Chapter 170: Military Camp Explosion

It was not even 11 am when Cheng Yu left the training grounds. His heart was extremely gloomy as he had to spend his good times staying here teaching people martial arts. Everyday, it would take four hours of his time. He wanted to leave this annoying place as soon as possible.

*BOOM!* Not long after Cheng Yu exited, a loud explosion sounded from inside the military camp. Cheng Yu looked towards the sound and only saw large thick black smoke in the sky. A lot of the soldiers also rushed over to the scene when they heard the explosion. Cheng Yu gave it a thought and rushed over as well.

When Cheng Yu arrived, he noticed it was the general armaments department that Luo Chengkun had brought him to. The current scene was a mess. A lot of people were injured with bloodstains everywhere. Cheng Yu saw the general armaments department head, so he walked up and asked, ”Director Tian, what happened here?”

“Instructor Cheng, you came over as well. Currently, we aren’t sure. It’s probably because of the ammunition in the ammunition dump that caused the explosion,” Seeing Cheng Yu here, Tian Yongshen was not too surprised. Furthermore, his attitude towards Cheng Yu was very polite. After all, Cheng Yu had come over to visit previously with Luo Chengkun.

It’s just that the current situation was a mess making Tian Yongshen worried. He quickly directed the medical team to treat the injured. Cheng Yu saw a lot of the soldiers had suffered grave injuries and the wounds were bleeding non-stop. All these medical team members had only handled the injuries with emergency treatments. The treatments were not able stop the bleeding and these soldiers could face the risk of losing their life at any moment.

Even though Cheng Yu had only been in the military for a few days, he had interacted with them. He felt that these soldiers were a group of cute and respectable people. He did not hope that these people would die just like that. Cheng Yu felt that he should no longer bother about those things. He took out the Soul Strengthening Pill and fed everyone one. After that, he pressed a few acupoints on their bodies making their injuries make a turn for the better. Even though they were still bleeding, it was no longer as serious as before. At least their lives would not be in danger until they reached the hospital.

Those doctors and nurses were shocked when they saw Cheng Yu’s mystical methods. The results were too impressive! They had been in the medical field for so long, but have never once seen such an efficient special drug.

“Major, what kind of pill was that? It is actually so miraculous!” A nurse looked at Cheng Yu putting a pill into an injured person’s mouth. After that, he pressed a few acupoints on the their body to slow the bleeding.

“Haha! It’s just a blood clotting drug that had been passed down in my family,” Cheng Yu did not wish to expose too much information. If there was not a lot of human lives at stake here, he would definitely not use this method so lightly.

“Oh! So it’s like that!” The nurse was able to tell that Cheng Yu had no intention of divulging more, so she did not continue asking Cheng Yu about it and kept her curiosity back in her heart. Cheng Yu looked so young, but was already a major. This really made people astonished. It was the same as how he was saving people right now. Astonishing!

Cheng Yu’s speed was very fast. Very quickly, he had treated the people with more severe injuries. After that, he went to treat those who had relatively lighter injuries. Tian Yongshen, who had been directing after the incident, also noticed what Cheng Yu was doing. Originally, he did not give much thought to it as he just thought that perhaps Cheng Yu was just helping out.

But when he saw Cheng Yu feeding everyone a pill and pressing against acupoints before changing to another person, this made him startled. Could it be that Instructor Cheng also knows about medicine? But just pressing a few acupoints and feeding them medicine, what kind of effects would it bring to all these people who had suffered grave injuries? But when Tian Yongshen took a look at those people that Cheng Yu treated once again, he realized that their situation had turned a lot better. Tian Yongshen’s eyes immediately brightened up.

“Instructor Cheng, you understand medicine as well?” Tian Yongshen walked over and asked curiously. When he saw the gravely injured soldiers’ situation had been improved, his mood also turned better.

“Haha! I learned a bit before,” Cheng Yu smiled and replied simplistically.

“Instructor Cheng is too modest. I never expected Instructor Cheng to possess strength that is so strong and also possess skilled medical expertise. Admirable!” Tian Yongshen never saw Cheng Yu’s martial arts, but had witnessed his miraculous medical ability. This made Tian Yongshen admire Cheng Yu.

At Cheng Yu’s age, a majority of kids would still only know how to play. Where would they have Cheng Yu’s kind of accomplishment? Not only had he become a major, he also possessed other miraculous abilities. These kinds of people definitely have unprecedented futures.

As the saying goes, “don’t look down on others just because the other party is young.” It’s not a bad thing to make friends with this kind of youngster. Wait until when he has grown wings in the future, you would at least want a friendship with him before. This was a long term investment.

“Haha! Director Tian, all these wounded no longer face any danger. You can be at ease,”

“Oh? They are all fine already? This is simply too great. I’m really thankful for Instructor Cheng’s help this time. I will certainly report this matter to the higher ups. Oh right, Instructor Cheng, the miraculous drug you have in your hand, what kind of drug is that?” Hearing Cheng Yu’s confirmation, Tian Yongshen’s mood turned a lot better. However, when he saw that every time Cheng Yu rescued someone, he would always give them a pill, it made Tian Yongshen very curious.

