not believe Cheng Yu’s words. This was not an immortal pill, how can it be so mystical? Cheng Yu looked at the 40 of them and knew that none of them believed him. However, Cheng Yu did not feel the need to explain it to them.

“I don’t need any of you to believe me and you can choose not to consume it. I am not going to demand any of you eat it. I will teach all of you a set of boxing technique first, so consume the pill later on in the night. This boxing technique is called Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique. The focal point is the valiantness in its strength. If any of you are able to practice it to perfection, your strength would certainly have a huge leap.”

This boxing technique was passed to Cheng Yu by an elder. The most attractive feature about this boxing technique was that after training it to perfection, the user’s strength would double. Of course, Cheng Yu was only passing on a few styles of the boxing technique and not all of it. It was not possible for them use the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique’s true power.

“Instructor, we have also learned a lot of different types of boxing. Just a boxing technique will help us increase our strength? I doubt that’s possible, right?” A lot of them saw that Cheng Yu’s guidance was actually so simple, they started to have doubt in Cheng Yu’s true abilities.

“Since it’s like that, how about I spar with you guys and see if my boxing technique would be able to help you increase your strength?” Cheng Yu walked forward two steps and said.

“What’s wrong? Don’t dare to?” When Cheng Yu saw no one dared to come up, he said disdainfully.

“Instructor, I will spar with you,” Xu Ruosong went up and said to Cheng Yu. Ever since he had seen Cheng Yu’s prowess, Xu Ruosong started to admire Cheng Yu greatly. When he went home, he even described the whole scenario to his grandpa for a long time making the old man astonished as well.

“Sure,” Even though Xu Ruosong was older than him and both their families were very harmonious, they were in the army now. One had a higher ranking than other. Hence, neither of them expressed any intimacy towards each other. Xu Ruosong took the initiative to make a move. He used the standard military boxing technique. The military boxing technique was something all soldiers learned. This boxing technique possessed explosive might and was also very agile. Of course, all this was weighed according to their standards.

This time, Cheng Yu only used the boxing technique to counter attack and did not use any of his abilities. He also controlled his strength to be almost on par with Xu Ruosong.

The moment Cheng Yu started to use the boxing technique, Xu Ruosong had no choice but to turn passive. His military boxing technique had long been broken through by Cheng Yu and all his movements were restricted by Cheng Yu.

“I lost!” After exchanging about a hundred moves, Xu Ruosong could no longer retaliate and was under constant pressure by Cheng Yu.

“All of you have seen it. This boxing technique aims at weaknesses. But it does not mean that after you learn this boxing technique that you would become as powerful as me,” Cheng Yu returned to the front of everyone and said. ”Therefore, all of you must put in great effort to practice it. When it comes to boxing, speed is one of the factors to gain advantage, but that does not mean that if you are fast, you will definitely win. There is also a secondary factor: strength.”

“As for the issue with strength, I have already resolved it for all of you. It’s the pill I just gave to you. Of course, just one is impossible to turn you into someone extraordinary. As long as your results are satisfactory, I will certainly give you more of the pills to increase your strength even further.”

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