Chapter 165: Annoying Xu Qing

“I…we…” Ye Qing was still a lady, so it was naturally very difficult for her to speak of those things.

“Were we in a relationship before?” Cheng Yu asked when he saw Ye Qing’s eyes were lined with tears and her face was still in red.

“En,” Ye Qing groaned softly. Her reddened face was carrying traces of happinesses while reminscing.

“Then…was our relationship physical?” Cheng Yu probed. In the past, Cheng Yu had gone around ravaging different girls. Now that he returned to the capital, if all of them were to come and look for him, how was he going to handle them? He can’t possibly accept all of them, right?

“En…” Hearing Cheng Yu’s probing, Ye Qing’s face grew even redder as she buried her head in her hands and acknowledged.

“Er…really?” Seeing Ye Qing acting like this, Cheng Yu was flabbergasted. This was someone he had actually ravaged before! Wait no! Someone ravaged by that previous scoundrel!

Even though Cheng Yu had only met Ye Qing twice, he could tell that Ye Qing was not a casual woman that you could find at a pub. Furthermore, it was very obvious that this lady was deeply in love with Cheng Yu. This time, Cheng Yu was really in a dilemma. Cheng Yu suddenly felt that he was very lowly. In the past when he was in Yunhai, every time he saw a pretty lady, he would shamelessly pester them. Now that there was someone in love with him and had even sent herself to his doorstep, he did not want her.

Perhaps it might be because Cheng Yu’s mentality had changed or it might be because Cheng Yu had become more particular about his emotions. In short, Cheng Yu was currently at a loss of what to do. Ye Qing was really like a stranger to him. If he were to flirt with a pretty lady, Cheng Yu would not feel anything inappropriate about it. But now that a pretty lady had suddenly told him that she wished to be with him, if it was in the past, Cheng Yu would have been fine with it. Now that Cheng Yu already had so many women, this caused him to be at a loss of what to do. Should he accept her or not?

“Sob!” Ye Qing waited, but still did not got any reply from Cheng Yu. She lifted up her head and took a look. She saw Cheng Yu’s expression kept changing and she had no idea what Cheng Yu was thinking. She felt sad and started to sob again.

“Hey, hey, hey! Stop crying. It’s already noon, let’s find a place to eat first,” Cheng Yu could no longer tolerate it when he saw Ye Qing crying again.

“Oh? Instructor Cheng, you have been caught red-handed by me. In broad daylight, you are actually bullying a girl in public,” It was at this time, a car stopped as Xu Qing stretched out her head and said complacently.

“You came at the right time. Please send us out,” Cheng Yu saw that the driver was Xu Qing and the passenger seat had Yang Ziming, so he pulled Ye Qing’s hand and boarded the car.

“Why should I?” Originally when Xu Qing saw a girl was crying in front of Cheng Yu, she was prepared to go forward and mock Cheng Yu, but never did she expect Cheng Yu to not care and even get into her car. This startled Xu Qing immediately.

“Didn’t you say that we are colleagues? Could it be you can’t even send us out?” Cheng Yu did not seem to be embarrassed at all.

“You…hmph! Where?!” Xu Qing wanted to counterattack, but she chose to endure it. This man had no demeanor at all! She was not going to lower herself to Cheng Yu’s level.

“Somewhere where we can have a meal.”

“Meal? It just so happens that we are also going to have a meal. I’ll grant you a once in a blue moon opportunity to treat me and Sister Ming to a meal,” When Xu Qing heard Cheng Yu wanted to have a meal, her eyes brightened up.

“I am not that familiar with you though?” Cheng Yu replied ill-manneredly as he knew Xu Qing was definitely up to no good.

“If you are not familiar with me, why are you in my car? Let me tell you, you are definitely treating us today. Treat it as the taxi fee,” This time, it was Xu Qing’s turn to be pleased.

“…” Cheng Yu did not say anything as he was too lazy to bicker with her.

“Oi! She’s your girlfriend?” When Xu Qing saw Cheng Yu did not have any intention of continuing the conversation with her, she looked at Ye Qing and asked curiously. Xu Qing was thinking that this young lady was so pretty, so Cheng Yu must have definitely ravaged her before dumping her. That’s why she came looking for him.

“Does it have anything to do with you?” This woman was too talkative. Cheng Yu couldn’t even have a moment of peace.

“Of course! As part of the military, if I see you bullying a young lady, shouldn’t I have the right to understand what’s going on?” Xu Qing spoke righteously.

“…” Cheng Yu was speechless.

“Did you bully her? You are actually willing to bully such a beautiful and adorable looking girl. You are really inhuman.”


“Since you are not speaking, I take it as you acknowledging it. Just so you know, it is illegal to deceive a minor. You will need to go to jail for that.”


“Let me remind you again. You are part of the military now. You have to constantly remind yourself to pay more attention to your own actions so you don’t throw our military’s face.”


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“Furthermore, you actually broke the law even though you know it. This is doubly guilty! You should be sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment,” Even though Cheng Yu was not replying, Xu Qing seemed to not be bothered by it as she spoke aimlessly.

“This sister, this has nothing to do with him. It’s me who came to find him,” Hearing how serious Xu Qing was, Ye Qing got nervous. She was afraid that this sister would really imprison Cheng Yu. Ye Qing quickly tried to explain the situation.

“Little girl, don’t be scared. You should believe in society and have faith in the government. You can tell me, how he bullied you. I will definitely do you justice,” When she saw how nervous Ye Qing was, Xu Qing became even more sure of her conclusion. This scoundrel must have definitely ravaged her.

“Sister, thank you. This really has nothing to do with you. You don’t need to catch him for that.”

