Chapter 618 – Asking To Die!

Yet, Ji Mo Ya only displayed a cold emotionless expression, and when Shangguan Lian Lian threw herself at him, he quickly moved away.


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Shangguan Lian Lian landed face down onto the ground.

Tears instantly flow down from her face as she said with grievance, “Young Master Ya, why must you be so heartless, Lian Lian truly adores you…”

Ji Mo Ya crossed his arms on his chest, his lips curled up while his gaze was filled with mocking laughter, “You wish to climb into this Young Master’s bed? What is the motive?”

If he allowed everyone who adores him to climb into bed with him, then he can forget about training as handling these shameless women everyday would take up all his time.

This woman tried to bad mouth Huan Qing Yan earlier on, and her latest actions made his sense of disgust towards her increased even more so.

Shangguan Lian Lian was tricked by that gentle looking smile and said tenderly, “Lian Lian wants to become Young Master’s woman, Lian Lian might be a direct descendant in the clan, but my mother had died young causing me to never feel loved, only Young Master Ya can save Lian Lian…”

As she spoke, she did not forget to continue seducing Ji Mo Ya.

Her half-revealed chest was rippling with waves from her movement, they did not look any much smaller than Huan Qing Yan’s, in fact, they might even be bigger.

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From her positioning, it allowed Ji Mo Ya to easily enjoy the whole view unobstructed.

A pity, Ji Mo Ya treated it as invisible and did not display any changes, he still maintained his calm and celestial-like stance.

“You are not qualified enough to be my woman.”

The strange fragrance released by Shangguan Lian Lian was already at its maximum power, yet Ji Mo Ya was still not enticed. With a quick thought, she suddenly surrounded herself in a layer of haze.

Within the haze, her features changed. A sharp chin, big energetic phoenix eyes, a goose-egg face, a cute perky nose…

It was Huan Qing Yan’s appearance!

With Huan Qing Yan’s appearance, that extremely revealing attire, that rippling twin peaks…

When Ji Mo Ya saw the change, he squinted his eyes, his gaze darkened and his breathing also started to lose its rhythm.

“Young Master Ya…” a seductive voice was release, she was now waiting for Ji Mo Ya to embrace her completely.

Even her voice was imitated and close to the original.

Ji Mo Ya’s cold eyes started to burn with passion.

He took one step forward, then another…

Shangguan Lian Lian immediately felt a joy bursting within her heart, ‘It is effective!’

Young Master Ya walked towards her, the closer he got to her, the rougher his breathing sounded. ‘To think that he liked this woman to such a deep level, and only reacting like a man towards her alone?’

Then she would just use her appearance first, after spending the night with him, she would use the power of her clan later on to force him to accept her as his concubine.

So what if the cultivation level of Shang Qiu Yan and the others were higher than her? Or smarter than her? When she climbs into Young Master Ya’s bed, she would still be the first to become Young Master Ya’s concubine.

Just as Shangguan Lian Lian were daydreaming about her beautiful future, she suddenly felt herself being lifted up and thrown towards a tree, hitting its big trunk.

“You’re asking to die!”

The cold words entered her ears.

Huan Qing Yan’s image that she had spent great efforts to turn into disappeared after she was tossed, and she reverted to her original appearance.

Before she could even say a word of forgiveness, she vomited a mouthful of blood and immediately went unconscious.

Ji Mo Ya cleaned his hands and leisurely said, “To think that it is a Fox Demon Man!”

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