Chapter 171: Yang Ziming’s Thoughts

The next day, Cheng Yu looked at the 40 squad members assembled in front of him in a neat and tidy order. But what was different was that before he even came, Xu Qing and Yang Ziming were already there, as if they were also his students.

“Are both of you so free? Why are you here?” Cheng Yu asked gloomily.

“Yes! We are very free! Besides, we are also instructors. Can’t we be take a look at you teaching? We aren’t disturbing your lesson either,” Xu Qing giggled as she replied.

“But you are already hindering me with your presence,” these two women were too annoying. There were some words he could not say with them here.

“We are standing here and not talking. How are we hindering you? Could it be that you are doing something shameful?” Xu Qing asked disapprovingly.

“You are! As professional instructors, it’s natural for me to conceal the secret techniques I teach. Therefore, you are not allowed to take a look,”

“Hmph! We are still going to stand here today to look at how you teach!” When Xu Qing saw Cheng Yu really wanted to chase them away, she got dissatisfied.

“Xu Qing, Instructor Cheng has his own difficulties. It’s better for us to leave,” On the contrary, Yang Ziming felt that this was very normal. Cheng Yu was already so powerful at such a young age, nobody would believe him if he said really did not have any secrets.

Furthermore, since Cheng Yu was willing to bring forth his secret when teaching these students, this was also the blessing of these students. As their instructor, she should be happy for them. Therefore, she felt Cheng Yu’s words were quite reasonable and fair.

“No! I am going to stand here and look. I want to see what he can do about this!” Xu Qing said stubbornly. She had intended to come over to join in the fun but now that Cheng Yu wanted to chase her away, how can she possibly tolerate such.

As a top-tier beauty, regardless of her being in the streets or in the military camp, since when had she not been welcomed? Only Cheng Yu had ever treated her this way. Two top-tier beauties coming over to take a look at his class. It was supposed to be his honor, but not only did he not feel grateful, he chased them away! Wasn’t he making things embarrassing for them?!

Since when had Xu Qing ever had such treatment before? Wasn’t this slapping her face? If she were to walk this off, it would be very humiliating. In the future, where would she have the face to appear in front of others? Therefore, because of face, Xu Qing would never yield.

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“Up to you,” Cheng Yu said dully.

When they heard Cheng Yu’s word, Xu Qing and Yang Ziming were startled, it was unlikely for them to have heard him wrongly, right? Originally, they thought that Cheng Yu would think of all ways to force them to leave, but they never expected that Cheng Yu would just compromise so quickly. Could it be that the words he said previously were just lies?

“You…did you just try to anger us deliberately?” Xu Qing asked angrily. She felt that Cheng Yu was just deliberately trying to anger them. What kind of secret could he possibly hold? She had already been their audience yesterday, yet he did not try to chase her away and she also did not hear him speak of any secrets.

“If you feel that it is, then it is,” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

“You…” Xu Qing still wanted to continue quarreling with Cheng Yu, but was stopped by Yang Ziming. Xu Qing saw Yang Ziming shaking her head, indicating her to stop. She harrumphed and no longer spoke.

Cheng Yu did not pay any attention to them as he turned around and spoke to the 40 team members, ”Yesterday, I said that today I am going to demonstrate the boxing technique twice. Whether you can memorize it or not, it will all depend on your capability.”

At this moment, the 40 team members were looking forward to it, but were still nervous and worried. They had no idea if the drug Cheng Yu had given them would really improve their memory. If it could, it would be everyone’s delight. But if it was not what they expected it to be, then they were in deep trouble. They did not dare to imagine how Cheng Yu was going to abuse them this time.

All of them really wished to negotiate with Cheng Yu, but none dared to say anything because Xu Qing and Yang Ziming were there. Just now, when Cheng Yu had spoken to the two instructors about the secret techniques he used, the 40 team members knew that the words were directed to them and not the two instructors.

Cheng Yu had told them before that without his authorization, they were not allowed to divulge anything he had given them. If anyone were to leak it, he would give up on everyone and would no longer train them.

Therefore, when they heard Cheng Yu’s conversation with the other instructors, they kept quiet. They chose to wait for Cheng Yu to demonstrate first and try to pay more attention to him so that they would memorize the forms Cheng Yu displayed. They were also looking to see if the memory drug they consumed would be useful.

“Oi. Why are you acting like that? Your boxing technique is so difficult and complicated and yet you are only going to demonstrate twice? Aren’t you just trying to make things difficult for them?” The students were all very obedient, but Xu Qing was not. Even Yang Ziming who had been standing at the side also felt that Cheng Yu’s conditions were too harsh.

Yesterday, she witnessed Cheng Yu’s boxing technique. Just those few forms, Cheng Yu had taught the student for the whole morning and yet they were not able to master them. Now, he wanted to demonstrate twice and expected them to completely memorize them? He might as well say that he no longer wanted to teach them?!

Yesterday, they were still complimenting Cheng Yu’s attentiveness. They did not expect that such a thing would happen today! They were truly disappointed in Cheng Yu.

“You have not tried it before. How can you know that they will not be able to master it? In addition, I have also said before that you staying here will definitely hinder me. If you want to continue watching, then don’t speak!” This woman always bickered with him as if she was asking for a beating.

