Chapter 619 – Young Master!

Mo Si emerged from the shadows, “To think that a member of the Eight Great Clans has demonized. Young Master, this subordinate had a strange feeling regarding this trip to the Holy City, I kept feeling that something would happen during the Saintess Ceremony tomorrow.”

Ji Mo Ya replied with a passive tone, “We do not have to worry about matters regarding the Saintess, however, we still need to prepare and guard against unexpected situations. Ensure the safety of Little Yan.”

“Yes! This subordinate shall go make the arrangements. What about this woman?”

The moment Ji Mo Ya landed his eyes on her, he recognized that she was a Fox Demon Man; he actually wanted to hold back and deliberately let her go so that she can guide him to the person behind the scenes. Yet unexpectedly, not only did she have the guts to adamantly seduce him, she even transformed into Huan Qing Yan’s image…

That had crossed his bottom line.

“Hand her to the Shangguan Clan, let their clan investigate it themselves.”



The two old women wanted to strike Huan Qing Yan and they blocked her escape path in the front and back.

Huan Qing Yan had improved her Phantom Shifting Steps, instantly creating illusions with a few movements.

She moved around the room, flitting like a butterfly while evading, causing the two old women to be greatly enraged.

“This old servant is representing Madam to educate a mere concubine like you, yet you dare to run? Truly audacious!”

Huan Qing Yan on the other hand was yelling, “Someone come quick, some old shameless women is trying to attack me because they are jealous of my youth and beauty…”

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One ran while two chased, causing them to circle the room several times already.

Huan Qing Yan’s skill at running in circles was all learnt from the Pig and Leaf Spirit Treasure.

When the two old women saw that they cannot pin her down with their powers, they looked at each other and revealed a vicious glare, they then called out their spirit treasures!

The previous exchange could be called a casual approach, now they decided to be harsh. Seeing that the spirit treasures were summon, Huan Qing Yan knew she would be at a disadvantage.

Just as she was prepared to call out the Pig Spirit Treasure and also call for help from the Feather Guards…

The door within the guest hall was pushed open; a graceful and radiant man stepped into the room, causing Huan Qing Yan to coincidentally fall into his embrace.

“Young Master!” the two old women jumped in shock as they quickly retracted their powers.

Huan Qing Yan hung onto Ji Mo Ya’s body and complained, “Wuu wuu wuu, those two bad women wanted to beat me up just because I did not do as they say. Had you returned any later, I would have been beaten up by them…”

“It’s not like that Young Master, we are here under the orders of Madam…”

Ji Mo Ya swept a glance at the two of them with a cold gaze, causing a chill to run down the two old women’s backs.

Before he entered, he had already used his divine sense to find out everything that has happened within the building in detail.

“Get out!”

His voice was cold and solemn, but without any a trace of anger.

However, due to the lack of context of who the words were addressing at, the two old women raised their chests proudly in joy and said, “Lady Huan, our Young Master is telling you to get out, a mere concubine like you who do not know your boundaries…”

Huan Qing Yan immediately took out a couple of apples from her storage ring and threw them at the heads of the two old women and very accurately at that!

Of the two old women, one apple landed squarely on her head, while the other who was talking was hit squarely in her mouth, blocking her from speaking.

She instantly felt suffocated while her face started to flush red.

The other one had a bump painfully appearing on her head as the fruit juices covered her face.

The two old women were so furious that their faces distorted, yet they dare not make a move as Ji Mo Ya was present, “You shrew, daring to attack us meant disrespecting madam…”

They were trying to use the name of Madam Ru, to oppress her.

Ji Mo Ya’s tone lowered greatly, with a cold face he said, “You have reminded this Young Master. Since hitting you meant that she is disrespecting the Madam, then when the two of you wanted to beat her, does that mean that you are expressing intentions of disrespecting this Young Master?”

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