“What’s so good about him for you to actually side with him? Be careful of being cheated by him in the future,” When Xu Qing saw how Ye Qing cared for Cheng Yu, she felt that it was not worth it.

The four of them arrived at a Hunan cuisine restaurant not far away from the military base. Cheng Yu placed the menu in front of Ye Qing causing Ye Qing to feel happy.

“Cheng Yu, tell us about what’s going on between you guys?” After they ordered their dishes, Xu Qing looked at Cheng Yu and asked.

“Why are you such a busybody?” Cheng Yu took the teapot on the table and poured himself a cup of tea. He was too lazy to talk to this woman.

“Don’t you know that it’s the natural instinct of a woman to be busybody?”

“That is not necessarily true. Others are not as nosy as you. Let me inform you, if a woman is too gossipy, it’s very easy for them to age,” Cheng Yu drank a sip of tea and laughed.

“Nonsense,” Xu Qing spoke, but her hand still subconsciously touched her face.

“Xu Qing? You also came here to have a meal? I heard that you have been reassigned to our military region. Could it be real?” At this moment, a man wearing a camouflage short-sleeved shirt walked to Xu Qing and asked. Behind the man, there were a few others who wore clothing almost identical to him. Just by a look, you would be able to tell that they were soldiers from the Capital Military Region.

“Sun Zhihong? Why are you here?” Xu Qing was stunned. However, she was not as delighted as the man who spoke. Instead, she frowned slightly.

“This place is quite close to the military base. We come over to eat frequently,” Sun Zhihong smiled.

“Oh,” Xu Qing replied indifferently and no longer spoke.

“Have you not ordered? How about having a meal with us?” When Sun Zhihong saw Xu Qing was so uninterested, he was a little disappointed. He tried to start a conversation with her again.

“It’s someone else’s treat today. I can’t make the decision,” It was very obvious that Xu Qing did not wish to interact with Sun Zhihong as she signalled meaningfully at Cheng Yu.

“Oh? So it’s like that. May I know who is treating today? Is it possible for us to join in as well?” Sun Zhihong smiled and asked the others.

Cheng Yu and the two girls did not say anything making Sun Zhihong stuck in an awkward situation. He smiled, ”Since everyone has no complaints, then let’s have a meal together. It’s on me. Consider it as a way of getting to know everyone here. How about it?”

Xu Qing knew that Cheng Yu had obviously seen the meaningful glance she had given him, but he acted as if he did not see it making Xu Qing extremely angry. No matter if Cheng Yu had seen it or not, she threw a few more meaningful glances at Cheng Yu. After Sun Zhihong spoke, he gestured to the people behind him. They walked over to the empty seats and were just about to sat down when they heard Cheng Yu speaking.

“Did we agree to share a meal with you?” Cheng Yu put down his teacup and said nonchalantly.

Sun Zhihong and his men stopped and looked at Cheng Yu coldly for a second before smiling, ”You didn’t oppose it, did you?”

“We did not say anything to prevent making things too awkward. You should have just left quietly and not sat down here.”

“Little brother, it’s better to make a friend than to have an addition enemy. Since all of us are Xu Qing’s friends, there is no need for us to turn hostile, making things difficult for Xu Qing,” Sun Zhihong said to Cheng Yu.

“I am not very familiar with her. Therefore, there is no need for me to give her face,” Xu Qing saw that Cheng Yu finally spoke, so she felt pleased. Cheng Yu glimpsed at her.

“You…” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, the feelings Xu Qing had immediately vanished. She wanted to bicker with him, but when she remembered Sun Zhihong was still around, she endured it. “POP!” She picked up the chopstick near her and punctured the plastic wrap that was around the bowl. Sun Zhihong looked at Cheng Yu and back to Xu Qing. He was unable to grasp what their relationship was.

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Just then, the waiter started to serve their table’s dishes. Cheng Yu no longer paid any attention to Sun Zhihong and started eating. From time to time, he would take some dishes and placed it onto Ye Qing’s plate, causing Ye Qing to be extremely happy.

When Sun Zhihong saw the four of them minding their own business, the anger rose from Sun Zhihong’s heart and his complexion turned extremely ugly. But with Xu Qing around, Sun Zhihong did not want to turn the situation into a mess.

“Cough! Cough, since it’s like that, we will no longer disturb you. Xu Qing, when there’s time, I will treat you to a meal,” Sun Zhihong coughed twice. He led the people behind him and left.

“Hehe! Cheng Yu, that man’s background is not small. For you to treat him like that, aren’t you afraid that he would come looking for revenge?” After Sun Zhihong left, Xu Qing’s mood made a 180 as she looked at Cheng Yu and smiled.

“Haha! What’s there for me to be afraid of? It’s you who should be afraid. I can tell that he is interested in you. For you to be not frank with him, sooner or later, there will be a day he will be driven to a desperation because of you,” Cheng Yu said casually. He did not place any importance on Sun Zhihong at all.

“Are you serious?!” Xu Qing started to get worried.

“Haha! I am just saying it casually. Don’t take it too seriously,” Previously, Xu Qing would always pester him. Now that Cheng Yu saw Xu Qing had gotten really worried, he joked with her. Humans were always like this. The more you say the incident was going to happen, the more the target would not believe it. But if you were to say it was just a joke, they would start to worry.

When Cheng Yu told Xu Qing to not take it seriously, Xu Qing had really taken it for real. She was constantly worried about it happening. Cheng Yu wanted this kind of effect. Who asked her to keep talking about Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu decided to make her constantly worry that there might be a day Sun Zhihong would really force himself onto her.

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