“Hmph…” Xu Qing harrumphed and no longer said anything. Cheng Yu walked to the front and fully demonstrated the Primeval Chaos Boxing technique once. This time, the demonstration was not very fast. When Cheng Yu demonstrated the first six forms, the squad felt nothing spectacular because they had learned it before. They had not completely memorized it. For them to memorize the moves now was not difficult to accomplish.

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But when Cheng Yu started demonstrating the seventh form, they were shocked. It was because they had obviously felt that their minds managed to memorize the form Cheng Yu just demonstrated very clearly! One after another, everyone showed an expression of surprise and deep in their hearts, they admired Cheng Yu even more. They never expected that their young looking instructor actually had such a miraculous drug.

Xu Qing hated Cheng Yu, but when she looked at him demonstrating the boxing technique, she became mesmerized. Just as Xu Qing had been enchanted, she felt that Yang Ziming bumped on her.

“What?” Xu Qing asked strangely.

“Look at them,” Yang Ziming pointed at the 40 team members and said.

“It’s very normal. Even we felt that Cheng Yu’s boxing technique was very fascinating. They, as soldiers, would definitely love this. Now that they see Cheng Yu demonstrating such a powerful martial art, it’s natural for them to feel very happy,” Xu Qing looked at the 40 team members looking very pleased. She did not feel anything abnormal about that.

“But don’t forget, Cheng Yu mentioned that he will only demonstrate it twice. After that, they will have to depend on themselves. At that point, their expressions were all filled with worries. If it was like that, do you think that they would still have the mood to be happy?” Yang Ziming’s thoughts were very meticulous. In a short while, she was able to spot the abnormality among these soldiers.

“Oh! Could it be that they were too fascinated by the technique and forgot about Cheng Yu’s words?” When Xu Qing heard Yang Ziming mentioning it, she also realized the abnormality.

“Even if they really like this martial art, there should still be worry in their expressions. However, there is none of that being displayed. I don’t believe that they will be fascinated to the point of acting like this. Even if it was that, they should at least have a kind of fervent expression instead,” Yang Ziming frowned.

“Then what you are trying to say is that they really managed to memorize the form Cheng Yu just demonstrated?” Xu Qing asked in astonishment.

“I feel that it’s highly possible. It’s impossible for Cheng Yu to be so irresponsible. And for them to be able to display such an expression, it can only be that they really managed to memorize those forms,” Yang Ziming voiced her opinions.

“But if they were really able to memorize it, why would they still be so worried just moments ago? Aren’t they contradicting themselves?” Xu Qing also listed her own doubts because all 40 soldiers were clearly nervous and worried just now.

“There can only be one reason. Cheng Yu did something to them and these people were not certain that it would really help them memorize the technique. Therefore, at that time, they were worried and nervous while also having expectations,” As expected from an information gathering instructor. She was very good in drawing conclusions from just a person’s expression.

“Could it be that Cheng Yu has the ability to help strengthen a person’s memory? Isn’t this too exaggerated? I don’t believe it,” In the current market, there were lots of drugs that said they could strengthen a student’s memory to swindle money from them, but in reality, none of them were real. Furthermore, the country’s relevant department had also researched this, but no one had ever reported that they successfully managed to develop such a drug. Therefore, Xu Qing did not believe that Cheng Yu had any way to strengthen a person’s memory.

“This is hard to say. All of these are just our conjectures. Wait for a while more and see if they are really able to memorize Cheng Yu’s boxing technique. By then, we will know for sure,” Yang Ziming was really curious and was looking forward to see if her conclusion was right.

Not long after, Cheng Yu demonstrated all the forms once. When he saw how pleasantly surprised everyone was, he knew that all of them had managed to remember the forms.
“I have finished teaching you guys the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique. All of you should have more or less memorized it. Do you still need me to demonstrate it again?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Instructor, we have memorized the majority, but we still want to see you demonstrating it once more. I believe this time we would be able to memorize all of it,” Xu Ruosong said with excitement. He never expected that the drug Cheng Yu gave them would actually be so miraculous. He already managed to memorize 80 percent of the technique. He believed that if he looked at it once more, he would certainly be able to memorize all of it.

“Alright. I will demonstrate it once more. However, this time I will do it faster. All of you have to pay attention to it,” After Cheng Yu finished speaking, he started demonstrating the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique again and this time, his speed was a lot faster.

Everyone looked at the speed Cheng Yu was demonstrating and realized that they were still able to remember it. They became even more delighted. But Xu Qing and Yang Ziming could not ever delighted. Cheng Yu’s actions were too quick. It was basically impossible for them to remember it. Cheng Yu’s words just now had confirmed the conclusion they had. Sure enough, all these people were able to remember Cheng Yu’s boxing technique.

After getting the answer, this made them even more astonished. Cheng Yu was actually able strengthen a person’s memory! This was simply too miraculous! After increasing the speed, Cheng Yu’s demonstration came to an end very quickly.

“How is it? Have you memorized it?” Cheng Yu returned to his original position and asked everyone.

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison. If Xu Qing and Yang Ziming were not around, they would have long shouted out their admiration of Cheng Yu.

“Good! Since all of you have memorized it, then all of you are going to practice it once. Let me see if you really managed to remember all of it.”

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