“Haha! It’s just an ordinary blood clotting drug,” The Soul Strengthening Pill was one of the most ordinary pills in the Cultivation World. But, it was also one of the most essential pills.

The Soul Strengthening Pill can stop bleeding, restore Qi and blood while also curing light internal injuries. It is useful for both internal and external injuries. For an ordinary person, this kind of pill was good enough to safeguard their life.

However, in the Secular World, this kind of pill was actually something very miraculous. Since it was able to treat the injuries of a cultivator, it could easily deal with a group of ordinary beings.

“Really? Our camp also has a lot of special drugs, but none are as efficient as Instructor Cheng’s. May I know how many of this pill Instructor Cheng has? And can it be mass produced?” Seeing Cheng Yu actually possess such a miraculous pill, Tian Yongsheng also wanted to get it.

“This…I am afraid I can’t. Because the medical herbs needed are too precious. Even though it was just a small pill, I spent a huge price just to get it. Therefore, it is not suitable to be mass produced,” Cheng Yu naturally knew what Tian Yongsheng was thinking about. Cheng Yu suddenly had inspiration. If he was able to simplify the pill and get Yang Ruoxue to mass produce it to specially provide to the military, wouldn’t it be a big business opportunity for him?! However, Cheng Yu would not allow them to obtain it so easily.

“Since it’s like that, then we can only discuss it in the future and see if we have any way to mass produce it. After all, Instructor Cheng’s drug is miraculous. It is definitely a good thing for our soldiers. Therefore, I hope Instructor Cheng can give a good consideration to this matter. After a couple days, I will interact with the logistic department about this. I believe they will look for you to discuss this matter,” even though Tian Yongsheng thought very highly of Cheng Yu’s drug, it was still not under his jurisdiction to make a decision. The only thing he could do was report this to the logistics department to let them handle this matter.

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“Sure. I will give it some consideration. Since the wounded are fine, I will leave first,” Cheng Yu smiled faintly.

“Alright. However, I must still thank Instructor Cheng for your assistance this time. If it wasn’t for you, I am afraid today’s incident would not be that easy to handle.”

“Haha! You’re welcome. I am also a soldier now. It’s my job to help out my companions as well,” Cheng Yu was not disappointed at all for not being able to become strategic partners with the logistics department. He also knew that this kind of thing would not be resolved so easily. Furthermore, a lot of people had experienced the effectiveness of his pill.

As a soldier, it was impossible for them to not get injured. If they had Cheng Yu’s drug, would there be a need for them to worry about injuries anymore? Therefore, they must definitely think of ways to collaborate with Cheng Yu. The one who should be anxious should not be him. And during this period of time, he could continue to raise his demand to obtain more benefits.

Cheng Yu left the military district and went home directly. Today, Cheng Yu had driven his car here. In the Cheng Family’s garage, there were lots of his cars parked there. If his grandpa’s chauffeur didn’t tell him, Cheng Yu would not have known.

Arriving home, Cheng Yu did not have any intention to go out. In his opinion, regardless of him being in the capital or Yunhai, it did not make any difference to Cheng Yu at all. Furthermore, after Cheng Yu entered the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm, his cultivation had advanced very slowly. Especially when he had been injured gravely previously. Even though Cheng Yu had recovered, his cultivation had become very slow. This put him at a loss of what to do. Cheng Yu was currently living in an relaxed and unrestrained manner. In fact, there were still a lot of hidden dangers that Cheng Yu had yet to solve. Especially the existence of the Kunlun Sect.

Ever since they had failed to assassinate Cheng Yu, the blow to Kunlun would be very big. Recently, they had been very quiet. This made him feel a bad premonition that something was going to happen. Cheng Yu knew that Kunlun was not that kind hearted. They would definitely come back at him with more serious revenge.

However, Kunlun had suddenly disappeared. Cheng Yu also had no choice. He couldn’t possibly slaughter into Kunlun himself. Cheng Yu did not wish to leave any calamity behind. But his current strength was too weak and he had no way to solve this issue as well. Otherwise, Cheng Yu would have slaughtered his way into the Kunlun long ago.

The only thing Cheng Yu was able to do right now was cultivate diligently to improve his strength. Otherwise, he would become someone else’s prey. This was also the reason why Cheng Yu had always been unwilling to take up the position as a martial instructor.

Compared to false reputation, Cheng Yu treasured his life more. Without being alive, everything would just turn to dust. Reputation was like a leaf, it was something not worth attaching any importance to.

This time, the trip to the Cultivation World was not only for spiritual stones, it was also to understand the distribution of the Cultivation World’s powers. Most importantly, it was to see if he had any fate in encountering a fortuitous encounter to increase his strength rapidly to the Golden Core Realm.

For the whole afternoon, Cheng Yu sat inside his room and cultivated. He consumed a lot of Qi Gathering Pills, but the current result was unsatisfactory. It seemed like Cheng Yu would have to refine a higher grade pill in order to advance his cultivation more rapidly.

The spiritual Qi in this world was truly too sparse. Otherwise, how could Cheng Yu not find those high grade medical herbs? It was really pathetic to rely on these ordinary Qi Gathering Pills every day.

Thinking about this, Cheng Yu decided that he must not delay any longer. Three days later, he must finish teaching them the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique and leave this place.

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